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February 22, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 22, 1935

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THE PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY i Entered at the Postoffice at Malakoff second class matter. L. J. SCnOLL EDZTOR Subscription Price $1.00 a Year. Advertising Rates on request. Resolutions and Cards of Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. In case of error in advertisement this paper will not be re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisement. i L i I The big laugh was on Weir the other day when 8:30 in the morning, he back to the telephone and nl Squire about rushed called his daughter, Winifred. to hurry up for school. His face suddenly colored to a rosy red when the daughter politely announced to her elder that the Day was Sat- urday .... A Dallas visitor to the city last week, in a varied con- not exchange places with us if they could. --Tear ue Chronicle. Fewer Schoolhouses Once America's pride, the "lit. tle red schoolhouse", with its barnlike single room and primi- tive equipment, is slowly b u t surely passing. More than 10,000 o f these small district school buildings were abandoned in the past few years, their places be- ing taken by the modern consoli- dated school With the rapid extension of versation, mentioned t h s t in seeking dental services, he had good roads and the employment ....... .. lot motor busses for the trans- ~een rezerred to Dr. 1.,. Minn of Dallas as one of the best portation of children to these lar- .......... ger institutions, it seems inevita- in the soumwest. Tne visitor ........ tIbis that the one room school, was then surprlsea to learn tna l ...... "" for with its many handicaps, will In'is same ur, luClulnn was - merly a resident of Malakoff-- eventually disappear. having practiced his profession here exactly 20 years ago ....... The Oxford Care opened its doors to the public here Saturday and spent most of the day serving free coffee to future prospective customers ..... A fovnd want-ad apuearingin the News a short time succeeded in restoring a portfolio to its owner, Rob't. Bishop of Athens. . I il Prayer Goes to High Court It is difficult to understand how omPi mL a new trial been sought for a man convicted at Tyler because the prosecuting attorney concluded his case by kneeling and praying that the jurors would b e given t h e strength to do what is right. There is no effort here to settle any technicality of l a w that might involve prayer. But don't THE WORLD COURT By LEONARD A. BARRETT The entire nation anxiously awaited the recent decision of congress on the AGA approved gas appliances... ... SURAN E entrance of the United States Into [or SAFETY ..... QUALITY ..... EFFICIEHCY the World court. The issue was fought vigorously by both sides. Those who favored the court felt that every possible sup- port should b e given the President in his endeavor to achieve Internatlon. al peace Praise- worthy as thls ob- Ject may have been, a still larger num- ber of persons were thoroughly con- vlnced that though the World court was a very important factor in achiev- ing ~he President's goal, it was charged with dynamite. This group advocate~1 the theory that membership in the court would place our country in dan- ger of entangling alliances wlth for- eign powers. This was believed to be des[ructlve of our liberty and would compel our subjection to the will of the majority of representatives in the courL who would vote in favor of the European powers. An appeal was nmde to uphold the theory of Wash- Ington that we avoid all alliances with countries beyond our borders. It is not the purpose of this article to discuss the merits pro or con of the World court, but rather to em- phasize the basic fact that interna- tional "peace" in the final analysis Is a matter of international "good will." We advocate the theory that no amount of legislation can ever nmke a man good. His goodness arises from the "will to be" good. As aa Illustration: the depression which is still upon us will not be removal until confidence has been restored. As long as confi- dence, which is practically the spirit of good will, is an absent factor in our internaUonal relations, peace Is an ut- ter lmtiossibility. The problem Is fundamentally a moral one and nest be thought out mount roll in the advancementl and'settled upon a moral basis. The of the nation. To the self-sacri- only authorized system of moral principles which have been tested by~ ricing labors of faithful teachers history, Is