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January 29, 1976     The Malakoff News
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January 29, 1976

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4(- 1975 Malakoff Single Copy (-FIFTH YEAR Number 4 MALAKOFF, HENDERSON COUNTY, TEXAS THURSDAY - January 29, 1976 mbers of over water well log reports ern awaits word in the Pete Dodson, [backs to cam- City Council got while tangling with the background. Council mere- era] AI Inmon and I. W. together with dilemma of too little water bers shown are [facing the Brown. [Staff Photo by Tom Bob Hayter [right] Richare Green of Lane-West- camera ] Luther Ellis [left] and Herline]. night as they pored Ma.00 To Seek Tell Cinderella Story O,d,n00n00On ,o 00om00ar, 00rio, ,00om to Firetruck $1,756.22 in 1970. They collected $247,804.24 story of Cedar ,last year compared to area growth is Malakoff showed a healthy $140,186.94 in 1969. by a report, re- week by State 84 per cent gain from 1970 to The Tool collections moved Bob Bullock. 1975, when city sales tax to $4,446.25 from $3,152.43 in totaled $38,529.55 compared 1972, a 41 per cent gain. in city sales tax to $20,904.03. Kemp showed a 13 per cent in lake area towns Canev City showed identi- gain from 1969 to 1975, with and 1969 show  " per cent in some cal gains from 1971 to 1975, $10,916.82 in '69 and a strong upsurge in going from $7,520.56 in 1971 $13,329.63 in 1975. for every town in to $13,811.04 in 1975. Trinidad was the only town but one. A composite The town of Kaufman went receiving city sales tax in this of towns near or up 79 per cent, from area to show a loss in the lake show a $55,393.47 in 1969 to revenues. They dropped 11 $99,3293! in '75. per cent, with $11,484,84 The city of Athens showed collected in 1970 compared to a 77 per cent gain in the $10,244.77 in 1975. tax collections. growth, based on tax collections, is for the mid-lake area Seven Points, Gun Tool, and Ma- of Trinidad, whose district is off southern route to Lake is one of 'cities in the state that a decline in sales tax since the city started sales tax. Trini- have dropped of Tennessee Lake may find ample ammunition to fire of the report. It the lake was a in retail sales Points' city sales tax 292 per cent in 1975 time tax collections in 1970, the report Points collected !,22 in city sales tax in ared .to only :in 1970. Barrel City collected !.25 in city sales taxes ,ear compared to in 1970, an increase cent. city sales tax to $42,833.81 in 1975 to $16,579.01 in increase of 158 per showed a 92 per in the period from 1975, with $3,383.91 First Baptist Plans Cheatham Welcome A churchwide fellowship has been scheduled after Sunday nigh t services at First ..... Baptist Church to welcome the church's new pastor, Rev.. James Cheatham and his family. The Sunshine Class also prepared the noon meal for ': :/: : ........... the pastor and his family when they arrived in Malakoff last Monday. Members brought covered dishes to the church for the family whose vanload of furniture arrived with them Monday. In connection with the new pastor's arrival, the regular Deacons Meeting, usually scheduled for this Sunday has Rev. James Cheatham been postponed to 6 p.m. on Feb. 8, according to Pete Adams, chairman, wife, Dottie, have three chil- The January Bible Study dren, Debbie, 14, Brent, 9, has been postponed pending and Wendy, 5. He is 36 years Bro. James arrival also. old and is leaving a pastorate Ed Arthus, chairman of the at Freeman Heights Baptist pulpit committee, thanked Church in Garland, where he Bro. Duggins and Bro. Bill has been pastor for the past Rambo for their help in seven years. He is a graduate bringing messages to the of East Texas Baptist Col- church during the absence of a leg, Marshall, and South- pastor, western Baptist Theological Rev. Cheatham and his Seminary in Fort Worth. "I ain't loaning the city fire truck to anybody," declared Malakoff mayor A.M. Thomp- son Monday night, "and I am going to ask the city council to approve a city ordinance that provides a fine for any unauthorized person who uses the truck." Thompson made the com- ments in answer to criticisms the city encountered recently when the fire truck was filling a local swimming pool when the fire whistle blew for a large grass fire southeast of town. "This is a volunteer fire department, and no one has the keys to the fire truck -- they stay in the truck," Thompson said. "Someone came down and got the truck. I can't find anyone that authorized its use on that day. No one at city level gave anyone permission to use the fire truck." "Any time someone fills a swimming pool with 30,000 gallons of water, he should be billed." Thompson said. "People call all the time to borrow city equipment," Thompson