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Malakoff, Texas
February 6, 1930     The Malakoff News
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February 6, 1930

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, ..................... THE MALAKOFF NEWg BANKERS FIND GROUP o,,o L,., MODERN EDUCATION Jazz Scorned uy i i of S mpl10n Leader in a It Is remarkable how few of the em[- Y Y CAN Y OU AFFuI: D ANKING WIDESPREAD nentmen of the discoverers and con- REVERSES OLD IDEAS 'Is Ever b0d 1t y y appyc . - . Columbus died broken-hearted, Roldia Business Institutes Use the Plan -- UV S 3' "0 ffiD::lt:d Bhbrad l a ::=sedde n e,O ans : Of Getting People to Think "That's not music--that's lu- To neglect your perzona, appearance when ., ........... -. s ght refuge in a cowl, OJeda riled Rather Than Merely nacy. = our prices for cleaning, pressing and repair. mumoerlng I,BDu Memoers in extreme poverty, Encisco wal de- to Learn. Such represents the opinion of lag clothes are easily within your means? posed by his own men, ~icuessa per- -- American jazz held by Victor In Nearly Every State. Jshed miserably by the cruelty of his There Is one general principle at ......... Over 1,850 banks with more than~ra:~yfVI:C:ehN::~z-deBalbawasdZs" the basisofallgoodteachlngandit, mrmereonouctor oz the Can You Afford thirteen i 1 on d, llara in r~.uvo .......... Y'- {leo[ ~a~aez was ira- ts that a person learns more readily r~oyal Symphony Orchestra of b I i ~ p~zsouvu zn a tropical aungeon, ann by assimilating the experiences which Budapest, Hungary, who brought a~ shown to be associated with chain afterward died of hardship, Corteswaa he himself encounters than in any or group banking systems in thedishonored, Alvarado was destroyed in .~h .........~o.,,M his family to the Umted States, To overlook the importance of personality ~nlr~d States in facts recently gath. ambush Alma re - --~- .... ~ ...............nier, Na- ered - ' . g . was garroted, Plzar- tional Educational Director of the and was to undergo actual men- as relates to outer garments? _. by the Economic Policy Commie. re was murdered, and his four broth- American Institute of Banking. This tel torture when he saw his son men of the American Bankers Asso- ers cut off, and there was no end to Institute is the educational section of break away from the teachings l~dsa~n ~ef~tion" The chairman of the com. the assassinations and executions of the American Bankers Association .... poi d'o t Saat tcht Nen O th the secondary chiefs among the ener- through which aS,000 bank men and ms father, and become a de- YOU Ca] . Not ,, . getlc and daring adventurers, women are receiving scientific tnstruc- votee of the s nee alnmst 7~ per cent of our banks and tf i ...... Y pated melodies o r,ba lng ,re ., t ortCa evnn m esop]e in of the New World. We solicit your patronage and agree to give are 1 ..... ,, ......... ,,-o-v floral uarometers te t or chain bankl-~ that ................. aching oday are emphasizing the TO one not steeped m the tra- you unexcelled service. _ . "- ..............~," 'xne sturdy marigolds which enliven tm ortance of acttvit on the art of" " moat every part of the country." ~...a .................. P .... Y .... P . . dltlOnS of the past It IS hard to '~ ~--.