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Malakoff, Texas
February 8, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 8, 1935

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11" F U A.LAKOFF i Cut Flowers, Funeral De. Bride's Boquets, or any thiner in Flowers. Call 178, Sanders Floral and Ever 'reen C m any Athens, :.: Texas INmm,==.-~ Knowledge Through The Eye[ Physical eye readiness is much more important than anything else. Dk. JOE B. WILLIAMS In Malakoff Every Monday At Main Hotel I~vlmol children's eyes examined |~ tit t t~qmm fitted at • price y afford repay, mum.= J. A. FOWLER, At. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON iu Skiles Buildiu MALAKOFF, TEXAS aWmbm~mm,.mNtt,~ - . • ~.~.- *.,~- .,...~*mm~- Bob Johnson's ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe and Harness Repair Satisfaction Guaranteed -- EAr BUTTER-KIST BREAD Made in ilenderson County THE GREATER Pewter Holds Phase in Hearts of Antiquarians Dear to the heart of the antlquarl- One are pieces of old pewter. Some confine their collections to examples of early Amerlcan pewter, while others search for such bits regardless of their place of origtn, observes a writer in the Los Angeles Times. For a period of a hundred years, from 1750 to 1850, the pewter makers of America reached their highest point of both artistry and productlon. Out of touch with the Old world, wooden trenchers were not uncommon In the colonies at the beginning of the Eight- eenth century. Pewter came to tile front to replace the wooden vessels at about the same time that china wu triumphing over pewter ID Europe. Most of the pieces first made In thls country were of tableware, plates be. lug of first importance The earliest encroachment of chln~ was in dinner plates, but for a quarter of a century thereafter, craftsmen continued to do very well wlth pewter wa~ for other uses, such as for platters, bowls and ult celJars, wl~ coffee pots, tea pots and pltche's aJao figuring rather Im- portantly. But it ts the old pewter plates that every collector dreams of finding. It Is not only the early American plates which are of the greatest value Dutch. English and European plates likewise reign supreme. Coot Not Member of Duck Family; Called "Mud Hen" The term "mud hen" is a nickname for the coot or similar water fowl, The coot, Fillies americana. Is a bird of the small creeks and the shores of shallow lakes and ponds where marsh plants grow abundantly, notes a writer in the Washington Star. The foot Is half webbed, an excellent ar- rangement for running on water when the wings lend their assistance. The coot never rises on tile wing without a preliminary run -n the water of from 50 to 150 feet. The coot swims and dives quite well, but as a rule it prefers to live, as do the rails and balllnules (to which the term "'mud hen" Is also applied), in the edges of heavy marsh vegetation. Here it can pick up Its living of buds, blossoms, seeds, aquatic Insects and snails, and also hide from Its enemies. The coot Is not a member of the duck family, but belongs to the rail family, Rallidae anti ti~e order Grui- ferrous, or crane-like birds. I / Se~n Dellv-0To $515 (107" Wheelbase) Half-Ton Pick-up, $465 (i 12" Wheelbase) Half.Ton Pick-up with Canopy, $495 (112" Wheelbase) We-Ton Chassis and Cob, $605 (157" Wheelbase) ,n operating as they are AGAIN in 1934, the in. sistent demand for Chevrolet products has made Chevrolet the ttvrM'a largest