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February 28, 1980     The Malakoff News
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February 28, 1980

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Z--The Malakoff News, Thursday, Feb. ~, 1900 From the Superintendent's Desk ~, ,,,, (.6 you want to Each Spring in April across the State ' of Texas School Districts hold elections for the local Board of Education. This has been described as a uniquely American institution that has made the public schools flexible and responsive to the needs of local communities, keeping them relatively free from the stifling effects of bureaucracy. I find the last statement a little over sim- plified because in certain areas of our school administration we do have other i-estraints, laws and etc. that keeps the Board from adopting rules, policies and regulations as they might determine necessary to operate the school district. Some of these areas are salaries, era- ployment and dismissal of personnel, accounting procedures, course of- ferings and student discipline to men- tion a few. ,So what are the powers and duties of CITY OF MALAKOI~ (Equal 0ppodunlty [pig]mr) InvttofJon To Bid the Board? School trustees as a board may in the name of the school district: 1. acquire and hold real and personal property 2. sue and be sued; and 3. receive bequests and donations or other funds legally coming into their hands. School trustees have the exclusive power to manage and govern the free public schools of the district. 4. School trustees may adopt rules, policies and regulations as they determine necessary to operate the school district. The legal requirements for board membership are few: 1. Be a qualified voter in the district. 2. Prior to the filing deadline, the candidate must have been a resident of the district for the preceding six months, and; 3. have been a resident of the State for the preceding twelve months, but the qualifications needed for effective service are many. The greatest effect that a Board of Education has is the power to adopt a budget and set a tax rate because these two actions to a certain extent effect every phase of all the parts that go tegether to make a "school system". A board member should be a skilled decision maker, but he must also remember that decisions are to be made only by the board acting as a whole in a public meeting. Individual opinions on board matters can and should be defended vigorously, but once the board as a unit has made a decision, it should be accepted gracefully and implemented wholebeartedly. No in- dividual board member may bind the board of education to a particular cour- se of action. The City of Maiakofl, on belalf of ipldicaais to tta Community tkvelopmnt Block Grant Pmip~m, is soliciting bids lo home I~Nir sod impmlement can- tractt ~ app(icat~ nnmlms C.OI; r~02; 03; C~4; C.05; C-06; C-07; COll. Bids will be accepted until opontq date of bids as stated bevels. Sedod bid p~cedum will be @ur~od and bids will be opened in the Community Dwof~mont Office at Cit/ Hall, Mabko~, Tuat FddaL Match 7, 1980 at 10 AM. The City of Malakoff and the ownm ~ rite dIEM to ra~lct as, o all bids at thor safe dlscratlon. Further Infocmatton may be attllnod bY contactln| Community Dwofopment Block Grant Prqpam Cont. dtnatm at City Hall, Haldof(, Texas. FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE ADMINISTERED IN A FAIR , AND ECONOMICAL WAY. FOR Pol+ Adv. Pd. For by Charlie Fields, Athens, TX 75751 I I , Published Continuously ~,: 'i~ '/ Since 1913 I ! :il~ ( | Publisher .................................................. Dan Dwelle | !!il i| Business Manager .......................................... Tom Finley i :/ Editor ................................................. AonRoun.vali I ~| Office Manager ........................................ Sandy Mcfiuffey :I AdvertlsingRepresentative .............................. RoxleMerrow I i~ i i The Malakoff News (326700) is published weekly by Athens Printing Co, at Malakoff, "Ix. post of- ! :~ i ~ rice address being P,O, Box 509, Malakoff, "Ix. 7M4B. Subscription rates: ~ per year in Henderson .