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February 5, 1981     The Malakoff News
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February 5, 1981

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The Mal_akof__f News:Th_ urs_day, Feb: 5.,_!981 A Polly Walker ------ 489-1484 Jliam C Boaz, Log Cabin Estates Debbie Reese, daughter of Mr. and |ent was recently detailed from Mrs. James rhea(ham of Malakoff, i . ., . . ) . !Park Stahon Post Office m Dallas made the Dean s List at Tarrant County an assistant to Postmaster Bob Junior College in Forth Worth. Debbie ]~us of the Athens Post Office. He is majoring in elementary education. |~d duties there Dec. 27. She had all A's except one. nation , for M.L. Drake fund and Eleanor Robertson $10 00, Mrs Nannie Drake $25.00, in memory m w emory of Billy Lewis, grandson of of Margaret Jo Bradshaw and Mrs. one Robertson. Mollie Smith. ii! nations for Post Oak Cemetery Fund s Bobby Turlington Combs $10.00, $15.00, in memory of James Turlington w f mory of James Turlington. and Mrs. Mollie Smith. ~ct, a~tnes C. and Linda M. Merrill $25.00, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tanner $10.00, to g mryofJamesTurlington, in memory of James Turlington and hinge, and Mrs, Eugene F. Carter Mrs. Mollie Smith. do you know when you're sick? question. We feel badly when sick. there are degrees of illness, all ray from minor discomfort to illness. Knowing what some of . . should be will help in mmg when the body is seriously ividual temperatures vary. A fever in one person may not be a at all in another. Temperatures pulse rates are different for ults. abverage normal temperature Y mouth is 98.6 degrees nheit (37 degrees Centigrade). temperature usually is one To find out what is nor- or you take your temperature you know that you are not sick, at time of day, each day for days. If your temperature from 98.6, write it down name on the family medical and on the medical ID card in The average normal pulse rate for an adult at rest is 70 to 72 beats per minute. The American Medical Association's Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care points out that individual pulse rates vary, and can be either higher or lower than average. To find your nor- mal pulse, place the fingertips of your second and index fingers of one hand at your wrist ,just below the thumb on the palm side of your other hand. Count the pulsations for 60 seconds. This is your pulse rate. Be sure to do this when you are restful and quiet. Pulse rates in children vary accor- ding to age. The average for a newborn infant is about 120 beats per minute. A child's pulse rate can be anywhere from 60 to 90 beats per minute. The older child has a rate of 80. Fever, nausea and headaches may, or may not, indicate something serious. If any of these symptoms persists for several days, medical attention should be sought. Congratulations Debbie, we k-now that your parents were really happy to hear this news. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Chesanoil of Waco spent a few days last week visiting with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. George Tucker here. Their brother and brother-in-law, William Martin of Mason, died two weeks ago and the Tuckers could not attend the service because of illness. We wish to express our sympathy, and do hope that Mr. Tucker is feeling better at this time. They hold a very warm spot in our esteem. The first time that we met the Tuckers was several years ago when we were participating in the Garden Club. We needed some flowers for an arrangement and they supplied our need. Incidentally, the arrangement got the highest rating in the show. I do not think that Mr. and Mrs. Tucker had ever been told this. We knew "that they were special people from this time The Chesanoils dropped by our home on the way back to Waco just to say Hi and Bye. Mr. and Mrs. Rlcky Carson of Hen- derson were visiting recently in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carson and with his gran- dmother, Mrs. Dwight Carson. Dessie Starr visited her sister, Hazel Hughes of Malakoff during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. George Barton, for- merly of Eustace, have moved on Mit- annua ,AS-Dora Peebles of Trinidad and Taaffe of Malakoff, beauty con- with the Dallas-based Mary Inc., have returned the COmpany's 18th Annual nar held at the Dallas Convention anuary 29-31, 1981. ,000 of the 100,000 independent Consultants attended. effects, four turrets accented with live greenery and yards of shimmering glamme material forming the back- drop. The 1981 Seminar was highlighted by an awards night where the top sales achievers in Mary Kay Cosmetics were spotlighted as they received their valuable prizes including pink JULIE ROSE, daughter of Don and Becky Rose of Garland, has been chosen by the Pioneer Club of South- western Bell to participate in a fund raising benefit pageant for the Kidney Foundation on Feb. 12 at the Grand Ballroom in Dallas. Julie is the three year old granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Hoover of Malakoff. assemblies and workshops Cadillacs and Buick Regals -- the cars the schedule of the programmost often associated with Mary Kay ing every facet of the Mary Kay Cosmetics -- diamond and gold pins, ess from products to bracelets, rings and necklaces and Lent. Mary Kay Ash, who mink fashions. Entertainment was COLLEGE STATION- "MSG" in le co pany in 1963 and is now provided by