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February 16, 1968     The Malakoff News
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February 16, 1968

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TAX EQUALIZATION PROGRAM Article 2 the local government concern- and private improvements, re- For tax purposes, assessors Your tax assessor reports ed, as well as the taxoayer,zoning and the ever changingconsider four general uses of that all of the appraisal re- The members of the firm haveand shiftinr of land values,land and these are classified~ cords have been brought up-to- been certified as professional The courts have held that as: Business, Industrial, Resi- date -- that is, the building evaluators by the Internation- the only real value of land is dential and Undeveloped Acre- measurements have been al Association of Assessing Of- the price it will bring on the age or Farm. In order to main- checked and sketches of these ricers. The committee feels open market between a willing tain equality in estimating buildings have been drawn, that we are indeed fortunatebuyer and a willing seller; land values, the assessor will The consultants employed to to have been able to secure the however, since only a small figure business and residen- assist the assessor in estab- services of these tax men. percentage of land is placed on tial land on a front foot basis, lishing equalized values areIt has lonR" been the prac- the market for sale, it becomes industrial land on a square now ready to begin their task tice of am)raisers to value land necessary for the assessor to foot basis, and undeveloped of appraising all of the land and buildings separately, due estimate the value of the land acerage at so much per acre, and improvements in the dis-to the different factors govern- for tax purposes. This can best using certain rules, depth fac- trict. In this respect it should ing the value of each. This is be accomplished by comparison tor schedules and corner in- be mentioned that these con-also necessary for the assessor after all factors have been fluence tables. sultants are considered to be in order to insure equalization considered. In any land value, For all pract!cal purposes, a among the best qualified menand uniformity, its location and underlying ad- building is worth only as much in the property tax field. Their If equalization in land Pal-vandmges are the factors that as the cost to reproduce it (less combined service in the field~ ues is maintained, the asses- gauge the valuation. The as-depreciation), depending on of ad valorem taxation is ap- sor's problems are greatly sessor in estimating the value material and labor costs, which proximately sixty-five years minimized in that buildings of land, must consider sales, and they have had a great deal may be adjusted or reaupraised rents, and leases, as well as all of experience, not only in their at any time without regard to own community but also in adjoining property. In a grow- other information obtainable, many other cities and school ing community it will be nec- .such as area, shape, frontage, districts and have been quite essary for the assessor to keep depth, corner, or alley influ- mmcessful in establishing not a constant check on land Pal- ence, traffic, accessibility, util- only uniform values for tax ues in the future, because of ities, zoning, restrictions, pop- purposes but also values that continued residential and bus- ulation trends, and many oth- are realistic and acceptable by iness developmenL both public era. fluctuate from year to year. Constra'ction costs, to be ac- curate, should be based on the actual current local prices of material and labor. New build- ings are being co~s+ructed each year and it is necessary for the assessor to aPFraise these new buildings at the same unit costs as older buildings o sire- 2 PANS Breaded 1 2 10 oz. AI cnsp Golden PKG. THE MALAKOFF NEWS Page Two Friday, Feb. 16, 1968 Malakoff, Texas "Beautification," was the theme of the afternoon's pro- gram when the members of the Trinidad Pioneer Club met Tuesday in the home of Mrs. W. C. Fleming Jr. Mrs. Willar~ StAma liste& the improvements now being made and a panel discussion, followed on the improvements needed and "How We Can Do Our Part." The meeting was called ta order by Mrs. Lelan Williams ilar construction in order to mairtain equalization, the only difference in value being the 0ensive brick and stone veneer. Luxury type homes and cer- tain special purpose buildings who also presided over the bus- iness hour. Mrs. Arlis Wooley gave an excellent devotional on "Life is A Landscape," taking her theme from Deutronomy, chap- ter 30, verse 19, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: there- !ala QUESTION AND ANSWEI I Q. If you can't locate medicare card, is it prope amount of de.'-reciat;on allow- ed for deterioration and cbsol- escerce. It is not recessarv for the assessor to detormi~ ~he exact cost of an.v given bu;]~- ing for tax purposes; this ~.'ould be imnoss;hl~, c-nsider- in~: the number of buildings to be apprvise.d each year. For ouick estimating a,~d apprais- ing it has been fo, md ~uite satis'actory to find an average cost per square foot of floor s~ace a~d au~lv this average cost against bufl4in~rs of simi- lar construction and size. In order to assure that the values placed on all improve- ments will be uniform, a sched- ule of buildin~r costs has been prepared, based on a conserva- tive current market value. In this respect, dwellings have been classifid according to the quality and type of construc- tion and deviations have been made for the size or the area of the dwellings, as well as the shape. The reason for this is, of course, that the larger the area, the less the cost per square foot, all other things being equal; and as the peri- meter of the outside wall in- creases, costs will orrespond- ingly increase. Generally, the outside wall is one of the most expensive single items in a building and as the length of ths wall increases, the cost of the structure likewise increases proportionately. This is called the mass appraisal system and it is the only way in which tax appraisals can be made with any degree of equality or uniformity. Building cost schedules must be used in tax work because of utilizing the same cost schedule and putting each building in,to its proper classification, all assessments will be made in accordance with the uniformity clause of the Constitution of the State of Texas. Separate classifications have been. set up in the building cost schedule, ran~ging from the cheapest single wall type of construction to the more ex- will of necessity be classed "'Soecial" and priced inde-en- dently of the cost schedule. However, the unit value placed on luxury type homes and spec- ial buildings wilt be equalized with the cost schedules in the manual. A representative from the tax office will be with the ap- praisers at all times during the pricing of the improve- ments and the establishment of "land values so that they will become familiar with the appli- cations, of the building cost schedules and will be thorough- ly indoctrinated in the anpli- cation of all nhases of depre- ciation. At the conclusion of the equalization uro~ram, the cost schedule will be tnrned o-er to the assessor and she will be able to continue the equalization program on a per- manent basis. In other words, from then on, the Trinidad School District will have a continuous program of tax equalization which will pre- clude the necessity of emplo-- ing outside consultants in the future. After all property in the district has been appraised, the values will be totaled. The gov- erning body will then decide the basis of assessment, that is, what percentage of the ap- praised value will be used for the assessment and they will also set the tax rate for 1968. Both the basis of assessment as well as the tax rate will de- pend u~on the budgetary needs of the district. Assuming that the govern- ing body sets the basis of as- se~sment at 40 per cont, and as~umin~ that the aDnraised value of yo~,r house and lot was fixed at $10,000.00, your as- sessment for tax purposes* would be $4,000.00 (40 per cent of $10,000.00): Now--still as- suming, suppose the govern- ing body after a study of the anticipated expenditures of the district deides that the tax rate will be $1.50 per $100.00 as- sessed valuation for 1968. This would mean that your tax bill fore choose life, that both you use your social security and thy seed may live." instead? | The roll was called by Mrs. A. No, you need to hat Fleming who also read the medicare card. If you minutes. Mrs. Paul Lewis gave find yours, let us know so. the treasurers report, a new one can be issued.i The club is currently spon- the meantime, if you need.| soring an art contest for stu- dents in the local school and, will place award ribbons on the top three winning entries in. each class. Re~orts of the activities of the club for the past year have been sent to the Trinity Dis- trict for jud~zimz. The decision of the judges will be known at the March 28-?9 convention to payment, but it lists a co be held at Six Flaes Over Tex- of doctors whom I Rave pital or medical services,~e hospital or doctor's office obtain verification of,~ medicare claim numberJ~ the social security office. Q. I had an operation a months ago a~d Medicare most of my doctor bills. cently I received an Expl tion of Benefits explaining as I~n at Grand Prairie. seen. Can you explain thief Pioneer members Present for " . . i A. Surgery m a hospital the Tuesday meeting were ten requires'the semdes of~ Mines. John Key Sr Paul tors such as anesthesiolo~ Lewis, D. L. McCracken, W.A. patholoeists, and Radiolog~TJ Trotman, Lelan Williams Arlis in addition to your own do~ Wooley, Willard StAma, Ad- Some of these doctors you not see, but their serx, ices covered by the supplement Medical insurance. Q. I am 63 years old but not applied for my curity oa)maents because I to continue working until 65. My wife will be 62 month. She has never under social security. Can: start receiving social rian Parks and the hostess. would be $60.00 {$4,000 x $1.50). Once the basis of assessment has been fixed each property owner will be notified of the assessed value placed on his property in sufficient time for him to discuss the value with the assessor or make compar- isons of this value with that benefits on my account placed on similar properties she is 62? throughout the district. After A. No, wife's benefits an explanation by the apprais- your account are not er or assessor, and a compar- until you start receiving ison, if the property o~mer is o~m social s~urity not satisfied, he will, of course, benefits. have an opportunity to appeal Send your inquiries to the assessment to the Board of Box 3427, Tyler, Texas Equalization. 3 LBS. 22 OZ. 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