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February 26, 1965     The Malakoff News
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February 26, 1965

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President, Harden Airheart; Sec- ~[~.~]g" ~]lT]~Y/'t%lg'l~ I~IL'~ZTO retary, John French; Hayes Hos- M ,-~,= A-A~-ffia.*4"ffi,XVA L LqZdVV~ kins; Glenn Lindsey; Milburn alakoff, Texas Friday, Vebruary 26, 1965 Pa e Five Johnston; and Eugene /Serry. : Faculty members are" W tt .:o Todd, Socml Studies B I,flt~: !V. Dowdy, Principal and English, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I [ B. S. and M. A.; Billy C. Freeman, ] ~ ~ ~ AI A'a ILl ~ A'~ ~ ~ J.~ I~ ILost or Found [Math, B. S.; Woodrow W. Gray- | I ~(~=~O~)T. ~ ran-ent which m~ko~ them havef son, fourth and fifth grades, B. S.I i Dy I'iAHOLD SPAHN, ComtiT Agent | I LO~T" Kaco white ~old watch, -- ! "~ ":-- ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ 7 - " . ~; t : ^a i a season s total of 18 wins and,I and M. S.; .Iargaret .I. tlart, firstI .; . =, ~=j [x~qtn ~pemei strermn oana. t - page J~ loses. The Junir,r-14i~'h ~,irls have[grade, B. S.; Linda Tidwell, Busi-l I -----'~" ; re,vard.--~[ L. ttK'STE.~? --9p (ourth, J:ane Dennis, .E.S. Read-[won 8 and lost~8.'-lChe "boys won[ness and Commercial Subject.'-, B. ,~?'e ha,:~; wondered, roans: .t[m.e~[im. als are on minerals in the soil. 7~.~-.77 -- m~z, Music Art. Jam~e Taylor, B. ', first plato honors in football in [ t3. A. Opal B. Lew~s third grade, 2a.~t nov, the m, an~, seemingly ~r,m i F Lsh grow best in water with a tI LOS~--~me gom-oanrl ring. ~x ~" English Je""lw~ Warren B U ~ - ,D <. ~ M ~.-.~.-d insects make l~ ~nroul h the cohl~ ~, . . . P c, nr nlo~-~ o~ll ~fDq C R "~" "-~" ' " i tne~'r ~str]ct this },ear i" ' a -.a,-sea sec ~ ,~ ,~ " .~. lo~ o.5 to ~.5At this nH ran~,~ .u v ~- of tl " Science and P Ea r)o- ~-' ~ '~' - " " ~- - * .r'*" ~ t) ~ D ~ *.~ ~ [ wln~er monLns t~,i course tnl~ ~ ,- -~, r - "5- --7 . ? .c- ~ms scnool starts the ~anu stu-~g.~a(Je, ~ ; ~e*',5'ne *c.~,m,s,~ . . . . fertiliz ' tlALL,HU 9 lo~ P Gee, B. S. Math, aomal Studies, dents in the fourth ~'rade in Be~,in- Librarian; Catherine G Powers, ~mter .has beenunusuallytodd .ors are more a~mlable to '--~--~--~~ "' " ' ~- *) " t ' " " " IT. I comI)ared to others we have gone the microsco c )lantswhi I ~ -- rrmmpa, ,ta>ml naver, ~. ~, i hers Band and the students then rormgn Languageq r rencn an~t ! - - P l ch the t ~or ~en~ i M. Ed. i progress bo the Intermediate Band. Iatin), B. S. and M. S-; S. R. i tnrougn [ fish depend on for food. Ag-lime !~7-: ~ Serving on t}-,: CrossRoads lA Choral group of seventh and lQuattlebaum, Counselor; John F. ny~erna~]on na-; r).een the i:~(or(~[added to the water or the soil of I~ON N~NI: " oearoom umurnlsn-i School Board are" tt A Winnin- ~:-~,~ :. ~ . r a . ~ ~,r : ~, t', "~,r used before to explain how s,mel . ~ e*gncn girls is ulrectea n a~llss L~II .~l~*~c~r~ Danu ~nu J, taa~c~ ,J *.~ =~. . ~ * ed house 9insulated, aut m~ .t~c lham of Cross Coeds, President; reath.Approximately 427rls par- and M. M.; W. F. Story, Superin- ammal hfe can (met extremes ,fithe drainage area will control pit heat.PR 8- 083, 003 East Pine H M Gage of Willow Snrin,-s *; : a~ B ~ -~nd M v M~. r-~ temperatures. At dormant times ,over a large permd of time, and ,~. . ~ -. ' "" ,- ,~-t~*c pace*n l.nls chorus fne rls~v,uv,~ a. ; ~s. wee- . . ' ~reet .uala~on. --~ ~ qe'rrv' ",< - " " ~ . .many insectsgo tnrougntnemr-will increas the des in - ~ . .