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March 5, 1965     The Malakoff News
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March 5, 1965

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////// “SSE-“B” 0" GOD I THE MALAKOFF NEWS fREVIVAL AT MANKIN g , gMalakoff, Texas Friday, March 5, 1965 Page Five Revival Services will be heldf h TIGER TALES Texas Public school teachers SMITH-FERRELL SHINE In the 100 yardh dishlrun} .y', :QACh evening beginning the 7thl31RTHI)AY CELEBRATION =Williums. Rev. J S Sheppard ' o i . . d v . x l ‘ oi- winr w ic sowe< f M' -h l ‘ i M. i. . . .‘ ' ' . facing more teaching mob- AT ENNIS RELAXS mm; C Smith 0 arc am continumg 1‘ um Vllllingham n. siMrS. (gap Thnrnton‘ Elbert . . . . . ‘ms today than ever before. Rick Smith and Tony Ferrell;th times. Lewis and through March 14th at the homrm 0” “‘1‘ 80th l’irth'lzll'EWillizlrils ‘l/l v ._ High on the list of reasons stole the thunder, as unheard reached the semi—finals With. Iii-‘51 fiunday With a family din—{Mn am}, M3,?» Bub walker’ 91' this situation are the dif. of )Ialakoff took some of tlie’times of 11.6 andhlll Bank— not and open house. mules involved in presenting glory away from the track slim had a 13. Smith had a HMankin A s e m bl y of God 'Church. d Homer Palmer, g. r. an Mrs. Joe Lo er, and His sons and their families Mrs. Eula Moon, all fit Cross struction on Whole subjectspowers. It was Shades of She]. 103 in the semi—finals and V Rev. John Harlin Will be the were present for the dinner :lnrl'éirvads. V, portions 0f SLY-9.1.80ts WhiCh t0“ and Powell 35 Smith and Lewis hhad )8) 10;" {12d I ' '.' Evangelist. 3m. Harlin w a Sisi'vcd as hmts for the open ,A‘tmndmL f“ m CH uga "” I t . .. in ‘, i' ~ stand W). in t e L‘J). n t e I «erry . i xx HONORS , , I H . i . v. .. . , , . ' v l f.’ were ‘2' oxalnggg) taughtthof- {Oilfiegllm22020 22:43:21:er hied- Bainwater had a 63.4 and Bob gfiERIVE 3:15“); 0f thLbAhscmbl) 0f (lad diitliglclvyhuh “d8 had fim“ ZAIW“ Want)“. and father, Mr. com me 5. . ‘ . . pATIENTS i J urc in Ma ank for six years . ’and Mrs Lem Tho Id 3“ ' tt ' ueens.,Lewis had an no, Charles .7 ' , , , I“ I ‘1 mas, a y teaChers m the State 813 from the pre 3 Q g and ‘ A going-away dinner was and is now on an Evangelistic th dml membch pub‘m for-Thomasi Fred JOhnSOH, Tom I pamCUlarlv c ll (1 Malakoff took only eight bOFS DUkeS T3” a 5:426 m” 3,1, _ . . c Occasion were Mr. and Mrs.‘ . .. _ . ounce ors an A. F. Heichman. Trinidad, (..l2iven Sunday, February 28, at tour fm. an indmnim “me. You Haske” wmingham of I)a]langea(l()ws, and Mr. and Mrs. Welborn. City; Mrs. \Villie,‘ vAlan Perry, and Mrs. A, D, :‘ 1:111 and Physical education but that was enough to come missed out at 9"16" if; the 11019 7." ersI~have found solution in 7th out of 33 teams. Ferrell vault. Our mi e re a:; team J-‘ y _ 1the home of Mrs. J‘ H. Emerine‘wm 8mm. Marin” this man,S,My-. and Mrs. Bascom wimn _= , V y . oz. . . . . ,V ,l . ~- .~.~i. . Phillips, Kemp. Mrs. Bennie. . 9- Roberts of Chfldregs. h SgtefilmDhbriry Otf the; :ltlartled dthlngiheOfieczbiidhladotz :coanitcl' 33.22.??? in place Willie Bank—ii“ honor of her 50“ J~ P-v who inspired old fashioned iirenc'li-mm “"1 Dewah’ Mr‘ and MW ‘ epar men 0 9 ea on ' . U “ ‘ ‘ .1.