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February 25, 2011     The Malakoff News
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February 25, 2011

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Page 8A - The MalakoffNews - Friday, February 25, 201.1 Student essays earn awards from Black History Committee Slx'cial to tile News It r holarship time again. Special Philanthropist Diversi- take time out to give God the things they believed in and Tfid' ttenderson County ty Award, Beverly [fills. praise. Limitations will not they did what they believed. Black History Committee will Cottrell served as special limit my vision because; So, 1 will do the same; 1 will host its Annual Scholarship consultant to the first Black GUESS WHAt..? I HAVE not have limitations set upon Banquet 7 p.m. Saturda), Feb. Film Festival in Acapulco, GOD ON MY SIDE. me and I will conquer all that 26, at the MalakoffCommuni- Mexico during the summer of ARELLY L. TOVIAS-- is set before me. ty Center. Tickets are $15. 1997; co-chaired the first Lone Athens: African American CHELSEA B. "DkRT This year the committee will Star Awards for the Dalla~Ft. history is the hope and the ex- Trinidad: February is the one honor students with one spe- worth Regional Film Commis- ample for many youth like the month of the year that honors cial honor going to James A. sion in 1997; served on the to believe that we should not the "moments" that gave Eberhart, the grandson of the Steering Committee for the 1st let limitations cloud our think- African Americans the "'push" late Evely a Joyce Fisher. Mrs. and 2nd Annual North Tex ing or hold our actions leading toward their equal rights and Fishe was a faithful and dedi- Cluster, Links, Inc./NORD- us to feel that we cannot see freedom. Today, African cated, member of the Black STROM Gala fund-miser; beyond the obstacles in front Americans• Caucasians, and History Committee until her Gala Committee for the Dallas of us. Each February, we are every other race are looked at sudden passing two years ago. Black Dance Theatre reminded the importance oft equally from all different per- This year's speaker is Is- Olympics fund-miser staring Black History Month; to r e lA- spective under the roof of the abeil Cottrell, an entrepreneur Diana Ross; served as co-chair ize how we can go forward in United States of America. I be- and philanthropist from Dal- for the SCLC 37th Annual a country filled with possib~ili- lieve that everyone should las. She was born and raised in Women's Luncheon; Hon- ties of only good things to learn a lesson from the strug- Be. semer, Ala. and is the orary Chairperson for an At'- come. Limitations shouldonly gles and hard work of the proudmother of two sons. ternoon with Oprah make us stronger to prove to African Americans. We all Cottreli graduated from Winfrey/Save the Children ourselves that we can do any- should take tk, m this past con- George Washington Carver program and has served as a thing, diet that no matter how hard High School in Bessemer mad host of other events. She was My life has given me the gift situations get or how tough Booker T. Washington Bust- selected by the honorable C. for the love of learning, soap- African American lives seems: ness College in Birmingham, Delores Tucker to serve as portive parents who knew lthe they keep fighting. Ala. She continued her eduea- chair to Charter the Dallas/Ft. importance of education, older • BRANDON J. PEARL - tion at Lawson State Junior WorthChapteroftheNationai sibling who set a good exam- Trinidad: From the days of College in Alabama. the Uni- Congress of Black Women. pie with making education a Madame C. J. Walker to Oprah versity of Chicago School of She is a member of high priority, and teachers that 'infrey, African Americans Condfiuing Education in Mar- Piano/North Metroplex Chap- have encouraged and inspired have worked hard for their keting, Harbor College in I,os ter The Links, Inc., The Dallas me to believe in the power of money. Persistence and hard Angeles, Calif., and the Lon- Symphony l.