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February 22, 1935     The Malakoff News
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February 22, 1935

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Orange Belt Beauty+ Speech bZ Wire Was Great Prcb .em The electric speaking teleph,um was invented by ? h~xander Graham Bell In 1875. The principle, as cnnceived by Bell at that time, was embodied in a pair of crude telephone instruments connected by about ]00 feet of wire, by means of which speech sounds were transmitted from one room to another In a building in Boston, bearing being ~ accomplished only with the greatest difficulty. + For many years before Bell's lnven tion, writes a correspondent in the In- dianapolis News, scientists and inven- tors had been striving to transmit speech electrically. They succeeded In transmitting musical soumis, but be- /~ cause they were dealing with "make- and-break" electrical current, they failed to transmit Intelligli)le speech. The work of a German named Phillpp Rels, one of the early experimenters /~1 wlth a "make-and-break" current, was subsequently brought forward in an at- tack upon the validity of Bell's patent, but the United States Circuit court said : + "A century of Rels would never have m ~~::~::.~,::~:::::::::;:~;~::~,~,:~:~::~:~z~ ~ produced a speaking telephone hy mere : improvement In construction .... :RettT I~unkle, charming twenty-year- Bell discovered a new art--that of 01d miss, of Winter tiaven, was chosen transmlftlng speech by electricity." : ,q~een of the Florida Orange Festival, In 1S74 Bell and Elisha Gray were ~). annual midwinter event In her ha- striving independently to invent a su- ave city. She was selected from sicalor harmonic telegraphwhich ~ ;~ong 24 contenders for the honor i )~Presenting as many orange belt corn- would enable several telegraph mes- sages to be transmitted simultaneously "~l~Itles,:~ sponsored by chambers of over a single wire, and it was during l0~merce, women's organizations andthe course of this work that Bell made ]civic and service clubs- his invention of the telephone. Rome Erected Aqueduct ...... ors, FuneralDe- for Mimic Sea Battles ANY ONE THESE 8 PIECES I signs, Bride'sFi0raiBOquetS,and , pecial aqueduct had to he built " WM. ROGERS & SON SILVERWARE! thing "in Flowers. Call 17 to care for the ancient Romans' mimic sea fights, according to a booklet is- Sanders vor, reo sued by the Carnegie Institution, says Company a United Press correspondent. When the Romans turned from ~ Special introductory offer for two weeks onlyl Made solely to acquaint more L Athens, :-: Texas chariot racing and gladiatorial contests to the new novelty of sea battles on -- -: / : - ! women with the superior baking qualities of PurAsnow... The Perfect Baking .............. inclosed lakes or flooded arenas, the ~ ~"~ Jl/ Flour. Any ONE of these 8 handsome pieces of Wm. Rogers & Son Silverware Aqua Alsiettna was built to bring / FREE for the coupon below PLUS an S-value coupon (or the equivalent of an 8- / enough additional water to float the value coupon--see below) from a sack of PurAsnow . . . The Perfect Baking '+ ,ou, Rival fleets were manned by crim- inals or prisoners of war. Frequently LEFT TO RIGHT they fought until one side was ex- ~ This is silverware of remarkable beauty and lasting worth.., featured by the Butte . Sp eaderRetail value $ 6 dozen THE GREAT terminated amid the cheers of the ! / most exclusive jewelers and department stores everywhere. High quality Wm. Salad Fork... Retail value $ 8 dozen I)lX.~l i~~++ ++The first was .... startedt trle i o ~ ' r bloodthirsty spectators. Ro 'el:s & , on Silverware, made by the International Silver Co., world s largest SoupTeaspnspoon ........ RetailRetail valueValue S$ 43 dozenCmZcn The hqua Alstetina was the seventh of the eleven great aqueducts which W silversmiths. Not so-called premium silverware. Ours is the only national or- Dessert Spoon. Retail value ~; 8dozeu , were built..b:'~ :;, ]:,* :=:':,-, ~ ,,, ,~,rbvz,.u,~.,i thethe ganizat~on permitted by the International Silver Co. to offer Wm, Rogers & vm~e~'D{nnerTablespoon...Km/eF~:l.... RetailRetailRetail valueValue 810 $ Sdczendozen Son Silverware, free, in this way. The new Medality pattern is already extreme- value , s dozen iy popular, with its graceful modern simplicity of line. You will he proud to set 312 years before Ciwist and the last completed about 226 A.D. ~[~ r table with this beautiful silverware. Use the special coupoll below to get ..... ffi. l Athens, Texas Visitors in Italy drive ahmg t~e : o - : one ' o Tri # pieces FREE. Do it now.., offerlimited. S P E C I |-- Appian Way for miles Just outside o COUPON :Rome and see the ruins of the Aqua Appta, first Roman attempt to bring Offered to introduce more women to the economy and the rehabdity of TODAY! " water to theli city. It was modeled Thin special offer good *,,,Iv ~v|ih t 0W this ne.'.pop~ coup.n, .~.c..,p,,- And Saturday, Feb. 23rd after underground sewers which had riled by eoupons nssl, eelfled rr ..... been discovered by the l~.omai1s some saek~ of PurA~now . . . "l'lte Per- feet Baking l~'lour. Offer good ZANE GREY'S years earlier, omy rnr two week, rrom ot Issuauee of thI~ ndverti~emen/. Tile "VirginsAqueduct" was built ~ Limit--one tom person or family. in 19 B. C. to bring in needed waters for the expanding public baths which ~ -Jt~l.~.~l~vator Co. the Romans favored. These baths ~ Once you try PurAsuow . . . The Perfect Baking Flour, Kitchen Direetlo~ clear a~l e~y to follow. Try auy were much like a combination of pres~ you will go on using it nhvay~ . because It IS so PurAsnow reeli~ with Pur~aow . . . The Perfect Baking Wicktta Fall~, eat day Y. M. C. A. clubrooms rather dependableI Flour of the very highest quality milled Flour, aud yea will be dollgh/ed with the reeultsl I enclose one 8~t~alue PutTfsaow " coupon (or an equivalent of an B- With Richard Dix than strictly bathing rooms, from cholee whea/s . . and ab~olutt.l uniform. It never value coupon) with this coupon, for which send me I Wm. Ilogers Coupons in All PurAsnow Sacks-- Son .......................... On the Stage Friday aI,,'ay, na. t.,e n=.e .. faeto y Te. . The Valley of tha Meuse ~ show 'hut ~0~/~ of all bakh~g failure, are eau.ed by For Complete Sets of This JIMMIE JEFFRIES One of the loveliest regions variations In the flour.~ In the PurAsa .... Kitchen, m M deserl . and "The Original Wander. France Is near Mezieres, the capital of kitchen rouen like yours, home eookh:g exDcris babe pies, Same Silverware the Ardennes, founded in the Ninth cakes, breads ovd cookies, with ~amples of each day's Now you can build u COMPLETE set of Wm Rogers a~ ~mT~m~--~'/~ly o, th2o line era" from Radio Station century. Beyond the town lies a series I~ grind of PnrAsnow . . . The Perfect Baking Flour, to Son Silverware, all eight pleees shown above, In the bean- ~drm WFFA--Dallas of beatltiful gorges with the river flow- ~ pitoviL" its uniformity. Only flour that bakes perfectly tlful Medallty patteru. . by saving and redeentlug the silverware coupoms packed in all sacks of PurAsuow , . lag 200 and 300 meters below the level Is sold. The Perfect Baking Flour. as followss ~ty State Admission 10e and 25c of the plateau. Every valley, every P~A..o. to.pens a~ nat .~oth~.. ~-- rocky crag is filled with luxuriant YeS- Eeo~;omleal to use. No variations 1o cause ruined bak- I 2-value eouDou In every sack of e ibs. and uadel~ Noeoupon~wnlberodoomedhyuewhieh etati0nand the dark red and gray ~ Jugs, loss of other more expeoslve ingredients, waste of - have been collected by, or which have time and labor. Try PurAmtow The Perfeet Baking A 4-value eoupou in eaeh 10 and 12-lb. eaek paued through the hand~ of brc' era, * speculators, trading stamp co|lect~ :~. or vacuraay Night 10:45 Show cuffs of several hundred feet often up- ~V~ Elonrl . . . you are sure to like it. Au 8-value coupon in each 24-1b. sack say--nether thantl~reeeiviag ..... sumel'. and Sunday Matinee preach too close to each other to allow A IS-value coupon la each sack of 48 lb,,. and ovule Thb e.oupon i, good only in the t~onti- a footpaL~, on its banks. The district neutal nmit~ of the Unitd States and is You'll Cheer and Is