singer, Jack Jones.foods isn't such a "strange" new ad- rman of the Board, gave theMrs. Peebles and Mrs. Taaffe joined ditive as some people may think, but it ng address and taught some of the Mary Kay Cosmqtics as independent IS salty. Richard Rogers, President of beauty consultants in1979. MSG stands for monosodium i Kay Cosmetics, was also a guest Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., has grown glutamate, a flavor enhancer. Ier. Cass Ryan-Crowe, a foods and from a local firm with an initial force of nutrition specialist, says people have theme of this year's program, 10 into an international organization Come True " reflected the with approximately 100,000 indepen- used glutamate ta enhanc food flavors t.of total optimism that ran dent beauty consultants, marketing the for more than two centuries. the $2.5 million Seminar. The firm's products throughout the United Oriental cooks were the first to use cular stage setting featured a States, its territories, Canada, glutamate, and even today, MSG is t motif enhanced with thousands Australia and Buenos Aires. The corn- associated with Oriental food i nkle lights a lighted curtain with pany's 1979 net sales figure was preparation, shesays. burst design, laser light raifibow $91,400,000. Dr. Ryan-Crowe is on the home economics staff of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the STATION _ Mistakes in cosmetic aids add up to costly specialist, Becky get a $25 value for $5" is not a bargain unless you need all or the majority of items included, the specialist advises. However, if these items are needed, these promotions are well worth it. FRAGRANCES Scented products are usually more dollar inventory of unused bought in the last few months Texas A&M University System. HOW MS(] WORKS MSG imparts no characteristic flavor of its own to food, the specialist ex- plains. Rather, it enhances the flavor of the food it is added to. It works best on foods that are naturally high in the "protein portion" or "glutamate" of food substances -- found in such foods as meat, poultry, seafood and some vegetables, including tomatoes. Also, it is very effective in restoring the flavor to fresh (uncooked) foods. MSG STARTS NATURALLY cham Street in the home where the Spradiing's lived. It is also the house where I spent most of my childhood. George Barton is employed across the street from the house at the Truck and Body Shop. Elsie Hines bad surgery last week at the Garland Memorial Hospital. We do hope that she is back home by now. George Wright returned home last Wednesday from a Dallas hospital. We are glad that he has returned home. Jack Hustead was in M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston last week. We do hope that he is improved. This seems to be turning into a sick list, but we can't stop without men- tioning Emery (Buddy) Tanner. a for- mer Malakoffian. Buddy is in Fort Wor- th. He is the brother of Richard and Corlene Tanner and inez Green of Malakoff. He has been running fever and having headaches for the past three weeks. They have been giving him tests .of all kinds, but have not pinpointed his cause of illness. May Buddy be retur- ned to his normal health soon is our wish for him. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Almond attended the wedding of their son, Johnny and Terry on Saturday in their home in Palmer. We heard that the Bill Bairds, for- merly of Malakoff, were well and appy in Palmer also. We get a paper called the "Informer" about once a month from our Area Missionary. Recently it informed us that James rhea(ham had been pastor of Union Hill for the past four years. Last Sunday night marked the fifth year that Rev. rhea(ham has been pastor .of the First Baptist Church on Mitcham Street in Malakoff. The family was honored with a fellowship after church. Just goes to show you can't always believe everything that you read in the papers that come to your door. There are errors every now and then even though every paper tries to print just the truth. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Almond visited with Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Almond on Monday. The Almonds live in Tatum. William Cason died on Thursday. He lived at Mesquite. He was buried on Friday at LaPoynor. The service was at 11 o'clock at Carrel and Lehr in Athens. Lela Belle Dodson and Archa Mae Johnson attended. Mrs. Cora Banks(on underwent surgery implant at the Medical Center recently. We do hope that she is im- proving at this time. Mrs. Tessie B. Smith has returned home after visiting with her aunt in Hillsboro last week. Mrs. Leroy Almond and Mrs. G.V. Walker spent Tuesday visiting with Mrs. Osborn Davis, at her home at Keen Kreek Klub. Clara is doing a fine job there. Mrs. Henry Walker, who is in Park Highlands Nursing Home, fell on Saturday morning. They thought at fir- st that she had a broken hip, but X-Ray did not show any broken bones. Mrs. Billy Ferguson and daughter, Hilary of Winfield were here to be with her for a short visit as well as visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bob Ferguson and Loll Ann. Susan Walker of Austin, came for a short visit with Mary and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.V. Walker. Mesdames Jesse Robertson, Cares Beidler, Marcie Prehler and Jewel Thompson ate lunch on Thursday with Addle Catherine Welch at her home near Cross Roads. Mrs. Thompson is from Athens, Mrs. Prehler from Cross Roads, the others live in Malakoff. Billy Jo Robertson of Carthage came last weekend to pick up his mother at Val Vista Nursing Home for a visit with his family. Mrs. Calhoun Robertson is formerly of Malakoff, so is the Billy Jo TAMARADUNCAN Mr. and Mrs Jame} Duncan announ- ce the,enKagemefit f their daughter, Tamara, to Greg Pruitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Prultt of DeSoto. The wedding will take place Aug. 8 at Calvary Baptist Church in DeSoto. Both Tamara and Greg are 1979 graduates of DeSoto High School and both completed all twelve years at DeSoto schools. LITTLti 1. Keep heating equipment at top operating efficiency. Have it checked seasonally by qualified serviceman. 