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Malakoff, Texas
February 26, 1987     The Malakoff News
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February 26, 1987

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T )LIe! ARKANSAS CATHOLIC CATH( 49 44 AI 2O 41 31 I 37 I m II[ll m 6 7 15 m 28 38 29 32 53 55 56 62 65 26 I I 5O 151 I 10 16 19 39 57 11 33 58 ACROSS 52.Hebrew liturgical prayer 22. Nfirm with confidence 1. She saved Joshua's spies in Jericho 53. One of an ancient Gaelic people 23. Overturn 6.Bdestson of Noah^,,._ 54.Brother of Jacob 24. Edged ahead lu W _,=_,'~.,., brand-name55.Rite of Christian for Adults25. "Just" 14_ oveChristlan I 61.Ocean obstacle - 26. Catalog 15.May or Cod rm 16.Bone of the forea 62 .Some lists 27. Identical !iil ;;iiiiii~T t BY DOMINIC COMPLISSON In honor of the first month of the year, this Calvin (Jan being a version of Jean) quiz looks at"Jans"in Church history, b. Pope, under the title Innocent XIX c. The Catholic Bishop of Ypres 1. January takes its name from the Roman god of doors, Janus. What was odd about 11.Three German authors used the pseudo- his physiognomy? nym "Janus" to attack those who upheld a a. He had two faces strong papacy in the 1860s, just before this b. He was headless synod? c. He had three eyes a. The first Vatican Council b. The second Vatican Council 2.The town of Janim is mentioned in Josiah c. The Gianni cum Lateran Council as being part of the patrimony of this tribe: a. Ben-jamin 12. Janissaries formed the military elite of b. Palestine the Turkish (Ottoman) Empire. Why were c. Judah they unusual for Moslem warriors? a.They were mostly Shi'ites in a Sunni state. b. They were almost all Sephardic Jews, who had split with mainstream Jewry. c, They were mostly Christian European 3. A city called Janoah in Napthali was cap- tured and depopulated by Tiglath-Pileser, ruler of this empire: a. Assyria children and captives, converted to Islam 63. P~-~cedes waves or active 29. Vestment b. Ba bylon i 17.Leader of the Mac bees 64. On sheltered side 31. Citizen of David's kingdom 19.Makes dovesounq~s 65.Pitcher 33. Dull surface C. Persia 13. In Naples, the blood of St. Januarlus is i 20.Monk'sroom 66.Elevate 34. Pained seen to do this on occasion: 21;~lian sausage 35. Members of a poll party4. According to 1 Chronicles, Janai, a Gadite a. It expands to fill the church. 23.Not completed DOWN ~ 38. Temperate leader, held this office in Bashan: b, It turns from solid to liquid. i~ 26.~estJy caste of Judaism 1.Animal of sacrifice in the Bible 39. Legendary sto~' S tJl~ 27,Ladle 2,Muslim title of honor 41. Venerable (medieval English monk) a.judge c, it becomes luminous and radioactive. ~O~ 28"Achecl 3.Headgear 43. Land measure b, Shah Rift 30.Hometown of St, Francis 4.likely 44, Another name for the Flood C. priest of Basha n~ a nd Smechen 14. Who was the sanguine Janulrius? 32.Clerical title (abbr.)5.Lights 45. Member of the dergy ~3.0eranged a. Bishop of Naples from 1767 to 1791 6. Carry with great effort (slang word 47. Queen from here visited Solomon ~1~ ~Erlcounter derived from Yiddish) 48. Artist's support 5. Luke lists "Jannai" in the genealogy of b. Bishop of Benevento, possibly martyred ~ 37.Strike hard, biblically 39'Qub'like weapon 7. First word of a prayer to Mary 49. Contemporary of St Francis this person: under Diocletian ~'~ ~iAirport letters 8.Gov't agency 51. You, to Pierre a. John the Baptist c. A Roman centurion, ordered to persecute 9.An angel is a __ ofthe Lord 53. Restaurant dish b. Jesus the Church in Sicily, who joined it instead . ~ 4_ ~a-brac 10. Greek geometrician 56. "As it was in the beginninc~is .,." L jt~ ..