‘ th In Austin. come in 20 yards ahead of the Lewis turned Ul‘ WM? e library offers the larg-field in the half mile with a Jerry Rainwater had Gar-V Evans. City; Mrs. ‘ iHarold Wm. : _ ' . . i. . . ; 5‘ , ; mitham. Meadwa‘ a 98.4 ston, Ida Daniels. Cayuga,.le.t for the Army March 2nd. ring, .and Keith, Mr‘ and Mrs. Melt’oniRE“ 0. B. CGOK To USE H 62.6 and Shfirllétébwm‘ City; Wayne: Those present Were Pastor D. Tedford, on lie-;Willinghani, Donnie and Terry”LPOUND FISH [N SERMON Gary om, l)— ;Gracie Emerine and boys, Citynhalf of this Assembly, invitcsiof Malakofi', Nolcn Willingham,i Hear the Rev. 0 3 Cook of 3": Selection of films in the'time of 2105 He won the Pre‘ Ton" Ferrell had a 562' ' 2.... ‘ , ' : ' - . j- .. — DISMISSALS ;. c, E ' g . .thwest_and makes the films liminaries With a time of 2212.3. LEVHS .ran a 224.10“ hurdles . Y ' @112 agdlggs Mrmigge§33the public to attend each oferS: “and Hmsely’ Cindy andfthe First Assembly of God 1 ”" m an easy effective‘Then it was Rick’s turn as hebut missed the finals b} one Mrs. Annie “bod, Milbum 0n 0 « qu_ . othese servi g iChl‘lS of Houston, Bernice Wil~ preach an illustrated {-"1uo' Any teacher or anylcame out of the shoot with ani'place. .Holt, Mrs. Virginia Kemeyl Mrsylvemon Emenne and Children ce" {linuham Mrs. sermon . Wanda Rogers using the 11 ' .. . - . . y i d d M C_ _ . i . i , -pound buffalo f h .. u person, for that mat-learly lead that he never relin— Our schedule this Saturday 1011159 Sparks, J. W. Sparksnan Mr an rs J Air Ihe Assembly of God (ohurchland Jimmy of Dallas_ ii“ the 11:00 o’clock org” git: , _. . . . in d hildren all fTri -' l -d a ’ may r nest 1 ‘h d to win the high hurdlesis at the Dogwood Relais at Sr., 0. W. Sprouse, Lindafi.eart 3“ c . 0 n ‘5. 0”“ 3”“ Off the Kemp Guests calling in the aftc -l ' ' ousting: relatgdldto ea time of 16.8 against aiPalestine. Prelims are on satiTeetZ, Mrs Eleanor Robertson. “lad {‘“d M‘” Ne“ Gray 0f nghwal’i Que'h?”, mile “Wide “00" were J- E. Farmer. Bi; ilsics‘o‘brd'sMirecgiaditEn” Edindomc contacting the Health De-gheavy wind. He had won hisiurday morning “1th the finals Bobbie Ray KelleyY R. D. myen_'Murchison. Trinidad City limits. iWelch, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Job. 41. m em- iprehms with a time of 17.3. lthat aftemwn- The {OHOWlngE Bran-Is * WW ‘* A catan ~ v h k bo‘ tak off" ., Elle listing 611 titles Then it was Tonvs timei‘Wek t 9 "ac 3'5 e . - as , e , , . . - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bobble, mhbrecele “fly published and is’again as he ran the low hurdlesto Mexwo for tne Border Ollm Kelley of Dallas, a son, Bobbie; 3 . . {Orin/11W - I 011 request from thelfor the first time in his lifejpicsi F bruar' 26 1965 t1 ~ Lflira , 410 East stilfand won his preliminary with 2.3 Here are the standings of the 33” 0“ l ’ a i «a t, Austin. :time of 21.7. Then in the fin-{Ennis Meet: Keller 104, Mid-10:15 3' m’ We'ghmg 8 pounds' part of the Health Depart-Lals, he lost by a half-foot andiway 93, Cedar Hill 80, Midioth!10 ounces in i . . I H ’ 7. ’ ‘ealtti Duns-ion of Public‘ended