~ague, and hon- education, work are what it takes to don Business School where orary member of Lord Phi DARIUS L. SHOFNER, JRIachieve any worthwhile goal. she was an International Bust- Lamha Sorority. - Athens: As a young black The business world has been ness Fellow. Cottrell also at- Cottrell was a former part male in today's society, it: is influenced by blacks who were tended the Salk Institute for owner of the Texas Rangers expected of me to Ifail leaders, risk-takers, and non- Non-Profits and graduated and also one of the Founder's at anything strive to be, to fail traditional thinkers. To survive from'the Anthony Robbins CiubMemberoftheNewDal- at becoming the man that I in business, our tbrefathers Life Mastery Program. las Cowboy Stadium in At- hope and dream to be. There made the decision to survive in In 1976, she traveled to lington, are goals that many people set the business world by any Afrida helping to create one of She is a faithful member of for their lives; few reach their " means necessary. This meant a the"iargest ethnic haircare Friendship West Baptistgoals; some fail and many good educatiOn and hard work; coml nies in the world, Pro- Church where Rev. Dr. never make an attempt. NIOT the sky is the limit for eco- Line! Fredrick D. Haynes is Senior ME!!! notate success. In 2011. an in- Cottrell is the president and Pastor. 1 refuse to allow limitations dividual can achieve as much ourselves. God stands firm on these truths and we ,are foolish way and have not turned to opposeHiswill. aside." I think this means that KAYLA M. MULLINS - through everything they have Malakoff: "Ib many, Black not given up for anything. I History month is a time period think that this is the .same as that we show respect and the African Americans they honor to the African Ameri- did not give up in their efforts cans who have changed the to be created equal. African world by not only using their Americans have pushed voices, but their actions as through it all and have been well. When people think of able to be part of some of the Black• History, the)' think of most important events in histo- such heroes: Martin I uther ~" King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Fredrick BRANDON L. GOODWIN Douglass, Malcolm X, and - Malakoff As you read this, man), others. However, none I'm going to be speaking about of these individuals allowed blacks including myself; who their limitations to limit their didn't let limitations limit vision. Black History Mooth them. Rev. Dr. Martin I,uther commemorates the struggles King, Jr., had a dream that all and triumphs of AfricanAmer- men of color would sit at the table of brotherhood; meaning icans in this country. It ofli rs a that they all get along and love chance to reflect on the histo , one another. In )'our life there and celebrate the contributions are going to be problems that of individuals. Individuals arise, but you have to learn that did not let limitations limit how to overcome them. You their vision. ERIN D. SAMPLES won't be able to do it on your own, you need help from Malakoff The black commu- GOD. GOd gave His only be- nit'/ suffered many hardships gotten Son for our sins. I in America but they were not strongly challenge anyone not going to let ally type of segre- to let limitations limit their vi- gation or discrimination stand sion and dreams, in the way of their dreams. KYNARA S. DAVIS- Madam C. J. Walker, the first WILLIS - Malakoff: Ot~en in woman to earn a million dol- iiI~, we see limits and barriers lars, held all her faith in God as a sign to surrender. When- and showed his character ever God gives you a vision, through her donations. If we He may place obstacles in look at Esther and Job, both your path. Esther for example, had great faith in God and let was a single Jewish woman, nothing limit their visions. who was an orphan and a mi- They did not let any money is- nority. Although her circum- sues, skin color, or lack ofpos- stances were not that comfort- sessions stop them from living able, she was a person offhith, their life. devotion and courage. Be- BEAUTIFUL R. GARNER CEO (of The Cottrell Founda- tion.:Through the.i fourltliition/" she has" gi'ven' 'mi'lli0ris schokh'ships and grants to help educate youths and adults. Additionally, she has provided oppodunities for youths of di- versified backgrounds to fur- ther their education by provid- ing ~orkshops to help them succeed. Cotirell's business experi- ence also includes serving as vice daalqxrson and consult- ant'ta the Pro-Line Corpora- tion Board of Directors, and exe ch ive vice president and mar~ ,et analyst to the Pro-Line Corlx tion. She also worked in the Marketing and Retail Sales Division on Johnson Products Company, Chicago, III. Cottrell has served on the Board of Education in Birm- ingham, Ala., worked as an in- stn or for the Adventure in Modeling Sorority (founded by Ldrleen L. Long), and was administrator for the Birming- ham, Alabama. Defense Con- tra&" Service District. She helped to create the top brand line for Pro-Line the Soft & Beautiful L!ne, along with oth- ers. Cottreli serves and has served on numerous boards and