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January 29, 1931     The Malakoff News
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January 29, 1931

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Central America In Movietone Where mdits and Senoritas Victor McLaglen bitten ,Captaiu of Glory. ' the riotous of "The Cock-Eyed the conscientious sol- "The Black Watch." pro anew military characteri- will rank with if not ,hisflnest work in "A With Women," his 4atest vehicle at the Fridayand Satur- laid in an imaginary &merica country during a, , === - All-Around Indian Star This accomplished all-round redskin athlete of the Haskell Indian insti- tute is re~arded by many as the log- ical successor to Jim Thorpe, world- famed Carlisle redskin athlete of an- other generation. This new star is Wilson "Buster" Charles, full-blooded uprising, brings a new. Oneida Indian, who not only won the national decathlon cllampionshlp of to the screen--al the Amateur Athletic union of Pltts- Popu]ae Medicines on ....... Sale in Mexico Cttl Although clinics are opening every- Where throughout Mexico City every market still has its stalls where pop. ular medicines are sold. There are flowers called "the Hands of God" which are put in alcohol, and the ale cobol Is then rubbed on the chest for heart trouble. They are the size of a small child's hands, a bright red, ghastly in their actual resemblance to a long, thin, human .hand, even to the four fingers and short thumb, all of which have little tips like finger nails. On the back of the hand, which is bent and clutching In shape, there is a bony outline which bears the pollen. The flower comes out of five thick green leaves shaped like a tulip. It is beaut~ul, but very sinister. Another mild medicine which is very popular is tea brewe~ from the laaves of the orange tree. It is said to be good for the nerves. The counters of the medicine stalls are piled with dried bones of all kinds, strings of vertebrae, antlers of deer, the shells of turtles, dried starfish and anemones, pits and seeds of fruits, and herbs and dried flowers of every description. The flowers are spread out on th roofs to dry, much as our grandmothers spread out sweet clover to make pillows for the linen' chest& --New York Times. -'" For Better Holes in Swiss An lutenslve study of tim good natured little bacteria which cause the fornmti,m of "eyes" or boles In swiss cheese, and likewise hnpart a desirable flavor to other dairy prod~cts. Is being conducted by the Department of Agri- culture at Washington. The photograph shows Miss Aliens Saunders. an a{tractlve scientific aid In the department laboratory, preparing food for the thousands of little hugs which are contained In the flasks. Malakoff Lodl e, 885, I. O. O. F. meets every Tuesday night in Odd Fellow's hall, W, O. W. building. Visiting members always welcome. G. E. Matthews, N. G. I. W. Nolen, Sec'y. Special 'Til March isfl Guaranteed Permaner Wave Set, dried ....... Shampoos .................. Facials .......... Henna Pack .... .'. ....... $1,25 LafiRACE BEAUTY SHOPPE Telephone 101 Malakoff Lodge, No. 7,59, A MALAKOFF, F. & A. M. meets the 2nd. Thursday night in each month. Visiting members welcome. J, A. Moore, W. M. Wayne Evans. Secy, REBEKAH Lodge, No. 300 meets every Monday night at I. O. O. F. Hall. Visitors welcome Ruby Martin, N. G. Florence Nolen, Secy. - - - : ~4P~44~4~~v Cotton Belt Schedule - ~'~ - " -- "- - -4~4~4164~t-4~~. TEXAS ~ORTH BOUND ardonic, jovial, i burgh last year, but Is a shining light Train No. 104 ........ 10:08 P. M soldier of fortune, ...... Writer's Closins Hou. V*. sboys Bring Christmas Gift to President Train No. 102 ............... 