up second with a finelan 14v CllftOn 04. “Ills Point Ed“ t‘ ' v ' ‘th 42 Malakoff 38. Fornev 34 Miss Carol Ann Hardy of; QM fa ion, the library .earl) season time of 21.0 Smi a i . . giro, sale “veg 2,010 films for 611 tit. again took the winners stand Springtown 30, De Soto 22, 1111- Waco and Page Fulgham of; i . cObtains films w‘thlas he laced third in the broad died 21, WQStWOOd 15. Masonic Fort Worth spent the week-end; Ewing ' 1 p. - - v Th « t- f h t M ’ - 85 ran ' f 18' 11". Bl Home arid Ital.‘ 10- e 105 in the home 0 er paren s, . It; .57 mlnutes gmg from ‘to Jump “1th a leap o g and Mrs. Finis Hardy. in . s\\m\\\\~‘i \\\\\\\\\\\\\~:\~.\\\\\\-:..\\\ A ‘:\\xs“\\\\\\~: \\ ; Professional 1 l BARBIN "The Name In Fencing” gBaker & Hear“ Surveying CO- No Money Down ~ 36 Months To Pay Registered Public Surveyors ZENITH HEARING AIDS Batteries and Cords . r :..~ gonads-Ho can: a. air?» 5-; . ,, .,~ .. < ., , . Ava—wan...” Mom-Awmum‘io' v ‘ v; ~. , —. n Iva ~ . - l , covenn ,,J- B k t th ,. the Shot had les: than 10 pomts. _ _ 5 Y . comm phases of pfirg’gjfilcigg gum $56303“, one inch; '3 ' ____..__~_ g For All Makes of Aids E Land Surveying. Subdivisxons ; Free Estimates Without Obligation no??? health. a back of 3rd. The first six piac-' LAgGngST Mn and Mrs, J. D, Waller; STIRMAN JEYELRY ; We“ Locations ROY WELBORN duced ° the films were pro-ed but only the first 3 got,” P ' , and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bieni STORE i AERIAL SURVEYING 5 Phone HU 9-V201 .01 th cammerdany: but many medals. In the discus Jim threw The Junior Class Will present'left Saturday afternmn for at Athens, Texas m a comm“ Phone 03 5-520“ Malakoff. Texas idncedfi? were Written and pro—104' 11” to end up 7th. a three act Play Marc’h 19-, The week_end visit with Mr. andl West Side Square OR 5-4181 BOB BAKER JACK HEARN Q5011 or specnic Texas appli-i The 440 relay team of Gary'leading T0115 belong to Kane-‘viMrs. Waller’s daughter and heré 3 OR 5-5519 HU 9‘2281 . King} All films are aimed at Lewis, Rick Smith, Jim Bank-lPhillips and Jim Bankston. Oth-ihusband’ Mr. and Mrs. MarvingLovely bedroom brick home, Athens Malakoff‘ s . 1 "vhealthepurpose! teaching goodston and Tonv Ferrell had 3191'5 in the P13." are: Donna King in Shreveport, Louisiana,ione bath; Lot 80 x 120. Low;——-——--~——-~—.—~Mi pecm s Dept- - laggtactices, ‘43,? but did “ht reach the fin-iChambers, Drue Trueloye,Char,; ’ MOW" payment. Paymentsg DWIGHT A. JONES. O. D. ' . l . ed 35Year Elgar-y persfonnel.—————————’——". I ,gijugukgfiiindgeg‘fstz,\ilaarcllgs. Mrs! Ola Starks of Carla“ WfiifiEéeng‘fi OPTOME’I’RIST 1-Dozen Diapers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 98 ’ '1 , » b. i‘ _‘ . i. ,, .‘ .. Illa-8‘ - ‘ ’ . 19‘ 1,534,942 vieiigjgfie; Team T° Parnelpate lhloore. Rickey Smith. JerryWa§ In ,1“ 01d “me to“? j ———~——————322° 5' pam’me’ 0' 3°“ "9 Stall-D“ Diaper Cover 89 of mg more than oneljtenil,3 In Relays )Lindamood, Roy Ridenour, Jen-‘l’f‘ldal' 'mght and saturday Vls‘iFOR SALE: Spacious 3 bed“ Closed Wed. Afhrnoons f _ ~ ‘ ~ . . . . .. . In :dE‘tfire Texas populatiqg‘ The Trinidad Track teamnie Barnett, Delois Dukes, Jan—‘Istmgk “"31 erf' “3;! 