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February 15, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 15, 1935

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KERENS, TEXAS Always A Good Show Monday Night II H. B, Laney of Route 1 drop- ped in at the News office Monday afternoon and renewed his sub- scription for another year. Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Wilkes of Vickery, Texas the popular minister who conducted the Bap- tist meeting here last summer, are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy. The little fello was born at the Baylor Hospital in Dallas on February 7th. Blessing the sat Val Morin Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Hepburn in her new picture--- FOR SALE--Nichors Improved Yellow Dent Seed Corn. $3.00 per bushel--R. F. DENTON, Gal. imoreLake, 3 miles South of Trinidad. Roy Parnell was a visitor in Denton and Dallas Tuesday until Thursday of last week. First Showing in This Territory . .== , Mr. and Mrs. Brad Stacy and daughter, Miss Pauline of Trini. dad and Mr. and Mrs. Alton Cart- lidge of this city, returned home Monday afternoon from a few days visit in Lake Charles, Louis- ann. They reported being caught STOP TIIAT ITCHING If you are bothered by the itching of Ath a 2-inch rain on the return lares Foot, Eczema, Itch or Ringworm-- trip between Lake Charles and PAYNE'S DRUG STORE will sell you a Houston. jar of Black Hawk Ointment on a guar- to kill the itch. Price 50c and $1. Mrs. Roy Swanson attended the Funeral of her mother, Mrs. M. L. Jackson at McGregor last Thursday. Skating Old Sport There are references to skating In the old Norse legends of Iceland, and in many of the early books of contl. mental Europe. In England In the Twelfth century, skates were made from the brisket hone of an ox and fastened by pieces of leather to the soles of the wearer's boots. Thrusting a stick into the Ice helped the sk:ser move forward. An iron runner in a wooden frame was first used In the Fourteenth century, and this gradually developed Into the steel skates. One of the most picturesque events of the winter sports season in the Laurentians, in Canada, is the annual mass of the skis held in the small Roman Catholic church at Val Morin, when the blessings of the patron saint of skiers are invoked for the current season. Special permission had to be .obtained to make this photograph. '24 Teaches Olympic-to-Be '44 Mrs. Jett Crawford and little Fire God's Shrinz Found daughter. Marjorie spent Sun- Linked with the civilization centered day night with her parents, Mr.In Egypt and the Mediterranean 4,(R)0 and Mrs. W. E. Phillips in Ath.years ago relics of ancient sun-god worshipers have been discovered in the ens. Isle of Man. IIere Prof. H. J. Flenre of Manchester university has exca- R, H. Pickel, Jr. was a bust- voted a great atone monument which i has no equal west of Malta. Beside It mess visitor in Henderson Tues- have been found fragments of pottery day. which enable Its approximate date to be fixed as about 2000 B. Q.~. '~'tlne, j~a~,~~_ AA~'..4. " - ,uoum Bulletin Mrs. W. C. Payne and mother, , ............ .. Mrs. L. Matthews of Trinidad left Tuesday for Ps . :or a visit the ,..:'era daughter, Mri.'[. E. Gaggers and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith of Wortham spent Sunday here with his aunt, Mrs. E. G. McIntyre" and family, lit Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Christian s n d son, Warren of Sulphur were visitors in the city ~ ~mv,4mma News received this week from the Corsicans hospitals, where a Malakoff people have under gone operations, state that up to the present time all are doing nicely. The patients from hereare: Mrs. Bird Me- Million, Mrs, Henry Thomas, Mrs. Bethel Dean, Miss Tberma Bartlett and little Harold Carson. Our Hatchery is now in opera- tion and we set every Tuesday and we will be glad to have your eggs on any Monday. Hatching is fixed by the Code at per egg. Our trays hold l )eggs. Write for our cata- logue on White Leghorn baby chicks or call at the farm. EASTERWOOD'S WHITE LEG- HORN FARM, Athens, Texas. Dewey and R. M. Payne of )ent Saturday and Sun- here with their mother, Mrs. he. Roy I. Weir, Jr. of Henderson was in the city Tuesday. Miss Grace Flagg spent the with relatives in Cor- Miss Lets Beall left last Satur- day for San Marcus