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Malakoff, Texas
February 4, 1932     The Malakoff News
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February 4, 1932

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~C ~iiiii@I~ i i~I :~i .... NCE AGENCY P T KIL AN, M, D. GENERAL INSURANCE Medicine and Surgery Royall H.C. Riddlesperger ,d ,, Office Phone 81Residence Phone 78 Office at First National Ban k Office; Skiles ,Building i " ~mmmmml "The Voice of The Lignite City" .... : ' ~ I _ ' ..... ' [ ..... t. ' I i ' IJL .... iL+~-t~ !i For Congressman lviazaKuz i I , , Lzttlc Pen-o-grams + ! 1 . " II 1]nhtinnl , ! I Have Largest Honor I [ Dehver Commencement It [UUUbfll l ..... m I I" I I | l // | I " g "-Ir.A. ScLain (re-election) +'. ++ 1 High School Department I +! I / : / I torium the evening of May 27th I ...... ; ...... J a . t x. w x, / / I Mr Allred whoa- ho- e -'- i- + P'or uonstabie rrecivct 8" ' ' zc zt I A w. Leoparfl tre eJecuon) tErnestLindsey, Alice McLain,I " /t/ IW" h'aFals, is, perhaps, the] ' I Ruth Nolen, Annie Lather, Sa-[ li I .... | | I most popular young politician in i For Commissioner, Precinct ' J0EBURKETT .Irah Lacher, Lorena Truelove,] / ]K~t~zxt. I "-~ -~ - ~'~ =~:: ~T--I I the great state of Texas He is} R.N. (Bob)Johfl$on ,eBurkett, of San Antonio,]RuthRiddlesperger. I | ]serving hisfirsttermin the .x,X-'," torne G ner ' o .. u, ,, b a candidate for the Des I Tenth Grade [ [ I / , [ .y e al s ~ce, and dur-! + " . .\x I /, /~/ -/~ \- l~oto~u~o~ t ~m~,~v~t In " " " 1110+I.1 ~lO~,~' ! / g hm short admlmstratlon m tic nomination in the coming I AIyne Wortham, Erma Berryhfl, I I / -- I I I ......... .... .... IRobbieLeeSherman, JuniorAdy] J I this capacity, hehas been veryJ ..... ' ........ .......... Reece Jewel Johnson I +| / ~7-~ .~ "7~--~ I Imuch in the lime light of state] .... lich hasnotbeen redistricted,[ NinthGrade l i| | I.affairs., At the present time he] AAAI IPAAR i ? ~~'~"~'~ / ISLliES,Is DUSIIy engageo in large tax[ l allowed three con+ressmen+ at- [ Ne llie Hall, .Christine .Lindsey' l ,l++,. J J+ uwg rwM , 'ge and it is for one of these lAlzenaMagu,re, Ernestme Orr-, +1 I which he has brought cesthatMr Burkett willcon lick, Evelyn Whitehead, Allen/ +l I" Y -' ! [ against practically all the majorl A+ i:i:+++ " "lDaleHounsel l | " coLo- + I " i I ! oil companies, for taxes due theI Lt, ulauuJy irHt,g +:: 7" - - I l ilI l l I I l State. It is very likely that Mr ...... , i ~L "I ~zgtzuz~ ~z-+tu+ i + t v>+. + ~,+,'~-~+ i ' ._+A++ ,'++ ,~..~ , t ~ ~" + "/ J s ~ ............. "+ +" ye~'etaole'Dinner + " ]a ~ -~+,/ ~, Allreo Will ne a canoioa~e tot re- . + : : Monde Hall, Mary F gg [ ..... with Pork or Beef I[ eventh Grade" I I I [ I J l: - lelectlon m the July pr,mary. + S ack I Mr Allred is a forceful speak Plain Steak " +Water Ratell+oe +, MarthaHuff, ZillaJ "l !ll I - Ii ler and Su t ilh - ............. . + llson, Edna Owen, Janice Owen, I I.' . p..W" !s feels that .he[ +mall T-Bone ........... 25e ::+i( + , , ,, has been tor[unate In securmg . '+~ order hat the eo le who Sara Orrmk, Vernon Patton, Ver-I -- l Pork Cho s + :- t P P" il ........ / " I I .... I the services of such a prominent] p ............ 25 have moved to Malakoff, may non wntteneaa .... be" "" in'e" i'hl It Sixth" Grade IT gers Deleat Hornet IBapt st Workers Con. IIbY Club Enterta|ns ]man forthisoccasion. Mr. Wil.[ Pork Sausage ........... 