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February 16, 1968     The Malakoff News
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February 16, 1968

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Rex-. R. D. Pulley and his faro- said District, pursuant to the er with the returns of said t;on supplies requisite to said PASSED AND APPROVED, THE MALAKOFF NEWS ~h-of Terrell and Alton Brash- aQthority of Article 2784e-1, election to the Board of Trvs- election, this the 12th day of February, Texas Friday, Feb. 16, 1968 Page Seven er and Mrs. Sin mona. both of V.A. T. C. S~, and to the tees at its next regular or spec- * * * * * * * 1968. ORDER B D amount of FOUR HUNDRED ial meeting. The above order having been RAYMOND REESE, ~~ Houston. Mrs. Cude is grad- FOR ON ,ally jza'mn~' herstrength ELECTION THOUSAND DOLLARS ($400,- SAID ELECTION shall be read in full, it was moved by President, Board of Trustees ;~:~ ' " THE STATE OF TEXAS 000.) for ~chool building pur- held and conducted as provided' Jackson and seconded by Adams Malakoff Independent School F~I:'~ ha-k after a se~ge of illness. ~iI r,#aTT~a,rar n~ w~a~Dvn~ poses within the limits of said. by law for ~eneral e]ectione, that the marne be passed. District except as modified by Chapter Thereupon, the question being ATTEST: J[f~/~ ~ # ~[f~ ~!~i~.:i Here Sunday to visit with MALAKOFF INDEPENDENT Dlstrmt, to-waS: the purchase, b:~<~: ,l~f~j$ // I ~f/ / ~}'! their parents. Mr. a~d Mrs. SCHOOL DISTRICT constructon, repair or equip- 13, Title 49 of the 1925 Texas called for, the following mere- R. J. JOHNSON, Secretary, F lata~FP ~ Dewey Dodson were Mrs. Bud- ON THIS the 12th day of ment of public free school Revised Civil Statutes and bers of the Board voted Board of Trustees Malakoff Feb 1;'- "- Boar~l f buildings and the purchase of amendments thereto, and Ar- "AYE": Messrs. Raymond Independent School District ~ ~':~:~ dv Crawford and children, Deh- ruary, t~, tae o . i~!~:!:! hie and Buhba of Athens and Trustees of Malakoff Indepen- necessary rotes therefor, samticle 2784e-1 V. A. T. C. S and Reese, Jacksun, Johnson, W, O. (District Seal) ~: ( .Mrs. C~ark ~anford of Corsi- dent School District convened bonds to become due and pay- this Board will furnish all nec- Reese, Adams, and Gunnels; ~:::: ::i:: cans. Mr. Dodson ~s reportedin regular session, being open able .serially or otherwise in essary ballots and other elec- and none voted "NO." to be up and around though to the public, at the r~-galat such |nstallments as may be =:, :.;.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:-:.:.:.:.:.:.:-: :-:::::::.::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::.:::::.:.::: :.:.:.:.:.-.:.v v v v v ~ ~ ~'.~l ~, o + o o oo .o.*.o.o. .*.o. . : .o .*.*. .o ~.* --I, . v, ay ~Jrown ,e~ Jnurs- iniuries received in a fa]l ~on.e ,till suite weak from a recent meeting place of said Board and fixed by the .Board of Trust::; li{ i tar Atlantic City New . ~ . oc i cur " " -' tm~e ago. .Irs. Bart . .~ ,- b,ut w~th the flu and othersaid District with the follow- of sa|d Dmtmct, and to be i~.