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February 1, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 1, 1935

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1541 Coronado Claimed Texas For the King of Spain" i um mmmmwmm m - =~ F"I("I) .~'~ "w'mm ~ ==~= i ,~ ~.c~ ~ ~ ~ ~" "~ ' '" ~~ '~" J~s~" ~o~ ~o,~. :~,~i::~:~~- ,. Htr. ,hr. vcru - ueh= v,= e. lun 'AMYnN FAMOU9 'EL PASO' OR PASS L TtZ KING. =l I ) Bee -- You'll Buy HAl/J: Ira r.,,~l~k~. .~,,,~m lair., l~n%ll~S'~ v-- .,,t.. v ........... " Priced at a saving -- You'll Save @ I I I I i I ~ii m , , , ~i, i i rl, m r_/ .......... THE MALAKOFF NEWS PUBLISHEp EVery I~i~IDAY Entered at the Postoffice at Malakoff second class matter, L. J. SC~IOLL, EDITOR gabsoriotion Price $1.00 a Year. Advertising Rates on request. ~~nka must be paid for at regular rate. ~error in advertisement this paper will not be re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisement, Among the many other accom- plishments of Malakoff's jeweler, Mr A. Burton, his power of aug- gestion is immense. Recently he quite considerably upset the hap- py m~d of a little boy, when he sired whether or not the lad aid like to have a water melon. ~er much coaxing, threatening, and persuading on the part of the mother and on the purchase of something else for the boy his "IN THE LIGNITE C1TY" Up to and including January 16~h, there were 19,433 bales of cotton ginned in Henderson coun- ty. 27,351 bales had been ginnedI during the same period in 1914. ] i A. L. Clay has just opened up t an elegant barber sll~itht everything new and uP'~l~*''--~" " t .... N~ILE DEEP WHALES - GREENLAND WHALES WHEN HARPOONED HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO DIVE A NtlLE DEEP ATTP.J~PTING TO ESCAPE. i ml r HUMAN TELEPHONE. WIRES f THE NERVES O1: TtlE BODY ARE LIVING TNRFJ~ tAB As TNICK AS THE H~ RUNNING ON 'HNR AND MAy BE SEveRAL OXYGEN- ~EET iN LEN6TH. A ~AN uSES THREE ~ind was eventually directed - --- )reported seriously ill. om the juicy fruit __.Guy Mat. , Tho~iittie daughter of Mr. andl thews was somewhat surprised Mrs. W. E. Gilbert, Berau, is Mrs. E. C. Eseoe delivered an and ,~v~u,, ,~--~,,,.~.~=,sed Friday interesting and appropriate lec. when he was suddenly ....... "A SPIRITUAL FIGHT" By LEONARD A. BARRETT The mind of a nation :s frequently expressed In the Imblie utterances of lmr stattsmen. Eng- land has evidently; thought her way through m~ certalni lss:~es Involved in', this depression. * She has come to the conclusion tarot the~ elemental c a U S e S must first be re- moved before she can ever be as- sured of a perma* nent recovery. The responsihlllty for a) task like this liesI more in the hands: of those responsible for the moral and i splrltual welfare of a eouutry than inl the theories of politicians or econo- re!sis. Lloyd George in his widely clr- culated address delivered recently inI the city temple in London, said: "Thei world today Is a Jungle. At any mo-~ meat a mistaken gestnre . . . may! make them spring at each other's', throats, It is tlnle the churches should act together. If they fail, I do noti to extend the wel. at a stag banquet .~..Approximately two hundred families in the Trinidad section are to receive a year's subscrip. tion to the News through the courtesy of a few of Malakoff's business firms .... The banquet Baptist Church Friday was not only a success within itself, but was also suc- in its purpose--that of an membership-twenty- men were in attendance Sun- morning. ...... "The Lignite making preparation for boom" everywhere one optimistic opinions of Dodd Well .... And too, two scheduled for the rth of town ...... of Chevrolets led here Tuesday for the Royali Chevro. , ..... Become churc tl- your church and school n e x t Sunday. know what ls going to happen, I am beginning to lose faiih in conferences." ,ture to the Senior Epworth Lea. gueSunday afternoon on Mis- sionary work. with exactly other men of the com. 'eda most pleasant Friday evening at where they were entertained with a stag by the Young Men's The program which the feast was inter- useful and up- , and the ladies really out Ramsay Macdonald Is quoted as hay-) ing said, "We have paid "c~o little at- tention In the past to these tlgrene~ impulses that lie deep dow:l In human. nature. If you think you ure going to! beat the things that culmtrmte in wart without a spiritual fight, ~ou are fore- doomed to failure." Woodrow Wilson said substantially, tlm same things some years past, "We' can have no economic recovery nntll we first have a spiritual recovery." in the prepara- Does It not seem passing strange...' that we apparently give sO little heed bountiful repast, to the war~dngs of an idealist? Or Is SO good an0 tl~ere In this countrs;, as doubtlesst it did one's heart Shere is in England. s deep under-t current of serious thought which is! tO be associated those three gradually leveling our eeonomtc Ilfei such a fine bunch of and pointing the way to the only sureI method of permanent recovery7 l Every citizen of our country 'mustl was given not only answer this question for him. the at. seLL but must voluntarily aeeept Iris) a very rapidly grow- responsibility in this spiritual fight,; without which "we are foredoomed to and its failure." , David Lawrence, editor of the United . States News~ wrote ta a recent edl- torlaL *~The greatest gift that could be the Amerietm people would be a Roman Soldiers Brought