6:33 A. M HAVING YOUI ~t baseball and basketball . ,rdis atthe servlce of oothed by :rlpturu . . SOUTII BOUND country offers the mostHousing Problem Acute; Sir walter Scott died September 2L clothes made to 1884, at Abbotsford on the Tweed. Train No. 101 ........ 10:b2P. M measure g i v e s It is an intensely Build Flats in France The health of the poet and novelist Train No. 103 .............8:29A. M y o u a sense of and appealing role and Paris.--The city of Paris and the re- had been on the decline for several Laglen like aglove, public of France have both turned montlm before his death. Several .... ::::J::::iiii:-!?j::i/ ........ .:::!i:::;!ii@ .... :'il : - DAN -- E Y well-being that landlords and are busy constructing weeks before he breathed his last he i: .... G NTR o ready-made around PaNs. " morning, says John Gibson Lockhard, at the country's chief '~!i~i'! .... ..... : suit can gi e. The excitement starts Before 1935 it is estimated that who was Scott's biographer and son- I !!!i: UNDERTAKERS the arrival of a beautifulnearly 100,000 new apartments will be in-law, "after again enjoying the bath Exclusive completed, but already experts are chair for perhaps a couple of hours mm 'ira who atten,pts to smug: predicting that the housing crisis will out of doors, he desired to be drawn -styles, patterns, achine guns to the revolu- be Just as bad. Apartments in Paris Into the library, and placed by the fabrics srnart, :is, nod of a young tourist, are at a premium, central window, that he might look Under a law sponsored by Louis down upon the Tweed. Here he ex- individual. ,'~ll~ntly akv~ her Dart, in- Loucheur 5,(~1 apartments comprising pressed'a wish that I should read to Bg McLa~leu':-di" pleasure, two, three, four and five rooms were him,'and when I asked from what ~ FUNERAL UPPIAE UIRE'S placed nnder construction and Will be book, he said---'Need you ask, There MA6 ,'Ough a s,'if ei,ah of cir- Call ELMER ROBERTS I~UC, S the two iJ)en ar,~ ready for occupancy at the end of is but one.' I chose the 14th chapter next year. Before tile Loucheur law of St. John's gospel; he listened with antiy embroiling them- went Into effect the various depart- mild devotion, and said when I had DAY I)14[l~Jl~ NIGHT , Over some lady or other meats of the city of Paris had already done--'Well, this is a great comfort. 63 Jill]iSLe 85 /.' started construction on 1%893 apart- I have followed you distinctly, and I the. both are caotured by meats which are now being finished feel as if I were yet to be myself " ~lb : toca| jad They e:~l:ay:: In all It Is estimated, there are 55,-chaper read to Sir Walter are u fol- . 000 apartments now under construe- lows: Let mot your heart be trou- ] aDe, al d subsequ n fro [ tion either by the city or the state, bled: ye believe In God, believe also still another damsel m] and 45,000 wlll be started soon. In me. In my Father's house are S of the bandit's men, many mansions: if it were'not so, I ~ ~ ugh their mutual danger has[ would have told ~on. I go to pre. the pair from rivals tel " Pre~;~lential Changes , pare a place for you." ties, they find tbemselves lTechnically a new Presidential ad- f0r the girl. [ ministration starts at the beginning Origla of "Charity'~ I of March 4, namely, Immediately aft- "Oarus" is the Latin for "dear," and rest of the story is too en. [ er midnight March 3, and the Presi- "caritas," the abstract noun from it, ~llling_and thrilling_to be, dent Is paid his salary on this basis, means "dearness." SL Jerome. who ~.