{ " Ass iati n Sch lL~ke Nursin~ Home. ed to his home by Mrs. San- attendance to :fit, eeed the maximum Prescribed i i:i m strators annual con,'en- -- f,rd after ~pend~ng ten days Ra m;~I ~ -res|de.t by law at the time of ismmn~e ~ili :" ' " "-the convention will be~inMr and Mrs Dick Derden in the Navarre Memorial Has-WaI= L J "'-~'~' p r.i' but in no event shall such rate ::~: ~ [a]. and continue throue'hand dau~'hter Rhonda. of A,s- pitaI in Corsicans. . . - ~ac~a, wce pr, " exceed SIX PER CENTUM :! ~(h~a.v. February 22. While tin spent the week-end in the sent; l~. J. $o~nsun, secretary; "' n W O w~ Y Ad - Bil (6%) per annum, payame a - ::de conventmn Brown willhome of his parents, Mr. andMrs. Olin Dukes accomDanied ly'L." {~m~l:" inlaY'-' " nuaHy or e~:qni-anntlaliy; and -a workshops and hear Mrs. R}ehard Derden. Mr ~rd Mrs. John B. Dukes toand with the following absent: ,hal! there be a~a!ly, assess,: 'Syade by enhghtened edu- I,alIas Sunday to vis!t with Mr. C B Brad~aw nstltutin- ~ ca, ,eviea arm conecreu on au iii! r~. Mr. ,nd Mrs. Paul Powers ofa~d Mr~ Jack's Ray Ewing -~.'^~'-- ^ a +, coy L" taxable property in said d's- " !i Jr. and Mrs Tom Le~ a~d Port Neehes are s-e.dmz th~ who had been notifiedof a eeedingsq~u'u"'; aOUhad mm, ugby saidU~"e'BoardV''of :r~ :or 7e cu:::f~erYearwh~l: ~[t: f :,~,~.~~.~:~l~+ ' :, easy, were in Dallas Mr. and Mrs. John Powers ,~d THERE CAME ON to be ~aid bonds or any of them or da, to s,t w+ h her o et+e .',rs.Ahhe been eon dered the petition of Ed- any interest thereoo are out- }ii,"" i ~and h~s wife: .Mr. and Barnett. On Sunday. the vro-n a-~v from her duties as saleswin L Arthus ann 7~ others ~canding, a tax sufficient to~!! / ' ~ i ac} Peele awa,were in J,okso to sp,n,' the at irb," Dr, ooes an oe" or-' -a the eu ent interest on .id' " 'V " . ~ ~amfly also v~s~ted w~thday with relatives. ~.'v'~e of illness Ester Ruth a dered upon the rffonosition bonds and. the principal there- ~!!i i m~;: a~: her ~i~::tM:} Trin}dad resident, has been hereinafter stated; arnd: ofasthe ~tme becomes due?" iiii :' :~k ~ ." ." i ~ ~ STATE i ~na ' " C Week-~wt g,es+s in t.~e ~metakir~ treatment at the Navar- IT APPEARING to the sat- THAT S~,ID ELECTION " i ~" ~ +he Rex-. avd Mrs. B 1]'e :~ Memorial Hospital in Corsi- isfaetion of this Board thatshall be held at the MALA- ' ~. ~ -- Banner ,'ere their da,~htertara. said petition be ~igned by more KOFF SCHOOL TAX OFFICE, i!i t~'~~ .;~"[': t~, :!:i);:;:.~ ~ ~::i: " i " ~ena Barton. mother of a~d her fawil,'. Mr rd Mrs. than twenty (20) resider~t qual- Malakoff, Texas in the Mala- e R~chard Derden )s sad .Vm Shov'e~ and baby. Ken- Mrs. Ida Bell Murr~hy. Carl ified electors and tax~avin~koff Indevendent School Dis-ii~ii~ ~]4~> ',~l~k~~''~~ ~ ~~~ BANR ! = recuperating n;celv from non, of Austin. Hardman, Mr and Mrs. Frank voters of MALAKOFF INDE- trier, and the officers of said Freeman. Mrs. Gradv Lewis, PENDENT SCHOOL DIS-elecHon shall be as follow.: Sunda~ ~ues+s ~ the home ~11~@ POr~{}Ct "" "" '~ - Mr.