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Malakoff, Texas
January 29, 1931     The Malakoff News
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January 29, 1931

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS PUSLI$11[D EVERY THURSDAY JU , Entered at the Postofflce at Malakoff as second class matter. L J. SCHOLL, EDITOr ij Subscription Price $1.00 a Year Aavertising Rates on request Ltions and Cards of Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. In case of error in advertisement this paper will not he re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisement. J .... I I _ i I II I iiiii i Beware of the Peddler PEDDLERS From distant points continue to invade our community and are carrying away the profits that, at this time, is the very life's blood of our business interests. Our people should think twice purchasing merchandise of any kind from these house to- ,passers who use various excuses for being able to sell their wares at a retail price cheaper than they can be bought at wholesale by your local merchants. There is generally a "'nigger in the woodpile" and in most cases he can be identified as "Mr. In- feriority . There are no savings to these transactions although at the time they can seem exceptionally good. And, even if the pur- huer is not cheated directly he cheats his community out of the profits that would otherwise be spent in its upbuilding. This office was affected materi- tinily last week by the invasion of a stationery salesman from a selling letter heads teiopes at a cheaper price than we can actually by the blank paper on the wholesale market, He secured one job in particular at a price much cheaper than we can supply the material. The salesman agreed to duplicate the gradeof paper and the printin exactly. Of course we don't think he can do it because it is impossible for that concern to purchase this brand of paper, even in large quantity buying, cheap enough to make a profit out of the quoted prlce. Just what will they do on receipt of this order? That is exactly what weshould like to know arid we lwait with interest the out- this transaction. If our andisecan be bought at as quoted by this then we might as well close up our shop and seek reve- nue from other sources in order to feed and clothe our family. _ _ :- : _ _~~ STRANGE BUT TRUF. -- -: ~ ._~ - : ~'~ Iceland has had but three mur- ders in 60 years. At the age of 12. Mrs. Ralph Moody of York. Pa., is probably the world's youngest mother. After he had completed the mfatmscriptfor the first volume his work on the French Revo- lution, Thomas Carlyle sent it to his old friend, John Stuart Mills. The manuscript was destroyed by a maid while cleaning up Mills rooms. Carlyle was com- pelled to work nearly a year. to reproduce the work. ...O.I James A Garfield defined a university as a log with a teacher on one end and a pupil on the other L J J I I Ill e 'woman no longer sub- suf- relieved ~Ig/a, or the more intense pain of rheumatism. Try it for the days ~ou gratitude of busi- women for Bayer '.tors declare it safe to use Youthful Ambitions By THOMAS ARKLE CLARK Dean of Men, University of Illinois. I wonder if we have not all had our secret ambitions In youth, and I won der, too, how many of us liave ever reached the goal which as children we set before our eyes ? I llear young fel- lows every day in college quibbline over this or that thing which they are required to take, and wastins energy over the fact that some sub. Jeers which much against their will they are having re carry, because, as they explain it. it is never goln~ to be the sll~htest service to theni in the accomplishment of the imrticular ambiLion which they have set themselves to accomplish. Most people spend their lives In doing very different things from those which iu early youth they planned for them. selves. Now there was Canton. He was from the time he was ten ana learned how to mix together saltpeter and sul- phur and whatever else Is necessary to make. a grand explosion, crazy abmit chemistry. The house fl'om cellar to garret was full of apoaratus and evil pQraphernalia of all sorts, lie set up a special chemical labors- tory In one corner of the attic when he was in high school and thought of nothing else "but chemical reactions when he was in college. And what is he doing now? He Is an enthusiastic and successful Baptist minister and has entirely eschewed experimental science. I imagine he has entirely forgotten his youthful am- bition, though his scientific researche~ probably have made him a keener theologian. . Morgan is our most successful law. yer. Probably some tlay he will be on tile supreme bencli. No one thinks of him' excepting in the legal role whlcll he has played for the last twen- ty years. He didn't want to be a law- yer when lie was a boy. He had a mechanical turn of mind. Like most healtliy boys he liked to see things go round. He would have been happy running a railway engine, but perfect bliss in his mind was being an active member of the tire department. He would follow the fire engine as fast as hls legs or such mechanical means as he could command, would permlL and was sure that he would be in earthly heaven If he could run up the slender ladders and carry a line of hose. into a burning building. And now he is just a lawyer whose mem- ory of his youthful ambition is and far away. As for myself, my youthflfl was to be a doctor. I watched wlth envy our old doctor driving his raw- boned gray horse over our country roads in his two-wheeled sulky. He was paid great sums for his advice Two dollars and a half, . think, he charged for driving out to our house and back. a distance of eight miles or so, merely to feel one's pulse and leave a bottle of harmless looking pellets, It was a great life, I thought but I have never been ~ble to realize my ainbiiion. No more have many of my friends. ((c'L 1931. Veestera NewspaPer UnIoR.) I I L lip THE MALAKOFF NEWS Harmless Lies \ \ \ / Great