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Malakoff, Texas
February 26, 1965     The Malakoff News
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February 26, 1965

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M~OF~ NEWS ] [earnings for the year are quite ],ELECTION ORDINANCE election. t-" I . ~d [substantial. [ 'An ordinance ordering an elec-Section 3. Said election shall ~ Page Twelve Friday, February 26 1965 Malakoff, Texas J,[" [ .~I I A free booklet on social secur- U -- ] ~Q~I ~ l ity along with a "check-up" posl tion to be held in the City of Trin- held under the provisions of idad, Texas, on the ,;th day of general election la~s of ~ditorla[ BY Ralph W" Yarbr ugh I ~ ~ I card s Y U can check y ur s " I Apri~ A" D" 1965' f r the purp se State ' f Texas' and all pers ~" Dear Fellow Texan: ] i ~ I cial security record will be maiL[of electing a Mayor and two Al= qualified to vote in said City la~i VIETNAM We are fortunate in having in I ~ led upon request. Address youz [ dermen to serve the terms pro-der the laws of this state re.gula~ Texas many of the outstanding ] ~ '~ I requests and questions to: Mr, Ivided by law designating the place ing general elections shall be all No area of U. S. foreign policy in the history of our lmedical doctors in the country b country has been as little understood as our involvment in[ ] '~" /ff~ *~' ]~ [C Social ~ecurlty Adminlstra. !of said election, appointing the lowed to vote. ~/E lnls weeK our ~ena~e ~UDC0m-t t,~ ] ~ . I presiding officers thereof and pro- Sectmn 4. A copy of this o51 mittee on Health was honored to I // ~ ~/" [hun, P. O. Box 3427, Tyler, Tex- vidin~, for notice of said election ' ]nance shall be sufficient notice ~| Vietnam. [receive testimony from three ofI ~t~ l as 75705. I n~= "I said election and that the MaY$| ~mermen ana ~ayor o~ ~ne t~]~y ~ ~ n +~o ~ +~.~ +; a ltlttB Prior to World War II, Vietnam was a part of French I them; Dr. Michael DeBakey, of / ~ ~N~IIII U n ~'~ r~, ~ne ~erm oi ~wo ] is hereby ordered and ~irected tl| Houstofi, Chairman of the Presi-! ~ I I of Trinidad, Texas will expire on o~'sai~~ ~ ~';~ ~ Indochina. A part of it was a French colony and the balance ] dent s Commission on Heart Di-[ f~IUESTIg~LI~ I l lew Iorz L,1ty bauer I ectmn Dy causing a !1 was a French protectorate. Early in the war, the Japanese I sease, Cancer and Stroke; Carle- [ ~ ~,l n~l ~ I Cominq To Dallas [ me x~rs~ xuesaay m ~pru, ~Jul). I copy of this ordinance to be pu~ ton B. Chapman, of Dallas, Na-/ Al~Ji'~i AkJICtAIr'IDC I - I THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAIN-[lished once a week for four w~ ~ "~-'----- occupied Vietnam and remained there during the war. The[ tiona1 President of the American/ g"tll 111~ #=~t| 1~1~ V V llil~ i C~mcert, Inc. of Dallas, will pre-NED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF lprior to ~aid election in so~]i ~i'~t~?. Japanese encouraged a feeling of nationalism After the[Heart Association; and Dr. Mur-I - n sent the New York City Ballet iulTRINIDAD' TEXAS A~ FOL-Ine~spaper of general circulatiO]~ Japanese withdrawal the French were not in a position to re-I ray M. Cope]and, of Houston, Na-I ~, ~.nv~ M ~r~m~'T a~rr~]four performances at the State] LOWS: in this City; the first publicati~][ ~ne~r ,q,ei~tv,Q, I am 55 and have worked15 17 I there, is hereby ordered held in the I prior to the date of said election2~ i ~L occupy the country for a while and in the intervening period I tional President of the American / --z ] Fair Music Hall on March 5, 6, and Section 1. That there be and I shall not be less than 30 dat$~,-~ " ' " r socia " ' City of Trinidad, Texas on the 6th I and one copy of this ordina~,~b the communists got a foothold in the country. When the ] They shared with us their enor- ] years unae,~ s ecur].~y, woum I Making its first visit to Dallas, I day o~ April A. D. 1965, an elec. I shall be posted at the City I~iI ]~ ] molls Knowledge and learning, gar-~ k a--- ~ ' ~ ' French did re-occupy the country in 1945. the communistsI ' ~ oe edgime ior a oeneziz at 62 if[The New York City Ballet wil!i fled to the north where they consolidated their positions, inered from many, manv years ot/l a on~ wor nymore. I bring its entire company of stel-Iti n for the purpose of electing and two public places wzthin f~! | two aldermen axd a mayor for the [Caty for 30 days prior to the datil ~ ~'-J socia~ secur~y ~s enougn to quali~y term provided by law. of the election. ' ~ ~ They came to Washington to tesh-~ Iw~th the most exciting ballets] Fighting then ensued between the communists in the North I medical practice and- teaching. ] A. zes. :ren years won{ under i ]dr dancers and full orchestra, [ and the French who occupied the South part of Vietnam,]fy oa behalf of a concept of enor-/ranaYc .ea e rememn n age" Tn se[from its extensive repertoire, i Section 2. That said election PASSED AND APPROVE II ~'~"'* +" *~'" -*"-e ef/~. ~ ~g~ now anuI Program times for the Ballet shall be held at the Fire Station THIS THE 2nd DAY OF FF~,] including the capitol at Saigon. Fighting has been almostI I continuous since. I medical care in the United States: |xor some years m come acmal.