~.e. eta, C. N. ~trongof Tn- sang (~hrlstmas Carols at the H~gh da Freeman, Ilomemaklng, B. S e t y of vegeta t i Cme ; T.J. Trammellof CrossSchool this year. N. IA. Ward, Coach, P. Ed and ," " .' "7 - tion over the area. This will cut ~ ~ ~al or pupal s~age, no, ever, sclen [ It,'I~ItPM~ Roads;C. W. Horton of Cross This year f ,h~ ;.~ time a Drivers Education, B P Ed. ns~s ~en us now ~nat someougs a-w, ~m; ~ ,~,aa make their own ant>freeze. These I~ Roads T. J. Palmer of Willow I student Council was elected at the l Tena E. Tatum is Prmmpal of " -. 1~ oSf~rr~egsc!,sR~aSJla.~ :i~lesperger cS~h111" tJh;a~rPe~:e::dh~:/$2: I tehe Nexg~: S2::nlt;nda2d]SO te~hhh !!~o~!t~melti?iri:~o:,ti~! )7:h~J~l:~72daoP~ilg?n~:l;Hl':f'th: ]1 Fence and Wire ~ "' oct their lment and training in the develop-]grades, B. S. and M. S.; Fannie L " "* " 'ater. Applied to the water, rates ]J Company open house on Tuesday nightlment of leadership qualities. The[Muse, first and second grades, B. ~P:~f:n2~cai~ts~:2~l?,rea::amms, will vary 2000 pounds to 4000 11 v ~r--, March 2, from 7:30 until 9:00. Re-/~tudents of the Council serve as|S.; Katie Mae Marshall, third ' .- ~ ,~ .- - pounds her surface acre A,~-l;od /] FREE ESTLMATES freshments will be served in th,~]7.]-: ---*~. ; ~h n ~ ~,~a ~, ,a w pies ot ougs tna make tneir own ' ," ~'='~"- " WN - ~ v,ou.~ o~ tne nome rooms In ~la~ .v~ ~, . ~. ,~. ~ ~ v,~, . . ~] O NOTHLNG DOWEL. . lunch room Parents are invited/th- ~ /Tatum Counselorand Guidance anti-freeze, to the drainage area, rates should y " ~ ,~uua~n memDers oven ~e-, [1 36 MONTHS TO PAY to attend to see the Science ex-luuests from tho ,~,ao,~ hc~v ahd[B. S. and M.S. TREAT CATTLE FOR LICE be 2000 to 4000 pounds per acre. ][ PHONES h~b~ts, the text books selection Ithen bring the result before the] At the beginning of Public Cattle infested with lice spend Dumping as-lime in piles in the C~kSSIFIED BATES ]] OR5-2153 OR5-5198 that have been adopted, and the/Council The Council then makes|Schools Week, the Trinidad teach- a lot of time rubbing against edge of the water is still an-th~" DISPLAy t~ 407 N. Guantt~Athens, Texas display of the work of all the/a decision. I ers and students will wear ribbons fence. posts or other objects due to su~smc~ory menoa, wave action~" ~" |~ students. ] Plans at the E1 ta,~ School|inviting parents to visit the school me annoyance caused ~y insects. 'ecutive runs,-s-~m-e-ad, Pl~fe~til~llll 1,D,~aCtk;~ dlUu~eng: i~sLll;n T~he~ay,W~kn:-J ~ae~Y:b~i: d en tm2enfeaadt~1~:o:1 2~ gmetinthlnhmae d2~al~; d Col. inch 70 1-~ n y . alakoff High [day and Thursday; visitation will ] Public School Welcomes You. Af- po ca" when infested, ,DWIGHT A. JONES, O.D. School. This district's School[be all day Friday with an open]ter the parents have visited the says the county agent. ~ --- ~ding ad classifieds,oFrOM~gTRIST Board members include: Raymond |house that night from 7"00 to 9"00. ] schools, they will receive a yellow Infested cows lose weight and ~ ~, , Reese, President, Gordon Sto er, At that lnbbon declarm "I Have Visited thmr calves become prime tar ets ~I~OS l'lela ~'r col. inch per month $2.50 220 S Paleatine P. O. Box 669 . " nt " gn [ time parents will be invit-[ " g: " for th g" REKDERS " o1",~,~ ~1" ~o~ r~m~n~ ~'lce-Preslde, e~r~ ; R. J. Johnson, ed to see samples and displays of Our Schools. . . e pests. Reduced weaning~t Ma~ll~ ~ecremry; w. u. neese, Ned Alvis the work of the students [ ------- .