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Malakoff, Texas
February 15, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 15, 1935

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THE GREATER Athens, Texas TODAY! With FAY WRAY Admission 10c and 25c Feb. 16-- BOB STEEL in Of Hate .y Night 10:45 Show and Sunday Matinee EDITH WHORTON'S e Wives' i !ii:I: : !/: ))i, With Rouer Pryor, June Clayworth, Ester Ralston Come at 9:30 each Saturday night and see two shows for one admission. Monday and Tuesday " Feb. 18-19th With Fay Wray and Warxen Williams Also one full reel of latest exclusive pictures of a day in the lives of the DIONNE QUINTUPLETS. See them from dawn to bedtime. See them feeding, b a t h i n g, laughing. Their home, doc- tor and wash line. _Wednes . Literally ised From the Dead A six-pound baby is alive and kicking In New York after having been literally raised from the dead by a policeman, Officer Caesar Cozzatl, and Dr. Bernard Zaglin. The baby was born to Mrs. Mary Pupplee, wlmse first four babies are said to have been born dead. "This one seems dead, too," muttered Doctor Zaglin, "but v;e'll see wimt we can do." Spanking, drugs, and blowing into the face of the baby seemed futile, and Officer Cozzati arrived and helped the doctor blow into the child's face, and half an hour after, when both doctor~ and policeman were win(led, two other officers arrived with an inhalator and .~,'ith that the sl)ark of life that had been started by Doctor Zaglin and the officer was fanned to liame. Three hours later Doctor Zaglin pronounced the, infant "the finest baby I've ever seen." I Origin of English Toy Spaniel Much Disputed Retrousse nose, abundant coat and highly intelligent expression-those ate the chief characteristics of the Eng- lish Toy Spaniel, observes nn authority In the Philadelphia Public Ledger. There are four classes of English Toy Spaniels---King Charles, Blenheim, Ruby and Prince Charles~ King Charles have a black and tan coat. Blenheim have a red and white coat. Ruby a solid* red and Prince Charles a tricolor coat. Under an American Kennel club rub lag In 1902. English Toy Sp:~aiels were classed together In a ~g~n r,~ group. Another standard for the ~cced was adopted by the Toy~,~paniel Cl Amerlca in X0(Y& The .~rigln of the Toy Spaniel Is 8o nauch disputed that Pug, MaltL,,~set, Pekingese, Jap axed even the Bulldog have be~,n credited with a sha~'e !n its A cross probably was used Revolutionary Calendar of the French Republie The revolutionary calendar was the calendar of the first French republic, says a writer In the Indianapolis News. It was substituted for the ordinary cal- endar by a decree of the national con- vention In 1793. The 22rid of September, 1792, the day from which the existence of the republic was reckoned, was the date of the new calendar. The year began at midnight of the day of the autumnal equinox, and was divided in- to twelve months of 130 days, with five additional days (sans-culottides) for festivals, and six In every fourth year. Each month was divided into three dec- ades of ten days each, the week being of the months, with their English the approximate dates of their to obtain the present Pluvlose (raln), January 20; chnen. Ventose (wlnd), February 19; Germl. Raraon Navarre and Toy Spaniels date ba~'k to the Six- nal (seed), March 21; Floreal (hies. EVelyn aaye in-- teenth century. Timy were in high fa- sum). April 20; Pralrial (pasture), "The Night Is Y, Charles Butterworth, Edward Everett Horton and Una Merkel Each Wednesday is 10c day. I Every Thursday Night is Bank Night J. A. FOWLER, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Office in Skiies Building MALAKOFF, TEXAS Kn6Wledge Through The Eye! Physical eye readiness is much more important than anything else. DR. JOE B. WILLIAMS In Malakoff Every Monday At Main Hotel $~heel ehi " ~ IIIh~._ Idren's eyes examined free ~n~ -~-~ms flUed at a price you can afford to ImY- "Bob Johnson's CTRIC SHOE SHOP Expert Snoe and Harness Repair Satisfaction Guaranteed~ our before the restoration of the House of Stuart in England. Since the days of King Charles, whose name they bear, they have been closely associated with royalW. They reached the zenith of their popularity during the reign of James If, who bred them extensively. May 20; Messtdor (harvest), June 19; Thermldor or Fervldor (heat), July 19, and Fructtdor (fruit), August 18. The five regular sans-culottides {yore dedl. cared respectively to the Vlrt~ms, Ge- nius. Labor, Opinion and Rewards. This calendar was abolished by Nap~ leon at the end of 1805. Cairo Is Exciting City Cairo, Egypt's capital and larges! city in Africa, Is one of the most ex. citing cities in the world. The mlnaretl are the most beautiful in the Levant There are 500 mosques in the city. Ia the building of one, Gaml Sultan Ha~ san expended $3,000 daily for thre~ years and when It was completed, cu! off the architect's hand so that he could ff6t create another like it. Thq Citadel, built about 11~:5, contains S mosque of oriental alabaster. The mosque of Tn]In, built In the Ninth century, stands on a hill whereon tradition asserts the Ark rested after the flood. Out in the river lies Rhoda island, where it is sald the pharaoh'~ daughter found the Infant Moses in ths bulrushes. Numerous Varieties of Bothersome Cockroaches Wl|llo there are many varieties of cockroaches belonging to the same family, anmng whtch are the German ~,nd Australian. the American Is the m~)~. cp~uuto~ au4 w l_del~: distributed f an authority In the Missouri Farmer, About eleven months' time is re- quired for a cockroach to hatch and grow to maturity. The female lays a number of eggs which she deposits In a brown capsule. This capsule she retains In her body until the young are about ready to hatch, whereupon she deposits it along the run-ways of , the Insect. When the young hatch they [~]~'~ llve for a time with the old pair. At i night they sneak into kitchen and pan- [~{~ try and track around over the food. 1~,~ They excrete a material over food and I~ In their run-ways that has a foreign, I~&~ and very offensive, odor. That they I(~1 are exceedingly filthy and dangerous ~ to human health Is obvious when It Is [~j known that they eat and track over '~,~ anything from a dead mouse, a bed bug, an empty egg capsule, to all kinds f~ll of human foods. Knew Their Winds The ancient Greek navigators knew enough about the seasons and direc- tions of certain winds, such as the erosions and the Indian monsoons, to utilize them In making voyages that would have been dlfllcult or impossible without such knowledge, states a writ. er in the New York Tribune. Aftra~ the Fifteenth cent~,ry the trade winds of the Atlantic and the Pacific were similarly turned to account. At the close of the Seventeenth century the earliest attempt to chart ocean wimls was made by Halley, the English as- tronomer, whose crude map of the trade winds and monsoons Implies that he had a certain amount of statistical information at his disposal. Water as Food Commonly speaking, foods are those substances eaten or drunk for the building up and maintenance of the human body and to supply energy for Its activities. In the more exact scien- tific sense, only those constituents of the foods consumed which are actually assimilated are considered foods, the remainder being waste. Water may be regarded as the most Important of foods, constituting nearly 70 per cent of the human body. It Is an absolute necessity for the maintenance of life. The average weight of water consumed per day, only part of which Is assim- Ilated, exceeds the dry weight of all the other foods combined. Patchwork Quilts Patchwork Is older than history, ttlng doubtless through primitive of utilizing scraps of: a,,oora. : . =- ' ''" ~" .... ' md Chinese. In ~u. 'a ~t was fl