advisory boards including: The Board of Governors foi" the Diversity Awards, Beverly Hills,, Calif.; The Dallas/Ft. Wortll Regional Film Com- mission Board; The Dallas Film Festival Board and Spe- cial Outreach Minority Com- mittee; The Dallas Horticul- ture Board; The Southern Christian Leadership Confer- ence National Board, Atlanta, Ga.; :Phe Booker T. Washing- ton,i the Performing Arts, Dallas; The International Ad- visory Board for The National Council of Negro Women and many others. Just a few of her awards in- elude: The Dallas Black Dance Theatre First Annuat Fontiders Day President Awards; The Stars Over Texas Angel Award; and the Motion Picture STtr rr rasAYs : to limit my dreams and my vi- as he desires; with JAMES 'A::',EBERHA T 2:rl sion.' "v si6n is to attain a comePOWER!! ':Wa~!Tl~"'~i~f'~i~:Vsuccesg~-U~~'areer~ a gral~hic TRISTYN Y. economic empowerment has designer. Accomplishing goals been symbolized by a number are worth celebrating, but of African American residents when you win over the fear of in the United States of Ameri- limitations, that's a reward in ca. The one who most comes itself. I know what I have set to mine is Tyler Perry. A self- before me and aware of the made man who did not let any- various obstacles that may thing limit his vision. African arise, but I refused to let iimi- Americans cannot let child- rations limit my vision. After hood difficulties, abuse, unful- all, my imagination is my only filling jobs, etc., limit their vi- limit. sion. They must have a deep DARIUS D. BOGGAS - connection to their Christian Trinidad: There was a nnan faith, named Ted Willimns who was CARLEY M. SMITH - poor and had no home, butt he Brownsboro: This year's had a passion for broadcastiing. theme for Black History He has been called "Gohden month: "The History of Black Voice." Poor, homeless, ad- Economic Empowerment" dieted to drugs and alcohol;; he and a figure who I believe rep- lost all his value and belomg- resents that topic is Madame ing, but he still wanted to b,e in C. J. Walker. A woman who the broadcasting busimess. was thought by many to be the Today, "led Williams is ahmost wealthiest African American eight months clean and he has woman in America and a re- his dream job of broadcastiing. male self-made millionaire. So even though you trove She was born with many limi- downfalls or any kind ofobsta- tations Such as poverty, bchig des in your way, you have to tLmaale, being born into a for- keep your FAITH and keep mer slave family, but she your future in God's harris. not iet these limitations stand The bible says: "All you n in her way of having her isFAITH, thesizeofamusl0rd dream. Instead, she embraced seed." So don't let go of your them and turned them into dreams just because you have somethingproduetive, a multi- a delay. Your dreams mi tt be million dollar company that delayed, but they are not de- she began with her own two nied. hands, some hard work, andhe VANECIA L. DAWSO)N - $1.50 in savings. She did what Trinidad: We have many ,sue- was considered in that time to cessful Black Americans •that be unthinkable and impossi- have empowered us over' the ble. years in our history. Fredirick NATHAN C. PICKENS - Douglass, escaping sdav- Athens: Life begins the mo- cry; he became a leader off the ment we realize that the world abolitionistmovemtent. does not revolve mound us, Madame C. J. Walker, tmade but around GOD who made change with her hair care p~rod- the world and all that's in it. ucts and became the lfirst Sometimes in life we let the African American to mal e a dittbrent limitations kill our million dollars. Rev. Dr. Nvlar- dreams and our vision, l have a tin Luther King, Jr., lead I the vision to be a gospel artist; and civil rights movement. He I may not be one right now, but helped people of all r aees if i stand on God's word and make a change. The lea~ders believe, mist, an~.depend on that I lmve studied throug~hout Him; He will bless me, Even my school years and haave though we have may different looked up to they didn't alilow limitations, should always anyone to put limitationss on knowledge cause ofher devotion and will- - Malakoff: Most of. the ingness to listen tq tl)e word of ,African Americans were ~ ~ WELCH- GOd, she was able to prevent tured in Africa and broughtito Cross Roads: For many years the destruction of her people, the United States as slaves African Americans have had a Our struggles, along with were very loyal to their mas- great deal of adversity and ob- everything else we go through ters. The need for economic staeles to triumph and over- builds our character