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February 19, 1965     The Malakoff News
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February 19, 1965

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The Heartbeat of the Progrewive Territory of Most Versatile Industrial Climate Located at the Dam of Texas' Largest Lake Year Malakoff, Henderson County, Texas, Friday, February 19, 1965 Number Seven li The "erm o Mayor Marles ing statement" "I decline to be a this community in the future I will I ve~pm=~.~ea:Jh~=z:tbYe:~IF~e~l." ~:n~ Tf~i~ki~f i'?,~lilex~inree?:ee ~:l~;teel: ~o~?'v~[ ~s tl:e:n,~ D~ em:onthlea;:~r" rtunity'' 'Mayor :gttiO~ep~iOmnt~;;der)o:m C~[Uan~Y ' - " ' momoKon o,r i .e,om vv111 ltioT=t=jOnbllt oT::dW ?. Synopsis Oi Cedar Creek -- -- . -- --a '--Igr 7' the luncheon meeti,the ST=:L'AR;'2" lilies STi:l 'uechsLcom:tia;'ted'Mr we 5ec nd Oi ;trict' Play " Sur~eymg" of the C ~dar Cr-- Lake pro|oct" m" .b~tng" done m :" ts~7:teo:e'r and w as~7:nd;ava:deobn~,:t~st Id: "Due t~. solicita-rt:: T~e MalakofO "rls Baskebball c essful season with a foUr lsal ] A~12~!![n~m,~ea~r~lu~tii~!il--rir~h~!i:~l ~;~o~p~]l~King, Sue Trammell, Vicki Lewis, l!~me~to proceed w,th'the pro}eet. Car- IK~m ~mitl~ win ill am eXllelieae~ tralt~ ~il~t ~| ttatonI i . ) w t trict play They have =won two [ times, twice this y . . t n "th U 8 Co qm-- radm'-tTl~ m~mwi~ -- -- ~diili""l~llm~l~ ,]i ~ ~ - ' |' "~7 tr pniesa-rua nave ptaeea x ur P'Y'tselee'te~" on the see nd tea~All:/~u~'~ ~~ " ~ arv " ors on the All-Tournament teanm. Di~tr~ot, one year as a o ~rd ~ ~ the earle . . . The Coach Sheffield said: '~'his has another year, Gayle received hun- by 18 ted e~ ~fl~ te Measuring of distances aaa mvem is ooae ny use of a Tellure- been a fine team of great spirit, orable mention. Gayle nan aver- and .will ser~. e the rtat,~nal ha - ,et . ,~t h~ rem~ set and a muter They nd]| Minisiter's ~ tremendous pride, and a deep de-laged 24.7 points per game this[ teresu; as wen as ~nose ox me on- repulses back and forth between them and by so doing the distance,~ ~'[~~.~-"~" ,~ o ,~ ~ I sire to win. The girls always dis- / year and is a captain.[ tire Southwest." . etweea the punts" are measured. ]flOllgll~3 ~ played good sportsmanship, which Vicki Lewis has been a starter Mayor l)ra~eofOZ thm~agO~Zmee mtm: ts,eofll I=is n,e--ry to have a wmn, ngl for four Yea--. r - mng a[ .'rn.e. be U. S. 17~ m used for thm work. One of the umta m placed, on ~ Paste .r. First Assembly of God Five of the 1 i n e- u p are hard to replace next year. poe.pie who. will be affected b~' tilt niora and will be greatly miss- Sue Trsmmell has lettered four "rr~m~y River Development to ~ Se ion el si and the other one is taken to various points along what will be the ~ " e ears makin the AlLTourna, port the resolut . ~ egate lake s sh~eline at one mile mtervals TI . ed next year. The five are Gayly,g . w i. the RECIPE FOR BLESSING of the chma. e re|roster and ment teams three braes, once thm Fort Worth to the Gulf ere ~Jmm esumatea mat it Will uIKe Uo worKmg Jays ~m~, ! ,c~,~ ~.~ I~.: : ~ had the necessar- monevl- / ~- - *re ntin- eve-" count~ that " " w .o~.~ o ~. ,~ w *= " a - year at the ~enaer~on t~oumy / pre~ s ~ pro]oct and locate the monuments which will be placed above the ater[ And the Lord shall guide thee I for their tour. [ Band Studen~ To [Junior College. Sue made the sec-I borders on the river, We hope hne along the shoreline and satisfy When Israelwas restored to last ear that someactmn will come out of ]continually, ' ." thy soull "" l lrt z,-'--t--.