builder of trucks as well as of passenger cars. And now Chevrolet offers still greater values--tim highest quality Chevrolet Trucks ever built and the lowest-priced trucks you can huy ! They are big -- rugged -- dependable trucks. They are powered by six.cylinder valve.in.head engines which use very little gas and oil. Buy one of these Chevrolet Trucks and you buy fine, dependable, economical haulage service --at the worM's lowest pries! CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Comp~e Chevrolet's low delivered prices and easy G. M. A C. terms. A General Motors Value *lVe-Ton Chauls, $485 (131" Wheelbase) Abo~e ewe llst pric~s of commercial cars I. o. b. at Flint, ,~lichit~m. Speeld qtdpm4m~ extra. *Dual wheels and tires $20 extra. Prio~ subj~t te ehGnl~ tt~It~tl settee. Ivan the Terrible , Texas or Ivan theTerrl .... In the time of Elizabeth and was the * ~ first ruler of Ruble to take the title of czar. a corruption of Caesar. HIs deeds were so Infamous that for cen- turies after his deatl] Russians crossed TODAY[ themselves at menti,m of his name. Texas *lVt- Ton Shlka,Y~D6C (131" Wheelbase) *1 '/~t-Ton Hig (157" Wheelbase) He proposed by letter to Queen Ellz- i f ~i abeth for the hand of an Rngllsh worn- land, II~,5: Richard 13. Byrd. American, [ Collecting Brazil Nuts J Prnyin[ Mantids [ --~,, ~jl~lSd~se -_ an. but at tile last moment the woman 8plabet~en to Alaska, 1926. Around. i One of the most dangerous Jobs telThere are several different kinds of ] qL|l~,~J ~WUU~r~ DD~. was afraid to go into exile in Russia sen Ellaworth Nubile expedition Spitz,- I~'~" a|, ..... " _ . . • " . • ~ the collecting of Brazil nuts in the Jun- ~ Praying Mantids in North America ] '~ "=" V~'~ av.an mea.marrleo a ..ussmn .prmcess, bergen ~o ~lassa, l.,q20~. Capt..Sir gl~ of the Amazon ~lley. Tht peons known by t~e common names of Devlrs ] [ ... Real Throat relief] They braved the jungle's ~?°~Xu:rCat~mt:rTmecnefgonmscruen- George an. Wilkln.s. American. feint who gather this world crop which la Rear Horses, Soothsayers and Mule.[ I Medicated with i~; [ .forest perils to bring you its c i:...... aea~n ne gave full Barrow to ,'~pltzoergen, 1928; Gun. neither planted nor picked, are not Killers, the latter name being given [ | ~nt~ nf v;~u.. ~:~c~.~ j 'greatest thrills. Mr. and ~._,_ ~o. ms. unnrmmo passion. HeUmberto Nubile, Italy Spitsbergen to only beset on all slde~ by deadly an- to a species occurring In tile South, [ ] ........ IN~,.UU | passeo his last clays surrounded hy North pole, 1928. Antarctic expeditions tmale, Insects, flshen and plants, but which is believed to poison stock with J [@~M~'J[~[~t$|1~ln&~.]itm~Nl~F,~l|~ "Mrs. Martin Johnson. magicians, who coul~l not, however, ex- are: Roald Amundsen, Norway, 1911; they are in constant danger of having a brownish fluid which they emit from [ ..... - Admission 10c and 25c orcise the ghost of his son, whom Ivan Cel~. Robert l~. Scott, England, 1912; their backs broken or skulls cracked their mouths. The name Praying Man- ~ :~ had slain ] Richard It Byrd. 1929. 198.% qbyu::t:vf~ua~;ll:mun:ropound;g :~ ~.:ml~~ ~ladtWt~i:tgiov::. yt~t;e?a,l,?rl:lee:tt~)[u~he J ~Z~'---"~ l Noted Ezpiorars , 1 height'Of 100 fetqt.---Celllers Weekly , of these creatures Is supl)osed tO b~l r~~ D?~llq'.e 1 Some noted explorers of the world Haiti Has Colodul Histury " , devout. It is __land ....................... that th~ in.~.~. I I...