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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
February 10, 1933     The Malakoff News
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February 10, 1933

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THE M} ": VOFF NEW8 last week to enter a new position at Hamilton, The family will leave for their new borne as soon as suitah e living quarters can be obtaintU Mr al d Mrs Ginn are very firie:peo~,eT~tfld the ~Lig nite city suffe/', d s:trnct loss in.their; d elJar bi'e :Although resididg here bfi[y a compara. tively short gim ,:. :they: enjoyed a great host of friendswho join with the News in wishing them mdings ,,o and Mar. When Your Druggist is Your Best Friend h I " ! When precious health is concerned., there is no time I ] for uncertainty--no room for chances. Your first 1 ] thought, your one thought is always for the speed | . I and efficiency, the ability and care that an experi. | . | enced and conscientious pharmacist can give you. I i ! Then--and always--his reliableand willingness ! i I proves a friend in need--his service brin s relief ' i I and confidence. --?t Mone,y,-S:ving Prices! i Malakoff, Texas L] NC;t;: rv;i iH 0A] HERE S where your meat oney" goes farth'ast. All il . '. ..... .... QUALITYCUTS at a penny or two LESS. II| tebruary lZth .... , |ll o - o This Bank will transact no business on MONDAY, :, ,oo. .......... 170: Ill Dry Cleaning And Pressing FEBRUARY 13. Kindly arrange to do your Bank- .................... ing on Saturday, February llth CHUCK STEAK, pound ......................... 10c Ill -! ............ = ......... a0o Ill aterlnzes Iour tiomes Fkst National Bank ll| UA [gT _Agg II! Not onlyisyourclothingclean, fresh andimmaculate 1 Malak-ff T..,oo _ |11 when it comes back from our shop, but it has also been " v : " , Telephone I0 Malakoff, Texas ill thoroughly sterilized in the process. I ....... i~' " J :--~ .... I [ J [ : ~ I~ ' [ I .... 1 ~mI I 11 All erms that may have taken refuge in your clothing ................................ [ ~ , ',t ; oL,o. ,o..;; II are killed sodry cleaning and pressingpretects your health Plant Your Evergreens. I turn;] S'unda(frot" av is 7"" ::" 11 as well as your appearance Roses and Shrub. No ' I' -- - ,, I I MPl f i[ y m wim . .... -- ..... relatives in Dallas They were , , They live better[ i , .. = .. I I Phone us today-we 1t call for and deliver our garments. I ........ I accompa leOOy, rs.,. 13un-/I We have a special on all stock. I iiHIlG . TO@F' [Iean. rs. Duncan, after as-ll A,,,..,., Xl liaaitiBmB A niceselectionofroses, includ i |is|sting with a number of tons|Ill Uil/ UL AN K Talisman, Hooverand oth- FLA G DRUG COMPS 11 OPENS !afternoon' K l::Grady Shirey [ ' o=o/I Phone 21 F.E. HARDY, Prop, Malakoff er Pl;:; a;Tls: e;or y::;;tel;Ur - I Ready I:er |h siness! !'ed with her for a few days visit| Sanders' FloralEvergreer, I cu:,iomers, old , - / The Clay s The Thing , a !.4 -r "" lib I'~ r" DUilUIHg IV~llillt~ IH A hens, "-"Texas [ (riench, new customers . ............ | lot of comedy presented by the[ "" [] i Everybody! ' Texas Reaches Half I [ Come andget yourdrugs from my [,[ tion to the News. |Feb. 15. ---- _ y n g Bdhon" " For Januar) ,mF I . I1 See Junior s - I --- ! ....... ....... i Athens, Texas ........ "=' Austin Te a -- - i 1 need ] [ bo--ish -irl -n ......... i Mr. and Mrs. Miles Smith and [ , x s, Jan. 30 Per i _ _MARJORIE BARROWS [ [ Everything fres : stock! [|School udito: u ,rnPe';: /Ce a egsnlMiss.Elva Barft.f Murchisn/m;:h:;;:e::ta:: d;d : ubeUllod; Friday. February 10-- [ i Inight Admission 15c and 25c, [spen unaay with Mrs. Lee| ...... :" ........ ! met Bill's father today ~6]~l~lt~A~ [ TgtM i lVi tP [l " tSmith" [ov one-nm.t l:)llllon oouars In "Bin's six years old," be'said. "rle's' gI t;I LlUll lili InIll. I] ] /Dtlexascltles oflrlng January, .a hard-headed [ | |i im ][DT:lo anarPl:Y: evarid_l!ttle son,/ Misses VeraIngram andMaudie[accrdin r tthe monthly analy- I ii l rUatg fa r;nLl e: with Lee Carrilloand Tanner Bufldmg" "i[ is!tea nis morn- IHarrell and Frank Bailer were.ISis of the University of Texas,~::..