~4~ T~ lend team in All-District y [ . ,! In doing the work, the tower which is on U. S. 175 will have to in drought, and make fat thy her land, God wanted the people to Z' tzttutj~t~ ~ [as a guard and received Honor- [ this meeting. be relocated several times as surveying of different parts of the lakebones: and thou shalt be like a understand that he would bless ~ ~,ml Band F~stival|able-Mention as a Sophomore. She~ takes place. Work is being done now on the north end of the project watered garden, and like a spring[ them in proportion to their obed- I [is a Captain this year t 'in Kaufman County )of water, whose waters fail not. t ience to Him. ~n]~ did not meanI Band studer,ts from the Mats-|- Barbara Robertson has m a d e/~ ~'~Tm m~.~,~. ' Beside~ the st~;ve-in- done Dallas firm ope ( Some years ago when a Minister) that His blessings could be bought, lkoff tIigh School will participate|the All-Tournament team three |lll ll~e ~V~ m~H m~m g on me grouna, me " " God . . . and h]s wife were trjdng to raise but that only knew the re- he t -outs for the Select times, once this year at K~rens. | rat.oN, its own aerm! pho,ograimy service anti w,H make al! of the money for a world preaching tour,[cipe for bless!ng- )~an~ of ~r~ players on FebruarY[She has lettered four years and[IW.~,~-~&A~ u n.n aertax photos of the lake. The map they prepare ~II have ~ toot con- the Lord spoke to the wife's) Obedience ts not always easy 22 at 7-.?~) at Henderson County)she made All-District guard last !1-11111,11 I~lm~ I m(l~I ,ours. Buce and Gunn, Inc. is the only North Texas firm that is eq- heart and suggested that she sell It often requires sacrifice on our Junior C'ollege in Athens. [year. | uiplx~d to do both the ~,round and aerial nhato work on such a project. ! her china dishes She put an ad in [ part Yet God asks that we give } ~ ,t.~:. ;~*-uments I Returning forwards are: N~tncy I Mrs. Coy Turner, 54, of New" ~P~IL 1960 the newspaper and a few days lat- only that we maj more easily re- - "~ --:"- ~arn Nanc~ [ Phillips Paul~ Rogers, Prmsy ] Caney, dted suddenly Tuesday a/- Fort Worth's Cedar Creek Lake in western Henderson County ( e~ra woman came to see the china. )ceive. -n obedien "" I ~I~:I~I~: ;3~c~eri Fowle'r, B-fiat I/earn, Lynn Ca=y, Deb DeAr-I ~nr~OO~ej:s th~hlO~Im:nilfl~t ) xne may commented on the t/al- THINK: A t lite isa . Cornet( man and Pam Thompson. [,- will be an integral part of the eventually ehatmelisation of the Trimty . . q I " . Clarmets;Chris Drake," " w rin h ni h be r ~tv of the dmhes and asked wh i blessed hfe. - t t Nanc [hdhps has lettered t o denly du g t e g t fo eantl Rlver and it is possible that someaay proauets nearing a "Made in Hen-( .C ~ Y l ~ Sharon Hoskms, bass clarme I " Y o---" l w~s rushed to the h^*-:*~L . ** . ~ . i ~.v ~'~tb oeitlng them. lne minis- ] i ~ t,= ~ bern baritone; Sao- ] years as a ;orwara a,u nan ,e )~ "-t"~'~ eerson uounty" lab|e wan rouen the tour cocners ot the worm ny aoau ! ter's wife explained that t h e v I ~ ~ :" 7ham (-'. h, I more year of eligibility She has [Mrs. Turner had suffered from r ! " - . (Ira anorews, '~,-- ,~,-^--v ~--e, - . " A local repreaentattve of the Tarrent County V*ater Control and needed the money to nelp finance!m . -i~l.| v^ hariton sax--taveraged 5.4 pomts per game thmla dmbetm cond~tmn for a lengthy Improvement Dtstrtct No. 1 made the foilowmg statement to the Re- their preachmg tour. But how IL~lll~l[ll IK Ill r~ Truelove alto saxo-Iyear, p'ermd. , tory 1 h~ ;. ~ho,~ ) can YOU bear to s 11 ueh fin~ ] p notne; ~,~, .