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Malakoff, Texas
February 8, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 8, 1935

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS -- ...... = 2_. __ Ideas For Better nt Post Office f[MH I i i II I "8 Geo. C. ardy, Pastor" j] Centennial Welcomed [i ""1 , , . t y J II ,,, • ,, .,[ [ :i L J [ Qualitiy Groceries .... Free Dehvery : o Dy Fianfllng .pare : : - = The praying people of,., li I I Ill: re,r-lr'l community are urged to ask thetl Dallas. Texas. Feb. 5--An ap-[ i lllll i Ill ! k I lm I Ilml I[. help of "the Eternal in the re-[| . ....... peal for Statewide response tel | ! |l • I ...... I-L ml l! "l • : u covery of Harold Carson and/| KEREN5, FEXAS the request of the Master Plan- I Ill I Mrs. Bethel Dean who were uP-Ill ning Board of theTexasCentep- I: 1 [ ll I Telephone No. 32 -" Malakoff, Texas crated o n Tuesday morning, I| A! .... ~ "--d Sh-w nial Central Exposition for* ideas $ I l1 With the help of the very best/i too u that are feasible and that shoeuld[ | |l : medicalskilland that of higher[[ ] I be considered a part of the- Cen- [ I [I It-------- ,. ..... power, we believe they will bell Monday Night tennial celebrations was made by[~~~ ~ ~~ I1 ~Pg41~)H~, IU i)UUIIU~ iIr~ll~ Ii well on the way to recovery by I[ - -.- i George Waverly Briggs, named[ i. °. " f- |l this week- end. i| 0 li a$1 to head a grbup that will receive[ |l WrnMTMV Can F;, • t "r'=m' .... *!i~i -.t~.w~ m.Ai~ ~ , We rejoice in the response oil andrevlewsuggestlonsthatprop-[ I1 • " " 't U 11 I I I . . ", "~i i:i:~i~,, our special service for Shut-[, erlyshould be Included In the[ ins", It is an inspiration toll Wednesday & Thursday master plan. /m ’;ORN No. z cans . (ll preach to people who know how[m These suggestions, which should [m " meet suffering and use it to[[ | be addressed to the Texas Con- |l glorify God. We have begunl| IlLLa tennialCentral Expositions head. |l .... J_ II our series of prayer meetings at(m quartersin the Southland Life[ )m nllflM l0 Ibs. In() thehomes of these people. The)l In Building. Dallas, Texas. will be) Im "'r'-"" -v first was in the home of Grand-,m -- considered by Mr. Briggs' com-l m [m ma Hancock The place for the ty mwlttL Evans and family NO C e just o plot the are as successful thm : • " ee, which consists of Jerry 1 ! im ' next meeting will be announced[[ Coun Bywaters, Mrs. L M. Dabney, I ItlCE 6 pounds ,,=,!1 Suq#lay morning. , I Jr., R A. Foley, Dr. C. C. So-l I )m .. As announced last Sunday, we | LA. .... lecman, Herbert P Gambrel),[ i m [= o o .... are starting asystematic visita-]l LliHlrffiali Karl Hoblitzelle, Miss Ella Hock-[ m l1 o r.o uo,,o tion campaign in the interest of II ............ aday, Dr. J. F. Kimball, and W. [ )m ...... • m, : our Church School and tim con- I . - - . E Wrather A statement issued I heom at Cloy-Next-the-Sea, England. is over three huudred|l ~l~,.~m~lgl ..... | ~,|~ gre ation Our immediate ,oal u Special Natmee M. o..,., r year. ti, buli l.g I. that xterio i. s .dd a l cm.VE'll l aww,, 7 " . - m -. ..... ~-,- ..... ~. -,~a~, . [ww~ understood that tim house was built by the Dutch but nobody/ll ...%~'_ ,, ~ "" "=~^ / a percen increase in ac. n I11hlll~od~1l P M "'I: is to be hoped that every t came to be used as decoratlons. '£i e bones are Inserted.lll rL Ii-gauon ....................................... i u’ tendance m" the Sunday. school, l| v a.,,. man, woman and child in the in the pillar abo~e .... cl,a ette machine and on top of house. |m .... , Our people are expected to makel" m State who has an interest in see- ........ n 1 ,t eastas any invitations l ing that we hold a worthy all- ; .... mm im #: ’ gl Loaf a , visits to sick people as we hadI .... , _ State commemoration will mail a I Latest in Fashion Wear [I .... l|i : , present on the previous Sunday. tblessingtoMalak ffandcommu, concise statement of this idea to ' tl Trinidad llm When we reach the25 per centlnity" Centennial headquarters, ninth "r=r "'=':- l)m , .. ~y ~pecmt uorresponaen~ t) IILI~, • goal, it will automatically be[ It was a joy to have Mrs. Bird floor of the Southland Life Build- /i jill - : raised by a similar Dercent ( McMillian and Mrs W. E. Rog ing, Dallas, Texas. ) ' IN...... • i To foster the spirit of good)era present themselves for baD- "Each strggestion will be con- | The weather is something to (i fellowship, we are haviog an old" / tism and membership in out" sidered on its merits. All be as- [wrihehomeabout--thatis, it is/10 dol Lar 'e, soap free @2 i fashioned spelling match in the tchurch upon profession of faith sembled and classified for the [pleasant now and we hope this|l -m. -- basement tonight, Friday, You/in Christ, At 8:00 o'clock in the careful review of this committee, continues for some time ..... Do[ • . re cordially invited to come and f • • you know about the Negro Min la ternoon the ordinance of bap- In so far as posmble all feasible I . . . "[- Be hi'rag your pmmc lunch to be tm wa m su estmns will b strel Fmdav mght at the H gh" 1 ) ", m s ad inistered to Val- gg " " e passed on to [ ' , tm r o udcbtfnO:: do tom o m e: ,s )more Rogers and Mrs. Bird Mc- the Master Planning Board with IS:h °Jht:ldwi l ?be'i:::ahr!e::d "11 namm, nm Y , Y'/Millian, i n the First Baptist suitable recommendations. I " . -)m • rummm rLaur way at 7:15 P. M. The childrenIChurch of Athens. lThe seventh grade w,ll present[| -- ----'=--- and young people's departments[ ir ni TT .... .... a .,m , thine and assure you that you wilIIl Next to Jackson's Garage . . _ , Th ne of oarB, T. u ,.m ..... ........ mi " 1 ell ares th adult de ::: rece ve your money s worm .... wfl sp ag t e "[members attended the Header.add to the comfort and conven- ! i . addition e sc-o " -Z:" IL We always carry a complete hue of Cold Drinks, Cand partment. [son County meeting last Friday ] ience of the natrons , ,n n ot l, _ , .... n gh • They secured two ban- , . I -= [the good weather and capable Pau s Is the on| to ,,here ou n et a :: : - " : [ners and tied for the third For l ..,ewcnery % Illll llllllllal , . Y P y ca g • the rowth in our church et [workmen .... The Trinidad Band II * o99 ,,1 . w Baptlst Church News ,mr HeaY~'~, ,' ~" ~,,,~r,,t,,g..re -uv~uty Red -t'i .... :under the direction of Louis Me- uenulne aiz anaw cn ,- .......... • I constatl~ly, we RkV~ . "" and will h~ ~,l~,t t. h~v~ veto- ~us es wirn rLaet~ centers are ........ " J. b. l rantiey, rastor] I,. ~or t~u; the glory ~ " "~'~ '~'*: .......... printed on a white background of sheer I uanlelS playeo ior £tle program We also handle sewral-flnvara nf-- .... -- --(' 'V V[ -- r" ~ (eggs on any zvlonoay. . marquisette. The deep ruffle of the!of the Amerman Legion here - ........... Married Women's class and 30[where' Y "I Mr. and Mrs Jam|son and [tended the merchants Style Show|can-If you will remember they in the Young M:rried Men'sl ' I children o( Houston. spent Sun- [in Dallas Tuesday night, l won first place lost year for first --.=--= - ........... I ' day here with her mother, Mrs, ! ear Bands and we =-=- m== class, uue m mcreasea enroa- . . Y . only hope , mentand attendance in two of] I " " [ed rein d-elin ur fun: :1 y " year [A R:KiET, m u I o g o ch stand h d e r cla 1.1 tl yo nger grades, two addi-I , - "__ . / ....... ]'n t e secon y a ss........ I IIIIE. ' • E Nicnol's ancl nave succeeoeo, we thinK, ttln lionel classes will be organized [FOR SAL -- " Improved ...... ! ]Louise King is ge " g quite a ' Yellow Dent Seed Corn in maKmg m o r e attracuve, t.,J.JJl. t next Sunday, This substantiall I . $3.00| . I reputation at catching the T P. 1 R F DENT comfortable and convenient for n t --=- --=- growth in our Sunday School{ Thelunch stand on West Mitch. [per bushe -- . . ON, Gel- | I & L fish -The fish will see ge ia due to the constant interest on lam Street, operated by Mrs limoreLake,3½ miles South of/°ur, patrons. We invite your ' to where they will leave the ira- On the Highway the t .... ' Trinidad. early inspection visit--Mrs IDA ...... -- ar of all and the pastor[Fred Whitehead, Is at thls tlme, 1 ' ' medmte vmm ty where Lease is desires ex press his most gra /undergoing complete interior re- I | ............. fishing if she doesn't quit catch- "= .,a.eious appreciation for such unit-]modelization, A new coat of a[ SEE and hear the new Philco re. | ..... .... .. . ing so many--The bestpart of it , an(] W U l ayfleano ed effort to make our church and |different color of paint will adorn Idles at WEIR S, Sold on conven, i,...'.. ?. ', ": .., all is, that Louise brings home eCll vmore accenoed the noe ,- Sunday school the best possible lthe walls and the eating counters/ient terms. ............ the fish to prove she really catch- t onventlon in u’ worm unoay ......... I' • • es them and never tells about Jill [ Ilii~ I I III I I I I II il I HAVE your Prescriptions filled at WEIR'S Rexall Store. You take no chances. CARD OF THANKS--We wish to thank each and every one who so kindly assisted us during the illness and death of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. E. M. Day.--Her Children and Grand- Children. Mrs. Bethel Dean, who under- wente major operation at the Navarre Clinic i n Corsicans Tuesday morning, is said to be Chevrolet Passenger Cars . 534,906 showing so m e improvement. Little Harold Carson, son of Mr. Second Place Passenger Cars ........ : ......... 530,528 and Mrs. Dwight Carson. also at Third Place Passenger Cars'.' ................... 302,5 7 the a arro C,nic. is said to be in a serious condition following an operation for appendicitis. • • • • • • Second Place Trucks .............................. 128,250 Third Place Trucks ................................. 48,252 The above are official R. L. Polk registrations for the year 1934. The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Morrison is also seriously ill at the Navarre Clinic, Miss Edna Willis spent the week-end with her mother in Tehuacana. Nalakoff, Texas Dodd Building W. E. Freeman spent the week end with his parents in Grand- view, the "one that got aw ay' '. ........ We have noticed the interest be ing taken in improving the yards of the homes in our town--Al- bert Jones and Fender are two of the latest additions to the list to add shrubs and rose cuttings to beautify their yards .... The Tennis Courts do hated by the Pioneer Club to our town are now a source of en- joyment to all ages .... Rev. Bin- lock will tell anyone how much he enjoys playing--That reminds us that although we missed the services at the Baptist Charch Sunday evening, heard com- pliments on the sermon and Rev. Blalock is to be commended on the thoughts given forth in his message--This message was ea- peeially given for the Boy Scouts and a large number of them were present .... A Social Sing- ing was held at the Methodist Church Monday evening with members of both the Baptist and Methodist Choirs. taking part-- Refreshments of cake and coffee were served by the mere. pers of the Methodist Choir these members being rne hosts for the evening. People Who Once Trade Usually Become Regular Customers. Our groceries are of the highest quality and our prices are as low as equal quality groceries can be sold for. That's the reas- on why "once a customer of ours. always our customer." We invite you to acquaint yourself with our prices and values. • GOOD GULF Gasoline and 31otor Oils We bar