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Malakoff, Texas
January 9, 1970     The Malakoff News
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January 9, 1970

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annual rate of increase for lower premium because of their * * * I(] hspltal r'm rates has been age. Q. Mywifeandlareplanning THE MALAKOFF NEWS more than three times that of the Q, rm plaxming to take flying to retire in about a year. "lneway overall Consumer Price Index. lessons soon. Will this affect my we figure it, we'll be squeezing by Page Two Friday, January 9, 1970 Malakoff, Texas FiNANCiAL And studies indicate that no slow- present life insurance coverage in on a pretty fight budget -- and Record This Number Where You Keep MaUkoff .o.c.,o, According to a recent survey any way? with an insurance premium of Special Phone Numbers -- the average cost of a day's care A. You'll probably w a n t to $32 a month it isn't going to be P. O. Box 5Og PHONE 214 489-2451 Policyholder Questio Anavered by in a U.S. general hospital is check your present policies tobe any easier. The policy I have is "HEARTBEAT PROGRESSIVE WESTERN HENDERSON COUNTY" tl Ha/th [mrm /mHtu, 277 $65.24. This is an increase of sure, but it's doubtful thatflying a $25,000 straight lffepolicy. NOW iN THE ,gTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION ParkA..N.Y..N.Y.,O017 12.4 per eent over 1967. lessns wuld have any elect n Nw that ur three children areyour present life insurance out on their own and doing well 489 - 8314 PUBLISHED BY THE TERRITORY TIMES PUBLISHING CO.. INC.. Q. 8uch great strides arebelng Q. rm 27 and my wife and I coverage. Policies today seldom I don't feel I need as much pro- IN THE NEWS BUILDING IN MALAKOFF, TEXAS 73148, EACH made in heart iransplanisl An have been married almost three exclude aviation on basic tecfln, but naturally, Isflllwant FRIDAY If Someone Inquires Tell Them It's (,-ILBERT BOCELL. PUBLISHER CHARLSIE BOCELL, EDITOR operation like that must cost a lot years. We're expecting oar first coverage. However, double in-to provide for my wife in ease of money. I've been eartouslately baby sooh and- lately I've been demnity or other something happens to me. What about how the recipients pay for thinking maybe we need some -,,J __,,, _' additional acci- alternatives do X have? Your Lover T. 2NDENTEREDcLAssIN MATTER.THE POST OFFICE OF MALAKOFF. TEXAS 73148 AS. their new hearts. Is thereqpny more life insurance. With my re-  , dent coverage CIRCULATION RATES. 1 YEAR cent raise, I'll make $7800 this ' doesn't usually A. In your case, you have IN HENDERSON AND ADJOINING COUNTIES $4,30, ALL OTHERS kind of health insurance policy IN TEXAS S3.30. OUTSIDE TEXAS ${5.30. to cover this kind of surgery? year. I have two life insurance apply ff apolicy- several alternatives. At retirement Fact Is N We Are! -- Love To Serve A, You're right -- heart irans- policies -- totalling $25,000 in holder is injured you may convert your insurance or killed on a into a reduced paid-up policy Your Needs For Broasted Chicken And plants are very costly. It's not 'straight life insurance. We also u n c o m m o n for hospital bills have a $2,500 straight life policy non- commercial with no further premiums due. on my wEe. Do we need more flight while serving as a pilot or For instance, ff you bought the Other Short Orders: Airheatts Gather For ,o be $20,000 per case. One medical Insurance? crew member or student, policy at age 30, it now has a educator has es- zJ=:fl A. One rule of Because of the additional risk cash value of about $14,000. timated that the thumb is four involved, you might have to pay This would give you $20,000 of GIVE US A CALL -- FOOD READY ON total cost for or five times a higher premium as a student protection for life with no addi- such an opera- your annual pilot ff you were to take out a tional premiums. On the other ARRIVAL! income, but new policy now. Older, more hand, you could convert it into Reunion At Trinidad ilon isahout NOW 5eroing Bred00f.00 $50,000 -- al- that's a flexible mature amateur pilots pay lower "extended term" insurance, con- though no surgical charges have guideline. You'll want to take premiums than younger pilots, tinuing the full $25,000 face been made yet for this kind of several factors into consideration Incidentally, scheduled airline value for 14 years and 160 days operation, since It is still an ex- when thinking about howmueh pilots can usually obtain life in-without paying any more at 6"0 perimental type of surgery, coverage you would want to pro- surance at standard rates. Some premiums.  