31:? Fr‘gikwroom, 2 balk}! flbfiCk home in? ATHENS. TEXAS i Dlaper sew - - . ~ i . . . . . . . . . . . .1.19 to 1 98 ion . ..'k 'i V. . . ' _ . tar s an ami y. 1 rs. afAth 3. Eric 001’s in kitchen, l . L who“ teactheggowgag flex- Bl” pavrtlmpatle saturdgllmtfllee KC smith . v ~ 3called the News office Whileidenyendining combination. 831- Phone on 5-2697 3 PC- Kmt Slut . . . . . . . . . .1.98 to 298 . .mclasgroom aids Elle libllngS’FOg1“O‘O1dl bre 23:15? agesuiiimwBAND NEWS (here and said she'really enjoy-glance of home carpeted through-i j. Bab B] k “mes films availa’ble to lrr:;’5i6lna s m e 9 rom This Saturdav our band goesjed. the paper. Said she really‘fout. Patio glass door, 2 cal. fa_ . i y an e . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I.98 to 2.98 : t. and temal oro’lsiézl amid ating are. oneiw Lufkin for‘a $010 and emienjoyed the Cross Roads ne'wsgcflifies, pretty lawn, TV and Yogi“ ciVic gill-113;“ ( imile relay? Chuldk Powers-Sam’somble contest. The band un—fand Other_fiearqyncohmmumtyitelephORE .lacks Fhroughout- Expert Wuchmakingm BABY SETS -— ALL PRICES -‘ Hy any chill y ' d’J rl'der the direction of Mr. Wetzelénewsi as “e as a t ‘3 Mala‘iKitchen has walk-in pantry. hon my book f'lor or .JOCk" Terry Flemingd all Ciia has done an excellent job thisi 0f news' Priced to sell $14,500 Contact Jew.” W :1 'mgneml ' ‘ ‘ms for Rama”, 100 yard as i e“ BOCELL at News Office. Pho.OR 5.3132 mourn. Mrs. Finis Hardy, teacher in the Malakoff Elementary school now who has been ill for some time, . at: I out orb went back to a hospital in Car. INCOME Tax Semce 0" W691" ifine‘ogbéfiit-‘t‘; Memvgrials" .mterest or edu - . . rd dash, Billiyear. They have worked veryi “3’ .but they dielilrdghi’dlehigizo hirdles, Carlthard ever since football season i If You Within the State. Keessee and Douglas Jordan; began. Good Luck. :onfll’fl pm ppen t0le this low hurdles, Carl Keessee and : , borghoodm“ chmrman ’fir Terry Fleming; 880 yard dash. SMITH .nl VARIETY Malakofl and Trinidad . ladies’ club, Stanley Marlow; 440 yard dash. Sicana for a Cheek‘upi Mrs. ends‘ 5” Domthy COOksey or Corsicana 8t Koren! ygdfl‘e to Show club- Sam Jock; 1 mile run, Steve .Ha’dy W38 “Wm-*1 t° be dr w“ H” 9'32” "9° Charles H. Hurt-on. Hop. Method 0grieved, step—by- Lindsey; shot put, Chuch .Pow- "18 hem" EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE Karena, Trinidad, Malakotf There inakmg babys ers and 3111 Jordan; discus! h‘ Amazing new 1iQuid plastic Kerens EX 6-2655 tin {‘3 .3 Sequence-Chuck «Powers and C h e s t e r that ed L‘mia" to do Bradley; pole vault, Chester Derby“.18 Bradley and Terry Fleming.g Josie Cude was was en- coatfi‘m used on an types of J°ymg eatmg Watermelon 13“ surfaces interior or exterior. Tues‘iay afternoon Her 3011' Eliminates waxing when appli- If You Can’t ' m“ “Vi 1 b'h' h ' Paul Rayfieldi bmad‘ ' 43... Rev P to Pull of T - - . HOW LONG? hug u c Cu “13' Jump. in ‘ , . e ey or ad on Asphalt Tue, vinyl, LL CAFE ey on cheBof ’fmrcotics. Jump, Douglas Jordan and Paul: fen, had been to "Trade-s Day» mum, Vinyl Asbestos, Hard P“ too I". Eat At Home you. ack may be Rayfield. . _ in Canton and had bought a wood, and Furniture. 