-, ~ -' ~ o ~ ~ la Ro~,ershas two more I She will be remembered in Mill* ---~ u ; ~: . e s none- ,~liKe bnamoerz a,u .au,o Pau , "The Cedar Creek project is the equivalent of a $15 million in-lchma~' presmted the woman. The]*r ~ :,~ ~ *r ~l~ge~ trombone; Michael Yorklyears of playmg and has a, veragedl akoff as the former Ruth Riddla. . .t :,L :, :, : f minister's wize smiled and renlied, I mrn~mut,i~ |U . '" a I 11 7 noints a game. ~ne nan let- I sperger, s ~ s ~ e r oI a, laerman uustry in laenoerson L~nly one ~ltl~ conne~tt~a m~tn ~t w~n rtnce~ve) ,v " . -- - ~ I--='' "''-" an(l bloney nopt~e*, u,u o, i "--"- r'-^or-e Riddles,er,-er and niece t xou see I own the enlna; it I will I terea two )'ears, one year az a ~Jv ~ v a payroll equal to that of an mdustrv of that sort, enther dnrectly or ~ If selected, the students I ~: ~-ward [Miss Mattie Riddlesner~,er ' o--. - ; u,se~. ~ ~n me. zne woman l ~ ~ ~ . ~ ~ ~t. oc i guarri ann LIII~ yea~ as . ,- . tatttreetly. I was soimvressed tbat abe ~.-~.t,~ ] i~l~a~ |~rr| m ]}a~l~ give a concert rtaoa~, marc [ PrlaSv Hearn is a Junior and has I Funeral servmea were held in ,i m~ myra= ~,~v vv m m in the College auditormm Some day the highway between Athens and Trinidad will look a cheek for three times the r~rice 8:00 ~1 one more year. She has averaged lthe First Methodist Church of Iiite the hi,hwav between Dallas and Fort Worth." I-- ~ ~ ] ~N Ro ~r~u.~ Mr, Kennetn ore en, tnrector oz[ 2 3 rroints per game and has let- 1 Malakoff at 2 p. m. Thursday. The "~ ) ]~V LIL~*~'* -~,- ela.~',)ll2"~kvm te ne~ ~ ~kUS],ln COl- "' r t l ( . Band at S p - rs as a forward Reverend Thomas L. Jones con- The Sl~kesman stud water Is Important to Texas because Texas, I ~ . . . - n l tered two yea. . ~=,~t . One of the Ad landmarks m lege will be the FesUval chmcm, ,-od thi~ year a ls ducted" the services, assisted by the ,s growing at twice the national rate and ,nat the .r, mty vaney is rmnam rotes i Trinidad, the A. J. Jackson home and 'guest conduetor of the Select ~-~--n~Las-eY-~]t~:~" "~:ee--mor~ Reverends C i~'in, and l~urlal growing four times as fast as the national average, its Doing torn down to make way 100 Piece Band at the llth An-!a i RITrm, Page 7) The district will buy only the land it needs for the reservoir and ! for progress. The demolition of nual Band Festival. ~:~ee ,r~a:,*, **~ ~ , will" cbntrol only the vertical three feet coverage by. the lake" Ls crest " ~S ~Ithe homestead )s" bemg" overseen Any recreational facilities on its shores may be constructed by churches, ; by Big'on Jackson, a son of A. D. ei" . . . . i Mr.s Charles Bien, Princeton, Jackson hen and the cotmty. The dmtr~ct will police the waters and the local ! authorities will police its shore, i Missouri, mother of J. E. Bien,This house, constructed in 1909 The prime e o n t r a c t o r for the water will be the City City Secretary of Malakoff, died with lumber cut and sawed within last Friday morning after a tong what is now the city limits of the of Fort Worth. It ~ill take some 25 million gallons of the 153 million illness, towx, could (if it were po~ible) gallon daily yield, leaving some 125 million gallons that will be avail- i Mr. Bien had been called to his write a Tome on the history of the able to industry, i mother's bed-side a week before, town and it's people in the more JUNE 1960 )Mrs Bien and her son and daugh-)than five and a half decades it The vast industrial and recreational potential of a lake of the!ter-in-~w, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnielha:~ been facing the front street. Bien of Malakoff left for Prince-I At the time it was constructed, magnitude of the Cedar Creek reservoir to be constructed in Hender- i ton immediately after receiving there was a large saloon, one and Kaufman Counties was pointed out at a gathering of directors Mrs. Bien was 78 years old and i north side of the railroad tracks. eli the district and representatives of utilities, cities, counties, land- the news of Mrs. Bien's death store and a huge cotton gin on the ~Wners, the State Highway Commission and State Highway Depart-lhad the following survivors: sixi On the south