Co lllcts That InvolVed Whole World We often call the last war the World war. Actually there are others that better deserve the title. Take the Seven Years' war. That was rela. tlvely in the Dark ages, so far as transportation and communication was concerned, But the fighting more near- ly covered the entire globe than did that of the last conflict, which was well confined to Europe. During the Seven Years' war not only did men, as it has been said. fight but the military and naval activities of the belligerents encircled the globe. At the expense of France the British established their supremacy in North America and their empire In India, while they assailed on land and sea the dominions of Spain in America, and In the Pacific. Again, the wars growing out of the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars more nearly involved all of Eu- rope thq# did the late war, to say nothing of their fateful effects else where.--John Bassets Moore, Inter. viewed for th~ American Review of Reviews. Where Time Takes on Some Puzzling Chang Roughly along the 180th degree of longitude there is fixed what is called the "international date-line," and here today and tomorrow actually meet each other. If a vessel were steaming from the FiJl islands toward Samoa at 11:55 p.m. on Monday night and crossed the "date-line" ten minutes later it would actually have the whole of Mon- day before It again, as the time would then be five minvtes after midnight on the morning of the same day. Had the ship been sailing In the opposite direction. It would have approached the "dateline" in the first few min- ute~ of Monday, and. on crossing this line, it would have started on a new day--Tuesday--and thus have lost an entire day. So in this locality it is possible for yesterday to become to- day in a few seconds, or today to change into tomorrow in the eam~ )herr spaceof time. Some men are never satisfied. Many a man who wants the earth kicks like a steer if he gets little dust from same earth in his eyes. Athens, Texas e I Fri. & Sat., January 30-31st. RICHARD BARTHELMESS in "THI LAST" Also Radio Girl of Mystery in person. She will tell you what you want to know. Ask her. Sun. & Men., February 1-2nd "flOOD NEWS" --with Bessie Love, Mary Lawler, and Cliff Edwards. Also News and Comedy. Incorporation Needed Dear Editor:- It is more gratifying to many people to have flowers bestowed upon them while they are livinu than to have them Placed upon their graves after they are dead. With this allow me to express my appreciation of the many things you have said in your paper. Your editorials for the past several months have been for the upbuilding and betterment of our town and community. This spirit of zeal and helpful- : ness should be appreciated by everyone. Through the columns of your paper you have always been ready to help in any worth' and worthwhile cause. At this, the beginning of a new year, would be a most appropriate time for the people in general to think of our home own and its surroundings We have next to the laruest town in the county. In fact one of the best towns its size in the entire state. And with the desire and determina lion on the part of each and everpone we can lift the standard far above what it is just now. To build our town the churches and the schools should come first and foremost. Next come iLcorl ration and then clean up the town. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Gravel the main street--fill up the mud holes around the corners and alleys By incorporating we can do hese things which are so much in need of being done, Our wa ter system should be somewhat improved so that fire protection could be possible, fire break out and damage is likely to be done that will require years to overcome. With some form of fire protection our insurance rate will be reduced. Many other things could be said in behalf of incorporation but space does not permit. There is a program broadcast over the radio by the Texas Pow- er & Light Company which says "Talk Texas", "Boost Texas" and let be known the advantages of the great state, us, as a progressive people, adopt this slogan--"Talk Malakoff" and put it on the map as one of the clean- est and most progressive towns of its size in the state In doing this we have much to gain and nothing to lose, Let each and everyone do his or her part and uplift this community to the highest and best in every way. In so doing we command the re- spect and admiration of the out- side world. Again allow me to express my appreciation of the editor and his staff for the many things they. have stood for through the columns of the paper. Longlive the Malakoff News. "-A Well-Wisher Hesitation Is a that makes us lose the good We oft' might wins . ....... ---Shakespeare. f AVE you ever stopped to figure how much money you've lost dnce the first time you said you were going to invest your savings? Said it--but never DID it? From the very day you invest in our $6 Preferred Stock your money begins earning more money for you at the rate of nearly on the dollar. Why let Hesitation cheat YOU out of this money that might just as well be yours? INVEST your savings! 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I ~ PI ..... hip ...................... hare~ Texas Power & Light co, SS Pre- I farted Stock at $102.00 and accrued dividend per share with draftI i attached through Name of Your Bank I i Name I Str,.t II City 14~.B] I 1 y We malntai~ a Resale De- partment to assist and advise our stockholders who may wish to sell Jheir shares O HEAVY t& ALL I Lifetime Guaranteed ! Tubes also low prle d New tires--Goodyears--though finer Slum ever this year, are selling at the lowest prie in history. R doesn't pay, these days, to bother with old tires or take chances on inferier quality. New Goody,its cost too little. Get the benefit here of the saving .. Goodyear enjoys by making MORE .g .W than any other company., Drive in ple -- drive out plemte l J Malak0ff, Texas