~ County (senior citizen 50 percent discount availxble); N.50 per year elsewhere in Teaas; $7.50 per ': i i i year elsewhere in continental United States. Secon~.dsss postage paid at Malakoff, Tx. 75148. ,'OsTMAS , ,, P.o. M.,.,o,,, T..,,,,,, 7:': t t Be sure you don't miss a single copy of your newspaper. Just fill in the form below with present address and your new one, and drop it in the mail (or bring it by the office). Present Address: Name ...... Address City State Zip New Address: Name ...... Address City ____ State ...... Zip Mail to: The Malakoff News, P.O. Box 509, Malakoff Texas 75148 () Yes, ! want to subscribe! Please send me a one year subscription to The Malakoff closed is my check for $ Name News. En- Address () ~'t Ct y ...................................... State Zip Please send a gift subscription in my name. Enclosed is my check for Send to: Name._ Address City State Zip SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $5.00 per year in Henderson County ,. $6.50 per year elsewhere in Texas m $7.50 per year elsewhere in continental U.S. Mail to: 'rhe Mmlakeff News t~e(IDO P.O. BOX 509, Ma]akoff Texas 75148 Malakoff Schools III 99 Perhaps the most important work a helping to establish a climate for board member can do is to help public change when change is necessary. support and understanding of public Serving on the Board of Education is education, and to lead the public in a responsibility that requires time, demanding better education. Thispatience, and often seems very means communication; it means ser- unrewarding, but if the schools are to ving as a link between the school meet their obligations to the youth of system and the public; it means inter- today it has to have good people willing prating the schools to the public and the to serve on Boards of Education. public to the schools. It also means Deadline for filing is March 5, 1980. Police Report Police investigated a theft of gasoline from the Firm Service Station after two persons left without paying. Police located the persons and had them return to pay for gasoline. Two males were arrested for public intoxication after police observed their vehicle weaving in the roadway. Police also confiscated two pistols from the subjects. Two persons were charged with reckless damage after police observed two cars drag racing and crashing into each other on Hwy. 31 at 4 a.m. A local resident was charged with violation of City Ordinance No. 90 after police observed his dog running loose. Police investigated a traffic accident at the intersection of Hwy. 31 and Melton St. No injuries were reported. Police are investigating a theft of jewelry from a residence on Jackson St. The owners of the property are going to try to talk with parties involved before police conduct an investigation and formal charges are filed. An Athens man was arrested after police found his car had run head on in- to a ditch on Hwy. 31. The driver retur- ned to the scene and was questioned by police as to who was driving the car. The man refused to tell police who was driving. Police later discovered he was to the editor DEAR EDITOR: As a member of the Malakoff High School, I believe the bend issue was fairly beneficial for a bottom of the line proposal. Not benefiting all in a prosperous manner. Yea l thats a good proposal all right. It does a lot for what the people see ou the outside, but very little for what the students see on the inside. For our faculty needs drastic measures and as for our equipment in the fields of science. Its not worth looking at. You go to do an experiment driving the car and he was arrested for several charges including public in- toxication and false report to a police officer. Police assisted the Henderson County Sheriff's Department on a burglary in progress call in Trinidad. The subjects fled the scene on foot and were later apprehended by the Malakoff Police at 3:30a.m. An Athens man was arrested for public intoxication after police obser- ved his vehicle weaving in traffic on S.H. 31 W. Police are investigating a burglary of a residence on Hwy. 31. While owners were away their house was broken into and money, jewelry, and a gun were taken. Police are expecting to arrest persons within the next few days if the property is not recovered and returned to owners. The police department would like to urge Malakoff residents to call 489-0521, or after 5 p.m. call 489-0723 if they see or hear anything out of the ordinary. For only the second time in some six years the Department of Housing and Urban Development has denied Malakoff a Community Development Block grant. Mayor Howard Julian reported at Monday's city council session that HUD had turned down the city's most recent application for $413,000 to be used for housing rehabilitation, relocation and code enforcement, stating that the city received only 437 "points" of the 530 needed for approval. i I,y Ann Rounsavall I Dawn (don) n I. The first appearan- ce of daylight in the morning. 