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February 26, 1987     The Malakoff News
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February 26, 1987

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PAGE 10 JANUARY 13,2001 ¢ ARKANSAS CATHOLI ARKA e The second grade students at Our Lady of Fatima School in Benton were given a uMthtg assignment. Sdmts are in heaven because some died for their belief and others lived their lives for Jesus. PawPaw is in heaven because he died and he was a very good person. I think heaven will be bright. God, Mary and Joseph and Jesus will be in heaven. When I go to heaven, I think it be wonderful. -- Anna Clay I thinkitis like sunny and rainy in heaven. I think heaven would be a peaceful place. All the animals would get along. No one would get sick with diseases. No one would have to suffer with pain of any kind. There would be flowers and green grass and trees. I think heaven Hill be a wonderful place. -- Joseph Henry 0 Katie Courtney was havinging up. Our tastes and opinions gels, the first people had to pass a sleepover. She and the girls chan~e many times. Our bodies a test. God gave them whatever from the circle-of-friends affect us in many ways. They they needed. Then he told them were painting their toenails, demand that we feed, clothe and one thingthey_must They heard a knock, rest them. Sometimes our bodies "Yes?" said Katie. The lights - not our minds - control what wentout, Someone came in. It we do.~' was a woman with veils over "My body gets me into her head and face. "Morn?" trouble," said Paula. "it doesn't said Katie. like chores. It falls asleep over "MynameisChrysaiht(kris- my homework." uh-lis)," said the lady. She set Everybody laughed. Then a big candle on a table. '*It Chrysails said, "Well, your mind ~s a butterfly still in its needs to take control of your COCOOn." I:x)dy. Your mind and body will "You look like my morn go to the same place for clef- not do," said Karen. ! don't recognize that nity." Chrysalis. outfit, though." Paula looked worried. "l guess "lsthiswhereLu- The lady Mid, "1 am here to Vll have to have a long talk with cifer and the bad an- tell you a story." my body, then." gels come in?" asked "Y~" said Marie Elena. "l have a question," said Faula. "David's grandmother told Laiasha. "Why did God make "Yes! Lucifer was him ~ndJet*emy a story." peopleinthefirstpla~?Hek~ewfull of hatred. He "MyfriendMyrtmatoldthe they'd mess up." blamed the king be- g These are the. top four stories selecteK Their p6ncipal is I think God is in heaven and I think that angels are in heaven. I think that Mary and Joseph are in heaven. I think that my dog is in heaven, and I think that my papa is in heaven. -- B0nner Chilton [ilia[ • I[ ~I['~[.~I[QI I~-IlI~l I[';'_]l[ I • • , t • ;. t -- • t llilk, t it • ! I think there are lots of ani- mals and I think there are angels up there too. I bet my cat is up there. And I bet my old I lions, need: ice or ,In OI- event Cath< State N( natio inth, and ] ? dog is there. I even bet there is "I' babysitting for dogs. And I bet therei and : is babysitting for baby cats. Chic i ingh Work, tho e -- Cheyanne Harpei "/~ ~ these i wea~ Continued from page 7 Ser and the husbands, are fighting. Small worf der the children are suffering. Never trivi, throt ize the issues of gender• We are being calleC serve to a new level of mutual respect and mut ; mor, sympathy. Make friends with what see 750,( most threatening to you in the other gender,b 7. Befriend your father ... Father-hunger is one of the dee~ Pl hungers in the Western world today• Reconcil with your own father, with other fathers and with God the Father.Your father's blessing UyG de-conswict your hearl Forgive him inade 8. Befriend your mortality.., rnee, Death comes to us "all. Make friends wi# 0the boys the story of ~atton. The "Of court! But God is a ere- cause he could not be aging, with wrinkles, with gray hair, with elect man and woman (Adam and ator above all. He wants to share king himself. He Eve) disobeyed God. They had his happiness. He knew some wanted to his fist body that is no longer young. Accept, let go,i tour to leave the Garden. "iZeirlivas people would misbeh.... Still, through creation. He grieve, move on. Bless the young. Shffe yo#i tior were not easy