for a months visit with relatives. returned home , from Kingsville where Field Martha Norellus splashed her way to Olympic stardom in 1924 and continued her aquatic career until her marriage to Joseph Wright, Jr., of Toronto. Now she has vested her skill in her daughter, Diane Wright, who is only four. ,~ im teaching Diane her famous craw] stroke. In 1944's Olympics Mrs. Wr-ghti" Jr., hopes to see the girl (she will be fifteen then) listed amo~l$ t~rants. They are now sojourning In Palm Beach, Fla. People in the little town know all the 'iS t 0 r i e s on you" when you were, younger, but they may care more for you than later ac- quaintances in the city who didn't know the stories. J, - --~ Croaley Still Pioneering Powel Crosley, Jr., president of Cin clnnati Reds, during iris first year at the head of the club, spent $310,500 for the best young prospects available In minor leagues, Pioneer In other fields, he now is pioneering in baseball throu~,h,,,] the initiation of night base hall In the major leagues. Will spend $50,000 in order to give the Reds the finest lighting equipment in the coun- try. This pioneering is In line with his genius, evident at age of thirteen, when he built an electric generator In the attic of hls fatq~er's home lnCollege Hill, using water power from a water stor- age tank. With this electricity he lighted his bedroom. There was no electricity service in timt subdivision ac that time, so it was unique. POTPOURRI Estimat g Geological Time It Is estimated a thick growth of vegetation will yield one ton of dried matter to the acre. If this annual growth continued for 2.000 years and was compressed to the density of coal, It wguld form s seam of coal about a toot deep. Some coal seams are 250 feet thick. Rock formations are estimated like wise W~mt1~r-a New~papor Union. - .,LL.,~ -~.L.~-,.~:~_.~z..~,~: J ' -- ( ~a~ Is the pr~" ~b~ -- -, =* - : Baptist Church News dJY Gee, C. Hardy, Pastor] We are u to report that our sick people are d0i g nicely as far as we know. The pastor is grateful to those who are so kind in reporting the illness of [By J. L. Brantley, Pastor] _- --_ v- - :~ - - _ _ As we come to make another weehly report of our work, we tre thankful that last Sunday's attendance in the Sunday school made still another increase, even any of our people to him. though the weather was bad The visitation campaign start- ed in a" fine way last Sunday with a total of 100 visits made and invitations extended. It was largely due to ti is fact that so many new faces were seen and attendance did not drop off on a very bad day. There is nothing to compare with personal work in the systematic development of a Church School. The young people of the church are to have a Valentine party in basement tonight. The ladies of the Missionary Societ are buying the much needed lighting equipment for auditorium. Mr. Rutherford, a consulting lighting engineer for the Dallas Power & Light Com- pany, was kind enough to give his services in working out the plan. Our people will be pleas- ed with the results. Let u s remember that the Methodist Home Band will be here Sunday night, March 3rd They are to give a brief program for the young people before the regular preaching hour and their full length service. Your character will be enrich- ed by becoming a regular attend. ant in the services of God in the church of your choice. IS YOUR COMPLXION BLOTCHY AND PIMPLY? If your complexion is dull, muddy, sallow due to clogged bowels take Adlerika. Just one dose rids your system of poison- ous wastes that cause pimples and bad skin.--WEIR'S Phar- macy. E. O. Dodson spent a few days in Corsicans last week with his son, J B. Do&on. There were 171 present. This number is one more than twice as many as were present the first day of our revival last Summer It was especially encouraging to note that the Young Men's class had 31, which is the best record to date, since its reorganization The pastor is very grateful to th e Superintendent, Teachers and Officers and every individual who is showing such devoted in- terest in this important part of our church work. Our growth in recent weeks is a good dembn- straiten of what can be done when a great group, one by one are diligently working at a com- mon task. We are glad to report that those who have been ill, some in hospitals, are recovering. We are so thankful to God for his blessings on the sick of our com- munity and it is our sincere hope and prayer that soon all may be completely recovered. We ex- tend our deepest sympathy; to Mrs. Roy Swanson, whose moth- er passed away last week in Mc- Gregor, Texas, The T. E L Class will have a Valentine social in *he Sunday school rooms tonight. A missionary program under the direction of the W. M. S. organization of our church, of which Mrs. R. N. Johnson is President, will be rendered at the regular preaching hour Sun- day morning, instead of the ser- mon, I The Art of Camping (By A. BURTON) _.