25e + ne ter acqua t Q w t o. " " .... hs has been fortunate nough m Pork or Beef Roast + we publish [[D=,;DM:Cht lcyIrma Slaughter,/ B Team in AthensI fere.ce To meet.erel w.h Depression Partylpreviou;years, tO obta+in speak-[~ witl~ Yam; ......... 25C - :~i!i : II " e | I ] -- ]ersthat were able to fill thel Ham and E : l] ..... Fifth Grad .-,. The Malakoff Hi Tigers added[ The Worker's Conference ofl The Hi-Y Club and the facultyllargeauditorium at commence. ......... ~ '' ..... ! iiling S ations ......... 8,50 |1 _ I s y frender the roads impassable Aloccasion was unique in everyl .. . ... -- - ..... :i Garages ................ 3.50 IIAmtaPax']scref 24 to 17. The game was|helpful program has been arranglPartmular and carried out, in[Ina tacy Announces . t : Public Baths . 50 II fizaDem nc regor, C ier-r :z:lplayed in the new Fair Parkled fortheday and dinner will be { every way, an air of depression. I PorFublic Weigher[ ..... .......... _'_. |IMcMillan, Gertrude G " ,]Gymnasium. ] served all who attend Thecon I l ive tables, with newspaper] Allmlm notes ann uazes .5o " " r " _ - ....... |[Maurme Sherman, Bflhe G ey [ Defeat Eustaee Saturday Iference ..... ....... .... .to 10lcovermgs, were arranged for[ ..... .... Barber Shop 3 50 s - .u w Vnlllm .............iJPayne. J The Tigers gained additional o'clock IForty-Two. Light forths partY]nounce ThadStacyasacandidate] + Extra Charmed for: |l Third Grade I points in the percentage columnI The public is invited to attend lwas supplied from Kerosene] ,,+ p.t,u+ m Formerly Vandegriff'e i.- m, . --. ---, I ++ .,. fl p e, . I I +i ~ . I &~ll+ .i, i.ii,~ii~., vl ~,,li~,~,l+ vz.-~ &~ll~,+t+ U, |ill . .. I]Martha Bemrd, Joyce Gun, Ioz me uonzerence ot the teams lthese services I lamps, lanterns ann canaled pJac-/ c .-tv mnb+oct MALAKOFF ommoue ............... . " in t ' + ............... ++" ......... _ l lvmn Kwby, J. D Thomas, Olhel he western half of the county I , I ed in bottles. Posters and signs I r~ ....... ;+ ~,.; ..... t.,~., oo +noo | _ _________. Live. Stock, per head_ _. : .SOc II T=2. Dr,,, l Sat day defeat!ng ]Hush Pickel May Be A Ion which wer+,,wrtt)?n, :'h Ip I"'" ' v en ea rooms ..........+x.uu II Laguin memy, +ames vans, tier-l+ne Isus ace mgn qum em oy +neI Candidate For ConstableI the unemployea aria Dreaa linel ............. Water for irrigation not in- |Jtha Moore, Therrel Woods, Mil-lscore of 21 to 13 The game was[ [to the right" were arranged] eluded. To use water for this i ldred Hodge. [a comparatively easy victory forI It has been r-' mored for sever/arund the building, Invitations[ Purpose you must arrange for |1 Second Grade [the rangy Tigers, who gained]al days that Hu h Pickel may beIt the affair were written on/ /N -- T' , 11"1 1 , ...... II omasJohnson Leone Sealy, / the lead at the beginning and in- I ............... [ pieces of brown paper sack, andl t , creased It with each as m &.OK gt e rr0cKSeo lIlt~l,F, zz* , .... . a canoloa+e in ~ne race ior wu+J- t ; " leta thomas, ayrene Dodson, P g enclosed m a used envelope, wlth -- ,,, ,t I[O I . " /stable of this precinct in the July| , ' " I Jig + . , .... .. iJTravis Gillam, Louise Quillan,[quarter: _ _ Jelection Thus faronlvone can |the,endtornout. The word stamp ] VLalaKOH water no. s,|l Marion Orrick. Ouida . Owen, [ -- tiGirl's Beatlu i Eustace ...., J tdate has announeed, that being,_'lwas.written on the upper right- The Materials Include: C.E. Waldrom, Mgr. |lwa onTidmre. Marg e.Pearl/. " ,ec ncuusnz ne W Leopard for re-elect/on.]ha..n,acrner' . .... I ,/ II Slaughter, Chester uauum, ........ o. s,r, ~ ~==u~ ! Tn ~na~,~. t. ~'nmnr I xnose wno attenaea zne par y+] : '= +_===----=# _ ,. ]defeated the Eustace girl's team 1 ic e'istates thai"he- s+' been" ].were dressed to suit the occasion i / i ' positively vat-dyed malerials k I by the score, of 29 to 13:. In thl.s solicited on several occasions toll.n patched, tat redand out of \ .. Eylet Pique.. Radium I c0ntes : . ilss . a le ?ole make this race, and that he is ldateclml,ng' imszeamrezu.rn- " Broadcloth. PriAl$ i,+. ,n nemalvmual scorln[z non- seriously considering the move [lsnea mu,:n amusemem:.. slae / _ " /ors wi n zz points. .... , t, .... , --.a ..... /from games that were pmyea, a / o/Af' and others. [.+e / ......... "P[pantomine contest was staged I , [bert Pennington, Maria Corenjo, "" knoth e'r race that threatens[andin which the prizes were I lice First Grade --r- " v, ur, ;..t, ,.iawarded to Professor Taylor and ] p.;,-.-a. ,' I J" J' Grooms, Albert Penmngton of Precinct 8 T. C. Stacy of I uoacn wmmr. - / William Beaird, Luin Kirk, Mar " Malakoff is the onl" one thus far All day suckers served as em- ]House, Mo]]ieLeeDerden, Katie tomake formal announcement, lP]ymentfrtheguests'andf] /Nell DeeD, Lynadeen Kirby, Vi but rumor hath it that Jesse Rob |lwing the entertainment lea- I /,2# J ] vian McGregor, Gladys Robertson ertson will run for re-election, tures the guests formed a bread- .fl 1/'._+ EVERYBODY is familiar with fire / Aubrey Rogers. Martha Lou and that Jack Perry of Route 1 line and were served hot dogs " t e Thomas, Bert Lee Grooms,Er and coffee. - " F" car theft, or hfe msuranee, but h ] " and W B Kesinger of Tnmdad .......... | nestine Wood :" ' " candi'ate ""r Invitations wereeonflned strict- man wno insuros nis IrUTUK in- ] wm amo ve u s ' - to -lub members and to the ............. / m=~u~, ,-,ct,uu~ D hort -n and Mr Perr~ states ~y u XI" s smar~ ~o wear sures the welfare and happiness of Martins Selestina, Salome Lopez, thattl ey are yet undecic/ed No members of the high school fac- these Cotton Frocks v s ther hat HI SELF Amflm Mohna, Pauhta Mohna, ulty The membersh p m made se eral sole o t M . " ' " , direct statement has been receiv- " mornings at home... ed from the Trinidad aspirant, up of high school students whose and Matias Vidal = names appear on the honor roll Thereis no finer thing than insur-Mrs. J. W. Ruth for the preceeding six-weeks ing the well being of a man's DE- Buried At Mankin period. RST NA PENDENTS. Dan Royall left Friday for Plainview where he will enter upon his new duties as cashier of Perkins-Killingsworth Funeral services for Mrs. J. W. the new hank that is to open in Ruth, age 23, who passed away that city. Mr. Royall was ac-- " at the family home on Route 2 at D.L. Perkins of tbis city and 9 o'clock Friday night, were held companied to Plainview by Brad- at the cemetery at Mankin Satur- ford Sea]e of Athens, who wil) Miss Eva Matt Killingsworth of remain there until the new in- Brownsboro, wereunited in mar. day afternoon. Services were conducted by Rev. Wallace Clark, stitution has been gotten well un- riage in the presence of a few pastor of the Baptist Church of derway, Mr. Royall expects to friunds, on Friday evening atthe move his family to their new Laney home on Route 1. Rev. H, this city. home in Marsh. B. 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