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January 15, 1971     The Malakoff News
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January 15, 1971

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T---? :?:: : : : .... .... -  .-o   t - , ---. ..........  ........ Page Two Friday, Jan. 15, 1971 Malakoff, Texas " '- '--  " I PUBLISHED BY THE TERRITORY TIMES PUBLISHING CO., I I. cont'd from page 1 . G,L.ERT BOCEL00. PU.L,SNE. C"ARLS, E BO00EL00 Z0I' 6. Further implementation of Health, Edueatlon and Welfare programs of our state and the financing of added welfare programs as instructed by the ourts but presently curbed by our State Constitution. 7. New regulations concerning abortion and the use of dope will be introduced. We do not believe in legalized murder and oppose any change in our abor- tlon laws. The use of drugs and even marijuana must not be encouraged but must be further curtailed. 8. A reconsideration of the basic state funding of public schools in as much as our large cities are mak- ing themselves heard, and they have the votes. It will , lakoff News predicts some revision without favoring hurt the schools of every East Texas city, but the Ma- I ! --m. 9. Driving safety whereby driving and drinking must be separated and wreckless drivers kept off our highways. Statistics show that 50% of our traffic ac- cidents are routed through drivers who drink while driving. We do not particularly favor the confiscation of a drivers license or suspension unless there is a eel. in jail, plus revocation should be made mandatory in iision involved. Perhaps higher fines, plus three days the event there is a collision. We are open for mql- gestions but we know something must be done u the holiday traffic rates continue to mount. 10. Legislation must be passed to implement the liquor by the drink law. Much debate is expected. The wet and dry fight is not over yet. We opposed the con- stitutional amendment legalizing liquor by the drink and certainly we expect strict rules for implementation of the big-city victory for alcohol. ; We are sure there are many other problems which must be faced, and the above represent only a few that come to mind. State election laws must be reformed in line with recent court decisions and some assistance in the financing of primaries must be faced. We will have one of the most liberal State Senates in history while the house is more conservative. Much liberal legislation will be passed by the Senate only to be blocked by the House. Regardless of liberal or conservative views, each member of the 62nd Legislature must realize that he is a public servant and that the wishes and needs of his constituents must come first and not the dictates of an ever-entertain- lobby. Gilbert has long selflly claimed the genero gift of fresh Texas Valley Citrus fruit that the Travis Perkins family delivers to our back door each Christmas wit fail. Lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges -- by the wheel barrow load -- which f the past two years have been persoliy delivered to our home while we were away during our anmml Christmas vacations. Faithful and thought- ful as Travts has been with the annual giR, which dates back to years when the fruit was de- had moved to Florida and changed their name. That box lid it all in it. The fruit was so fresh that the leaves (with baby oranges) hadn't even wilt- ed. Coconut bars, pecan bars, candied citrus, marmalades, jelly -- all beautifully see through packaged. Giant grape. fruit, huge oranges. I didn't know the wel/are department had hearfl of my , but I was overcome. Rumaging through the box I found a card wCfich read Mr. and Mrs. Art Collins  the I'm an expert on Texas and Florida citrus, thanks to the Perkins and to Col. Roberts and the Art Collins. "llow shall I feel about women s lab, dear?-I mean to the public?" ENTERED IN THE POST OFFICE OF MALAKOFF. TEXAS 75140J 2ND CLASS MATTER. CIRCULATION RATES. 1 YEAR IN HENDERSON AND ADJOINING COUNTIES $4.50. ALL oTNID IN TEXAS $5.50. OUTSIDE TEXAS $6.50. MALAKOFF BUILDERS SUPPLY 105 S. Terry Street Phone 489-1503 WILLIE V. SIMS, Owner livered to Gilbert's mother's home--we have never grown to expect their generosity which always comes as a exciting sur- prise. I'm the major consumer of those goodies at our house, and at an average orange -- grape- fruit eating spore, I can elim- inate 5 or 6 big ones at a sitt- ing. Gilbert is continiously amazed at my gluttony (which is limited to citrus and shelled pecans). Sometimes he acts like he resents my rapid comump tion of "his" gift from Travis. (Cheno, Mrs. Perkins doesn't count aymore than I.) Becau of this I really try to limit my true citrus eating capacity in his presence -- that is until this year when I upped it while he watched! This year, for some reason I didn't deserve, I had my own personal thing -- which arrived by mail the day we closed for vacation. It had my very own name on it, and was in a crate so large I could hardly carry it from the Post Office. The re, tm'n address was a Mr. and Mrs. Art Collins from the "land of the Florida sunshine trees." I couldn't opm fl -- surely there was a mistake. I rushed to the office to check my tile of frimxts. (That's what I call our list of subscribers, which also includes all the relatives