~l....t^--,.. ~--. ..... our ~ .....~ ~tt~ ~IHt~LIU1U weamer tile stuaent," ne 8ay~, -'st tile 8Cl~OOl- ~. .~ . .. ,~ . . ~g.,_ __~,-~,o~,.~-~ jac~ c.ompmsen prophets.If the flower is tightly room of former days we often heara realize mat there COtllCl De SUCh ""--uanagroupnanKmgamlmuonstn ,o " " " - May We Start Today? -,. .... c sod in the mormng, you may restsuch phrases as, 'Be still,' 'Learn by'Rn abhorrence of the modern a~ ~roa:es~ sense of the term, the re assured that there Is rain to come, heart,' 'Don't do that,' 'What does the trend of popular music, but to ~rtw~a~d,The_y__tnclu.dedthsegrups but wlth true lntuitlon they seem over. book say.' The newer education .. ]~ka & __~'~ tav_co~tr0.mng element wasbold Just now in spreadlne thelrnetals asks 'What do ~,ou think~' 'What was elder Moinar represented a real v,,rtzcumr ~anz. there velng report- Th " " ' " "' {l 78 instances ,, *~,- ^,--- , .......... e scarlet pimpernel ~s also sengi, your reaction to that experiment?,' ,tragedy. ~40Tbanks__~=_:='=:',~::J:~['a.g th'et~raln, and even an approaching 'Whatdtdyoudiscover?,''~,Vhatrea-, Th;~ int,.nduc~sa , inant Ma off Dry Cleaners eombined ~a~k~n;U'r:;ou'r~';;u'O~h:n shower will send its petals curling in. ,on, have you for answer?' I :":~ .:"''~. ". ,,. t, Olg Included also cron-- ]- ,.,h~-,~" -'~,~-~ I~rom this peculiarity the pimpernel The New School Calls for Action [note m the story oz xs ~Jvery- ba.,~ ...... ,~_ ........... ~ ~'~?" takes Its name of the " oor man's ' The expressing' school is taking body Ha the first Warner .... a re.urnS company, not sun ........ P , . , . . ] . ppy. Malakoff, Texas aldla,~,...,,. .......... --~ v~rucumr aanz,Y " was m" aarometer, contrary to these flow- I the pmce of the repressing and lie-"Br"s,, ,~,,~-a -,~avxr;*"'~h"ne. n aa""ti"" .......... co ,.~ ...~ ^o .,., ...... ere, when the dandeli0*n closes Un its tenlng school The classroom is be- ' . at ...... ~, ~,m c~ass z~ metances ........ ~ , . " ...... tO[ om-us Te T.o,,,i~ u, hicl~ were found, [nvolvin~ ann h--, .... ~ pexa~s zn the morning, a nne day lies I coming an open zorum, a stuaio oz se~z- I ~ *'~'"" "~ ~"~"'~, "'" "' ~early $5,335,009,000 in resourc%~" ;h: amh;::'s because it does not like too I expression, a place.of mental .growth. }comes to the R, tz next Sunday, " ,, : ,, epor~ also included " un The moaern concepts ot eaucauon are groupings in " Monday and Tuesday .~hlch control was ex^-~,-^~ I-- ,- personal experimentation, Individual I m. " , , ...... ,. 'boreddivldual perazzs ann 'h:'~:'::u=":~"' '~'~::~:'~.'~" C.u,. oF Hail,term. I investigatin'creative erotical discussionThe and [[ dianTne popular mgfl-natEeo rage- AID TO THE HUNgrY 167, ,nvolvin: "~"0"~1 sel,-expression, pupil of jazz" is seen in this War- .= about $1,468,000 000,n '-'-^,'-" ..... The stones which fall durlng ordI- J really learns only as he is able to J,~..,. I~ ...... ,4,,,,,;... ;,,o~ .,~ h,~ T._ " . . "_." ...... nary hailstorms measure from one. l assimilate the new meanings of facts /~' ....... p.~. ..... . ju.