0mm mm. W'Ibofm 7°“ v,e suggest Mahkovfll Tex” film8 are hi Most of the Trian even ‘3: {fresh watermelon that a" 1319le eliminates painting 0‘1me 0 Your Family The Next Boo! N Tar St "1th the 1,03 “ed Parcel “1'” take Place sum” m": t inved by truck from Florida when applied to Wood, Metal or rim. on 5-3001 Now P ’ ’Y ' . mower paw-“7 mg With the exception 0f t e 1 Concrete surfaces. This finish is For a 81thng' ' u lace ' . Serving Daily Mrs. J. E. Farmer of Anson. also recommended for boats and Texas called at the News of. automobiles_ ifice Saturday to renew her sub- ;scription to the Malakoff News. REED STUDIO E. Tyler Athens Except Sunday NO COMPETITION Mrs. Farmer, a former Cross As these are exclusive form- ;Roads resident, is well-known alas in demand by all busing“- in this community and is the es, industry and homes. No lmother of former High School franchise fee. Minimum invest- ?Principal Bob Farmer. nowdof merit—$300. Maximum invest.- ; 7m lEustace. Her daughter, Ju y. went—$7,000. Investment is .VnLENTIME: SWOEEI'VHEART iis 3 MRS graduate. Mrs. secured by inventory. Factory éAfVD BEAI. CH , lFarmer had been in these WET; trained personnel will help set Th out}: of the First As- for a week, visiting With up yom‘ business. isemhley Z’of God Church enjoyed‘éand family, and Mrs. C. T. Tol- For _complete details and dean MISS KING RETURNS la Sweetheart Banquet Febru-ibert in Cross Roads. mptive literature write: FROM MARDI GRAS . em - _._______._. Cheap?) tic d p 'u co , . . . la ' 8th. The ham-ll"at d "’5 . . 'n ", '9 Miss Billie Kin returned in?“ carried out the theme us-l Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Williams 1828 Locust St Lama 3, Mo, Wednesday from NEW Orleans, l' bite hearts, cu-lspent last week in Houston. I {mg red and w i . . . LouiSiana where she performed ipids, and arrows. Seated atiThey waited With relatives and PM with the H. C. J- C. Cardettes ithe head table were Mr. and attended the Houston Fat Stod‘ and band in the Mardi Gr“ Parade on Tuesday. iMrs. Rex King, Rev. and Mrs. Show. i1. R. White. and Rev. and Mrs. W mu was King is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orvan King and 10. B. Cook. . . _ their 3 The highlight of the ban had as week-end guests. . a so homore student at H. jquet was the presentation of daughter Mr. and Mrs. R. B- 3 J’ Op The group of students and Ethe Sweetheart and Beau. Chas—Officer and daughters, Carmen pHONm sponsors left Athens by charter— QUICK CHANGE FOR A BUSY WARDROBE Dr. Lulah DeGnath aprons-imm- Ban Sid. Squm Phono Ashen. Tm: BRING YOUR LAUNDRY TO US When You Bring Your Dry Cleaning we REPRBSENT mu ATHENS LAUNDRY PICK ‘0? DAYS ARE MONDAYS AND THURSDAY. YOU CAN PICK IT AGAIN AT OUR SHOP HMS E. HARDYcJIi‘Z. i Sweethearts, Sandy Andrews Toney Ferrell To make sure your clothes are always ready to go when you are, send them to us for the finest in dry-cleaning and pressing l RAKCO Ponce and Wire Company . FREE ES’I'IM‘ ATES O NOTHING DOWN O 36 MONTHS TO PAY You’ll appreciate Ibo difference . . that a haircut bot. will make in your oppooroml Ow borbm on «porn In whale um style all you pnfov! Barnett's Barber Shop 302 mums-n [III/III Get $50.00 to $75.00 Values DRESSES $5 \-¥_________ J“st Look At This! Ladies sWeaters 8: Sport/Coats $112.”