who like us.) I couldn't locate Management of Log Cabin Estates. The mais our Col. Oral Roberts of Log Cabin Estates. Why me? Then I thought how nice it was to be reered by someone I didn't think even knew my name. (I picked up on the idea by sending messages etc. to special people who didn't know I cared--.) Gilbert got his revenge. As soon as I showed him the lovely gift, he jumped in -- eating and eating. I wanted to save it -- and look at it -- and show it to my friends and Gilbert kept eating and eating. At breakfast he was opening the jellies and he never eats breakfast at aw other time! He was serving v- ious parts d "my gift" to friends and relatives -- and it wasn't Christmas yet! What a giutto, I was thinking ae I stared at him, hoping he'd go away, but he didn't! A week later, a/ter vacation, we found the Travis Perkins cargo in the usual place -- I had gotten my s/rare of "my" gift, then a double helping of "our" gift from Travis and Mid-Term Duncan Hines Cake Mixes Arm Roast FOR Dozen Flyers Beef 49 Ribs Miracle Whip Quart 59 Roast ..................... Lb. Chuck ......... ;7 ................ Lb. 29 i 39 49 a card for Art CoUim. Naw! Bama Peach Dry Salt nob(xty, but --y else baS awasnameclearlylike C2mrlsietyped andtk)cell'spelledIt Exams Start Presentes oz. 3/$1 Bacon 29] morning,address'crrectlY'I waLk.caimng my exactcuriouslyarOund thatlookingbox allit January 20 O000e00e, .... 69 ........................ ' over. Finally I reasoned that it MalakoR High School will 6 oz. wasn't a gilft at all, but per- have mid-term tests o Wed- haps something ordered for the nesday, Jan. 20th and Thurs- Pimo office or the return of some- thing we'd sold! day, Jan. 21. On Weduesda, Hours later I opened the box -- and I thought the Perkins rw . at.t. -a, ,,,. tt stt* Bank No. 1695 PUBLISHER'S COPY Conoolidated Report of Condition of " CTEN$ JtTE ],MI " of v,LtCVF in the State of '5 ..... and Domestic Sulidiarie at the cloe of buslneu on bSC. t 31 , 1970 . ASSETS 1. Ctt and due from Lmake Indud/ul[ $ None unpotad debtI 2. U.S, Trtwry mrtti $ rltt of other U,S, Goverflment Itllm lind eorpo@ations 40bliptiotm of Stt and ;miitif# uhdivimom G. Othlv IY'tti (indudin| $ ixorte eecporat stoekt} . Trainl eont mcurttiee 7. Federal fuadm sold and ecritl purhaMd undtr qrreement to 1] 9. k pcemt, furniture and ttur. And other lumet tlng bltltk ptnninen 10.  mtat4 OWNI other than bank prtmtt 11, Ilvt4mt In submditlqm not eoHdated 12, Cttlttomer's Iibittzy to tht bank on atpttgtt oqUttltnding l& Otbtv" Itt 14 TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES 15 Domtmd depomt ol individulde, par t mmthi, and cerporationt 16 Time and mvin delmeds o1 individuah, prtnerhips, and e0ltattonl 17. DeoiUt of Unit Stats Governmem I& Dt of Stm and peqtiea| ttubdivtons 1 Depmita Of forttl govt, rnmenta and omeia iMtttutiont 1 Dflit M eomereild b&ltkt 2|. Cm'fifled and oJeer' ehlcks, etc. . TOTAL DEPOSITS (al Total demand depcudts (bJ Total time and uvmgs dt ItS. FKlaI fultd* purehued and Neurtttt eto|d under trmments to re 24. Oth ltabihti for borrowed money 2G. Mo,.i indbtedn . Aeeptanem extut by or for aveount el thi bsnk and outtandini 27. Otbtr |iabtfitim 28. TOTAL LIABILITIES 29. MINORITY iNTEBEST IN CONSOLIDATED SUBSIDIARIES RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES 30, Rerve f)r b*td debt I on lmn (set up pruant tO Interal lvenue rvie lint*s 31. Other trrv oo to, at $2. Bea4rv on miti 33. TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AN[) SECURITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 4. cttal ot nd dbrmture pefy mcvrt rate m maturity of eeh ue outtandmg $& Fuity esitL totJ S preferred *ttoek total pr vsJue No, shre outvtandmg .CT t- 7. Common toek-toit pr value No shar atkontd No. har outstanding al. Surp Lg. Undi vidd profit  40, Itt, orv for em{mgene and othr pital reserves 4l TOTAl, CAPITAl, ACCOUNTS 42 TOTAl, LIABII.ITIES RESERVES. AND CAPITAL ACCOUN' MEMORANDA 1. Avm't el toted dpamt { the 15 eJmdar days endtnll with e*II date . AISflE@ f total [oh for |he i elJKdir dlys endin with call date 3. Uneat Aeount O instmnt Jmn meludvd in iotal capital accounts tsts win be  d.r me 1st, 3rd, ami Sth clam pe'bds and the students will be our at 11:30 a.rm On Thursday tems will be given during the even class periods off 2nd, 4th, and 6th, the student will be out at 11:0 a.m. Friday, Jatmary 22 the students will have a holiday and it will be a teacher in service day for teachers. Mr. M, H School principal, requests a  scheoi studeats rkg buses will have to make ar- rangements to return home at 11:30 o war until the rinses run that aftern0m Beans Early Garden Peaches 2 # Bag No. 2 1/2 can 25 Red Delicious 25 Apples Our Darling Corn 303 Can 19 19 CAMPBELL'S Exp,rt Wdthnudd Jewelry Repair Phene OR 541 ATHENS, TEXAS DWIGHT A. JONES, O. D. OPTOMETRIST S. Paleetine, P.O. Eex 889 Clmed Wed. Aftmmens Phe. OR S-2197 Athens, Tu. Crisco 3 Pound can METEGER'S Buttermilk, Gal. Texas Green 89 Cabbage Temple 39 Oranges WILSON OIL COMPANY ASPHALT -- ROAD OIlS P. O. Box 4010 Phone 597-5051 TYLER, TEXAS Tools Auto Pads Acessories Dulaney AUTO STORE 129 N. Terry St. Phone 489- 1533 Tires, Teols, Plut** &mmtdm VALVE GRINDING SERVICE Breaded Shrimp Orange Juice Frozen Donald Duck 12 oz. 3/$1 10 oz. pkg. 79 Fish Sticks 4/$1