~ . . welgn~s o~ craves ~s one spot that Announcements, Notices. ATHENS, TEXAS W.L. Jackson and Lawton Parks, The Lincoln School ~;hors and|Farmer .~,d~ really hits the pocketbook hard. J~-Or J~a~ Political, Card of Thanks, ~ ~ Phone OR 5-2697 who has been appointed to finish students have just recently moved ] ~ ~ ~- ~""'~" "-''*~'-z Sucking lice, short and 1 o n g,~ . 4c Per Word [ out the term of Grady Johnson into a new brick building with the[/~ ~ -r~O. llTlporl~ant ~nosed, pierce the animal's skin and ~uneral sermces for James feed by sucking blood. They areWilliam Snyder, seven-month-old 1-wk 2-wi~ 3-wk~ month Baker & Itearn Surveying Co. who resigned, latest in educational equipment. Income Tax Returlls usually found on the sides of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snyder 60 .95 1.50 1.80 Registered Public Surveyors As of January 15, 1965, the en. The students participate in bas- 80 1.40 2.00 2.40 Land Surveying, Subdivisionsrollment she "ed: 14o an the High ketball and baseball and have been By LOYE M. COPEL&ND animal's neck, on the brisket, back, of Waco, were held Saturday af- Well Locations School; 311 in the ElementaryI highly successful in these sport- Loye M. Copeland, social secur inner surface of the thighs, tail ternoon at the Mankin Church. 1.00 1.75 2.50 ~ school; and 240 in the Lincolnling events, ears. Chewing lice are smaller the services and burial was in the " " AERIAL SURVEYLNG School The growth of the Mala Loretta avi~ ~ ,n~ o Lin ity district manager in Tyler, re- and around the neck, eyes andThe Rev. Earl Allen conducted 1 20 2 10 3 00 4 20 . . L". . - -. D f -minded self-employed farmers t~ and are usually found on the top Mankln Cemetery with the Car- 209 E. Corsicana Phone 0R5-5206 ~ozt ~cnoois is steadily increasing coln's studen red this . . . ts to be hone day that they must file income tax of the shoulders, and around the roll and Lehr Funeral Home tn 1.60 2~80 4.0 " 0 BOB BAKER JACK HEAtL " and will continue in the future. I year. Loretta was chosen Betty returns by February 15, 1965, un- root of the tail but may also in- charge of arrangements. 1.40 2.45 3"500 4"80 OR 5-5519 HU 9-2281 Sporting events include: foot-I Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, less they have made advance pay- fest other parts of the body. The baby, a native of Della& 2.00 3.20 4.80 6.0 Athens Malakoff ball, basketball, tract, and base-[and she is now eligible for state ments of their taxes using Form Many ehemicals are available died Friday at the home of his eessful in ~nning trophies andt Lincoln' uen h,~,~ fo " for controlling lice as well as oth- parents. over 50 words, 4c per word s o r Public A self employed farmer must re. er external parasites of farm live- Survivors are the parents; one 7 I~? ball. All the teams have been suc-I and national scholarship awards. 1040ES. insertion, 3c per word for C ~lpl:~l's,various honors. I School Week will be hold Friday port his net income if it is as lit- consecutive insertion. ! The Malakoff High School Band I night, March 5, at 7"30. An edu- tle as $400, up to a maximum of BecaUSesuggestlonsOf restrictiOnswhich applyandto brother,half brothers,RichardWalterLee Snyder;Hoppe tWOand -----~ ~rt Wal:eh.maki=~ and,has 47 members, the Intermediate tcational program will'be presented $4800, and pay the social security the use of the control measures Edgar Hoppe; one halfsister, ~le J~lry ~ ~ areBand.mincludesthe Beginners20 studentSGroup.andThe]20[inthetheroomsgymnasiUmwill be openand forafterwardSparents tax of 5.4 per cent on the amount, livestock producers should check Donna Hoppe, all of Waco, and~ Pho. OR S-~1~2 ~thtm~ T ~ .~Band Hall is located to the nortb]to see various exhibits, note- If for some reason a farmer suf- MP-691 "Texas Guide for con-the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. fers a loss in operating his farm trolling External Parasites of Jeff MeGary of Trinidad and Mr. ' 3 bedroom brick home, one of the football field. The High lbooks and papers prepared by the tor a year, he does not get any Livestock and Poultry." Lot 80 x 120. Low down pay- 7 School Band just this week placed]students, and Mrs. David B. Snyder of Fal- credit on his social security de- IMPROVED FISHING IDEA Ien Timber, Pa. .~PaymentsGLEN cheaperWARREN,than rent. 13 players in the select 100 Piece| The faculty at Lincoln School count unless he elects to report Central Monument Works Band in the 11th Annual BandI includes: L. E. Orr, Principal and earnings using optional method. Fish are just as dependent on. T ni. --hff "Home of Quality Memorials" Festival which will be held March[Math teacher, holding a Mszter'stompeland stated that the optional the minerals in the water as an- Natives of the Solomon Islands captured the English Ship Dane Corsicana & Kerens 26 at H. C. J. C. in Athen~. ]degree; Mrs. Helen Brewer, home- method of reporting earnings for ins Wave in 1876 and ate all e~- 3R TRADE: Spacious Charles I-L ~ Roi~ Malakoff High has an active Imaking, B. S. and M~ S; Sidney social security purposes is pro- VETERANS ADMINISTRATION cept one of the crew, who escaped tool 9. bath brick home inKerens, Trinidad, Malakoff .Beta Club with Mrs. Alice Cart- ] Charles Chandler, Science, I~. S.; vided only for self-employed farm- Information Service and reported the incident. ~"-uan Ckcombin~tion.floors in kitchen,Bal Keens EX 6-2655 as sponsor. 27 students par-[C. E. Anderson, ~ and Coach, er~ It works in this way. A Dally, Texas 75201 'aft.oil ~ de~rte~12 through ~ .--- ------- t,c~pa~ m this scholast,c," hono-] B. A.; Mrs. F.yr~ Anderson, farmer who has a gross farm in- Veterans and their families are rare cmo: l English, B. A.;, flr=t and second eeme of $600 to ~riS~0 ~ ~ ~ ~ of ~ con- throughout, mtc en HOW LOXU a gym, bomemak- A.;and forth g des and in] p po If the =ent pro d them through j~ Pa~ah~.riOther fee- Perhaps ~oo lonff ~ you've mg ommmg, band hall, vocational- Music, Mrs. Maude L. Orr, B. S. gross income is over $1800, he may Veterans Administration. Below . pe "es, central had a ~ of agriculture shop and building and and M. S.; fifth and sixth grades, report a maximum of $1200 for so- are some repre~ntative q~eries. "~ Priced to oYourseH yo~ Family a football field. Mrs. Jessie M, Barron, B. S; clal security purposes. Additional information may be oly- consider trade in area. Contact Athens. Phom~ OR $.~01 Now For a ~ at REED STUDIO F T1d Atlm Neil Lawson is superintendent of the Malakoff Schools. He hems a B. S. and M. E. degree. The High School faculty and teaching positions are as follows: James Sheffield, Principal, B. S. and M. 3-Bedroom B r i c k 2 bath, built in stove, unit, ducked for air con- S.; H. H. Cede, Agriculture, B. S, Call J. A. MeLain, ~ ' ~ and M. S.; Mrs. Alice Cartlldge, ---- ---c42 [ Dr. Lulah ~thI English, B. A.; Carole Sue Denton, Math, B. S.; Donald Crook, His- OP'IX~4~TI~I~" i tory and Coach, B. S. and M. S.; -~- ------ ~ ~ Side ~ I Bernice Sturgeon, Business, B. A. AX Service on week- IPhone 3258 ~ T~i and M. S.; Fay 1~ Lewis, Home- Dorothy Cooksey or call making, B. S.; David Shows, --9c Science and Coach, B. S. and M. S.; ~r ~Pw~"(.