? ‘3- Out of town guests were Rev. ited the Louisiana State Capiv mi Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Root of John 11ch and boys of AL HathF” o with their parents, Mr. at Camp Lee Roy Johnson and it to New Orleans and she re— Mrs. Parlee Druce and her dEUGENIA CURREY ide’phla’ Pennsylvania “5.: children of Tyler visited here Mr. and Mrs. Willard Currey tain of the Cardettes, a member Ecmss Roads for the pan we party Friday night. Those ab- tant, and she was nominated f M and Mrs Larkih York Kerens visited her parents, M5 c1358, Brenda McClain, Brenda so for Miss HCJC. .o r. M d Mrs T W Mr Charlie Thompson Of It seems that the girls didn’t 1963 from Malnkolf High ent were I'- an - - ' Mr. and Mrs. Leroy McCorath :31 Calhoun Robertson He the night. logo in Naicogdoches next fall. and Mr. and Mrs. Oren F. Mil- Pho. HU 9-4321 I ' 01' HIGHWAY 31 . EAST ien were Sweetheart Sandy An- and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cope- ; Idrews and Beau Tony Ferrell.iland, all of Orange. v 0115.5193 OR 52153 ed bus at 5 a. in. Monday. En- and Mrs. J. R. White, the Mrs. Jim Ffileifand N. can“ Athens, Tex” route to New Orleans they vis- . an - Speaker for the occasxon, and of Lubbock a r to] in Baton Rough While in Houston. spent the week-end Wanted New Orleans they were guests CHILD CARE in my home. HU enjoyed sight seeing in the city. CE DAUGHTER Mrs. John Ranker. _ ’- . _ . HURRY . HURRY . HURRY CROSS ROADS Mtg B“ Thomas9 5201 10D This was Miss Kings first us- Mr. and . i y - _ d ' 13 of Dallas and HI- ID ported a most exciting time. daughter. Ruth mee of Phila §§|r$ggarwin Thomas an This year Miss King is cap- ibee" house Wests “f M" a... with their mot honored their daughter, Eu- of Kappa Alpha Pi, Student er5- Frank Clwer and Towel: grfugesge Thomas, genia, with a birthday slumber Senate, Student Library Assis- if 0'; $3.1M“ 2:: iztfizdfigm: Mrs, Dan Cracker and girls 01' tending were girls from her for Homecoming Queen, and 9.1- ami y inner p ’ . Robert Griffin. Adams, Patsy Blakeney, Don- She attended school in Cross and shim?“ .10 f Mamas pres and Mrs no Dalyrample and the honoree. Roads before graduating in 0t er aim y mem . 5 nt the Week' do any sleeping and refresh- School. She hopes to attend Arm” and Children Of Tyler, Berger. 'gl‘ieulfis pemother—in-lawi ments were enjoyed throughout Stephen F. Austin State Col- and children. Mr. and Mrs. H on bus_ ' was enmute to ouston Kenneth Harris and children. mess matters. ler and children all of Athens. From Cottonwood were Mrs. Jessie York and Mr. and Mrs. ‘ :atlonany High Heel and S130“ Jess Martin and daughter. 0th- dveflised er guests were Roberta and Li Shoes ____________ _- $4 llllll " $2 Flats $2 Richardson of Cross Roads. Saturday — March 6, 8:00 p.111. National Guard Arm0ry Athens, Texas starrint ll ». . skin. swoon-8:009:31. Phone PR 8-4481 Graham’s Bait House TRINIDAD. TEXAS “In the Senice of Others” CARROLL LlillR AUBREY AKRON 9 Funeral Home and His Texas Rhythm Boys Admission 1.50 . , Sponsored 37 mm Volunteer Fire ’f’f