side near the the merit from Kaufman, Eustaee, Kemp, Mabank, Malakoff, Tool, Mankintdaughters. two sons, thirteen lhouse was located the rest of the and Fort Worth. -" "~ " th- site is a natural ba~nn ) grandchildren and four great- ) busix~ess district which consisted It was pointed out at the meeqng mat ~ ",grandchildren, i of a Post Office, Drug Store and sho tenhal and the money lost nn taxatmn from wing a vast industrial po " Mr~ Bien was a member of the i one building where the sparse the land in the area would be returned a hundred fold by the improve- First Baptist Church of Prince- population purchased their dry merit& ton. but a~ a young ~firl ~he a~-gc~<>d~, groceries and notions. Clearing of the reservoir site should begin within a i'e~ week~ with the acquisition of land and construction must begin within eight months. 21,000 surface acr~ will be in Henderson C~mnty and 17.000 in Kauf- man County. The landowners and local persons involved in the construction of the lake were assured that the board and engineers would conduct their development of the hk~'in a buslness-like manner, working in l t~-nd ~] :~cho,~! and cLurch in About one bk 'k southwest stood P!~a:-'ant }'.idle. 'th'. one room ~'Kool house which T~e funeral ser~,ice.~ were held i a]~, served as a community church. Sunda', in the P!ea~ant Ride, e: Mr. and Mrs. Jack:,on with their By CHARLSIE BOCELL The residents of the City ~.f( many, years Mr. Waller was Mal- Malakoff in the forthcoming city akoffs first mayor, named on the election on the first Tuesday in original ballot when the town ,va~ " first organized in 1949. tie ~,~rv- April, will be both priviledged, and ed as head of the City Council dur- charged in the selection of one to ing all of those trying days fol- serve in the all-important office lowing inorporation, and was of Mayor for the next two years highly instrumental in putting Priviledged, yes, m that they are forth the issue which resulted in afforded the Democratic right to the ultimate construction of the make their own choice, but char~,- adequate water and sewer systems, ed likewine, to exercise their very. and the organization of the Mala- best judgement in such a sel~.~ztion koff Volunt~er Fire Department, to the end that the City and the, all of whi:h ~ervice~ the people F,a~tis~ Church and buria! :~as in dhuThter, Odessa, and son, Byron, it wnsf lk might be best served, of this community are now privi- tLe P~a ant Ridge Cemetery. mo'ed to Trinidad in 1907 from ltaving those best interests at led~'ed to enjoy and at very nora- ' J ' ' heart, this newspaper would make linal costs. The grandsorm acted as paLl-i Chandler. Mr. ae,:~n was m the bearers. !saw mill business at that time. a venturous step in endorsing the~ The immediate future of the Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bien andlAnother daughter, L~la ~ell and a candidacy of Mr J. D. (Red)[City of Malakoff involving pro- family returned to Malakoff the i son. Claude, was born to them in Waller, a well-known and highlyI gressive advancement offered in following Tuesday night: l (See LANDMARK, Page 7) re~peet~ citizen of this" city furl the promotion of the eanalization i of the Trinity River, the unlimited possibilities for growth afforded in the construction of the nu~- mouth Cedar-, Creek Lake--in o~ very back door, and the conversion of State Highway 31 into a 4- lane thoroughfare, will demami experience at the Mayor's deak. Surely it is not our aim in wise, to attempt to dictate political policies, or to one how to vo~e. Thi~ ment in behalf of Mr. offered in all sincerity in the be- lief that his impeccable his business experience, to sl~ak, and his past merits in civic affairs up to make him a e for this high of Fme of hon~ trust.