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February 19, 1981     The Malakoff News
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February 19, 1981

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t 8A--The Malakoff News, Thursday, Feb. 19, 1981 By WILLIAM WALLER with our telegraph service, we can alert 8mlthsonian News Service virtually all of them within 24 hours of a CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-In the heavens, discovery." as on the Earth, the unexpected can oc- Over the past 12 years, Marsden has cur at any time. Without warning, a become synonymous with the high. fast-moving comet can dramatically speed communications service brighten, a previously unidentified headquartered at the Smithsonian asteroid can briefly come into view or Astrophysical Observatory here in an otherwise undistinguished star can Cambridge, Mass. A spirited Britisher, suddenly explode into a dazzling nova. he runs an essentially one-man show, Alerting the world's astronomers to using TWX machines, one in his obser- these new and often short-lived vatory office and the other neatly celestial wonders is the task of the Cen- tucked into his study at home. On these tral Bureau for Astronomical machines, Marsden receives Telegrams, an internationalastronomical news around the clock clearinghousefor the hottestfrom observers around the world. astronomical news fit to print. After quickly checking and refining For scores of skywatchers around the the raw reports of discoveries, Marsden globe, the century-old Telegramsends out "observing alert" messages Bureau, now operated by the via coded telegrams to his main sub- Smithsonian Institution for the Inter- scribers, primarily the world's major national Astronomical Union, has observatories. Later--usually within a become an indispensable early- day--he recomposes the telegrams into warning system for the scientific cam- printed versions, the official "IAU Cir- munity, culars." More comprehensive and Receiving and disseminating infer- more readable, these 3-by-5 announ- mation on all new celestial discoveries cement cards go by mail to a much and, in some cases, determining who broader group, including amateur will get the credit for the finds, the astronomers, libraries and news Telegram Bureau plays a vital role in organizations. international astronomy. Because of its rapid and accurate "We have subscribers throughout the coverage, the Telegram Bureau often world--from the United States to the breaks some of the most exciting news People's Republic of China, from New in astronomy. In 1980, for example, the Caledonia to Barbados," says Dr. Brian Bureau reported the discoveries of Marsden, the Smithsonian astronomer eight new comets, two Jovian moons who serves as Bureau director. "And, and at least seven Saturnian moons as New for Spring Cotton, poly dusters $10.95 Pants $10.95 Terry, poly tops $6.95 & $7.95 Short Sleeve Smocks - ,Jackets $9.95 Tailored short sleeved shirts 34-40 $7.95 & $8.95 S & H GREEN STAMPS MALAKOFF LAY-AWAYS well as a handful of supernova ex- plosions in distant galaxies. Although it carries a wide range of astronomical information, the Telegram Bureau's real bread-and- butter is news about comets. Comets are sometimes defined as "dirty snow- balls"--hardpacked conglomerations of frozen gases and dust whose eccentric orbits around the sun bring them precariously close to the sun's vaporizing rays. The solar radiation causes the comet's icy outer shell to vaporize into a long stream of gas and dust, sometimes millions of miles long. "Comets, even the faint ones, have always held a special fascination for amateur astronomers," Marsden says. This fascination is in part due to the unique tradition of naming comets after their discoverers. No other astronomical objects are so named. Usually, the naming process is fairly straightforward. "If all goes well, it'S a first-come, first-served situation," Marsden says. "However, if two or three claims of discovery are submitted within a few hours of each other, we give a combined name." But when more than three claims are received, the Bureau is forced to limit the designation to the first three names. "Though somewhat unfair," Marsden admits, "it has to be done. After all, even three names in a row is a mouthful to pronounce." Perhaps the most problematic episode of comet-naming came in 1975, when two comets were discovered almost simultaneously. The first, tem- porarily designated 1975j, had three Japanese discoverers within 70 minutes. It was formally dubbed Speedy Spinach Soup tastes great on a cold day. Combine 1 can (10 '/' oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup and 2 cups milk in a 2-quart saucepan. Add half a 10-oz. package of frozen, chopped spinach, I/4 cup chopped onion, I/4 teaspoon nutmeg a dash of pepper. Heat- to serving temperature. Yield: 4 cups. "Comet Mori-Sato-Fujikawa." The second, temporarily designated 1975k, had five discoverers within 30 minutes. Alas, the last two discoverers missed their chance for fame, and the final designation became "Comet Suzuki- Saigusa-Mori." Incidentally, Hiro-Aki Mori's discovery of two comets within 70 minutes was the first time anyone had discovered two successive comets in such a short time. Because of such situations, Marsden emphasizes that the only good way to report a discovery is via telegram. In fact, to ensure that a discoverer receives credit for finding a comet, a telegram with date and time clearly marked is absolutely essential. (The Central Bureau's TWX number is: 710- 320-6842. ) Besides tending to comets, moons and novae via the IAU's Telegram Bureau, Marsden