~y I will be: Friday March 5, 8:30 P. I in the City of Trinidad, Texas; RUARY, A. D. 1965 ~veea ross. uenerauy, worl~mg m lM, Saturday, March 6 2 30 and and the mayor shall appoint one H.F. WARREN, Mayor me regmnal memcaL ~ " - "'th of th -" " ' " ' : nt a~ou~ ~ e ~]me under so- 8:30 P. M. and Saturday, March Beginning in 1950 American arms and weapons were] At the present t~me 71 perce tcial security is enough to qualify ],~ ~ ~n ~ x# judgesPresidingto judgeconductandandtWOmanageaSSistantthe ClerkDORA WILBANKS"ButJES1 furnished to the French for use in Vietnam under the U. S. I of the deaths in the United States/a -erson for some benefit ~n I are caused by heart disease, can-lha;nothi, to do the 'mo t.l Tickets may be ordered from mutual defense program. After four years of fighting dicer, and stroke. These dread di-]however. The amount is related to[C ncerts" Inc 1924 Elm Street, I am key point in North Vietnam, Dienbienphu, fell to the com-Iseases are our greatest killers, our avera e earnin s J)anas, ~exas. - y g g up to re- munists. On July 21, 1954 armistic agreements were signed[But they beaten by an or-Jtirement age. The five years of[ -- mYllet toted ganized attack. /lowest or no earnings are not in-I Ir-~C,~ Ik,I[TTEI~S TO ,I there o~ at Geneva dividing Vietnam along the 17th parallel with the] What is needed is a way to|eluded in the average. Benefita[ l~i~ ~ THE EDITOR ]] ~ f~oz;ite area North of this line being left under control of a com-lmake available to practicing phy-/starting at age 65 range from $40[ I Imfferin~ munist government and the areas to the South under the I sicians all over the country --- in ] to $127 per month for single bene- I ~ alive fo~ cities, in towns, and in rural areas ]ficiaries Waxahachie, Texas -- a working knowledge of the ] Q. I am planning to retire on lMalak ff News so-called Saigon government which was non-communist.I will lie The French got out. I great advances in medicine that[July 1 this year since I will become lDear Sir: are made every year. 165 in June. By that time, I will| Please accept our check for the *~'uly, i Almost immediately guerilla fighting commenced inI The medical urofession is in-|have earned about $3500. Does ~News. We think it is about time a,~l'n,' South Vietnam between pro-communists and goverr ment[terested in assuring full communi-]this mean that I won't be able to|for renewal. We have enjoyed ~ t~r t carton" between the researcher~ ]collect my social~ security checks,reading the Malakoff paper for T ~ mc troops. The communist forces have grown steadily stronger and uracticin~ ~hysicians What [until next year many years and would so hate to . : beWflde~ The guerilla fighters are now a well organized, disciplined ] this means in "terms of', human [ A. Assumi~l~ that you will have ] miss one. eO~age b. o -I "- - [ <01 :toIIo~ army. They are called Viet Cong. The Viet Cong have w,~ ne of our dis [earnings of $ 0 or less per month We miss our old friend, Louis, ~ ,eases,Dr. S~d .~ ~ ly . , ways received arms and supplies from North Vietnam and " he- a zer dune, you may receive your but are happ to do business with ' in~ exuerts on July The social security lay pro- Yours sincerely world soutstand " hi [ lately they have been aided by troops from North Vietnam./ Farber of Boston, one of the monmiy Denez~:s l)egmmng w~tn/our '-new zr~enos.'" cancer He told us that if we vides for t s even though total/ ELBERT FAULK. The United States has been in the picture all along. ]could just pass on the knowledge Under the Eisenhower administration we began sending we already have of cancer, that we could save the hves of 100,000 arms,supplies, and military advisers to aid the South Viet- ' ' people wno are going to die of ~ Thinking Man namese. The program was conzlnue unuer I'resl{lenl; Ken- cancer this year. nedy and President Johnson. The South Vietnamese have What is planned to assure know- Knows the value of that m ne ledge and use of the latest mea~ been losing the struggle all along. Our aid, both in o y "'" "'Clean Cut" look. cal advances in all parts tf the and personnel, has been increasing constantly In 1963, 35 killed Last we " e are regmna~ memcax corn- American advisers were " . ek we lost mor plexes, organized )n such a way Is an individual n that doctors would be ab'e to get troops than we did in the whole year of 1963 The mai Has an open znind toward DON'T WAIT FOR TROUBLE o, . . . .