Harp Back From Britain The Irish claim to have originated the harp. Undoubtedly the oriental harps were earlier, though the Roman legions brought the Irish harp back from Britain. asserts a writer In the Washington Post. The old Irish harp had three rows of strings. The old laws of Wales men- tion the use of the harp as one of three points that distinguished the freenmn from the slave and pretend- ers were often discovered by their un. skillful use of it. Only the king, his musicians, and the gentlemen of th~ realm could own a harp; and slaves were forbidden even to touch the In- strument. For a tlme the popularity of the harp was threatened by the guitar, when n troupe of Spaniah play- ers toured England. But when humhle people began to bay guitars, fashion- able people gave up plans for learn- ing it. and continued to buy harps. The orchestral harp has 50 strings. The frame rests on the pedestal, which contains the pedals, the large hollow body or back rising from this. with the soundboard at its upper face. The strings are attached with the pins by which they are tuned. The harp has seven pedals, each double-acting, and so contrived that certain strings can be shortened and their pitch raised a semitone or .-~7/"];he instrum'ent" tie set In any desired key. music is written for two handS, on two staffs similar to piano music. Flat keys sound ~L~,t because then stri;lgs :ire open, vibrating at full length, .... Jerusalem Most Revered ............................................................ Spot of Religious World building was laid flat nut in theI Jerusalem itself is a reveh'~tion. Its middle of the street The equip- ' narrow, winding streets lead to spots ment inside; however, was not revered all over the~ world. Through the crooked way Is the Church of the damaged. Holy Sepulchre where pll~rhns from every corner of the earth conic to wor- shlp, observes a writer in the Wash- The storm which sweptover a large portion of Texas early Sun- day reached Malakoff about 1 o'clock. One of the large ~oke stacks at the brick yard was torn down, and the News office build- ing suffered considerable damage when the entire front of the DRINK WATER WITH MEALS G00D FOR STOMACH. Water with meals helps stom- ach juices, aids digestion. If bloated with gas add a spoonful of Adlerika. One dose cleans out poisons and washes BOTH upper and lower bowels--Weir~s Pharmacy, m i I i I lilil I Next to Jackson's Garage We always carry a complete line of Cold Drinks, Candies, Pies, Cakes, Sandwiches, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos. Paul's is the only place in town where you can get a Genuine "Calf" Sandwich We also handle several flavors of-- Velvet Ice Cream --and serve the "largest helpings" in town. ill I lngton PosL Set tn an open square ts the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar), sacred to the Mohammedans, and almost lost In the maze of turnings and alley-ways is the storied ancient Wailing Wall of the Jews where the prayers of the Chlhlren of Israel float up on the fore' winds to heaven. Tho city Itself is (tlled with Arabs, Greeks, Jews and TUrks. Queer little shops line the streets. To the west Is Mount Zion, Jehovah's dwelling place. On the east once stood the castle of David, On the north stood the Temple of Sol- croon, wlmre is now the Mosque of Croat. Nearby are the Garden of Geth~mane. the site of. Calvary and the Mount of Olives. Among the picturesque Judean hills about five miles from Jerusalem is the birthplace of ChrisL Bethlehem, sa- cred to Christians and also holding many sacred traditions of the Jews and the Moslems. Here Rachel died and was buHecL Here is the site of the beautiful story of Ruth and here was spent the childhood of David. In the Church of the Nativity Is the cave, or grotto, where it is believed Christ was born. I i @ A necessary building often saves its cost several times. Also, if it is well built of durable materials other savings in upkeep and repairs may be made. SEE US FOR ESTIMATES Malakoff, Texas East Side of Square Athens, Texas E. O. DODSON, Transter and all kinds of hauling Prompt and Satisfactory Service GUARANTEED! D. B. O WEN, M. D. PHYSICIAN and Office in McDonald Bldg. M ALAKOFF, TEXAS @ We have practiced our profession in a manner that has secured the good will of those who have commissioned us, because we have adhered to the doctrines of consistanee and thoughtfulness. BALLARD FUNERAL HOME 11Pm , 25 MALAKOFF, TEXASPhone 100 . #dr ..... .~-%. Things THERE is a secret longing in each heart for something that it better, higher, nobler, finer than what we have and when possessed hould make us better, higher, nobler, finer. SLAVING without Saving will never bring us to our Heart's Desire.never get us anywhere at all. For present contentment and for fu- ture satisfaction there is nothing that will come up to a tidy sum of money tucked away in an account here. Malakoff, Texas ...,,= t'-..,,, =,, WE WOU LD N EVER Ii_kluid lediYu ..... mm *'"='"'~=''"'-- DISAPPOINT YOU how much better it tualum you feel. A liquid laxative can always be taken in the right amotmL You can ,, ' gradually reduce the d~. P.tduce~ dosage is the seers el real and $~fe rdief lrom constipation. Just ask your own doctor about OUR reputation for prompt and this Ask your drug~t how pop~ efficient service in cleaning, press- liquid laxativ~ have become. 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