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February 26, 1976     The Malakoff News
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February 26, 1976

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Page 4-MALAIUr WD-veo. o, ieo See 'n' Tell It's a quirk of nature that we can live with something for a lifetime and never know anything about it. For instance, my boss-lady, Donna Scheibe, presented a very interesting program about the Great Seal of the United States at the luncheon meeting of the Cedar Creek Lake Womens Club this week. Several weeks ago she asked me to paint a large replica of the Seal that she could use as a visual aid during her talk. A quick trip to the Henderson County Library in Athens produced several good books which supplied me with illustrations and information about my subject. That's when I discovered that the Great Seal is so familiar to us that we never pay it much attention. It's on the back of every one dollar bill. For five years of my life, back in the the buttons and hat orna- ments of our military uni- forms. My research produced several intriguing facts about our national coat of arms. Plans for it were started the very day on which the Declar- ation of Independence was adopted when Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were appointed as a committee to find a design for the official seal of our new nation. After several unsatisfactory starts, finally the eagle design was submitted by two men named William Barton and Charles Thomson and was adopted in 1782. In 1789 Congress passed a law making it the I By Lois Williams Seal of the United States. Every detail of the Great Seal has a special significance whichQevery citizen should understand. The Crest, the circular design above the eagle represents a new group of stars in the sky. The thirteen stars on a blue field stand for the original thirteen states in our nation. The ring of light breaking through the white cloud which surrounds tRe stars symbolize God's guidance and protection. The shield on the breast of the eagle has a bar of solid blue, which represents Congress. The thirteen vertical stripes of white and red again represent the first states. Red, white, and blue are, of course, our national colors. The motto on the scroll held in the eagle's beak is E PLURIBUS UNUM, a Latin phrase meaning "One out of many" and refers to our Union of many States. In his right talon, the eagle clutches an olive branch, a symbol of peace. A bundle of thirteen arrows in the .eagle's left claw stands for our determination to defend ourselves in case of war. As a whole the obverse of our Great Seal has the meaning: "We are a new and sovereign nation, a strong union of many states, with a belief in God. We are powerful like the eagle. While we want peace with all nations, we are ready to defend ourselves against attack." The reverse side of the Seal has meaningful symbols also. The pyramid represents the strength and stability of our government. It was left unfinished to show that the new nation would grow in size and strength. The date in- scribed in Roman Numerals on the base of the pyramid is 1776, the year our nation was born. The huge eye above the pyramid stands for the watch- ful eye of God. ANNUIT COEPTIS, the Latin motto 7e means, "God has favored s ,undertaking. Underneath the pyramid another Latin motto, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, states "A new order of the ages". The reverse of the Great Seal is not so well known as the obverse side but taken as a whole it means: "Our nation was founded in 1776, with the help of God. It is strong and will grow in size and power. fRoedUcing plan r energy users ' b Of Interest To Women i Exciting New Addition Each Week To This Newspaper For Your Reading En'oyment i The Cooking until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Punch dough down; turn out onto lightly floured board. Divide in half. Shape each half into a ball about 5 inches in diameter. Place each ball in the center of a greased 8-inch round cake pan. Cover; let rise in warm place, free from and bake 2 to 3 longer, or until Remove from pans on wire racks. undissolved active dry yeast. Combine 2 1/2 cups water, vinegar, molasses, chocolate, and margarine in a saucepan. Heat over low heat until liquids are very warm (120 - 130 F.) Margarine and choco- Flour 1 teaspoon Sugar 2 teaspoons Salt 2 cups Whole Bran Cereal 2 tablespoons Caraway Seed, Crushed 2 teaspoons Instant Coffee Russian Black Bread and salt are the edible symbols of Ukrainian hospitality. The hostess presents the Russian Black Bread and salt to her guests which means welcome, with good will. The guests are expected to cut a slice of bread, dip it in the salt and eat it. Therefore guests are welcome to share the food of the house no matter how rich or poor the home might be. This bread can be made with the Rapidmix technique. It requires the mixing of the liquid ingredients with some of the dry ingredients and the yeast. This quickly activates the yeast and permits baking within several hours. RUSSIAN BLACK BREAD {Makes 2 Round Loaves) 2 teaspoons Onion Powder late do not need to melt. i/2 teaspoon Fennel Seed, Gradually add to dry ingre- Crushed clients and beat 2 minutes at 2 Yeast 2 1/2 cups Water 1/4 cup Vinegar 1/4 cup Dark Molasses i square (1 ounce} Unsweet- ened Chocolate 1/4 cup Margarine 1 teaspoon Cornstarch 1/2 cup cold water Combine rye and white grease top. Cover; let rise in flours. In a large bowl thor- warm place, free from draft, oughly mix 2 1/3 cups flour mixture, sugar, salt, cereal, packages Active Dry medium speed of electric draft, until doubled in bulk, mixer, scraping bowl occa- about 1 hour. sionally. Stir in enough addi- Bake