2. A first appearance; beginning - v (The American Heritage Dictionary) A perfect name for the third child of Gone and Jack Lundy when she was born 16 years ago. She was special, as all of the children are, from the onset. Dawn was born with dark hair and the olive complexion of her mother...different from her older brother and sister who had hair so blon- de it was often called platinum, and fair skin. There were problems at birth. Dawn was born by cesarean section, and she had taken fluid into her lungs. Doctors told us we should know something in about 10 days. During that time the fluid would dissolve and could be suc- tioned from the lungs, or it would har. den. They placed her in an incubator and fed her through tiny veins for many days. She continued to lose weight, and was a pathetic sight for those of us who were monitering her every hour of life. Our only contact with Dawn throughout that time was by peering through the nursery window at her little glass home. She couldn't even be taken out to be held and coddled. We never faced the second possibility the doctors had told us about. We talked about when we could take her home and love her. One day Jack and I were standing in our usual spot outside the nursery. "She is so beautiful," he said. Later he said that when Dawn was three, and healthy, he thought he might give her a spat on the behind and tell her how badly she scared us when she was born. Somehow I doubt that Dawl that spat. The fluid dissolved and home. It was a day of our families. with I By the Dawn age she was a terror. She more mischief than the together. She was still fought Gene continuously tempted to dress her feminine attire. She had with our attempts to hug She would only put up with could cajole us into chasing i the house first. She had dolls, but could really throw S Time passed, and she became bweet natured full adventure, and kept a her face. That smile now that Dawn enjoys the given her. Each day is special She loves to fish, dance, She also enjoys the school and, She is a good student, but tains enough of that toddler 1 make life interesting for her J Dawn is one of a that Bobby and I have, and each of them are. children, e en almost iS that each one is so very those that know them. The Davm's middle name is Anne whatsoever. You see, Dawn, I didn't birthday. I just wanted it something special. plication the city expected to receive. The one turned down by HUD previously was ahnost expected, ac- cording to Lott. In other business the council, with City manager John Lott said that the as plans for construction in the area denial was the first on a grant ap-- have beenmade. In a question and councilman Tommy formed that an additional the new housing was not necessary as an LoWs recomendation, voted to provide only "50 feet" from thl for sewer serv/ce in an area near theMayor Julian read north cast corner of the highway 31 and declaring the week of 90 intersection. ].,oR said that, for oh- March 7 as Public School vious reasons, an area that close to the Malakoff. center of the city should be on the sewer system and that there was a possibility First n ..=~apust of gaining two commercial customers entertain at and there is no equipment. Everything The ladies from First there is s Id It was made herre WrldI U 1held thelr birthday party War I. The people of our district are so About Sco ting at the Cedar Lake N, worried about money they won't giv,~ ~on Thursday, ~ eb. 21. Mar| up a little to benefit a few students an~ .............. presented the devotional. take a chance of opening the doors to dressed in men's clothing the outside world. A couple bf weeks ago there was a special addition of the Malakoff News entitled "Progress, a Way of Life in Malakoff", showing our businesses and such but excluding the future of tomorrow, our school and its residents. As a student I know I have to put up with the improper teaching methods, the backtracking for things which should have been learned long ago. I know a lot of people here at Malakoff High School don't care one way or the other about school and a im- proper bend is just as good as another to them. Tough for us who care. I take a stand against the aid for the outside along and show my support for some aid within the school. .......... Scott Sprayberry POLITICAL CALENDAR COUNTY SHERIFF Charl/e Fields Athsns, Texas Tom Billy Goodell Eustace, Texas ( l~d. Adv. Pal. by T. ~, Eu~, '1~.) Gordon F. WKIs Athens, Texas (P~. Adv. ~. t~ o. win., A~a, ~.) Cho/ce Lovelady Malakoff, Texas (l~d. Adv. Pd. byC. Lov~, M~,k~, ~.) Robert Simmons Athens, Texas ( PO]. Adv. PcL by R. ,.