- " . the most advanced in~oz~mtion reason our side is losing ls that tne vlemamese zroops and you and I, their patients changes, toward improv- ~Jght of couldn't care less. The Viet Cong are fanatics fighting for would receive treatment-by the ment FIX IT TODAY AND SAVE e in most advanced methods These " " " a cause The Vietnamese are drafted to fight for a corrupt. .~Pediti, " ~, ~ regionai complexes would include When a driving assembly is out of adjust- life tyrannical government which has never cone any ning the following, our the people. Furthermore, the government changes hands 1. A medical school and af-. L kely too, he will enjoy ment, binds or has too much play it can l is a good barber who under with incredible regularity. Whenever the ruling group of- filiated hospitals. " only get worse. Let our experts comnletely we stands what an individual overhaul the transmission; making replace- fends us beyond our tolerance, we engineer a behind-the- ers." 2. One or more research cen- hmr cut means to a man ~a~ the seines coup and put in another group of tyrants. 3. Diagnostic a n d treatment -- ments with new factory parts---for smoother k wi statmns each statmn would be Supposedly all of this has a point We are not taking . . driving ahead! fin, "s u "h -" . . located in a hospital and would ChOre. s e wit our leaders who have gotten, us into th s mess, provide the highest quality treat- INEXT TIME TRY ~ Et ~17 Ik Whe: but we would like to know where it s supposed to be getting i ment for heart disease, cancer, or stroke us. The whole thing does not reflect credit on us no matterl rv', ll rh r Tanner Motor,0m ,an what compelling policy considerations force our involvment. J searc" are w othin we al" n o ]n g - It as m order at th s tlme for the Premdent to come for-- 'h low them to dry up on the vine for EXAS Your GMC Truck Dealer with an articulate understandable expression of our presentI lack of use. As one of the distin- li ' " " e guished witnesses told the com- ~-~ ~-~ ~ ~-~ ~ po cy. We don t want to hear any chches about helping th ,~ .-- ~ . . . .~ . i mlz~ee, lne pmn Will nol; al~erl ; oum vxe namese governmen neip sesI. Tne outn vxe -I the e~i~t! tt f r-odical] namese government, stinks, and doesn't deserve to be. helped. I care in t'l~e"~Uni=te(l --t'ates-.S . but will I A We are obviously in Vietnam to prevent communism from ]make it more efficient." l ]}e La~rt spreading all over Southeast Asia, which it will surely do if l Throu=h this nlan the most ad-I aive it not contained at the 17th parallel, vanced medical knowledge knownI i hY th~ I te man in the fields of caneer, I,~ the Lately we have gotten mad because ms eao Killing|heart disease, and stroke, would l I l~ilt a 35 of our troops per year the communists are killing that ] be made available to the physician I ~~~- :}~{i;,: |J,~ Qtioll al~A many in one night. Accordingly, we are letting the North and put to use for the benefit ofI 'i!i!i!i~!~{~ '.:~:i-ii I ity C Vietnamese and the Chinese, who helping the North|his patients in every town in the |,~iii~iiiiiii~i~iiii!!!i!i!i!!i~.:: ,nation Vietnamese, know we don t like it by bombing bases in] " " I | North Vietnam. Whether this will get us into a war with I China or not is conjectural. SEALED BIDS will be received inI,~alak( I the office of the Superintendent of[ We have confidence in President Johnson. We think he ISchools, Malakoff Independent l i kn ws what he is d ing' but it is time f r him t let thel Sch l District f r he (1) framel bi It el rest of us know because we are quite worried about it. school building located on westI T - may I seen at the Lincoln School site.I " Bid proposals may be secured byI n,Will b~ ~.- ~. - ~ ~~~~~- I contacting Neal Lawson, Supt. I i 1 eft he ~: I 111, III L I March 8, 1965. The successfulI l~Jl' ' . II I I I I I I I il I buyer must remove building from/ ~ - ' ~l~id~ I I I I I I ] I rV] I ]fill]l its present location. The schooll the IIII IIIU!I I reserves the right to accept or/ ~ e~st' I] II I reject any bid submitted for the/ ' I [ IIUHJ, Ibest --interest of the school. I ~ ;I IIeIJ her precious [ ,y III I I I fl111 III!IH I privacy ] l r, i ~~~~ Ill!~ I I[it I := ~ ---~ ~~~ I cos,sso~itt~e, ~I==. 1~2==~r-- "; ~~[[lt I l@,~I I -means somuch I I ~ct Chevy 17[ I00 2-Door Sedan Chevy 17[ I00 2-Door Sedan d ~ ~/~ '/] . H With aluminized exhausts that discourage corrosion Delcotron generators that 11~,~ ~l ]'g ~ i I encourage longer battery'life brakes that adjust themselves rocker panels ~ ~ ~'~ " ~" ~ ~ f ~ that flush themselves free of dirt and salt. Tight? They're downright miserly! Installing te s'o " V -. . the lowest nriced sedan and They're good looking Clean Functional. 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