anymore. They he wanted creatures with free wanted to smash it. It ,ouidhave toworkfor food. will. It's like the story of wouldlc~likertdning wisdom with them. Giveaway whats left dl B They could feel pain and get Pinocchio. C, eppetto loved the a beautiful work of sick. AS more people were puppe, t that became a boy. God " your life. Let the zest, beauty and color I'lou born, they would fight among wanted more than flowers and art"Thai's meant" said i themselves. They would also animals. He wanted living, talk- Marie Elena. young people enliven you. { enc have to dte." ing creatures. He wanted them "Yes, it is.Meanness i' ~rv The girls were quiet for a to know him, love him and serve does not come from minute. "Shuckai" said himonF..erth.Thentheycouldbe God. Lucifer was one of 9s Befriend humor ... i lattaaha, at liked the garden happy with him in heaven for- thebestandbrightest•Hls better." ever." pride turned him to evil. i "Yes, but th~ kin~ didn't "Cod k.ows me f Why .o's like a retable In Our laughter we taste transcendenc6! the give up. He gave them more didn't he make only good Do you know what that is?" fi char *s.The gelshodaoue- people ' as d Katie• "W, Someo.e who mes*es Humor takes us above the tragic. Laughte pie t shot deal. God told them, 'My "HE OlOl God has novercre-up Something that isn't his, gives uswings to fly. Thomas More crocked way or the highway.' Because aied a bad person. He makes right?" asked Missy. they were very smart spirits, people who can choo~ good or "R/ght! Vandals often spray ~ joke to the man who was about to behe#i they made one choice. They evil. If he refused to create those paint wails, break windows and 9:~rIJ~Nlls " would=ick to it forever.People who would turn out badly, he tear down signs. Lucifer was the him. That's a quality of sanctity that we t001 '-" change their minds often." would be maicin~ all the choices, first vandal. He came to F_mrth in "Like they could catch poison "lql say!" said Mi~y. '*My That's not what he wants."disguise• He hated to see people ivy, right?" said Paula. "I'll bet~1 often neglect. morn rmtde m* clean out nW "1 gue. that makes sense," getth~along with God. He talked there was no poison ivy in the ...~,~4"rO~ l~n~,4||[ |] mintobeli0 . wasnot a 0.-nomo ui soither'" Befriend your God i ,,od tho.. or. ",, so.. to.e,heirTho.,hey, =, were eryo.e ,aughad "t 10 .... ! hut yeatri~' created everything. He gets to thrown out of their lovely home, Paula," said Chrysalis. "Other- t&ooq,an Cht'ysalis smiled, ayes, we make the rules• Just like the an- the Garden of Eden. Because he wise, it wouldn't have been =~w~-w~,u,a~e~. ~na~tuols~ ptt~pl~ Slg~t~ a Ion~ tilt~ ~row- is fair, Cod had to punish them•~ heaven on rth." ", ,',, :%. .o The Gospel is not so much good advice #! it is "good news." It tells us how much G0d! loves us, what God has already done for #~ the mmrot motllm~ Cod is as proud of us as is any mother ofhd with the right letter. Clue: The r.ode describes Inventing. Dr~w ~NII ~rrow ffrom erich IRord/:0 A El C D E F G H I J K L M 1. Someone who can makethe rlllht definition. A. Admit children.enjoythatfavor.Peace comes to us when we ~ something out of nothing B. Spirits Befriend the God of love.and the God i • . i~ 2. Chair for a king or queen C Vandal the resurrecUon, the God who comple N O P R S T U V W X Y Z 3. A butterfly still in its cocoon relaxed, whose face beams like a marvelo#~ 8 [~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C~ ~[ (~ q~'~a C* 0 + D. Disguised 4. Not as strong F_ Creator symphony, whose power to raise dead bodi~ 5. Ability to make choices from the grave assures us that in the end ---- 6. Tell the truth about something F. Chrysalis c~ ~ ~ "~ ~'- ~' ~ 8 7. Beings that have no bodies G. Eternity will be well and a]] will be well and eve~ .... 8. Looking different from oneselfH. Weaker manner of being well be well. Befriend 9. Someone who messes something !. Throne God who tells us 365 times in Scripture to be afraid. Walk in that confidence. ~i~,'[~5;~]1~ ~ []~-~,~ "~.~ ~-'~:~-" up on purpose J. Freewill FatherRonaldRdhei~,OMl,,amemberof~ --_- I 10. Time without end Oblates of Mary Immaculate, lives part time; 0 Tonmto and part time in Rome where he serves on order's genera He is aut of six books, r mtly "The Holy 1999).