2. Set thermostat at 68 or lower. Lower to 50- 60 if you'll be away several days. 3. Weatherstrip doors and windows; caulk cracks to prevent drafts and warm air loss. 4. Check the filter every 30 days on forced-air systems. If filter is permanent, clean it by manufacturer's directions; if it's points out. expensive than unscented. Makers of MSG start with naturally , m with the Texas Compare costs for adding a drop of occurring food substances, such as disposable, replace if dirty. ,xtension Service, The your favorite fragrance, or compare molasses, derived from beets or sugar iversity System. 5.Thorough home insulation keeps the warmth in, cuts energy ngw . money on cosmetics while costs for similar type fragrances such cane. After a fermentation process, the as florals or spices.: end result Is a fine white crystal, use.Can pay for itself by lowering heating (and cooling) , You want takes time. STORAGE MSG HYPERSENSITIVITY costs. .r, extra time spent planning Keep products tightly covered and Some people do experience a COmparison shopping, in-away from light and heat for max/mum hypersensitivity to MS(], Dr. Ryan- 6. fireplace is not in use, keep damper closed. current supplies.andlife. Discard unusables that are Crowe cautions. This reaction is termed 7. On sunny days open draperies, blinds to let in past mistakes will pay discolored, dried out or separated. "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome." the.^ _ . COST PER USE For the few people who do experience warmth of sun. B .i.o_ney-saving tips. For special-occasion use, such as an the m rnntoms include tightness -,,uuu ' -,---'- ,. , 8. Open outside doors as little as possible. .... cr SIZE unusual eyeshadow shade, less ex- warmth or tin,din= in the u r bed e .nomy sizes for often- penslve is best, Mrs. Saunders says. an-d-headaches SvmotomsP l rury 0ducts . a ,. .... 9. Keep furniture, draperies away from air outlets and returns )(ion. uch as shampoo and Spend more on dally used products, these individuals after they have eaten first-time uoo I- ........ PRODUCT .F.JfJPER1MENTATION. C'la.ine food prepared with MSG. SO air will flow easily. Clean often. ail.L.,- . ,,uy me smauest Taxe auvantage oz company ann m- Their dlscon ort is temmrarv with Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or more of the ms -u,e to de ermine likes and store clinics to try products, Make nolong-lasUngeffectscurrentlyl nown. tVever _ . appointments with in-stere or company However. these hvoersensltive in fuels needed to produce it. Conserve fuels and you help lar,' COmpare cost per ounce or consultants for facials or a complete divid, mla i ould be cautious about the assure that there will be enough to meet essential needs for :imica l=r szzes are not always more make-up, often low or no-fee,t"v -o "()riental foods they eat -- and electricity in the future. lewSTsmali.size c ......... ','Trying-on ' produc and fragrances abe-" ut any other food contai fiug MSG. end to u=mers ot pro(lucre is m .pormnt because etlects gram vary MSG CONTAINS SALT When you pass a TP&L office, warehouse, generating plantor among individuals... _ . Finally, people on salt-restricted other facility, you'll see that we ve turned off all non-essential [e expensiv, : ...... ASK augur new,p.roauc.m ann coors diets should avoid MSG, since it con- ''=m are not discussEI m tasmon e(umnam. the tainssodium lighting. And, in as many otherways as possible, TP&L is -- ,=tter products but perhaps more ou can learn from the e rts _ - e ,. y xpe reducing itsown uses of electricity. - sed xpenswely packaged or and experiment with products, the ch ch y one, get o-- " , .... better prepared you are) the specialist D,.,,,,o c;i)o Ifyou would like additional information on conserving .,,ezree or ,uy$10, adds. electricity, calltheCustomerserviceRepresentativein j .7 . the TP& L Office. ' ~ov, He )re~lellllll! { ~ I " g A) ~eriean Life and Accidental ln.uranee Co I i'IXA~ P()WFIR 8,: 1.1( ;I I1 (:()MI ANY A tax-paying, ,rlvestor owned electr)c utility Robertson family. The County Line Baptist Church bur- ned to the ground recently. Joe Graham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Garham is pastor there. The Rev. James Cheatham of Malakoff carried 100 Baptist Hymnals to them on Mon- day. They were very glad to receive them as nothing was saved. Tamara is a student at the University of Texas at Austin and Greg atten- ded Tarleton State University at Stephenville and is presently attending Cedar Valley College. Tamara is the granddaughter of late M.S. Alvis and Mrs. MS. Alvis of Malakoff. She is also the gran- ddaughter of the late G.G. Duncan and Mrs. G.G. Duncan of Cross Roads. LITTLE ]'RANSFER & STORAGE alent fm MAYFLOWER Estimates without obligation. 214-874-4221 tlighway 31 t',orsicana, Texas /