~"'OTICE SCOUTS Mrs. R. O. McAdams, Librarian, S. R. Quattlebaum, Counselor, .a~l "'~u~ on the '~a~'a~ Ann Hankla, History, and Foreign ~ar~,iu~own as 'Who Old (confirmed from page 1) Language, B. A.; C. N. Wetzel . ~ tocated four miles meetin~ of the Boy Scouts and Band, B. M. o~ Trinidad have been will a~ise them accordingly. This school will have it s open , ~e year, Previous pet- A Spokesman for the planning house on Friday night, March 5, ,unt on this farm given eommittee said: "This Boy Scout from 7:00 to 9:00. Exhibts, school , v~. than the ~ Is Troop is not restricted to boys in papers, and projects will be on ~a'n~ te~, ~ng this area alone. We. want any boy display for the public to see. 0G"` ~merated. Signed-- interested to attend ana become The teaching staff of the Mala- &N (Owner --7c a Boy Scout." koff Elementary includes: Prin- ~ ~ cipal, Mr. Smith Lewis, B. S. and M. S.; first grade, Mr~ Kathryn N0~ ~l ~ Jenkins, B. S.; soeond grades, Mrs. Nora Phillips, B. S. and Miss Carolyn Smith, D. S.; third grade, Effective Fe Be Closed Sun Mrs. Dorothy Hardy, B. S.; fourth bruazy 21, We W'dl - grade, Mrs. Mary Clinlmcales, B. S.; fifth, Mrs. Neal Lawson, B. S.; daI~ until Further Notice. ~ grade, Mr~ Ceeelia Tindel, B: ,~, seventh grade, Anne Pope l Thank You Gilrcath, B. S.; eighth grade and Speech, Mr~ Frances McGee, B. S. RUBy McLAIN ~ The .Elementary School has a caf eterm, employin~ four cooks HIGHWAY $1 ann m-ring around -ereo daffy. Five school buses a~ ope-i rated from this school and the High School FOR REAL The Grammar school p=rtld- pates in Clams A Inter.Scho]md~ "PEDIGREED" League which includes tract be.s- O FORK ketbell and foothalL The Junior BEEF meh aketl team won zecond plnce in the Cayu~ Tour- To' Here Or Take Home VJ~ In Hwy. o TRINIDAD Also Custom BarbecueJ Hot Iamehes 7 A seventh and eighth grades, Mrs. This method permits farmers to Jessie Mac Williams, B. A.; receive credit on their social ee- Laredo Abron teaches a special curity records and keep up their group in the lower grades, B. A.; account or perhaps increase the Mrs. Geraldine B. Hudson, Lflrra- amount of monthly benefits pay- rian; and B. W. Tatum, courts - able, even though their NET earn- tatned at any VA office. Q. -- Can a veteran once more buy GI ingamnca? A -- Yes. Certain veterans with service - connected disabilities or veterans with nonzervice - con- lor. ings do not amount to 1RR}0. The nected disabilities who cannot buy The Trinidad I n d e p e n d e n t amount of earnings credited to a commercial life insuranve at any School District is currently under- person's nccount is important, co~t will become eligible to buy a going an extensive project of re* since any beneflta paid for fiffured form of National Service Life In- modeling and eonMamettn~ new from average ~ ow~ a per- surance next May 1. Your near- buildings. New lmildlngs''" ~ in-iod of years. st VA office will send you a clude a lunch room, hand hall, ity along with a "check-up" post descriptive flier if you write or science room a~d a VOCational card so yOU call check yOUr so. phone. W Use Only Top building. Q -- How do I go about securing~ Part~ The total em~llment at the cial security record will be mail. a guaranteed GI home loan ? Trinidad Schools include 214 with ed upon request. Address youl A -- Apply to the VAfo: a ~lv ttm l~mt ~llalM~ 17 Negro stud,~t~ attending Lin- req~ and questions to: Mr. Certi.