the legendary home of "The Four 12 New Delicious Recipes Start your set of valuable Wm0 Rogers -8 Son $llverwa~ not redeem,hie after two w*4m from date of luuanee of tdvmr~leemer*t where- Be Cheeredv sons of Aym0n," heroes of tile Middle ~ with this spt~elal, extra generous offer. COMPLI~TEI your |nthtm.ppeared.'rhl~eouponisvotdand ages, who rode one behind tile other + In saek~ of PurAmnow . . . The Perfect Baking Flour, a not subject to redemption in or front uew and novel series of recipes, freel The recipes the set easily and quiekly by redeeming the silverware eou- Kansas, Montana, ~evada0 WaJittngton, Or any other state or locality which ham on the wonderful horse Bayard, gift of creations of lnternatfonnlly famous chefs , . . the never Dons from sacks ot PurAeuow . . . The Perfect llukJng mlaetedatttl-couponlawsorwithinwhich the fairy Orlando. before revealed aeerets aeeumulated through generations Flour. Get a saek TODAY. Send uu &-value eoapoa, o~ redempt|on in epedfied 8oo!8 la prohil~ lted or within which redemption of a of entering to the tastes of men. Now you can serve an equivalent of am &*value coupon, with this SPEC|AL eouimn in cash may he required or In YOUR husband delleaelem that are the favorite selections which paynaent of clientele fee or tax on Poland's Salt Mines ~ of men who seek their pleasure in food la the world's eoupou, right awayl Remembea~--.offer Le limited. Getaccount thereof would be Isis*ca.. For more than ten centuries miners leading restauraais. New reell, CS every t~va months! l~aeh your fete Dleeea of Wm. Rogez~ & Son IJll~'erware while Date ...................... With Robert Young, Stuart toiled in the salt shafts near Cracow. ~ ~eelpe simplified nnd tested by experts In the PurAsnow there is still time. AL~P NOWI ,I , Erwin, Leo Carrillo Poland, and being deeply religious, ............ they spent their spare time In carving ~ ~ I I ~ ........ ~- ..... I and Ted Healy. marvelous figures in salt. A complete ~ , Come at 9:30 each Saturday cathedral, containing giant chandeliers, beautiful statues of the saints, altars night and see two shows for and other Biblical figures and objects, /7- " _'L_ I -dOt/ dg O g Affd one admission is one example of the workers' skill On feast days of modern times, mass Is ~ V M "-- held in the underground cathedral. - , , ,, t Among the statues is that of the Vlr- " "Where Malakoff Trades" alakoff, -:- -:- Monday and Tuesday gin. In one part of the mine a giant ~ I Feb. 25-26th- statue and a beautiful hall appear, ' ' monuments to the devotion of the Sleep Through Winter ee . i , i ,i II I I Texas I I largeln autUmnquantitiesthe ofbadgerdry grassWlll carrYand ~ . wrld m" returned to France" TEXAS HISTORY MOVIES "Having claimed a large part of the the name of his Kin , LaSalle By Dr. Pepper With Joan Crawford bracken into his deep underground ' r~ ' ~ ~ ~ ~ and Clark Gable home, and when the ground Is In theI ~'x~ ~Y +~--~ -- grip of frost he iS rolled up in his _ff~ W dnesday, February 27-- cozy bed. Nothing but warmth will ~ ~-~ , awaken him, and if there is a winter it all. The little dormouse of the hedge- ~f rows hibernates even more deeply for, no matter what the weather is ~,x like outside, his sleep lasts from No. vember to the first warm days of , .~ March.--Tit-Blts Magazine. ~-"~ Tobacco Quality Tobacco quality is related directly to the nitrogen content of the soil in which the "weed" is grown, the United States Bureau of Plant 'Industry Ires determined. The soil's nitrogen con- tent suet be high for quality cigars and low for quality cigarette~ Mary- land tobacco, it was found, Is lower in nicotine content than tobaccos pro- ? LA . ALff. 19 NOW PROUD Of LA ~ALLE ENTERTAINEO THE COURT WITH STORIE ABOUT THE INDIAN .CROODILE . SNAKi AND GI EAT BUFFALO HEROS. ,,.. 7+-, "J"-._~ +~" KiNG LOUFJ XIV ( TOWeO "TI'rLE OF L a~''~-- " -- ........ ~ P ~ ] SIEUR OE LA gALLE UPON THE YOON6 ,+" LA gAi LE RAIGED HONEY FOR EXPLORER. AND SAILEO FOR THE NEW With Ann Dvorak and Claire Dodd Each Wednesday is 10c day. Every Thursday Night is Bank Night %; / duced in other, ~tates. 'Read Um &dvert/~-mn~.