-_ - _ . _ - _ ~ _ : -, Secure a small roll of wrapping paper, white prefered, three sticks and a few paper plates, ice tea, or tall paper cups, a few mixing bowls, paper, All sticks should be hickory or some hard wood that will not give the food a bad flavor. One stick should be about five or six feet long, one and one-half incl es in diameter, carefully peal the bark off for about eighteen inch- es and put in hot embers to sea- son well but do not burn. Then your stick is ready to use in cook- ing eggs, hot cakes and many other good things to eat. Secure two more sticks as follows, one about the size of an ordinary broom handle, prepare as you did the larger one, and secure a stick with fingers from the limbs on the small end to use in broiling meats, four or five small limbs pealed and sharpened, and cut off to where they will be from three to five inches long spread out fan shape, season as above and you have your equipment ready for the road. Beat two eggs, (with pepper and salt) in a tall paper cup, your larger stick over the fire, dip into the cup of eggs and the eggs will stick to the stick, drain over cup, heat the egg that stays with the stick and re.dip in the egg until you have all the egg on the stick, cook to suit your taste and cut down the side and across the end of the stick, drop in your plate. You may cook hot cakes and any other batter for cake etc. the same way. The stick about t. a size brad.m, , andle should be used to cook 'roa rrdl out your biscuit dough, cut in strips o,ve inch wide and about ten inches .,rag, )ress one en,bl ddu n .on end of stick, wrap around stick snake fashion and press terminal end onto stick and hold over fire until cooked to smt your taste. Some times it is difficult to lo- cate wood that is good for camp. ing, and it is possible to do good cooking over a gasoline fire in the following manner: Dig a small pit about eight by twelve inches, by three inches deep leavin f the hard ground in the bottom, that is get all the loose dirt out of the pit, have all your food ready to cook of course before hand, then take about two cups of gasoline and pour over the entire bottom of the pit, have some sand or dry earth ready and sprinkle sand over the wet gasoline covering it lightly over the entire bottom of pit, sprinkle enough sand over the gasoline to produce a blue blaze, flames about three inches high and you are ready to do your cooking, Black Satin and Net ii iiii QuaHtiy Groceries '" Free Delivery Telephone No. 32 Malakoff, Texas TO OUR CUSTOMERS Allow me to rake this means to thank you for your patronage during my first year in business, it has been more than gratifying. You've been kind to us and generous and wetrust that our service to you has been satisfactory. We hope to serve you even better dur. ing this year. Sincerely, J. D. (Red) Waller See Our Window for This Week's Specials And Watch This Space for Next Week's Specials Next to Jackson's Garage We always carry a complete line of Cold Drinks, Candies, Pies, Cakes, Sandwiches, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos. Paul's is the only place in town where you can get a uenmne "t;a'iF" 2.ma,,,i.a_ t~Ctllt~ ~ a~ag We also handle several flavors of-- Velvet Ice Cream --and serve the "largest helpings" in town. ~v" On the Highway -~ Cash Specials Saturday 'til Monday Bran Flakes box 9c Salad Dressing qt. ii 2 No. 2 cans Ideal for restaurant wear Is a floo~- length dress of black net made over black satin. The ruffled yoke and flaring sleeve caps add Just. the right' touch of softness. The bow tie, but- tons and black satin. Hershey's Cocoa l-pound Corn Beef and Cabbage 20-1b. sack can 2 boxes Pink Salmon 2 cans Brick Chili Bologna Sausage pound pound 14ci large, Lb. 2.pounds Good Bacon pound