~]~~1 w,m ......... a w mermg Barbara Weeks ..... I Mrs, Maude Payne here Sun- IDallas visitors Sunday|Bureau of Business Research. [ contempt IIe likes Children 10c Adults2 II I I I . a " " $ * ................................................... ........ [d y.. 1' | Small wonder, then, that the re, stories. He .J l l Grady Derdenof Arp arrived/ Mrs. Bynum, Mrs. Oxford, ::uttin:n x,. , ..... " . Mrs. Shriverand Mrs. Hughes PP " P Y " g, happen. Are there : I " " I]of Eustacesnent Wednesday inlhasfound it sodifficuit to profit y home last week for a vacation a n n e w books TOM MIX and TONY until March 1st " " " c~ " " that will fit Bill?" ,, by the amazln,, developments ----- [ : ' , Ithe city w th Mrs. Arthur Bai-[ I li .ave ,Ira the" THE FfllIi/TH Mr and Mrs Ernest Owen of l Ilar(l. I u c u y ug mute m l /~:~!i~l names of several ..... " .... '. -- / Get your Valentine at WEIR'S, J (the construction and planning of I new ones for there HORSEMAN bll;lae l~,ocg, ~rKansas were me t / I I ~l are lots of Bills In, -" estso ee houses and commercial build- , gu f Mr. and Mrs, V. C. [: M- -a M v w ....... Guarant d St. Regis $1 50;. ,, .. .~ , . . .l ............. America today and Admission" [ ~ o.u ~, u. u. ~vauv ~,!]u1~ 'Inns, me uureau s smcementbegin i wrttlng Just the sort of books they"' ~,,.,. ,~,.~vw= man authors are" " " Doctorman here Monday-and . - Alarm Clock spee ally priced . ,, Y ' 10a m tel m I0-- a,uesda,, ' .... 19.. ,said. For the six years . " ..... little daughter, Joan spent the P # " ' ;' ~ 1 : " week-end with her parents in I' .... "__, ......... I nine, with 1927 buildin hermits ] nke. t p. m. to 9:30 ..... 10c.-- ' ....... '" " rOq. ,L.. ", " " l WEIR S FHARMACY I . . . ' . . ~' v . ' [ Heal Adventure Best. _ / ~ ~ [ a ~ t ' " .... / " 1 " I as repor ea nycnamoers ot com-I If your Bill doesn't take to fairy' .~ Mrs: J. D. J?hnson.anddaugh-I - ' " l . ..... : _ _ [merce in 37 of the leading cities [ tales, to legends, to fables, don't force: Saturday Night 10:4 ter, lVllSS Jewel anti JyllSS. lyaynell | Tile re ,ula- moot , , / Arenle unrlstian of Giddings [of the .qtste hsw total^a ,hog/them on him Offer hlm Instead Char-t a " " Kilgore spent Sunday in Jack- I ruary of ;he "Hend;;so;UCo;; ; [came in Wednesday for a visit 1520,;9( 0;' "193 1, $ . 339 ~)~| 'otte KUh's delight{ul "A Train, K, xx .~w o-~--. - i~ . Y , , ; Boat, and an Island --the story of a,Sunday M itinee, Feb. sonfillewlthM,ss MattleSue and Baptist Association, was held]W!tEh ,' Mr. and Mrs. ]1930, $76,514,000; 1929, $114,--[ real family's real trip to Bermuda.: ......... : .....=:': darius oonnson, wno are athena- i with theMalako " l pHot Churchl w. tg. tgnrmuan. /-~04,oa0; 192~, $19.7,'>~7,000; 1_q97| Offer him Heluiz. Washburne's fag- dUrli l ing school at L~)n Morris. Monday. "Rev. [)."R."Cartlidge ln. .-... :. "-: . / .......... t , A BILL F:i of Athens, President of the or-I. warren nrmuan ot r erens| ........ ]wor dho ette eorr h; ,?~v~ !~tl:rlbO~ --...~ ..... Z:,. Mrs Carl Dav, is was rushed to ganization, presided over the Jig in the city visiting his parents, i oapn 6tl~ q~l~'aXTT.r~ | bac . ' e lig s IIIVIIi(I:I';Ri':NTI the Navarro Clini 'at: Corsicana meeting At the noon hour lunchlMr, and Mrs. W. C. Christian. l ....... - .xx....x~ ] pa~ey; or i,;Tn~L?rublse ?:dM:et:h;ln~ .... --. .... ..-= Monday afternoonYor an appen-:: #as served the "visitors by the [ " " I We wish to extend apprecia-[ . son LT;ltz, two huLorouy and :;r~ Wlt h B!!he Burk and- dicitis operation, It was later local ladies I Mrs. J. E. Crawford and Mrs I tion and thanks to th^ | Interesting picture books that acquaint Davla vlanners ,: ..... ' . " ~ ue. o~eu younger readers wlth stirring history learned that the, operatwn was , lB, H, Mulhns. and Mrs. BbJattention shown us b- ou- m-n-- [ _ _ ,. ........ ", Come at 9:30 Saturday u a ' " t " " y r u y. vernaps mu wants to znow more very s ecess.f ! and that he" pa. The members 6fthe Malakoff ISmlth.f. Pa!estinespent Friday| friend and loved ones dnring[about motormen and firemen and what and see two shows for rienc is g ting along nicely .... Rebekah Lodge enloved a social wim mrs. J no Robertsou and the ai.oo o.a a oth .. .... ~,~ ]they really do. uhs books for admission " --".