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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
February 4, 1932     The Malakoff News
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February 4, 1932

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THE MALAKOFF NEW8 NEWS PUBLI$11F.,D liVERY THURSDAY at the Postofflce at Mal&koff as second class matter. [,~. J. SCtIOLL, EDITOR Price $1.00 a Year, ASvertising Rates on request, Cards of Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. of error in advertisement this paper will not be re- for more than tha cost of the advertisement. Political Platforms campaign promises are now the order and as the new year advances, they are becoming more as new candidates make their formal announcements. is that the ticket in the July election will be the long- years, and those who managed to scrape up to pay their poll taxes, are going to have the time of It seems necessary for the candidate to have his own order that he might sell himself to the voters, but in instances the planks in these platforms, becoming weak with the campaign, are of little or no use to the successful after the race is over. And, promises, like pie crusts, are to be broken. These promises, are oftentimes forgotten af. stepped into his office, In order that our Na- and Precinct, might be benefited as the re of the coming elections, it behooves us to think and think hard use our vote to assist any man into a public office. Too be placed in platforms and promises be. , are seldom carried out. It is easy enough to decide on Odd--bu t TR U E / Lv -.. _ ...... ,, 'I , that runs for re-election, by reason of his past ac- bul: it is well for us to investigate before we choose a new 0it There is plenty of time fro us to investigate every man. tit.. ires a political job--choose for ourselves and not be influ- I ........................................ a platform, a promise, or a friend of the candidate. Let[ ...... .r- - -, ,, -- .......... ,, , , :ter vte' and vte strictly fr the best interests f hisI 1 , Professor Would Take Cabs. Rahing With A !1 Laurels From Ericsson [ v~.,.~" ....... o .......... ' - - ~ ......... [ Another pairiotic myth has been . The Comtorts a good judge, and will do well to forced It, ,o,,,r its cetera in ti,e face I Ot Home Comment From of caro ., ,, William E. lb~e in a Bo:~ton pallor Ws hiIwm. 'rl, e or, nlar l:n,te,, Atates led tile rest of tits worhl in the ~41,*~,,~,~1~~,~ Introduction of ironclad warsldps and } on the doings of Con- that the dramatic combat between the delude the somewhat un- Monitor and the Merrimac began tiffs revolution in naval arclfltecture which ing statement that the transformed navies the world over, . has received, for consid- receives no countenance from Prof. several lists of Presiden- James Phinney Baxter, assistant pro- Dpointments. The USe of lessor of history at ltarvard and master of the sew~nth hou,~e to be O for advertising is still an- built under Harvard's new house plan. debate. Plans for increas- "The drsmatlc qualities of this first figl~t between ironclads Imve led capital of Land Bangs Americans ever since to exaggerate the boing gone over. The sum effects of the battles of Ilamptnu four hundred and fifty thous- dollars has been appropriat expenses of the the Ge- Disarmament Conference, measure has gone to the nt for his signature. The ~, for an in- end, king of Crete, succeeded,L~ za- Roads." Professor Baxter says. "An examination of manuscript material in PuNs, London and Washington shows clearly that France, not the United States. played the leading role in the introduction of Ironclads."-- Detroit News. ~.~.~raors" ~onferonces The factors which brought about BA.KING is very simple---when yOU know how~ accordln~ to th~ "Sisters u the SkiLlet", r~dio's favorite "household advisers". They Thursdztys etnd Fridays at 8:45 P.M, (N.S.T.) over WJZ and associated NBC stations and on Mondays ~t4 Wednesdays at I0 A. M. (E.S.T.) ,ion of conditions in Ha. ther Deucalion on tb~ .,rose, and de- the establishment of tbe. governors' are pictured above, stripped for de- over WEA~ and a.~aoeiated NBO o tim ~,eeks to the Trojan conference were the growing central- tion, in the midst of a practical stations. aking its regular courageeom_anled _ . war wit" a fleet of ID ships. Dm-lng ization of power at Washington, the demonstration of how to bake A.ltlough kitchen problems oco without sacrificing comfort Eddie u- a 1 ........ Senate A member of ,~s ~,ar he rendered himself famous shifting, uncertain status of state's ]i~st {front) and Ral'-h D" mk- e Py erge pare o~ the attention 0er boo~ t h~-~,~ that hy bis valor, Wldle returning, herights, and the lack of uniform laws.._~-_..,_,~,_ ~.