continued. They are always refused, he said. "I know of a couple of eases where the tank truck was filled here in town and taken out to water cattle last year," Thompson said. "I put a stop to that." No vote was taken on whether to approve an ordinance, but it was agreed an ordinance would be drawn up for the city to study. Caney City May Choose New Chief The Caney City city council will hold a meeting Tuesday. Feb. 3, at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall to consider hiring a police chief in addition to other agenda items. Other agenda items include work on the old police car and consideration of an election ordinance. City Unsure Of Next Step In Solving Water Woes by Tom Herllne "Cool, clear Water" may be the title to an old country- and-western song, but to Malakoff City Council it's a mirage that continues to disappear no matter how close it seems; Disappointed in four at- tempts at finding a 200- gallon-per-minute supply in or near Malakoff, the city fathers negotiated to a Mex- ican standoff Monday night with Lane-Western, Katy Di- vision, contractors for a new well, and decided it was time to lay the problem in the lap of the city's attorney. This, of course, won't bring the city any more water, but it is expected to provide guide lines to the city fathers whether to accept a 100-gallon-per-minute well at a price reduced by $11,050, or drill a second well near the only hole that's provided even nearly-decent water at an additional $25,000 cost to the SOCIETY- The Members this year, pictured Honor Society held above, left to right, back row, installation of are: Larry Wymore, Mike Monday night. Mattingly, Doug Hutchins, VISIBLE SIGN-- Malskoff struction Co. began laying residents can finally see some: pipe for the eight-inch water thing happening as a result of main that will run across the a bond issue election passed city from East to West August 10, 1974. Workmen Monday morning. Sewer line from Sheesley-Wintere Con- city. Muddying the waters of the city's dilemma Monday night __ was an across-the-table'verbal Patrol Car Decision 5el battle over the location of a test drilling site on the Malakoff School Board prop - erty on St. Paul Drive near Star Harbor Road. The coun- cil in a special session last Wednesday had authorized the test hole for the latest attempt to be some 150 feet off St. Paul Drive, but the test well was dug alongside the street, andat least one council ember indicated he felt the hole had been started before the council approved any site. The argument was aca- demic, however, as the test hole was a duster, and was capable of no more than 20-gallons-per-minute, ac- cording to the test. Richard A. Green, assistant manager of the drilling firm, offered to pay $11,050 toward providing a six-inch pipe to the city's ground storage tank in the downtown area if the city would accept the 100-gallon-per-minute well drilled on Farm Road 2636. This is the amount of ad- ditional cost the city would be forced to pay to get the water back into the city, after allowing $4,900 for line that wouldn't be necessary along Hwy. 31, the original site which was abandoned as unfit. A motion by Pete Dodson to accept the well if the firm would guarantee the entire cost of the line from the well to the tank, an estimated $15,596. This was approved by the council, but Green turned down the proposal. Then the city council post- poned action until Thursday {today) at 7 p.m. allowing time for them to consult with city attorney Michael George. The special meeting will be at City Hall. Meanwhile, despite the fact there's no new water supply to put in the pipes,Sheesley- see WATER, Page 8 Malakofrs city council wrestles again tonight with the problem of what to do about the police patrol car, but discussions Monday night indicated there is at least some sentiment for buying a new one and using the present car as an emergency backup vehicle. Mayor A.M.Thompson tabled discussion Monday night following a report by Luther Ellis and Pete Dodson on the police budget because inadequate information was available on the amount of revenue that's coming in from tickets issued by city police. Ellis and Dodson presented a report on the department's expenses with a camparison to the budget which indicated that the city was already over its budget for vehicle repair, and that the present patrol car needs in excess of $100 in construction is expected to start in a few days, according to a company spokesman. {Staff Photo by Ann.Rounsa- vail]. By Tom Herline An interesting phenomenon occurs every year about this time. With local elections coming up in the Spring, suddenly politicians who camouflage themselves for the better part of the year sud- denly come out of their hiding places and become as plentiful as armadillos. The situation is even more pronounced every-other-year when state and national poli- tician types also shed their protective anonymity and suddenly become very, very accessible. It's a thing called exposure. Every politician believes in it as much as the average housewife believes in astrol- ogy and "As the World Turns." vent fury, is worth 10 brownie That should get you one vote, oints. but you'll have to use your , Imagine, if you will, Joe Q. ingenuity to gain the votes of Politician and his campaign the other five members." manager plotting his activi- "Wednesday, we've got one ties in search of the County prayer meeting, where you'll Whatzit post: testify about your conversion "Chief, here's your schedule of a few items of county for this week. Monday you'll property -- repentence ought attend a quilting bee in Three to get you a whole lot of votes. Corners, where you've got a But be careful of details, if few minutes on the program you go too heavy on this you to present a bronzed needle could also get some indict- that was used to mend a flag ments. that flew over the White "Thursday, you'll attend a House. Jewish wedding in East "That night you'll attend a Podunk, and I've arranged for Mexican dinner put on by the you to slip the Rabbi his Women of the Church of honorarium. Wherezit Tabernacle, but so "Friday, we've arranged for far I haven't got you a you to hand out the pay- speaking part there. What do checks personally to every you think of maybe giving the county employee. I know you So suddenly, "where two or pastor a package of Tums as a three are gathered together" there is suddenly a crowd -- the two or three scheduled for the meeting, plus an assort- ment of council, commis- sioners court, county office, state representative, U.S. representative, and board candidates. memorial of the event? No, better not do that, that's pretty strong Rol-Aids coun- try up there. Maybe we'll compromise and present him with a couple of Alka-Seltzers. Tuesday, you've got a school Rotary engagement at Wide Place in the Road, and I've have nothing to do with that, but maybe they'll identify with a guy who'd go out of his way to do such a thing. "Over the weekend, I've got you booked for three family reunions, teaching a Sunday School class, and a swim-in with the Polar Bear Club. That means you've got Being there is only half the written a speech decrying the to scrounge up three covered game, though. The real infiltration of Communists in dishes, get your h!ds on a trick is to get on the program, the Dog Pound. And that well-worn Bible, and buy a Onascaleof 10, being present  night, there's a quiet little pair of long-handle swimming at any meeting, public or penny-ante poker club that trunks." private, is worth three meets north of town you'll With a campaign trail like brownie points- but to get want toattend. Think maybe that, we're sure Joe Q. yourself on the program ,.. to you can slip the president of Politician will be a shoo-in for pray, expound, explain, or the club an Ace of Spades? Whatzit! Kdth Hayes, Forrest Askew, Crouch, Dana Wilson, Gay I. to r. are: Donny Perkins, Debra Grayer, and Rhonda McSweeney, Loraine Herline, Tina Green, Rcha Harris, Monk, [middle row] I. to r. Cindy Wilson, Sherry Evans, Donna Hughes, Lisa Shelton, are: Barry Carson, Jimmy and Janet Jackson. Front row and Robin Harris. From This Corner repairs to put it in "fair" one vehicle for each police operating condition, officer on an every-day or Thompson, annoyed be- every-other-day basis," Ellis cause no data had been said. provided on how revenues In another discussion, Ellis were in comparison to the suggested the city take a look budget, asked the council to at its delinquent tax collection attend a special session at 7 contract with McCreary & tonight at City l-fall, to review Huey in view of the Malakoff those figures and make a scnoo! board's decision to decision on what to do about drop that firm in order to hire the patrol car. a Tyler-based firm. The school district had criticized The present patrol car is a McCreary & Huey for not 1974 model Chevrolet with moving faster on delinquent 60,000 miles on it. Its esti- tax suits. Mayor Thompson mated value is $750, the agreed the matter should be report by Ellis and Dodson studied, and indicated the indicated, council would look into the The vehicle needs some matter further. wiring, the carburetor cleaned Pete Dodson also said a and a power steering pump, report on several items that they indicated, are pending is heeded, in- "Our recommendation is cluding the status of a quest that if we do keep this car that for a new fire truck, city street we keep it for emergency use signs, and name tags for only on weekends -- not have city-owned vehicles.