+. A. D, Racker and dau~h- TRICT, who own taxable pro- Ea:rl Gerry, Presqd~ng Judge; of Mr, and Mrs. Joe Peele were t~r Tammy and Mrs Julie perry in said District and who Willie West, Judge: Gracie iiii ;;:~: i Mr and Mrs Frank Peele [| ~ll~ll~|||~ " " Whitman traveled to Grosebeck each has rendered the same for Welborn, Clerk; and Myrtle ::ii.::: :: : M =s Frankte Ann Peele and ~i~[l|'l~ -' ;-- "" S,ndav to .ttend a b;rthdavtaxation, and that m~ch a pc- Ge-try, Clerk. Floyd Peele all of Sutcbur a 1 iiii~ :: " J ~lm|~|~lm,+ mr.ner ~or Mrs. Lock~e T y or. titian is otherwise in conform- Rav D. Brown is herebv a~- Snrings: Pvt. Geor~'e ~ avne Pools stationed at Fort re!k. ity with the law, this Board ;s pointed as Clerk for ABSEN- of the opinion that said peti- TEE VOTINC. at the election "~~J~ll~t Lnuisiana and Ray Allen and Mrs. Willie Mae Haynes waslion should be grawted, ~n~ herei~ ordered and absentee " son Carmen and Miss Debra, -. J~ ~"~'~-~l~ " + ~ v'~e~-,o~" e'uest of her .son, that said election as prayed votimr shall be conducted at !~:~::::::::::~:::~: ~ :~ii: :::::::i:::-::~::t"::::::::.::}.:':~:~!i:~:.;v ::::~:.+:~::::.::::: ~}~ ~"~'~ Det~rrnan all fMal~k fCand r~ ~uW FINANCIAL L~ ~ ~'~ --~11 " ' ' r. ('l;fford Haynes and of her for sbould be ordered; and, the SUPERINTENDENT'S OF-::.::- !:!:;:::~:i:::/~i: : !::ii~: :i:: i i:: :!. i i: i::::ii ):!; ::::: i.!:j!.!:i/.:; iiii!iiiiiii Vernon Emerine o Trimdad. ~ ~ -.-~ I - + d~,~bter and h~r famil.v, Mr. WHEREAS, the Malakoff FICE, and said Clerk shall i! ! : +![ i I i:: :) i 1!/+ i[!] i ~ iii! ! :~::~:::?::?:i:/.: : : i~ " :::: :i : : :::::::::::::::::: ~i!~i~! :: ~ "~/I 2nd Mrs. Jack H earn. Independent School District keep the office oven between ":' Mr. and Mr+ S :!: if::: am week-end ffuests their +~ ~ +has heretOfOre adopted the prO- the hOur~ Of 8:00 A" M" and 4:00 : + ~. firs. Ma~'~ie Da "'s of A.h- visions of Article 2784e-1, p M. each day that is not a i: :!i/ :" :+;+" +++++i+::iil :: ~LTip ii+~ftoa~i~y~imi:i ~m+i;~ifiI!iiiai~!i~ V. A. T. C. S at an election Saturday, a Sunday, or an Of- + + F,MARKET,: ++ held on the 10th day of April, ficial S~Le holiday, all in ac- e 1956; therefore, eordance with the vrovislons of ili i:+:i : : :,:i ii!;i::: :::! :: ::::; :f :- :::::::::?::::::::: : : : ~, " ~P " f Mr and Mrs De "' " Be It Ordered BY the Board Chapter 5' V" A" T" C" S" Elec" !ii ! . and his wi e, . : "" - ~ " " - of Trustees of Malakoff Inde- tion Code. Illp Ha mtaI m T~ler last week ' th. avallabl, wayne Alvis of Alexandria. " pendent School District: THE BALLOTS for said and repair parts go Louisiana who remained for a t~ .t ' .~]rs, r~en ~cmtos~ev ]s coy- THAT an election be held in election shall be prepared in ! ,a. TV sets we ~er- vi*it of several days -- + " " nneo to haynes nc, smta~ w~n ~aidMALAKOFF INDEPEN- mffficient number and in con- :::: " ,o, .-- if! COl CAR BUYING COSTS 11 I "~, g" a respiratory mTectmn.DENT SCHOOL DISTRICT onfortuity with Chapter 6, V. A. -- av repairs ~r. ana ~rs. ~:. D. Anen : were in Dallas Sunday to "sit ---~ --~- " " the 9th day f March' 19~8' T" C" S" Electi n C de' anct' ~ i M'.I I" ]* " M " d Mrs After artendmz local cnurcn which is not less than ten {10) printed onsuch ballots shall --~BLI ~Ir M$1EIIO with her parenus, ~ r. an T ll:q +.*-. Raymond Henczer~on.- "mervwem ~u-oay +++,rues. J. nezme, nor more than thirtF (30) days appear thefollowing proposi- iii!i WITH kOlkHS AI LOWES RATES a.~.~t~. " Bvrks, Arehie MaP Johnson, from the date of this order, at Lion: -~""';*'" " nd ou" ~isitors durin Lillie I+ew~s, Lela Be 1 Dod.