the Christian code. When in these rural schools many fa-we shall have accompllsl~ed the restora. tion of confidence and rbe spirit ot mous men and women owe their good will, we need have no fear of early education and inspiration. World courts--In fact we may not even need them. But the demands of progress . must be met in education, as well ' | ,Knowledge Througfi T tint as in all other phases of our in- -- ------- : " creasingly c0mplex_ civilizaj w ii Ph," eye is lJl much important than The new and I mor~ v anything else. ma' x,mx m DR. JOE B. WILLIAM5 , ners, its Improved In Malakoff EverY~onday organization a n d its modern At Main Hotel S(;hool ehlldren'S eyes examined free attJ lilmmes fitted at ~ price you ettn afford to troy. "Bob Johnson's ELECTRIC SHOE sHOP Few Industries ma;ntain a laboratory for research and testing such as @ equipment will mark an advance over the 'little red school house', which must make for a more en- lightened and efficient citizen- ship --Southern News. STOP TIIAT ITCII ING If you are bothered by the itching of Ath letes Foot, Eczema. Itch or Ringworm-. PAYNE'S DRUG STORE will sell you a jar of Black Hawk Ointment on aguar- Expert Shoe and Harness Repair Satisfaction Guaranteed the American Gas Association Testing Laboratory. In this laboratory every kind of gas appliance is tested by train~d engineers. For instance, a gas range is subjected to about 250 separate tests. These tests are grouped under such headings as: lighters, leakage, burner operating characteristics, combustion, fire hazard, thermostats, oven heat disfri- bufion and capacity, and many classifications pertaining to construction and strength. In every detail, a gas appliance, before A. ~. A. approval is cj;ven, ;s made to comply with nationally indorsed standards for safe oporatlon, durable construction and satisfactory performance. When buying gas appliances look for th;s seal. COMMUNITY NATURAL GAS COMPANY THE SEAL OF SAFETY A6A APPROVED 6AS APPLEAHCES ON DISPLAY ALMOST ANYWHERE can see the low prices.. the lowest ever placed on cars of such high quality. You can prove the greater operating economy. ! CHEVROLET has always specialized in giving extra value. But never before has Chevrolet offered such big and out. eyer let the Sunday School chil- antee to kill the itch. Price 50c andS1 ..... dren hear that anybody ever told ................................... ----- ..... a supreme court that a man hasn't a right to pray anywhere and under any circumstance that he might see fit. Or maybe law- yers don't need prayer.--Tyler Courier Times. Too Much Gossip Once again we feel that it is not out of place to reveal that too many of our citizens would rath- er miss a meal than a spicey bit of gossip. They heara story and proceed to give some one else a thrill by a graphic recital of it-- true or not true makes but little difference--and with some em- bellishments of their own mak. ing. Someone has said that a person's dislike of gossip i s a pretty good test of their mental '=lepth, One who thinks clearly and deeply is not much interest. ed in the noisy ripple about them. The big fish live in deep water: the dead ones aRd the skippers on the surface. The empty makes more noise than the loaded one. If we only knew how many promising souls have been blighted by gossip, it would, make us withhold all but the kindest words for those about us. They have faults and also merits-- Professional Training.. Our professional training has impressed those who have commissioned us that we are particularly well qualified, be. cause we give the utmost of service. BALLARD FUNERAL HOME Phone 25 MALAKOFF, TEXAS Phone 100 O A necessary building often saves its cost several times. 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May we suggest that you drive one of these new Chevrolets--today? Compare Chevrolet' s low delivered prices and easy G. M. ,4. C. termj. A General ~lotors Value The New Sh~ndard Chevrolet Coach The New ~ter De Luxe Chevrolet Coach THE NEW STANDARD,CHEVROLET u THE HEW MASTER LUXE CHEVROLET AND UP. List pri~e o! New ~tandard Roadster at Flint, Mich., $455. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock~ the llst price is $20.00 additional. Prices subject to chan~e without notice. AND UP. List price ot Master De Luxe Coupe at Flint. Mich., $560. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lo~k, the list pr~c" e is $,25.00 addi- tional. Prices subject to chan~e without notice. Knee Action op. tional at $20.00 extra. DEALER ADVrr RTISEM~N~r Dodd Building MALAKOFF, TEXAS Telephone 22 !i| , It! "&N In nqt q~lck ii!i p