-~ate of Eligibility, and af- t~ ~ ,~-'~------~-'-----~ coln High in Malakoff. The echool C ~ ~curlty ~ ter selecting a home you wish I" ~. . ,v ~oan with Into ~ -IV ~ WO I~@V- operates no buses; all the ~ tion, P. O. Box 3427, Tyler, Tex. purchase, app ~ . live in and around Trinidad. as 76706. the commercial lender of your Ice. ~ ~ IOF 911tt'all" The school plant includes four- chole~ t~d TV teen rooms plus a homemaking l~ll~l~ Q- How can I get an increase building, band hall and gym. The . in my rate of compensation? ~ Negro Elementary School includesD@por~ el~ A -- Submit your request for 1,I 1~1~ ~, rooms with an enrollment of an increase and present medical ~ z.~t~ " For Pig Plot medical evidence to ~how that Trinidad" provides the facilities your service - connected disability for the Negro students of High There's a limit even to a park is more disabling than at the timei GEORGE RIDDLESPERG~ School calR~er to attend Lin~in manager's patience. For instance: of y~r last eya~nination for corn- HUdson 9-$$$1 School in Malak0ff. Itinerant campers recently litter-j pemmtbm. ] , Trinidad participates in Inter- ed Caddo State Park, ignoring~'--~"~'''~'--'~ ~"r~i:~' ~ ~ ~q~. ~ ~ ~ ~ Scholastic League 43,B events in convenient trash containers. After both literary ~ athletics. Six- work, they cleaned paint brushes man foutimll is PlaYed. Other by daubing the wet bristles against ~ an Appointment spor~ ~ basketball and tract, stately pine and cypress trees. ~ at La Nita s ~~'~"7 UmmIlY m~veral f the tract team D yle Tayl r' park manager' res " ~ go to ~ ~'mdenta in Journal- lutely picked up the garbage, ism, ~rthamL and Typing have again cautioning the visitors about ~ . . . with complete confidence, qualified in state ecmpetitlon also. that and certainly the bark re- ~ knowing your precious hair will Tl~ year Tklnldad students decoration. But they next sbol; ~ receive expert, gentle and "per- ][ have been awat~. the following a stray park pig and brazenly {~,so~" service. h n rs: "D" A~ K" winn|n" Pauin r asted it ver a campsite spit" ~ [ Peebles; Beta IRate Vice~Presi-~ylor, pretty piggish by then, dent, Lindg Y~tea; Beta State called on the sheriff to deport the ;, La NITA'S BEAUTY SALON t- Linda Story; Beta lot of 'era. " ] Mrs. Juanita Christopher S zt -v-m, ct, State Sponsor BillAwardDOWdy; and TEXAS DR"~~ @ National Merit Honorable ~ e'g:~wa~~e~'~-~-------~ed~'~'~l~~~w l~ Mention, Ltnda Yatea. 8LOWING DOWN School Board members are: AUSTIN, Tex -- Texas drivers President, J. C. Peeble~; Vice- ' nirt " with speeds af- QUICK CHANGE ers & Ranch, ter the speed limit was raised to 70m. p. h. late in 1963. But the affair went pffft, de. cerding to a speed survey made by the Texas Highway Depart- ment a year later, and Texans for the most part are now observing the speed limit. Take .paeaenger cars, for in- =t=n The Highway Dep=v ent radar.eheek of at 2&000 of ths= in locatiom scat- tered over the te. In 196& a fraction more than 11 percent of "the motoHata were clocked at more than 70 m. "p. h. A year later--under the sam. high- way eonditim and in the tame Ue fls'ure dropp to per eent. And it was the pattern bem P. BOX 96 -:- KERENS, EXport 6-2881 -- CALL COLLE r FOR A BUSY WARDROBE To make sure your clothes are always ready to go when you are, send them to us for the fine in dry- le l g and pressin Pho. HU !~ ,i 1i Grain, Feed, Fertilizer, Wire, Steel Pwts, Hardware Anhydrous Ammou Jumbo Saddk Mohawk Tires Ammunmm AId~O