~n which election, in accordance "The I~mce of Bonds and w~& V ~ Ina T. g ." ' and Al]ie Howard went to Ty-with said petition, the follow- the Levying of tlle Tax In +ii!i When you make a malor pur- l the weekend rathe home of + h:k::=r;:: ~~ + I~IDDLESPE1RGE"Mrs' Jos,e" "" Cude mere Mr and ]+r to have dinner and +end ins proposition mall be m~b- Payment Ther~or + chase such as a car,-a small : ?Jdson g-3$fll " + " the afternoon sightseeing."mitred to the re~i~nt qualified THE word "FOR" and be- ~ Mrs. Freddie Cude of Houston; ~ elector~ and taxpaying voters neath it the word "AGAINST" ii difference in t t DENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, left of the propo~ition. A who each own~ taxable proper- square shall be printed on the ty in said District and who has left of each of the word~ iill ference in the total cos duly rendered the seme for "FOR" and "AGAINST", and [ ROll I FR 1611 )A REI teesUl~"n : taxation, for their actiorl there-SHALLof MALAKOFFthe Board ofiNDE Tru~ me.wishesineach voter ~hall place an "X" !+the indicating--reto'dethe thewayState-he i ++ '+ + 00N T 2 )0011FRi)8).P 100F TRICT of NONE but resident qua|ified + ' TAKE CHANc~ + Henderson County, electors, who own taxable Texas be authorized and era- property in the Malakoff In- powered to issue the bonds of dependent School District, and ii} who have duly rendered the Most /mportant papers can be with Huge 1531b sizeTop Freezer] .me for taxation, shallbeal- ,James DalrymDle is in the }owed to vote at ~aid election, difficult to replace: for -, Veterans Hospital in Dallas THE SECRETARY of this ~i,SOme It l$ under~,oin~ examinations and Board of Trustees shah forth- i~.: impossib|el/ tests for a back ailment. His with issue notice of said elec- !.'::~ . " your valuables room number is 606B and he tion, stating in substance the ': In one of our low cost safe de- would appreciate cards and contents of this election order ~i{ POsit boxes. The cost of your box letters from his friends, and the time and place of said election, and said Secretary -- -= ~ -: :.:-:.:.:.:.:.:-:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.'.:.:.: is tax exempt[ Rent yours now. shah post a copy of such notme i i * / at three public ulaces in the ~ ~ District for ten (10) days prior v to the date fixed for said elec- ~erver! Y~ur Old FPD-1TTAL, |66 cu. ft (NEMA stendard) Refrigerator ~r Twin Vegetable Hydrators hold up to 23.4 qts.! Makes Down * Oeep door shelf for cartons, cans, tall bottles. Payment EASY TERMS 'k Slldlng shelf brings back.shelf foods up fronfl iainil im miii Go where all the Frigidaire Happenings are ILL ? MALAKOFF i PHONE HU 9-4966 SHELFt tion, and published in at least one newspaper of general cir- culation in the County where than ten {10) days prior to the date fixed for maid election. Immediately after mid electio~ /'~~ has beer~ held, the officer~ holding the same shall make returns of the results thereof household & to the Board of Trustees of said School District and retur~ clothing Items the ballot box to the Secretary n yUw- 31 Trinidad of said ~oard who sha,l safe,y keep and deliver same, togeth- !~ I I II I I I Illl ~ $.:. 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