~ ~o ,~ ,~. ..... -- ~ozm ,t0ures eighth to one-half inch in diameter, [ and principles with his previous ex- jnas appeareo m vaudeville [or so b.l[~Tu:g~t~'Lr W?S Over $__13,275,000,000 In their size d~pending upon the violence i periences. Activities therefore con- ]many years, singing and playing These snappy mornings make a fellow thankful that t .... ~.ources. uome of the sys- of the upward columns of air that nro- I stltute the pivotal force around which I.,;*h h; ...... e .... ,o ~o.a there is one place in town where he can get--at bot- ,,ms comprlsed 50 to I00 banks each ............ - } .... r .... oa ,~ ...... 'o~*--- ~- ~,.~a ~--'~" "" v.. ~,,,,,...o ~,~..,~,. Head ^m ....... " uuce taem. flail, like ram, ls caused ..-~ s ~-v-- -... ---- ---~-~ -. ~--~ - _.. . ,, . . . . In &ll~T;~;d?ct~::sgr~ups .were found by the vertical circulation of the air. {t~n. Tim primary responsibility of t HIS QefleCtlOn Irom the rankstom prices--- stature &n,~ ...... ,. au~. nine o~ meRain Is formed by the condensation I the teacher is to furnish a constant I of symphonic players brings great ,,._ ,.,,._.u. ~,~,r~cz oz columma, j of drops of moisture in coolin- -,-[ stream of activities whieh will afford ,~..;..... t,;....t..~. I~,..,,~.h .... I~ Fresh Sausage ,~ save zzot lncmded in these fl~ .. _ . - "- I.,._ _.,_ ,_., ....... .... ,^, ...... ,~ I pc,., ~,~ ,,,v ~u~, ~,uv w ~,.~ wu~,- m.s~.- .,- --" WhiCh grow larffer as the alr r ~ I um ~umu*uuu~ u,~ w u*~u~* $.u~.. l. . . . . . ~.=-. rue_report says, "banking I until they are l~eavv anan~,h tn ~es I "Education is a process of experi- Ilia oezore whom ne appears, ann ~;t~:on=:~h a commerc.ial bank, a] Each of ~the drops rls~an~" falls'~at I curing, and the program of the lnstt-!to those who now have the oppor- Spare Rlbs- h~n~ __v-~ ann an investment [least once Hall which is f ...... ~ /tute is so arranged as to gzve the ,,,..;,...~^..;...~.;.~ ;.. ,,I~ ...... g a k, Is caus b h greatest opportunity to gain by such ~s tie, d..t~ether by some form of hi~'her ed y t e drops being tossed I experience. Through this we develop body HappY?" he brings the lilt Breakfast Bacon =~_noRtlngy and operated as corn-] " Ithe art of thinking. Thinking has in melodies of the Twentieth ~[~m:nz~ry. elements In an organiza. I [been described as the ability to ban- ~:.. ..... .......... Sliced Ham . ~,n ren uerlng complete financial serv. I ", - -- J ale ex-ertenco and *o brin- it to bear ~,,~uty u, a n~pps ,-~-u~ u,,,~ ILaI~M. We r-loctrOlll im ~tom ,~ v ,, ~ v . . . m.taimllarht:ea h:~at~uch g~uP:I Physicists of today state that there [on a problem. Effective thinking ]IS e,tlrely h!s own.. .... Etc. a ....... " ! evl eric th 1 arises when weare presentea wzm nd dlfferezR in the nur ..... ~a~".~[ s d e at a 1 atoms known have i ._" . . ..... I Ann renmngzon wzm her aan- ~,tions trom a chain orgrou;~bankV: ] In them a certain definite number of t^ae cn?Ceo o~con~uct~,?~rI proton: ~cing assmts Ted in making this We solicit your patronage for 1930 with our standing 'z~";oT~rposes of the "resent re" rt [ sne~matlvneebectr~s pa~dzv:XaltelYr:nl~ mars'ha;'t~zem~m~]':brin'g~i~e~m t~o bear plcture great entertainment pledge to sell only the best at the lowest prices. .We define chain or -----ff~- - v,, I For instance, the lead atom consists upon the matter OL~our cnmce. Ahce Day, Julia Swayne Gordon a'~'ert~m. I ....... "ruP "anzs as 'YS" o .......................... iv n h The students in the American Inatb JIM VAN DAGR : n which centralized control, / f a posit e ucleus c argo of 82 ,,,~o., ~o.