The Assembly Building of Mrs. Gary Nell Airheart, Mr. Hospital bills, though, have been vide for your family's immediate professional orcommercialpilots, BANKSTON DRIVE |MILl Texas Power & Light was the ,and Mrs. Buster Airheart and paid by some insurance corn- needs and for readjustment ff however, have to pay an extra . . . r gathering place on Sunday, Vickie, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. panies for heart transplants, something happens toyou. Since premium, for example, crop December 28, for Mrs. Ira Airheart and family and Mr. Many kinds of transplants are you are soon going to become dusters, racing pilots and stunt- Your own life insurance agent Airheart of Trinidad and all and Mrs. Jim Gast0n, all of covered by insurance today -- parents, you'll probably want to men who naturally pay sub- can give you the details of these PAUL & FAYRENE Hwy. 31 Malakoff including kidney, liver, and thlnk about educatlonal funds for stantially higher premiums be-options and answer any ten of her childrden and their his cry. parreas transplants. There Is, your children in case something cause of the r is kin e s s of their questions you may have. families. The reunion was the Also Mr. and Mrs. Bill Air- however, no specific heart trans- happens, too. flying. first time all the family were heart and Johnny Glenn of plant insurance coverage yet. As Of course, you shouldconsider together under one roof since Beeville; Mr..and Mrs. Law- these operations become more any other sources of income you common and are considered may have. What about savings? the death six years ago of the rence News0me and son of "normal surgery" they will be in- Bonds? Stocks? And don't forget husband and father, Collins Lancaster, Mr. andMrs. A.C. cluded in insurance coverage, the benefits that Social Securtty '  Airheart. Cartlidge, Bobby and Brenda Major medical expense in- would pay to your widow and Those here t0 enjoy an af- and Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Craw- surance, with its high benefit children. You should balance all terno0n and evening of good ford, Kim, Kelly and Mike, limttSpayinghaSfor beenthe establishedvery outstandingthese assets debts.against any sizable i foods and catching up on each all of Lancaster and Johnny plant procedures, and the trend Every family has different  - gPUp'S activities were; Mr' Wallace f Martins MiU" will alrnst certainlY be t raise needs and dlfferent financial ::. :i: L GGS F00D and Mrs. Clarence Airheart the maximum amount on major circumstances. It's best to have and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Pat medical expense plans to cover a talk with your family life in- p Airheart and Pattie, Mr. and surgical innovations. An esti- surance agent, who can work out mated 69 million people today a plan that's suited to your Mrs. Larry Airheart, Mr. and have this type of insurance -- and specific needs. maximum policy benefits now * * * ,o;.:.-..:,a>:,,: are commonly about $10,000, Q. Prices seem to begoingupl .: . '..: although some go as high as on everything today. How about 1 :. P0htral Calendar .:.i:! $30,000, $40,000, and in a few the cost of Life insurance- is It= A policy with no top ceiling A. No, as a matter of fact, f [Tl ii:i: of benefits may catch on in time, the average cost of life Insurance 69 [enq ..: too. Although the premiums will is decreasing. The average has q REUBEN LEE !i! be higher, surgical innovations been declining steadily since i:" will then be within the graspof World War II. One reason is the ,, far more people than today, wider use of term or temporary PARTY PHILOSOPHY * * * policies, including group in- Prec. 2 Rep. Rogers Morton (R.-Md.), Q. I was recently released surance, family policies, family   ii chairman of the Republican from the hospital after minor ineome andother plans, e of National Committee, says, "I surgery. Although our health in- Other factors that have re- ! F: surance took care of most d the duced the average premium in- believe we've come to a time bills, I was surprised that the cost dude favorable mortality trends, lad cure in my hospital improved earnings on life com- 'V i irk CLARENCE BONSAL i:! iii when we've got to perhat)s de- of a day's lg INst."" vote less time to philosophical was $75. What is the average panics' investments, lower n( Di00dctlHIp, 173d debate and more time to politi- cost across the couniry? premium rates for women, Ire A. Hospital service charges "quantity discounts" on -larger calmanagement." have been increasing mOreof medical In fact, the policies, and the largerprO-adults, who TIDE 69 "" JACK HOLLAND !i rapidly than those of any other portion of life insurance bought ........ -.-.-..-.........-.-.-."; tvve care. by younger pay a .;:;:;:;:.:.:.:,:.:.:.:.,......,...-...,....,,.-.'.,.-.....-.-.,.  led Ion Ivory Snow 29 ."" 3/$1 LETTUCE 0015, TOWELS CABBAGE:=00 5 I Orange Juice 3/$1 TOMATOES 0019i BUICK Orange Juice _o.o Lemonade ,,- 3-29 ._.. =.___ _..._ FRYERS 29 It's where you go to get Buick  A Buick exclusive. A car that's built to last. i value. It's where you go to get the It's a revolutionary A car that's worth more now /P L things only Buick offers you. front suspension because there's more to it.   system that's standard equipment And a car that's going to be    on many new Buicks. worth more tomorrow. 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