^, ,~ ,. _~,.._~,, of these indefatigable household scientists, they are equally well ?u ,aoney is wasted by made a vow to Neptune in a dangerous The first meeting was held at the experiments of this kind that qual- ', in the Congressional tempest tlmt if lm escaped lm would White House in lf~}8. It was calledtt3, them to dispense their creations[Versed in all phases of domel~tl~ offer to the god whatever llving ores- by President Roosevelt, and the prin. "hints" on domestic affairs duringI science from lawn mowing to tural~ speeches that are never ture first presented itself to his eye elpal subject considered was the con- their broadclmts on Tuesdays, [ tur~ breaking. ~ --- i delivered. Prohibition on the Cretan sitars, Tills was his servation of natural resonrces. The son, who came to congratulate him on functions of the governors' confer. ''" ' ' ' ' - - ~' " scanned. Its friends his safe return, Idomeneus redeemed enee are officially declared to be: at ~10 Scrip, for can vote for his promise, but tim inlmmanity of this Exchange of views and experiences on th '.'without violating his oath sacrifice rendered him ~ odious to his ~t subjects of general importance to the subjects that he was exiled a-ore his people of the several states, the pro- [rice. The wets state that in country.--Montreal Family Herald, ) wee bring about temperance motion of greater uniformity in state legislation, and the attainment of greater efficiency in state adminlstra- -___ rink, we have resorted to in ,- " ttton. mrallce in government. A tber of the Senate takes the -- to assure France t h a t Contractor's Luck ~ric&will never go to war to One Nevada contractor now believes ~.~ ~~~A ~~~ ~l~/f-~t her debts. In the phi saying, "Gold is where you find it. He took a Job for removing day's recesses has shorten- the work proved more difficult than . ,'~ expected and tt appeared he was go- ~ ~(.. . g te~ummary Of the doings of tng to lose money on the contract. I :Iouse, built may be observ- Removing a section of logging from that branch of the "guy- an old drift, two sacks of ore tumbled i out, apparently concealed there by a ment has busied itself with "high-grader" in the boom days. The ~tera relating to banking and ore was some ef the ,icbest found in "= ~~ rency. Secretary of the th~ region and the contractor says his contract turned out to be one of msurY Mellon explains his the most profitable he ever had. tion plan to the Ways and .... ans Committee. The bill to , CHILDREN T h, o, In important matters, House has gone over much If~HILDREN will fret, often for no Ika id.~ lil~yo~%u had(un-m/way~_Theyu~Jlo~m.&~J~df~b~ apparent reason. But there S al- Sam's Famous 1 ~ Reproduced by permi~sto~t of the eofyrlght owners. /he ground traversed by the ways Castorial Harmless as the recipe iate, ~ Calf Sandwiches .... J[ UC I IERE'S a fresh idea--a new twist man has recorded several of these on the wrapper; mild and bland as it r"l on the "Old Gang of Mine" type including the exceedingly popular =--0.-- tastes. But Its gentle .action soothes Hot Dogs ............ 10c " ~ of song. It has a sweet, ap- "Midnite Reflections." Having en- d youngster more surely than a more pealing melody, climaxing in a rig- tered [he popular song field with apart received a set-back in powerful medicine. Our Delicious "I If~ orous finish. One of the things time two such hits as "I'm Through with nchuria. They might per- That's the beauty of this special Ham Sandwiches__. J[ L$C struck me when I first heard it was Love" and "Old Playmate," it cer- children's remedyl It may be ~en the sensible way its lyric had been tainl~ looks like we can expect a de the Republic of Panama the tiniest infant--as often as 1here Ham and Egg 11 .. h 0iod, its eulogy of a boyhood great deal from this versatile tau- nter the conflict. The LMn m. need. In cases of colic, diarrhea or ,~milar disturbance, it is invaluable, per order ........... A chum being achieved without ap- sician. As for Gus Kahn--he's one preaching the maudlin or mawkish of Tin Pan Alley's most dependable American country is going : coated tongue cars for just a few Chili 1 ~ type of sentiment. As far as I know representatives. He's been writing ave an a ay. It will consist drops to ward off constipation; so this !s the flr~! time a tribute of this them a long time, and they're al- ders any suggestion of Nid breath, per dish ............. J[ PC sort ass ~oun~l expression in a pepu- ways good, I have already sung 2N) men, --o--- Whenever el~dmn don't eat well, Coney Island .......... 5c tar song. "Old Playmate" on my Creme pro- don't rmt well, or hays am/ little Matt Malneek and Gus Kahn (thegrams, and plan to sing it again. ~ ul mt-dhis.pum, v ei ,t b_le prepara. Maxwell House ~' old reliable) are the authors. Matt It's a real hit and my "Song of the has been associated with Paul White- Week." felines, at 91, isups m tmually all that S minded. Coffee,per cup ....... OC man's orchestra for a long time as Reviewed by m bench of Su- violinist and arranger, and is also the composer of 'Tin Through with United States Love." Ha is a talented boy, and ~vely violin con. manner. White- ,- beware o~ irmt~t~on~ took ~or the .,name Bayer and die word genuine on the package as pictured Delow when you ~uy Aspirin. Then you ,vik t