also shepherds the Minor Planet Center, the official recipient and certifier of all asteroid observations. Asteroids, or minor planets, are small, primarily rocky bodies that orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter ane are thought to be relics of the early solar system. "In a typical year, we receive obser- vations of about 1,000 unidentified asteroid candidates, as well as several thousand observations of already known asteroids," Marsden says. Sincb 1801--when astronomers started keeping track-2,321 distinct asteroids have been catalogued in the "definitive list." Of these, only 12 have been lost from view. "Right now, we are iden- tifying about 100 new members a year," Marsden comments. Once numbered and catalogued, each new asteroid is named by its discoverer--after someone else. Although less ego-satisfying, this procedure can be just as much fun as the comet-naming practice. For example, John Huchra, an astronomer at the Smitbsonian Astrophysical Ob- servatory, named his asteroid discovery after Asmodeus, the Babylonian god of lust. The grace ye are saved through, The substance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen. ii I THE MALAKOFF NEWS 489-0531 If your church is not included please call 489-0531. HARBOR HOUSE RESTAURANT, CLUB AND MARINA Star Harbor 489-0810 K&K KOATINGS, INC. Highway 31 East 489-1920 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hopkins SUNNY GLENN RESORT "Rough it in comfort" Hiway 90 489-0715 MALAKOFF PRESCRIPTION SHOPPE 106 N. Terry 489-1909 Marlin and Karen Perkins MALAKOFF INSURANCE AGENCY 102 South Terry 489-0512 Mr. and Mrs, Jerry Garrison DAIRY QUEEN OF MALAKOFF Highway 31 West 489-1895 Faye Parkins East THE BARBER SHOP Royall Blvd. 489-0455 Lea Williams and Earl Gentry CITY BUILDING SUPPLIES, INC. West Royall Blvd. 489-0891 -i TANNER MOTOR COMPANY 105 East Mitcham 489-1292 The Tanner Family BIGGS SHEET METAL SHOP Highway 31 E. 489-0741 Mr and Mrs V.gd BIggs & son THE CARPET & APPLIANCE DEPOT 212 Terry Mr, and Mrs. Heal Hampy Mr. and Mrs, Joe Haney ROYALL CHEVROLET & BUICK CO. 510 W. Royall Blvd. 489-0529 CEDAR LAKE NURSING HOME West Royall Blvd. 489.1702 Management and Staff FOOD FARE MALAKOFF, INC. Highway 31 W. 489-0538 Open Sun.-Thurs. 8 to 7 Fri~ and Sat. 8 to 8. DULANEY AUTO SUPPLY "Pleasing You Pleases Us" 611 Highway 31 East 489.1533 Mr and Mrs Bud Dulaney PERRY BROS. E. Highway 31 489-0482 i,,, FRED SONNTAG FORD, INC. 303 W. Royall Blvd. 489-0506 Mr. and Mrs, Fred Sonntag McKEE LUMBER CO. 206 East Royall Blvd. 489.0527 Gene Berry, manager Jl CITIZENS JIM DAY STATE BANK ELECTRIC North Terry Mslakoff 489-0530 489.0910 J&J ENTERPRISES R.H. Lee Park Your Host .... Jude and Judy Glasscock ACTION REALTY 211 E. Royall Blvd. 489 1519 This Feature is published with the thought that more people will attend church. It is sponsored by firms 100% interested in our community. Textbook committee at By LIONEL DUNCAN wants to select the one that Within a few days of this writing a do the best job for us. textbook committee composed of local All regular Malakoff teachers will be making some impor- Teachers are being involved taut decisions concerning new tex- selection although only six, tbooks that will be in use for the next from the Junior High, will several years, real recommendation. If Student textbooks are provided in dif- division of opinion it will be ai recent ways throughout the United rule, but they can norm States. Until recent years when some one. court cases declared it discriminatory, The adoption is usually for some states required students to pur- period but with the rapid chase textbooks much like college books the policy for the students have to do. Many states still has been to extend the leave it to the local school district to additional two or three secure their own. Some of those require some instances extend it their schools to purchase through a depends on the subject state purchasing agency from an ap- pearance, or absence as the a proved list, while some actually permit be, of new materials or purchasing on the open market. There is no chance to I have been told by representatives of until a new one is adopted. nationwide publishers that the system begin to wear out they can Texas follows is the best and I am in- Austin and exchanged for clined to agree, ones in good condition. The State Board of Education calls We place our order in Ma for the adoption of books for specific tbooks we think we will subjects a year or more in advance, opening of school in the fall Such was the case for reading, for present enrollment example, in grades one through eight, reasonably easy to have The call was issued in 1979, with local when school begins for the adoptions to be made in March of this grades if the population year, for use this fall. A committee of stable. A large unexpected very knowledgeable people in the sub- the summer can cause ject are appointed for screening, students may sign up for Almost a dozen publishers, in the case course than anticipated, of reading, presented their program to for. You wind up with a the committee and at the appointed book and shortage of time made their pitch. In some subjects with pre-registration the only three may be selected. This varies, which often amounts to depending somewhat upon the number a survey, shortages in some of publications available, going to happen. We are Before the State Board will approve surplus books. those five, public hearings are held to allow and hear those who wish to Emergency orders are protest one or more on the list, giving Textbook Division in their reasons. Science and history district's TextbookCustodian, usually