at 350 F. 45 to 50 tinal flour mixture to make a minutes, or until done. Mean- soft dough. Turn out onto while, combine cornstarch and lightly floured board. Cover; cold water. Cook over medium let rest 15 minutes. Then heat, stirring constantly, until knead until smooth and mixture starts to boil; con- elastic, about 10 to 15 minutes tinue to cook, stirring con- {dough may be sticky). Place stantly, 1 minute. As soon as in greased bowl, turning to bread is baked, brush corn- starch mixture over top of loaves. Return bread to oven n " v Flo r caraway seed, coffee, onion 4 cu s Unsifted R e u 3 cups Unsifted White powder, fennel seed, and jeweler's w,fe By Martha Williams There are two types of caster of the ring to determine mountings used by the what goes into his casting. average jeweler. These include The finish of the metal is die struck and cast. Die important also. Two castings, struck mountings are the identical in gold content may finest money can buy. They be far apart when sold as a are made by forcing metal finished product. It is up to {usually gold or platinum) the jeweler to finish the Lucy Alexander Cooking Comer, 509, Malakoff, BIRD SPECIA1.SP. into a form under high pressure, There is much more time and effort, and money invested into the forming of a die struck mounting than a casting. The metal is literally pounded into a form by repealows and trimming. The art bf die striking is no longer well known and the cost of labor is high. While a die struck mounting is by far the most satisfactory, it has casting in a satisfactory manner. Another type of mounting is fashioned from gold stock or gold wire and is con- structed Sy hand. It is rather limited from the standpoint of design and is not widely used by retail jewelers. many limitations as well. Only certain styles of settings can be die struck. It costs much more to create a die struck mounting as compared to a similar cast setting. Cast settings are poured into a mold and the designs are unlimited. Even leaves and insects can be cast from the original object in gold. Because the metals used in casting are not injected under pressure, they are less likely to have the smooth even finish of die struck. A cast mounting can be duplicated Lespa's Smart Shop 911 S. Palestine Athens rather quickly so original SHRIMP FILET OF designs are frequently copied much to the chagrin of the t FRIED cHICKEN SOLE S  ,-- .I ,..- 0, ! artisan. A really happy combination \\;'*0\ F:i Y DiDiDf00 between die struck and cast is the combination of both. oe I'-omll Wben a mounting is cast, itis  '3rC'' anl 27th ! made of all one type metal... ''"- Openlng Febu usually 14K gold. 14K gold , which is used as a satisfactory Plan base for the mounting is not m Th nearly as satisfactory for the actual head settings (al- Texas T Bone Lobster Fro e though frequently used) when Hours: Tuesday thin Thrusday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. ' ti Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m.- 11 p.m. , Tuesday- Sunday Try Our Noon Buffet From 11 a.m. . 2 p.m. Dip Into Our Bathtub Salad Bar At Night TUESDAY NIGHT South Of The Border Special WEDNESDAY NIGHT A Trip To Italy t Make A Selection From Our Domestic And Imported Wine Lisf Private Partiesr00 001.nnai00b[00 0000,ia00rani We Accept To 30 H,. SS es ,rvation e. edar Qrek aEe at Knob Hill Road [ 432-2606 How to save electricity when using washers and (l00ers Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or more of the.fuels needed to produce it: natural gas, coal and oil. Conserve fuels and you help assure that there will be enough to meet essential needs for electricity in the future. When you pass a TP&L office, warehouse, generating plant or other facility, you'll see that we've turned off all non-essential lighting. And, in as many other ways as possible, TP&L is reducing its own uses of electricity. If you would like additional information on conserving electricity, call or see the Customer Service Representative in the TP&L Office 1. Ch()se proper wash cycle. ("Hot" setting isn't necessary with most modern fabrics.) 2. Use long wash cycle only with tull laundry toad. 3. If washer has water level control. choose level to match load size. (Saves hot water and energy usect to heat it.) 4. Clean dryer's lint filter after each load to help dryer efficiency and reduce drying time. 5. Don't overdry clothes. Set timer according to garment's fiber content. 6. Sort clothes for drying by weight and texture of fabric to avoid extra run-time for 2 or 3 slow.dry items. 7. Vent dryer to outside to prevent indoor moisture build-up. Follow manufacturer's operating instructions carefully, TEXAS POWER & LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, inveor-ownJ electric utility cast all in one piece, the jeweler has the choice of utilizing the heads which were cast into the mounting or replacing them with a better type. To save money he may use the cast heads. If he decides to change the heads for a more durable type, he removes the cast heads and solders on better one made in a die struck manner. These heads are made of more durable metals. One such metal is palladium, a variety of platinum. It is a hard and durable metal designed to last for years. Sometimes 14K white or yellow gold die struck head settings are used. The method of die forming the 14K heads renders them far more durable and effective than if casted. Die struck heads are usually used in wedding sets and more ex- pensive jewelry. Mountings can be cast from any metal. Once a mold is designed, it may be re- produced in silver, gold filled, fine gold or even brass. The style of the mounting there- fore does not mean it has any quality to the fineness of the metals used. It is up to the