~.Beat 11 Think about smualv 57. sometimes it's income and sometimes C.Herod Antipas ~ 44. .... . 15.What does 1 Timothy condemn as"vain "-~,~ ~'~jeorrandbachelorendincls 11231~lelPatriarchs probably appreciated ~'~HI;hestmountan nCrete 6. According to2 Timothy, Jannes and janglings" or meaningless talk? l1 u l.~ ~Withdrew from an alliance finding this in the desert 59. Primary symbol of Confirmation ~:~ U~Jraved 18. NumberofCommandments60. Negative word Jambres were the magicians who opposed a. The false doctrines of certain people Moses. What is unusual about them being(false teachers) : ~1 ~ mentioned in this book of the Bible? b. The writings of St. Paul )SEARCH PAF ~ a. Their names are the same as the lesser c. The creed of the Jewish Christians who ; known 13th and 14th apostles, upheld that Jesus had been reincarnated in I.V~= ] L j G D I Y P PT- G T P C R H T Z D B b. They are named only here, and not in the third legitimate Temple Priest, Anais I~ A N v J V X R K E X T T F P S L Q Y Exodus where the incident occurred. " .c c. They were really Roman entertainers, i l ~F B G U F C E U K N S W W M A A T E with their siblings, knownasthe Marcus--ANSWER!---- x x c. ov EX N E brothers PUZZLES ! iT W H R R S B I G D D F I O I F R S M 7.This French saint, who founded the Order p W-~ ~ @ I;NOU.lV~nd ~ : S O W E R O Y E N Y O R J G T M , N p lvl m, a gl alal lv] of the Visitation, was canonized in 1767: "~ ~ a. Jane D'Arc, the maid of Orleans . ] o [ o [ o [ o I" II e [ u [ a ] ] S E O M E R U E R U D Z I G N J F I b. Jane Frances de Chantal ~ ~ c. Pope Jane I "" R y G N C D P I A V Z U N Y D N K O 8. With what other great French saint was a " 0 T~" C B E M R Y E M N H I E O M D U S W this St; Jane assodated? a. St. Francis de Sales OlVl I l l, 1.1,1 .1 1 1- o R v A B T A - J V T G O K E G , S b.The Cure D'Ars ~ [ M L U T Z S R R C O q I J E Q W C Z M c, The Pontiff D'Avignon s ~l : H S B P I T L H P O A N K E B H W I '. The17th century ideologyknOwn as ~ ~~ Jansenism was eventually addressed by the "'" I ~ U X A T E E R T G I F N E R R A m T 11 ISlVl' IHlZl' IZlZlVln Church thus: Nl'lI I [ lvloll IdlV]Olv E lul ~I* ".'~ E C A E U A B D V M D H S Y B I M E a. It was declared to be an infallible article o ]o III. I a I H I S i Iv ] H iV ] a K T N G D K E V S V W K R C I A M D Q of faith. b, It was declared to be a matter for per- CATEQUIZ'EM ~t~=* R O D I G A L S O N Z U Q I F R H A sonalchoice. [ I=p O D T Z L A S T Y D D O K R C D J C, It was declared to be heretical bythe e'tt "0 L e "t' ~ J L V H X V Z D R W B P K U L K KI pope. 3"6 ('6~:.SL t , ~r~RENFiGTREE .............. PRECIOUS-P-EARL ......... TEN viRGINS 10. This movement, amazing as it may e'S t e'8 s6u.~l Z) e'E ~j~D SAMARITAN PRODIGAL SON TENANTS seem, was named after a man called Jansen. q "~ t q'~ (~.S L BORER R RICH FOOL WEDDING FEAST L"- S IN VINEYA D q " t q.g qsof) ~'Z ~4~T SHEEP SOWER WIDOW'S MITE Who was he? 3"~[ (1~. ~1) q'~ e'L _~ USTARD SEED TALENTS YEAST a. The son of Protestant reformer Jean WORD SEARCH )ARABLES