and teach- development has been a cen- come. To this day, they are es us essential life lessons, tral element to African Ameri- still reminded on a daily basis Gaining success easily has no of their ethnical background true meaning or reward, but can empowerment and liveli- hood since before the Civil and the horrifiC past they had hard work and diligence is a to endure, The theme recog- reward in itself. War. The economic empower- nizes the lives of successful ARIEL R. DRIVER ment in this country today to black men and women. The Malakoff We live in a society the ultimate ability to build sub-theme is a powerful one today where young people are prosperous communities. Be that is very inspirational and looked upon not based on proud of your heritage; contin- influential to ninny. It repre- whom they are or what they ue to stand up for your Civil sents many different aspects have managed to achieve, in- Rights, stay focus on success, that are relevant to us all. It can stead; they are judged by tags get an education, and uphold also be interpreted differently and labels that once the)' are your religious beliefs. By hay- by different people, l see its given will follow the individ- ing a white mother and a black relevance and its relation to the ual throughout their lives. Es- father, my grandmother having history of black economic era- ther had a vision and she did to adopt me and grandfather powermem. It reveals that just not let fear nor limitations be passing away; some see this as like blacks were limited to placed upon her. She found see this as limitations to my things; there were those who favor with King Ahasuerus success• but l'm proud to be didn't let them limit their vi- and became Queen. Job had a half black and i'm thankful sion and their dreams, vision. He w~ an uptight man everyday :for the white grand- GATSON AGUILAR who feared Gtxl. He lost all parents for their love regard- LaPo,~nor: Through the years that he o~aaed: his children, less of my color. I dream of African Americans have faced animals, property, etc., he kept being a Elementary School many difficulties and strug- his faith in God. We must real- Teacher and I will not let any- gles, but still they pushed ize that like Job and Esther, we thing come in my way of my through all obstacles and never will be tested, but by standing DREAM. gave up. Althou# there is still firm and holding to our vision, JOSHUA L. CROCKETT - a jr'eat deal of racism in the trusting God, we to like Job Malakoff: Contrat3, to many world today, it does not com- will "'come through as pure beliefs, there have beenmany to that of the past and gold." successful African American's there is a greater friendship KELSI M. WEBB that Imve helped to shape this and res0ect between different Malakoff: In January 2009, we country °[i~to what it is today. races. Like Esther (Esther witnessed the most obvious Blacks in America have had 2:17), : frican Americans had example of how far black eco- many limitations and still they nomic empowerment has many obstacles keeping them from reaching the man), goals came out on top. Like Job come. Barack Obama was (Job 23:9-14), he had faith in sworn in as the 44th President they had set for themselves, God and knew that when he of the United States of Ameri- being viewed inadequate. We was being tes~d, God helped ca. We have made great strides all have the right to pursue him overcome his obstacles fi'om a Presidential Advisor in happiness but we don't always mad come out a stronger per- the 1860's to the First Black take that right. If you live son. God put obstacles in the President 150 years later. Es- afraid of failure just to get way because He knows that as ther found favor with the Per- through life then you will His children we can overcome sian King and showed that :never live. A life full of fail- them. anyone can make a difference ures and the eventual triumph K AYI.A D. MASCORRO - regardless ofethnicity. Every- is a life better then acceptance LaPoynor: Africans Ameri- one can offer something to so- of limitations and no thilures. cans have made great progress eiety. The rac!al divide is grad- Dream, live, and love life. Ex- in the way that they are being ually coming together and ceed expectations and when treated and the different t~,~e equality is in grasp. We must ~'ou are satisfied, look back to of jobs that the)' are offered tbllow Christ's command of see what you have left behind. today. In Job 23:9-14, it talks Ioving our neighbor; no matter Life is not a highway; there are about how' I have kept to His the circumstances; as we love no HMITS.