~ o~,~.:~n~o :~.w~=~- [ says an article in Pathfinder Mugs- translated the Bible into Latin avoid- [ ~led here, but it provides a[ zinc. The same is true of~t new con- I ed the use of the ordinary Latiu word when they &eel, or ~ ~ppefite~ or Mcle as t cL glen has ever [ the federal government It has been of its worldly associations. He sub- ~ the nose and fmge~ we snored l assumed for convenience that the stltuted for it, wherever the Greek or ~?~e,~.~n~ [Presidential and congressional terms Hebrew would naturally have r~ i [ do not expire until noon, March 4. qulred it, one or other of two rather mafdy and mn~ly expel the worms. Th. us I Accordingly it ts customary for the colorless word& of which "carltas" is ~d~iht~:da~er~ugn~ i -| of Statmmon ,outgoing President to perform the ii~b:~~[~ae:;ic~aOCrarleo~72t~]2!g~ .I~A~'Ub~ ~l~lbebuNl~ I 'achment proceedings in En~p [ functions of the office ~ntil his sac- and 9e quite sinlllar to t~he same Pr" [ ce~r takes the "ath at the frmal ] iRAti;DHIGBO~;;S[ Dm in our-congreu. The house [ inauguration on March 4, or March 5 the specifically Christian love of one's t-, umons'am the pre|ecutors and [ when March 4 fails on Sunday. If i neighbor, and eapeclaUy of the poor. *ms of 10rdsare the Judp~. [ eongre~ dos not complete Its work ~ho -~nglDth word "charity," derived the ae~ed Im found INdlty, by noon, March 4, the Clock Is set from It, perhaps owes !~ mem~ Imr- mt follows lf the eommoM mow back. It is mealy a legal fiction, tleularly to the great pamm~ about - DENTIST [ i .but not otherwise. The tom- Bills signed by the outgoing President charity In I Corinthians, 18, X.RAY DIAGNOSIS ! bu~ retain the power of pardon on March 4 are dated Ma~h 8, and m hand& Imd this fight they the outgoing Presldt~t get~ no salary - - - New Spencer-Carroll Building, [ ~:At~veral calms expreuly for his services after midnight, F IdmosofCsnadlms Athens, Texas I ~: r~luUon.. There is noMarch 8. Mo~t of the game atflmak of north- ~dbn In connection with lnt- tory and the Esklmo, ther~fore, befere-E .DoDsON i U! 9o ; proee~iinp In-congreu. ern Canada' are more or le~ migra- r,'!'f\HaMt ,--7----~ , , "~ .... the whitej~aan came into the country, at the am migrated with the animals on which O t bride.was wearln~ a do- times of the year he hunt e~la |eal on t tllea } of the b~mtn t amIl~ ::~ the leo far from the cent, in spring alad all kinds .ofhauflng ] ~ou 't tV.eXl't"al~dY .k~d "~ when the fish came to the rivers to P. ompt and satisfactory ser[ ~a~l,: Li~pe!"!:. " spawn, he abandoned the seal hunt and.came inland to put up fish for the VICe guaranteed. J replied the bride; "it Isn't following winter; and, In the fall, at~ioUs aNt hat. It's Just when the caribou migrated south he ;- BETTER PRICES' EASIER TERMS =wa~ shoPpin| know! followed 'them until sealing again be- _ :. .... came profitable on the Ice. Now he Is Rose ~garden motifs capture the ..... It takes driving power to win the good things of life. Force and energy come nat- ura[[y lr(mi a dmt ba,~c(] t)lt BUTTER-KIST BREAD The energy I,~ai'-pure mitri- tion in every crmnb. B itds strong pc, ople; Le}p c.hildrcn grow, Plenty of vitamins in its r i c h allowance of yeast and milk. sports mode. The Illustration shows a spectator sports:suit In white crepe and bright blue, embroidered with blue nnd white rose "ue~igns. Stops Hea'daclm in Five Minutes Wonderful Formula Ends Aehea and Pains Almost Like Magle. 8omethlng Better and Safer "rhousands of men and wome~ are now stopping throbbing, sick, dizzy, splitting headaches, as well as the excruciating paius of rheu- matism, neuritis, toothache, etc., wtth ~ marv~!m~ now f~,rmu!a that thin~ hereh,for~ t~;~ed. ll/ll{~'I, called A&'~()I,. l~ bollix[ Dro,- l~(!I'itwd I)y lhotl~:;tlitls tff d~wk,)r~. (I~'ltl t~t,~ S and %~ -],qirt~ lint ..q b~- CtiilgO eft ~he qtli~q, t, tll~'i~,]l[ wtty t~ relieves all t}lws of ach~,a all4 ~LIII>I Wi{ht'llll~ depros~.:inl~ tlw heart, or t'tttlEII11~ tLlly ot]H'F il~l'l'}lfll| ~f- fl, cts, A-Vol qllt('k]y .