-frlll Jldl~~ ;SUturday, eb. 9-- during the lut fitly yur& their ha, Port au Prince Is the capital of ~ ] are the only ones that can look over [ ~ ~'- ~eludo~°ualR~'A. datl~w; Gr~el~.~aad eountryAla~q~.explored.Gree~ HaitLrevoitodlt landand massacredWhere the earlYthe whites;Slaves Temples of Paestum, Italy J their shoulders. All are beneficial in- [ .... -"l mm oona':- - ~. tempi, of Pat~tum. In Italy. are sects owing to the fact that tltey de-, d~ m S d~ land t~ lm; &dmll~ Robe" ~. where voodoo drums once echoed world.famous, and the ancient cry stray numbers of Injurious insects. ; tomacn ~iaS :i~ P~try, k~lWlel~ Oreenland coast, throughout the mountains to proclaim there founded about 00o B. C., ht~s, [ e~edoseofADLgRiKA~nlck i~g2; IPr~ N t~ .NorW_a~ aorta, human sacrifice; where ebony mon~ been 'thoroughly excavated and ex. i Cable-Eaters [ • 17~r~Ueves gas bloating, glean~ of ~ Jeer" Jane; Fr~erlCS erchs presided over gorgeous royal piored. Three of the temples known a= A submarine cable made of copper out BOTH upper and lower G. Jae~on, ~q[ILlfl~, 18~1-7, Fral~ courts: where negro generals foughtthe Basilica. and the other two re.and sh~el wire and coated wltl~ gutta- bfwela, allows.you to eatand turday Night 10:45 Show Jo t LdBd; {~tg~ (~nL dluk# of the~ way to pomp sad lmwer through spectfvely dedicated to Ceres and Nen- percha and hemp d,~e~ not sound dl-O lueep eli~oa. ~lUlCr~ u~orougn ac- Uon y ~entle and entirely stirs. !and Sunday Matins Almm~t, ItalY, uortk of Frttaz J~se~ more than a century of bloodshed end tune. date from 570 to 4~) B. O. ann ::estible, hut whales s¢,m,,tlnws mistake -. A : . - _, j , e I[JIIZ~ 1~04; R~hm a P~lt~. ,t~artcn, intrigue. Haiti, high and pleP.lreJ~lUe, all belong to the Greek period. Tae ] :shies for the temacles.~f tile och,lus , _ *.. _~ _ : _" _- ! It, In Grl~l~ ~ 1902-09; ~pt. lta~d stallde OUt as a colorful Spot In the fourth, knewu as the Ten)pie of P(mce, [ ,n whirh tht.y fee{I, m,d ~ , ~;,ngled hi) [ ...... [ • Manhattan°mance uort or _otw. -2arlhbT ...... laa huiid, of th. Re,ann J=,, *,,,',,, :,,,d drew,,,.,:. ..... t .. ,ezr _[J ComeWithFrances LedereratGimterg:30 eachR°gerssaturdayand -r=EXAS_.. '_ . ,ISToRY. Movi' S,:, Amazing, Story. Rune Risers Cavalier,,. _ Sieur. La Salle j_1643.1687" '___$P°ntmred. By Dr. P ep Per [, : one admission. 1 ' :_. .¥ -=_ Feb. ll-12th Warner Bros. "Dames" ' ' Rju: , Keeler. Di:k Powell, K'hbee. H,,gh Herb.rt Hie PAPA LA SJMA.K ~ DO6 "rAt,~H'r IN A JEgUIT SCHOOL A FEW O~'T$ [ ~ LA~LLF.LA~LLF. Dk~llDt~lttHERrrEo Hl¢~Otl Pd~T] i Wednesday, February 13-- - - ........ , I I *ff&-Ton Platform, $630 (131" Wheelbase) DEALK~ ADVERTI ~MENT Texas with your Often, "mere colds" have setioue consequences. It is dangerou~ to neglect a cold--equally dangerotm :to experiment with half-way measures. Feel safe l ~se Vicks VapoRub --the proved external method o~ treating colds. No risks of con~tanl; internal "dosing", which so often upsets ddicate digestions and low- ers resistance when most needed. DOUBLE DIRECT ACTION Just rubbed on at bedtime. VapoRub fights a cold direct--t~o ways at once--by stimulation and inhalation. This combined poultice- vapor action loosens phlegm-- soothes irritated membranes--ease~ difficult breathing--helps break congestion. Often by morning the worst of the cold is over. Ill I I IllUll ~1 With George Brent, Bette Davis, Ann Dvorak Wednesday is 10e day. Every Thursday Night is Bank Night IS LIFE By (:l~rk~ Suxl~m ( t._ o: : / . ] !