-- . " ' " - - fa " ........................ "=- small children will help him out there. , ,, ..... atthe Odd Fellows hall follow- mfly., loved, son and brother. Every}Perhap he would like "How It All, Miss Christine Skiles of Dallas ing their regular business Set- possivle kindness was extended ]Began, a~ book that is delightfully Monday and Tuesda spent the week- end here with sion Monday evemng.Games of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Royall and to us ann t written and illustrated by Janet Sinai- ~ ..... . .~ .... " ................. ~" ~ley It will tell Bill how prlmltive ten. 1~ L4-- rs R t children of Plalnvlew came In 1 her parents, Mr. and M . E. For y-Two and Bridge were en- . _ were so very much appreciate i man ;atched the llghtnlng 'and found A Skiles. ; joyed. Refreshments were serv-Tuesday for a few days vmitwith Again w es a ymany, man he, too, could make fire by twirling IF II "--'-- ed by the Trinidad members their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan two sticks around together. Later Gentry. - ...... man found other ways of heating and l~ ~l~l~l~ Mr Glnn who for some Y De 1 " , wey C ampet ltghtlng and at last-we got our .... , time 'st has been employed bv Misses Bernice a ri d Flossie Marie Clampet matches, gas, oil and electricity. The W]tll Helen l-IS the Cotton Belt at this point, left Garner of Eustace are visiting Gary Cooper Admission 10c.and their sister,. Mrs. Roy Ginn here this week. Some special bargains in Ra- dio's at WEIR'S Pharmacy. Byron Peters of,Temple spent Sunday here with his brother, Vernon Peters and family. Vernon Peters spent Tuesday in Kerens with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Tom Peters. Mrs. D. Curtis and Mrs, Sheri. dan were Athens visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. D.- Curtis and in ld w '6?r Nelson Mrs H. L Flagg was Corsica- Bobby Clampet na visitor Saturday and Sunday. Alma Lee Clampet Can a college boy win a bath. ing beauty contest? See the an- Mrs. Rex Megrail of Grand swer in "The Clay's The Thing" Prairie is visiting Mrs, Jeff Gen- at the High School Auditormm, try and" family this week. next Wednesday night Miss Gertrude Yarber of Cor- Mr, and Mrs. John Yarber and sicana is visiting Miss Christine Bob Reece of Corsicans spentISkiles here this week. Sunday in the city at the home[ of Mr. and Mrs, R. E. Skiles. Mrs. E. L, Stewart and Miss Agnes Day spent a few days in Corsicana this week. Misses Ruby and Mable Fergu- son who are teaching at Pine spent the week-end with and Mrs. Wal. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Payne at- tended the Shoe Convention Fort Worth Sunday. Little Larry Flagg is reported on the sick list this eek. Miss Lucille Ferguson who is attending school at Denton, spent book goes on, In the simplest fashion, to show the beginnings of messages, of t,~vel, clothing, houses. It is a tAr! ag sort of real fatry tale that particularly appeals to boys like Bill. Travel Stories Are Good. What happens to a real letter afte~ It gets posted may also Interest some ef our very youngest readers. WIN liam Siegel. a Russian artlst, tells a simple story about that In "Around the World In a Mailbag." Bob and Betty's letter to their father doesn't reach him In San Francisco. So It is fore,cried to China, Russla, France, and even to Egypt. But though the various postmen do their best the let- ter does not finally reach him until back in New York again, The pictures make thls book especially ate tractive. Here are Just a few of the new books for fairy-tale-strikers. Many more are to be found In the llbrarles and bookstores. Just exactly the hook your Bill Is looking for Is waltlng for him there. And It Is Just the right book for him at the present SAne. the week-end with her parents. Take him along and let him help Mr, and Mi s . W. B. Ferguson, find It! "-, ,- , Wednesday, Fe[), is-L" "' with Boris BARGAIN Ladies Matinee -Men's Ni Thursday, THIRTEEN with Irene Dunne Cortez and Myrna Admission