~, Athel~, Tz.) Hershel E. McCarley Athens, Texas ( PoL Adv. Pd. by H. ~y, AU1m~, 1'x.) COUNTY ATrORNEY James R. Kitties Athens, Texas (PoL Adv. Pd. byJ. Klttlea, Arums. Tx,) Allen B. Boswell Athens, Texas (Pol. Adv. Pd. by A. ~w~ll, Atlm~, 1'a.) DIST. ATTY. JUD. DIST. Richard Handorf Palestine, Texas i (Pol. Adv. Pd. by R. Hamlo , Palestine, Tx. ) Billy M, Bandy Athens, Texas (Pol, Adv. Pal. by B. Bandy, Athens, 'Ix.) STATE REPREsENTATIVE Fred Head Athens, Texas (Pol. Adv. Pd. by F. Head, Athens, 'Ix. ) Elton Bomer Athens, Texas (Po|, Adv. Pd. by E. Bomer, Athens, 'Ix,) TAX A88E880R-CO~R Disk Carson Gun Barrel City, Texas (Pol. Adv. Pd. by D. C~rsm~, Gun Barrel CRy, Tz.) Betty L. Smith Payne Springs, Texas ,dv byl . v.>.,,, i i i i To be a Girl Scout does not mean just another activity sandwiched in between school and clubs for the girls of our community. Active membership in the Girl Scout organization can be a springboard to a significant in- volvement with people, with the cam- Cross R show Wands Bradley GibSon, Margaret from Tennessee, Sue Ciseo Kid, Ruth Hunter, Mississippi, Myrtle Cude, Brady, and Hazel Johnston Adams. Refreshments of punch were served to Ferran to s Guest speaker at Chamber of Commerce Monday, March 3 at 7 Ferran, senior Industrial c/t/zenx are invited to March 9-15, 1900 is Girl Scout Week, and more than three million Girl Scouts and adult volunteers will be celebrating the eSth anniversary of Girl Scouting in the United States. We congratulate the Girl Scouts of our community on this occasion and wish them well. Their con- munity, and, with the world of the tributions, past and future, to the well- future, being of this community are sincerely Girl Scouting's contemporary awreciated. program is built on a foundation of proven values and is designed to help a "We urge you to join with our local Girl girl make intelligent choices for her- Scouts in the celebration. self, her career, her future. What her Cookie Booth Sales will be held Mar- future can be is up to her: She can be an ch 14th and 15th at Citizens State Bank astronaut, a plumber, a dockworker, a and Food Fare, respectively. Two home manager - anything is possible, separate troops will be selling cookies. Strengthened by the program itself, Girl Scouting works to achieve a future Girl Scouting brings to each girl an as bright as the faces of the girls them. awareness of her own persorml worth selves. Truly, Girl Scouting is "Where portant meeting at the and a chance to grow as an individual, the Future Begins." I C, onununlty Center. / oads iunior High Boys win district BY SANDRA WHERLEY The basketball season is over, but Frigidaire 20.3 cu ft Refrigerator-Freezer Food-Life Preserver section with Unwrapped Food Drawer, Vegetable Hydrator, Flowing Cold Meat Tender. * A conveniently located, 3-position Electri-Saver switch can help you save energy. 100% Frost-Proof convenience lets you forget the messy time-consuming chore of defrosting. Exclusive "ICE-1" Solid State Ice Maker automatically makes arty-size ice cubes. vailable at extra charge. with trade Phillips Appliance Company, Inc. . 02 E. Hwy. 31 Mslakoff, Tesas Open Men:Sat. 8-5 se habla esp nol many a fond memory remains for the Cross Roads Junior High boys. The season was a tough one, but with the compassion of their coach, Richard Vanghn, the boys made the long ham's of practice worth the effort. The starting five for Cross Roads consisted of four eighth graders and one seventh grader: Danny Hugiu , Buddy Pryor, Chris Hope, Matt Anding and Tony Pryor. High scorer for the season was Danny Hughes. Getting the most rebounds were Chris Hope and Buddy Pryor. Point guard Tony Pryor earned the title of best ball handler, and Matt Anding the best hustler. 750 mm/80 Proof Only Caney City Other valuable players were Frankie Eggleston, tmmz, Jeey Bell, Todd Rayland Sifers. Schools are protection of Schools are not only fo# dividual's benefit. They are society's ~.thyreServer of our common Taylor, family specialist with the Texas Extension Fri. & Sat: