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January 30, 1930     The Malakoff News
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January 30, 1930

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, 7 , , , ...... I I III g:'l ,!"~! ,, ,, , ~ ' ' , ,/,! HH H,U ,fHH ~,tr Ht I THE MALAKOFF NEWS any reason why you should help _: i ii , ~ i i i i, i PUBLISlIED [[R T"URSD'A' to make it so by biting at their Entered at the Pos fliee at M I- akoff as second class matter. L [I. SCHOLL JR, EDITOR Subseriution Price $1.00 a Year Advertising Rates on requesk Resolutions and Cards of Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. in case of error in advertise ment this paper will not be re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisement A FEW years ago the late B M Goodman' offered the Editor, who was at that time Secretary of the Malakoff Chamber of Commerce. sufficient gra -oel from his pits to gravel the main street provided that the business men would fur nish the transportation facilities We thought this a wonderful op- portunity but after a canvas of the business men who were in possession of wagons and teams had been made the proposition was dropped owing to the lack of interest, indifference, etc. The weather conditions during the past weeks have furnished every reason why the citizens of Malakoff should be sorry for not having taken advantage of this great, yet inexpensive improve- ment Sometime later some of the most interested took it upon themselves to have mixed in with the sand a few loads of red clay which was, of course, in- schemes? Watching The Groundhog Old Father Time has a Way of moving down week :and mot ths in a hurry, and here we are back to the time when the men who make our weather forecasts take a back seat while the groundhog makes his. Customs change, but not this one. There will be just as many people around Malakoff wonder- THE MALAKOFF NEWS I li! II I II [ II1!111 I I I I,H I II I I I I GLYCERINE MIX REMOVES WHAT WE THINK CAUSF SrOMAC, GAS " "*''" Simple glycerine, buckthorn One reason some people never bark, saline, etc. as mixed iD get any higher upthe ladder of Adlerika, acts on BOTtt upper success is that they spend too and lower bowel, removing poi milch time kicking others in the sons you never thought were face. there and which caused gas and ---o-- other stomach trouble. Just When I hears knocker at work ONE spoonful relieves GAS, I always think, well, what have sour stomach, sick headache and you done and it does not require constipation. Don't take medi- any investigation to find that he cine which cleans only PART oI has done nothing, bowels, but let Adlerika giv ing this time "if the groundhog --o-- you a REAL cleaning and see saw his shadow" as there ever Theonly knocker I am in favor how good you feel! It will sur was before on February 2. And of is one who will knock a few prise you! Roy I Weir, Druggis~ this community is not an excep- of them cold. We will be de- . ....... tion to the rule--the groundhog's lighted to supply the club. Every WomaffKn -w# movements will be watched and --o-- . Every woman knows how easy it is inquired about in every state in The latest one is about the toin her burn home. or scaldEveryherself woman while knowsworkingthat the union. Older citizens accept Scotchman who paid five dollars these burns and scalds are painful and sometimes very slow to heal. Every it as gospel that if he sees his for a sight seeing trip in an air- woman should know that the pain of shadow we are due for six more plane. After he got up in the burns and scalds will be quickly re- weeks of winter weather. And I air he tried to persuade the pilot lisped, infection positively prevented and speed~, healing assured if Liquid even though the younger genera- to try for an endurance record. Borozone ~s instantly applied, a bottle of Liquid Borozone and keep i~ ties of weather sharks wink an " --o--- handyinyourmediciaocabinet. Soldby eye when discussing the subject And then there was the Scotch. ROY T. WEIR they, too, always manage to cock man who was so close that he ........................................... the other eye skyward on Feb. 2 got slapped. to see if the sun is going to shine. --o-- The Dayton Journal says that( There may or may not be any- thing to the belief that the little men are like postage stamps animal can forecast for a period They have to stick to get any- of six weeks ahead; we don't where. know and don't want to get --o.- into an argument by venturing Scientists have found that cas- an opinion, since sentiment is toroil given once in awhile to pretty well divided. But this plants will make them grow we do know. that if the ground faster. Children will no doubt hog can offer as many alibis for be glad to see it used that way. missmg it as are offered by some --o-- of our local forecasters then he It is reported that Harry Lau- It takes driving-power to is entitled to qualify for the An. der, even though a Scot, has of. win the good things of life. anias Club. fered $100,000 to the first man Force and energy come nat- _ or woman to swim the Atlantic urally from a diet based on Some people have a head afoot ocean. Butter-Kist Bread long, but they don't use it as a I I I rule Theenergy loaf-pure nutri- ......... tion in every crumb. Builds FOR SALE--Scholarship in Ty- strong people; helps child- ler Commercial College, If you ren row Plenty of vita- contemplate a business course rains in its rich allowance of let ussave you money on the yeast and milk. scholarship--THE NEWS. Ask your grocer. Chevrolet Dealers City Bakery Gas, Oil and Accessories Athens, Texas isa Prescription for pp~ ' Colds, Gri , Flu, Dengue, ', ' .... tended to improve the condit- ions-and for the summer months it helped considerably, but now, in the season of rain, sleet and snow the thoroughfare resembles more a hog wallow than a busy street in a progressive city. The proffered gravel is still in the pits although its cheerful giver has passed on to his reward. Is it not possible that this needed improvement can still be made Certainly it will cost something, but will it not be money well spent? The News gladly offers free space to any reader who cares to offer a solution to this problem. Same Old Fraud We note in an exchange a warning out of Washington to the effect that smooth individuals are believed to be preparing to flood the country with offers of oil stocks of a doubtful nature, be- lieving that they can unload slot of fraudulent stuff on that part of the public still susceptible to honeyed words and alluring liter- ature We are passing the word along in the hope that the Mala- koff man with a desire to specu. late will look before he leaps Unless you know positively what you buying, oil and go'd mine stocks are the most dan- gerous kind in the world to mon. key with. Bankers are always glad to advise you as to the gen- uineness of such offerings, If they are in doubt, then you had b . tter let the offer alone, no mat- ter how tempting it may be. "This is apt to be a fat year for fake stock ,amsmen, says the Washington dispatch Is there Bilious Fever and Malaria. It is the most speedy remedy known. ......... 3 ...... , ......... DEMAND IT FOR COLD . AND FLU GIVIg~.pROMIP~ RELIEF FLAGG DRU~" +~OMPANY. Gas For anything pertaining to meters sealed or un- sealed, see T. A. Bart- lett, Jr., Malakoff, Tex. COMMUNITY NATURAL GAS COMPANY L . I II 11 ItlH[ ...... ~' II ........ I [Irl ..... These snappy mornings make a fellow thankful that there is one place in town where he can get--at bot- tom prices-- Fresh Sausage Spare Ribs Breakfast Bacon Sliced We solicit your patronage for 1930 with our standing pledge to sell only the best at the lowest prices, Care - Mm'k ' The New Handsome. husky, tough tires-built for real economy. Val. ues possible because Goodyear sells more tires than any other manufacturer. TUBES at real savingsl All Firsts--All Fresh Life-Time Guarantee. OIJL' Malakoff, Texas IIII I II II ,,,, .... , ,, . , ......... .... IIIII ,.,I, I CAN YOU AFFORD , , ,,r , ' To neglect your personal appearance when our prices for cleaning, pressing and repair. ing clothes are easily within your means? Can You Afford To overlook the importance of personality as relates to outer garments? Yo____u_u C an N o t We solicit your patronage and agree to give you unexcelled service. May We Start Today? Malakoff Dry Cleaners Malakeff, Texas I{ead t~e Advertisements. Mr. J. R. Gibson is the representative of the Texas Power & Light Co. in MALAKOFF For any information about your electric service call Mr. J, R. Gibson at Athens Phone No 245 or at his home Phone No. 395 .... ]'" I t - - Illl I11 I Ill 1[ 1 II The Used Car Plan is a .way you can get the big- gest possible value for whatever amount o f money you spend for your next car. 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