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Malakoff, Texas
February 22, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 22, 1935

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? < O i /?~: //i;/: '/ ' .........' iiiii!il/i ill : (i: i+ i: Southern Agricultural orkers Acdaun Dr. Chades He Hetty/J.A. FOWLER, M. v. PHYSICIAN and SURfiEON Offica in Skiles Building MALAKOFF, TEXAS DR. C. H. NASH,j DENTIST I~ Office Kilman Hospital Building Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday EACH WEEK ii i~~ !~i With Drink and Desert FOR Cut Flowers, Funeral De- signs, Bride's Boquets, or any thing in Flowers. Call 178. Sanders Floral and Evergreen Company Athens, :-: Texas D. B. OWEN' M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Office in McDonald Bldg. M ALAKOFF, TEXAS E. O. DODSON, Transter Guaranteed to be goodl |l I I I lll lll IllIll II l J I l I III l Good prices on all of our fresh meats l'llll I1[ I I I I I I III Malakoff, -:- Texas ~I lllll I l I I I / I ........... -- ~,~L-- --$-- .~.~- H " mon Champ" Now Clerk' Andy Payne, wint~er of the "Bunion Derby, a.+ the coast-to-c(m~t walking race, conducted by "Cash-and-C~rry" pyle, was called, has Just taken olllee, as clerk of the Oklaho,_aa Supreu~e ~ourt. Read the Advertlsemel~te. (Use what Doctors do) BIG CONSTRUCTION PLANS FEATURE 1934 Why do the bowels usuelly move regularly and thoroughly, tong dt~ g physician has given you traatment for constipation? Because the doctor gives a liquid laxative that can always be taken in the right amount. You can LWadually reduce the dose. Reduced dosage Is tl~ secret o/ rtal and ~fe tdi4 /tom doctor about this. Ask how popular ltqukl." become. The .r/~ht liquid laxative gives the right kind help, and the right amount of help. When the dose is repeated, instead of more each time. you take le~. Until the bowels are moving regularly and thoroughly without anyhelp at all. Theliquid laxative generally used is Dr. Caldwell s Syrup Pepsin. It contains senna and cascara, and these are natural laxatives that form no habit- even in children, Your druggist has it; ask for--- . SYRUP PEPSIN IL Economic Geography of the World Affected by Projects. Washlngton.--Iiow She physical an(t economic geography of the world was affected by Important construction projects during 193-t is outlined In a bulletin from the National Geographic society, whlch lists outstanding engi- neering accomplishments of the past twelve months, "The year," says the bulletin. "saw the completion of the ],2~XJ-mlle oil pipe line In Iraq, Palestine, and Syria; first use of the world's largest under- water traffic tunnel beneath the Mer- sey: the shaping up of tim first tranS- continental railway route through tim backbone of the Rocky mountains, west of Denver; the Inauguration of travel by streamline, Diesel-engine- driven railway trains; the completion of San Francisco's gigantic water sup- ply system from the Hetch Hereby val- ley; the end of construction on the Pictured above is part of the large audience of Southern Agri- cultural Workers who acclaimed Dr. Charles H. Herty (inset) when he delivered his recent "Urgent Message to the South." In thin address Dr. Hetty stated that the rapidly growing chemical industry is choosing the South as its center because of the South's rich raw materials, and in this lies the key to Southern prosperity. He urged the agricultural group to spread the use of Southern products, and particularly chemical products, on Southern farms. He described im- portations of such foreign goods as news print and sulphlte pulp, sul- I Notables in the bang and phate of ammonia and nitrate of[business world also received Dr. soda as needless, and pointed out [ Hetty's message with enthusiasm. that the American products offer ] Dr. Herty was greeted on his ar- equal values. I rival by a Junior League Reception clsco, across the b~r-7/iid aef0~S+ (leid- en Gate--two of tim greatest bridge construction J(~bs ever undertaken, '"The largest lift-bridge ever con- structed was put into use at Middles- brough, England, across the River Tees. The movable deck ts 270 feet long