~,.. h ........ , ,~o ,o~, and Lawrence Grant also figured Wlzether corporate or ersonal and units about which 82 electrons re- ............. ~' "" ............... P /...., that they continue to go on about thelr prominently in the cast. Archm I[ --~,~l//~la or mtormal,directs the ,,,,,~; ~,,,~, . ,,~,~ ~,,..~u. o~, II rati employment In banks while taking the L Ma o directed ' Ol~ one of two or m,,r .....~^,~ / units with30 revolving electrons; ......... ' Y - -- ,, ,~ ~u**~&,*~o | ...... ~, ._D~I~Klng ll.880CIRtiOnll ISLll~ly P.OUr~eB ~aryX, s:a:;L::~l~tional].Y complemen-I nT~hU~'r:volUfnleU:lec'~a:ge. :ul~huUm~ have an opportunity to combine learn-J .... Cafe- Market- Grocery , -- g on zt~ own capital ~ ' P ' ~ [Jag with practical thtnk[ng and action. I &~d under its own personnel and lo- / nucleus charge of 16 units with 16 re- ~ DR J._ H.. BURTIS sated in one or more cities or st e " ~ yelping electrons; platinum, 78; gold, I / " ...... ~ ~ ~,L Commenting on the question wheth- [ 79; radium, 88, etc. DENTISTat s. ..... the rapid development Of chain I I Where There', Smelts I v.. DIAGx OSIS , .- ..... , , . btmking was ln theuature of areac-I I ~untor was out walking with his/ A-JtX_~L ~:1 ( HEAPER THAN PUNI UR[$ [ [~On aSalnst restrictions imposed on I A Proraho [ mother one of the first cold mornings [NeW Spencer-C rroll Building ~eh banking by the banking laws I rtAlthug]~ ~leer I~,!~ never been mnr-I of the winter. He looked in amaze- ~ Athens T"-'as ~lizany ststes the report says that [ at 1 " e "s on re arriage I merit at what appeared to hlm to be [ ~ ~'~ ~rvation does not wholly confirm I were very strict. So, of course, she j smoke coming from his mother's / theory since clmtn banking is | had to call on the young divorcee and [ mouth when she spoke. |~ ~,,,. ~'nt in some states where cir. [tell her so. [ "Look at the smoke coming out of ,, - AN D I zmmy no restriction is imposed on| Frankness was one of the virtues on / _~our mouth,,, exclalmed the little two. || r~ ..... ~-~:--~-- |IELAYS SKIDS ___ braxlch banking," aa well a~ in those I which ~ie prided herself, so ,lie con- [ ~,ear.old. "You mu~ have swallowad a |1 1 illllllt~I ~ 1111~1 ~her~ tha establishment ot branch [ versation had not progressed far be- | little piece of fire. || --t.~~ ~ MA@U IID@I ' I kanks !t Prohibited It adds' Ifore she declared to the young bride, / |l ~ '~"~: | :TI~ "u~*t~n o, .ran.. nanklm, l'}ardon my s',~'|ng so but don't you| ,,, ' " ilillllPll.ll'Ulll:- ! le w t ~ ' ]lo~'ever~the fttcts dO show that l hlnk you ,night have waited more ] ...... "~"--- |1 ~lt~tt-branch bank|n, laws have been a | than a month after your divorce to / E.O. DOBSON }1 /~~1~ '1~tr'uso. e~.', and l~robably [n | marry your second husband?" | |1 _ . Goodye ' [ ~t~_m2,~mtion~, In t~ spread ot chain / "Oh, do you ~:eal}y think so?" re-} ~ TRANSFER /I The New Bi9 ~:a ~a:.~:c~;~aj::~one/ch:?r / Plo'edalhelob'~d:'n::lt! ~ke ,ta point/ &nd all k'nds of_hauling /I Chevrolet Dealers lines has be~ carried out by/ [Prompt and satisfactory ser |1 ....... thtte banks ~h01e ex-an I Ion / / . . . l! as. ott aria Aecessorzea branch bsak lin.... p , o.a _a ._g I ............ Ivtce guaranzeea. Iz " I "Usin ..... ~ was steppes ay the |WOilI;I ~0~ l~.noW O~t~ [ *t t ~- , o, ,late lawl prohibiting fur- | It You Saw It,? ] wm:url~ranchn, Yet whether expansion | ,E ........ z .... t.-...~',z. - ~ "' ' ~m~ save been a~one branch hnnlr | Jr1 yOU ~V~ ~am~ ~ ~, pv,~.w~a ~ /i tmrl, it is Jmnoll=o.*,~ ......" /Course I~ IS 110~ tu~ety m~ you ever |= : 18 b ..... ,, ~tt ~ay. ThereWI~ see a germ, unless you own a ~;~nlt:o%~r::;stitns that.the:ha in | yOU world t~vee to l~lf~ ~ ~%OV~ II I ~ ~ I 1 am 1 1 il ~k, - g o ouuymg pangs I a cnotmana es to m~e.:_ g II 1 fl n n T [] II r ~J~ ~I~ _,treagth and emciency o, a b,| Piy, you s houidrecog ,? II Jill n" Ill[] i IJll I Handsome. husky, I ~rPmZaUon without do, pricing them / ~ zac~ ta~ mese tiny germs can gel; il i I 1 M1 1 I 1 I I 1 /I llam | H/~ ~ | ,01[ their local lndl~da,,Mltv and svmna | into your blood ~ through the ]| ~ ~ 1 [] I I [] L- ~@s. In viewoi"t~ze'mlxed ,act;;;" / ~mnall_~t. ~ .and give .you typhoid Jl " = ~ = " =" = n= tough tires-built for I m~ed, we ............ / ,ever,. tu~a'cm, osm, lockjaw, blocs ]| i "' I [ 1-- .-m 1, ]a unsa,e ,o genera,- | po _l. onll , az l y znore a ngerous i i . /gEt~ N%I ~%'ltO Wh~t bearing branch banking | and per~kps fatal ~ Th/~ ia I! real economy. Val. ws Save nt vne mire safeg~zard s~ainst these ,_. on elmin developme s. | . -.. . I| I .., eraho., of. .... rapid. .... ch~in,..b.nk/.~_/ ~la~.gers ---..tter now w~-"m~-gth~l~hlvC~'smau,., gray .wlm'n2 I!1| ![ There'. no .eRe, time to b,ighten He$ p0ss,ble because ,i " ....."" .......... ~ " " ~. 'e~tg~;l~ / -~l~l|l loot/on la Liqmd Borozone, tn sat mep. U the Vl R n tlOn ..... seine ,state legislative as- / tic. YOU can get Liquid Borozone ~t II [ p Li ng oom or the mg , ~mmn, to restflct or control ' ROY I WEIR oodyear sells me , la or grouu ......... | 11 [ [ [ Room than now. Get out of the .:.aar~ dlfferen, of opinion among |.... '1 '[|[[ way be,ore the general Spr,.g tires tha. any o,her t$,,~I~ [ ~ ]~ I ~~:~r:::~'::::~" :==: l] First Aid for Iti I tlll leanlogome.. We have in maaafacturer ~~ N~ I ') ' foreword to the report, issued II Ill , , i , i ,took. and at bed-rock prices, tute " ,Motor , !11 III1/}1 ,o, and. harmonious pap., lhat TUB S I ,o,,o ..... :11 Troubles. I11 I Ill/ll will br,ghten your room andbring to th,." ii We "locate the trouble and I lii i I i i [ I'/, re f " ; i o, o, ,. II il. I I , I [ [ I a new atmo,phe o comfort and at real savings! ~l~'aU flew method of con- ....... I bauk nx m a en o merit. ~%~.. g resources through II ill I I I I II I y Ii =: You wdl not be able to buy : II n"d er" !1i ]i[ itanylowr ae o-- d ':: --- vice b tr zned me e I t r n an All ! Firsts--MI Fresh i y a chamcs. . .... H00L a v, Gs a.0w II You will also find that we do later on the cho,cest pat. Life-Time fiuarantee. ! hRal ot 4,ZZ$1,935 school children work at rates lower than " J "--,.,o,-,,,,o,--,11 those chanzedelsewhere. Ill ter,s may be gone. ! ; deposit.In, Ii Special attention to III ..... , , O: v ae~ llaVlngn of $10,539,928, . ~, Model A Ford, III IIA il I:@ fill tht' movement toabove 5011 |I| " "'"" "''''" ar i m dollars, aeeordlng to the an. ii _ s ?_ I]! ~ i ~ o~tm o! the Bavlngs .:Bank .dirt. Ii J a CKSOn s Ill Telephone56 Malakoff, Texas the American Banxers Ano. II -~, " I11 ~,.]] uarage !1[ ..... Malakoff, Texas ~:~