get some objections, due to the other schools are doing nature ofthesubjectmatter, at the same time so it If the.State Board does not consider awhile. I explained this the complaint serious, the five are ap- der to ask the indulgance proved and samples are shipped to whose child failed to get a public schools in January. A local book the first day of school. committee of teachers already appoin- The textbooks we have are t ted examine the samples in order to to us and we are held make a recommendation to the local school board. As mentioned earlier, new reading programs are now being examined carefully. I use the term "program" because it is more than just a textbook. Publishers plan the teaching of reading eight. The programs vary slightly, depending on the philosophy of the publisher as to the best way to teach reading. All are good but the committee strict and accurate running kept. If a student looses one il paid for before the student another. When the money Austin our record is will replace the book request. We urge parents to children to take care of Early this year Malakoff I.S. I loan from the State $63 textbooks. QUESTIONS ANI) ANSWERS SOCIAL SECURITY By Jimmy VanBevers Tyler District Manager Social Security Administration Q. During a recent stay in a hospital, disabled widows and I was charged over $200 as a medicare have a nlne-month trial deductible. I have since learned from llke other disability neighbors that the medicare deductible trial work period allows this year is only $60. If I have paid too return to work in spite of a much, how may I be reimbursed? dltlon to test their A. From what you say, beth the without losing their hospital and your friends are correct, change for widows and Medicare has two deductibles. Anyone part of the 1980 Social who stays in a hospital for at least one dments. full day as an inpatient will be charged Q. My 24-year-old son was the current hospital {Part A) insurance auto accident. About how deductible, currently $204. This is ~hat wife and two small children e happened in your case. The medical in- receive? surance deductible of Medicare (Part A. If a worker who has B) is applicable whenever a beneficiary average earnings dies at requires services as a hospital out- leaves a wife and two youn! patient, or by a doctor regardless the socialsecuritybenefit whether the services are performed in would be $840.40 a month. an office, a hospital operating room, or If the worker's earnings a private home. The Part B annual to the taxable maximum deductible is $60. A Medicare han. security, the benefit for dbook, available at any social security would be $1,132.30 a month. office, will explain this and other Q. I'm3years older than valuable tips on this subject. Call or and I will be 65 next March. write. One will be sent to you. Medicare based on m Q. Although my neighbor and I have under social security even each worked and paid social security won't be 65 for 3 years? taxes for the same number of years, his A. Yes. You can get MedicSr retirement benefits are considerably long as beth you and your ha higher than mine. Why is it that two eligible for monthly people with equally fully insured status husband must be eligible for receive monthly checks of different first before you can amounts? Medicare off his record. A. A fully Insured status is only one Q. I am going to have to requirement for determining benefit my benefits as a mother stOP en-titlemeat. The fact that a retiring my child is 18. Will my person has been found to be fully in- benefits end affect the checks sured means that he has been credited received this year? with the required number of quarters of .,,~. No. Ea0r~nings you have coverage. The amount of the monthly a~y~'~l~enefits stop will benefit check, however, is based on fect on benefits paid before average annual earnings during a per- Q. When we were son's working lifetime. Someone with Europe, my husband beca~ an average income of $3,000 over the and had to be hospitali: past 20 years will receive considerably Medicare help less than someone who averaged $7,000 No. Medicare cannot over the same period of time. hospital Q. I have heard from many sources United States, Puerto Rico, that government employees may no Islands, Guam, and longer receive both social security unless you receive benefits and civil service annuity quallfiedCanadlanorMexicS~ checks. What happens to the social and only if certain c security taxes I have paid over the years ? Bible Correspondence A. You are referring to one of our recent amendments, the government QUESTION: Where did pension offset. The government pression "A little bird retirees who may be ineligible to originate? ANSWER: receive social security benefit checks Ecclesiastes 10:20. This are those who have not worked suf- example of some of th~ flclently under social security covered facts that are found in employment. A retired person will Perhaps yo~ would benefit receive beth the annuity and the social better understanding of security check if beth benefits are book.Now based solely on one person's work. lesson, full crier Bible dence course. Study in the] From what you say, It appears that you are potentially entitled to both. For in- of your own home at formation regarding your specific pace. Certificate situation, contact any social security completion. First lesson office, mediately by mail. This offered free without Q. I receive benefits as a disabled obligation to you. For more widow on the record of my deceased mation write: Corres husband. If I try to work, will my Course, P.O. Box 193, checks stop right away? 75163. A. Beginning In December 1980,