~{~p~; l|l~ ]noBt sovor~ |)itill, leavilig tlm pationt re~ fr*,~hed and f(,olillg fill(L E'.~De~l:t ]Y ~fff~'cl}vo }I1 Wl}Ifw?l~ i~orlod ])~ti/l~, /J'O qlli('l(]y lirt~v~ to 3-ollr;~t:~l[ |hat thin la l'rtl y tt r~.[I,~rk:tbl~ t,~rl|thla, ~{or~ and ~-~ a pa.kage ~f A-VOh tabh~t~ r~.~ht tht~ro. If yollr Dalll la not ~ono In l|w~ minnie,, th~ clerk will returu ~uur moaoy. ......... 192 Ford Truck, Body and Cab ........... $275.00 1929 Ford Truck, closed cab, only ......... $210.00 1927 International, Cab qnd Body ........ $165.00 1929 Ford Pick-up, open cab ............... $195.00 1929 Ford Pick-up, open cab .............. $275.00 1927 Chevrolet, Light Delivery ........... $125.00 1926 Ford Pick-up, only ................... 45.00 See Our Used Trucks Before You Buy! ikaler Yol B{ly Your (iuaraHtcc is tile "" [:l't) lll. t Dealers of Ford Prom c s Athen , Tea , f R S:00 un a- of the - It dn't o. ;~._.~me mat my marrmd'name was "~be~re I thoughL I told td.aend the things to Mrs. L:=~ '.~lt 8mit~, ~4~I spelled out Smith ! I .~e-tentlm of all the diseases of | American people can be traced | to constipation, doctors say. I~ i~ot~Pation throws into the system ~ ~t~. ~ which taint and weaken ~__:organ of the body and make i ~easy victims for any germs | tl~attaek them. Preventconstipa- | ~ . and you will avoid nine-tenths [[ ~,,ail diaeuos, with their consequent l_ ,~n~ and financial losses. Herbine, | ~-~ good old vegetable cathartic, | a'.'_~ ~elieve coristipation in a natural, | "~Y, al~d .pleasant way. For sale by -. E, PHILLIPS REAL ESTATE Ptiblic Stenographer and NOtary Public in Office Office over Flagg Drug Store Malakoff, Texas b. B. OWEN, M. D. PItYsICIAN and SURGEON flice with Flagg Drug Co, M A LA KOFF Week-End SAVINGS We sell only one quality--the best! No matter what grff certes you buy here, you will find them fresh and appetiz in . No. I can Tomatoes, ... 5c IOc size Spaffhctti, ..... 5c 10C SiZe ,lacarmli ...... 5c , atches. 2 l)o es ...... 5c I bar Toilet ....... 5c No. 2 Corn, 2 cans .... 2Jc 2 Peas, 2 cans .... 25c Pottcd ilanl, 7 caas... 25c il i i [ [] I II I I~ I III ]'he Cleanest Store in Town a hunter and a trapper for furs, living a new mode of life approximating that of the w~te man. Artbtd Troubl~ propos the alleged neglect by ths publfc of modern artint~, Miss Fran- ces Dodd, A. R. A., tells the story of a wealthy lady who had come to a certain artist's studio to look at his pictures. At the end of two hours she made no indication that she would like to buy one, though the artist had pa- tiently gone around explaining their different points. At last she,said: "My dear man. I wonder if there is anything valuer lo the x~orId thau you artists over yo(Ir I)IC[LIrOs-" "Yes, madame," was the reply, "our cffolts to ~ell Lhem." The Boy and the Pin "L'h@ |)ll~hlt~,%'i llltttl W;t>3 telling a friend of tl~e ,~egloHtllg Of his sue- Ces.'-;fl:d cnretq'~ "l got lily start In I re, he said, "thr,,uffh l)i,'khlg up a pin In the street. A wholesale merchant that I had asked f~r work had turned rue (|ox, VI1, a|ld Oil lay 'g'/ly OUt I saw a pin. [---" "Yes, yes," interrupted the friend. "Y(m t)ick(~d it up, tile tn(~l'chaIlt was iIl]pr~Jssed by y(,ilr carefulne~a, eallt~l yoI/ back, tll/(l IHft(l~ yOLI the head oI' the firm. t"~e heard of that boy very often." "Not at all," retorted the bt|si- hess man. "1 ph'ked up tl~e piu aud sold It, It wa~ a dlamg.nd pIIl/t t Ask your groec, r, II I~ II III |I Atheris, Texas