and lifts 100 feet above the water. "The largest dam finished during the year was the Mattur Irrigation dam in the Cauvery flyer, Madras province, India. More than a mile long, and 176 feet high, It will Impound 660,000,000 gallons of water. Hydroelectric Projects. "Tremendous Boulder dam. tn the Colorado river near I,as Vegas, Nev., has steadily grown during tlm year as millions of tons of concrete lave been dumped Into its furman. "Three large hydroelectric and Irri- gatlon projects In tlm West were got- ten under way durlog the year: at Grand Coulee, Wash.; at Bonneville, Ore. (both on the Columbia river); and at Fort Peck, on the Missouri riv- er, Mont. "In the Tennessee valley the Norris dam is rising in the Clinch river near Knoxville, and the Wheeler dam is tak- Unusual Project. "The most unusual engineering proj- ect of the year probably was the start- lng of work to air-condition and cool the world's deepest gold mine, a maze of shafts and passage near 3ohannes- burg, Smith Africa. whlch reaches to a depth of 8,380 feet. "From the ways near Glasgow, Scot- land, on September 26. came the hull of a thirty-million-dollar ghtut passen- ger shtp, christened 'The Queen Mary.' The hull was 1,018 feet long and It was estimated that Its tonnage would pass 75,000. At the same thne. at St. Nazalre. France, another huge ship, 'The Normandie,' which will have a tommge of more than 79,000, was near- ing completion. "The railway pattern of the world continued to nndergo the changes that have been shown during the past few yearn In the United States, more trackage was abandoned than the new trackage constructed. The outstanding addition In the United States was the Dotsero Cut-Off, a 38-mile length of track between Oresto and Dotsero in western Colorado. It put Into use for the first time for a transcontinental route, Moffat tunnel through the Con- tinental divide west of Denver, Saving 175 miles between Denver and Salt Lake City. "One of the notable bridges complet- ed during the year was the first struc- ture to cross the lrrawaddy river In Burma. It Is near Mandalay. "Work was carried on during the YLefff on_ ~t~_ tj~v9 hrid.~,~ a.t ~tu F--a~- first bridge to cross the lower Zambezl lng shape In the Tennessee river above river tn Africa; and the throwing open the~Vllson dam. for use of an eleven and one-tlli,~l.,-'~tl-I] Kfl "hwaY$ wex@++e~teP'd~' broad- ..... ~~ 0~nd modernized in hundreds of railway talnllel tnrougP. ~fe AII~ot;OD 1. In ,,-.~*,-,,+ 1..~-, .~.~ ..... J'-'~a~4 ~-~' as of the United States and in trav~ rhllway tunnel yet constructed. ,,.any -foreign countries. Outstanding ,.~ among completions of new highways was that of the New Highlands road In Scotland. from Glasgow to Inver- ness. "Near the close of the year Hawaii formally dedicated a new highway on the Island of Maul leading from sea level to the rim of the huge crater of Italeakala, 10,000 feet above sea level, and 20 miles In clrctlmference. "Work contlmted on the first hlgh- way from the Texas borde, r to Mexico City. It was estimated late In the year that grading will be completed on the last link of 60 kilometers In March, 1935." Versatile Canine Plays Piano, Drums, Mandolin Seattle.--Mlcky, fonr-year-ohl fox terrier owned by Mrs. D, C. Read, Is said to be America's most versatile canine musician. Tim dog plays the piano, drums, mandolin, zither and a one-string Chinese Instrunlent. Fie started his music lessons when six months old, on a toy plane. Mlckey handles the drums wlth small sticks clipped to his paws Picks for the strlnged Instruments also are sllpped on. His selections are not al- ways classical, but are effective. l l l SUCH IS LIFE -~r STA 40 tiP.2' Pecan Tree Worth $1,000 La Porte, Texas.--A. Muldoon, Jus- tice of the peace, owns a five-year-old pecan tree valued at $1,000 and which produces pecans 5~ Inches tn circum- ference. ............ YOU ausT wagon: loaded one.' us withhold all words for those have faults--and ,/ BANQUET PNOTO---BY REEVES Committee of which pretty Miss Caroline Crumley and Miss Ida Sadler, pictured in the inset, were member~ If opportunity can't manage It any other way. he sotuethues Involves sis protege In a scrape so that he finds It' best to depart Into far lands and become a success. Rat Deadly Enemy The rat Is one of man's deadliest enemies~ as It has spread bubonic plague throughout the world for more than 2,000 years and has been respon- sible for more untimely deaths than all the wars in history. This dread dis- ease, writes Frellng l,'oster, in Colller's Weekly, transmitted to man by bites of t'he rat's Infected fleas, has killed an average tff 2,800 persons every day since the birth of Christ. POTPOURRI Playing cards are not modern in- ventions. They are of ancient origin, probably having been first devised in a crude form In the Orient. This is Indicated by the fact that cards first found their way Into Europe through the eastern and southern countries. The earliest trace was found In Italy, then Germany, France and Spain. ~, Western NewapEl~r Union. Ban on Soothsaying Sooths:tylng, for the purpose of earning money, as well as all printed matter dealing with ~oothsaying Is pro. hlbited by the Saxon government. This ban Includes tim making of horoscol~ Interpretations of qreatu%+ ~ a~-~. trologlc~l ficti~qiiea and all kinds of hauling Prompt and Satisfactory Service GUARANTEED! That You Cherish .... Should be cleaned by tested methods and not by guess work. Mail them-.-bring---0r ring us. We're always ready. F. E. HARDY, prop. Telephone 21 "Back of Every Sign of Progress is the Assurance of Dependable Electric Service 3 O Parallels the Far=Flung Network of Central Station Power Facilities TWENTY-TWO years ago the first electric power transmission line was built in Texas ... by the Texas Power & Light Company, pioneering and hying the foundation for that type of electric service in this state. It was this pioneer effort and the extension of such facilities which followed that opened the door for Texas to realize a great benefit from the changing structure of American industry. As a result, forward-looking communities wielding the potent weapon of dependable and adequate power supply have won a wide variety of new weahh-producing industrial plants. Thousands of New Citizens ~npnte d~e industrial growth of Texas from 1921 to 1930, when the last Fede"d census was taken. The 3.~ plents o~ 1921 had ~town to 5.19~. the 1921 figure $~,707 industrial ~tge-euners had btqm multiplied to 822,860 by the end ot 1929 ! A great portion o~ these added e.mplo~es ~vem m~womera to their communities, swellina population, swelling local retail sales and ~lllna load wealth. o I Literally hundreds of industries, dating their founding since 1912, now dot the in- dustrial map of Texas. The close relation between their choice of location and the availability of dependable electric power is evident when the industrial map is com- pared with that showing the continually ex- panding facilities of central station powdr supplied through transmission lines. Almost point for point and mile for mile, industrial growth has paralleled the exten- sion of dependable power service. These twenty-two years have seen the development of Texas as a textile manufac- turing center; the movement for dairy prod- ucts manufactories come into being and flower into the thriving plants now active at many points; refineries; flour mills, day products plants, cotton gins, oil mills, gar- ment factories and many others built to add wealth and glory to industrial Texas. By far the greatest number of these new industries ... virtually all those o~ important size... have, most significantly, located where they may avail themselves of an adequate supply of dependable and economical electric power, assured by transmission lines. Always the Texas Power & Light Com- pany has looked toward the requirements of the future. Thus an adequate and depend- able power supply has been available, sup- plying industries, stores, homes and farm with the best type el service at reasonable rates. This Company o~ets tbe assistance of its engineers to any community serred by abe Company in presenting its advantages to pPospective new busb~esses an-d indust-vies. Texas \ Light Company