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March 5, 1965     The Malakoff News
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March 5, 1965

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS Tidbits from T-Dad Six Friday, March 5, 1965 Malakoff, Texas i By LILLIAN BRADSHAW By Ralph V . Yarborough ! With all the colds, flu and pneumonia that's Dear Fellow Texan: !plaguing every one here abouts and the Doctors so On the day before tile Sen-t "THE ALAMO" ate pasged the Economic Oppor- rushed it's hard for them to keep up, we got to won- ,Te n y Santa Anna -- tunity Act of 1964, I said, "as dering what happened to the old time remedies we We're killing your soldiers below we declare war on 'poverty, wel used when it was not so easy to call oll a Doctor. Do So that men wherever they go dedicate ourselves to the blast-i " ing away of these last remain-i yOU remember when your mother would put a pie till . Will remember ing barriers to the economicl 01l the wood stove, add turpentine, Vicks sah, e, coal oil The Alamo." adwmcementof the economical-! and heaven knows what to it and let it come to a near One hundred and twenty-nine' years ago this lr lowest one-fifth of our Na-I a convention met at Washington-On-the-Brazos t'ion." i boil, saturate a flannel rag in it then slap it on your and declared Texas independent of Mexican rule. At Since that time, this act hasi chest steaming hot? Of course you'd climb the wall the time of signing the Declaration of Independence ah-eady begun to undermine the*, but nine times out of ten, the next day you were bet- causes of poverty by providingi ter. And if you were near pneumonia there was al- ways a teaspoon of castor oil, two drops of paregoric, a broom straw dipped in turpentine to stir the mixture with, and you were held with brute strength and the mixture forced down you. If you couldn't retain the the Alamo was under seige. If there are those within our midst who fail to understand why we celebrate Texas Independence Day then let them hear and un- No people anywhere can lay claim to a more and illustrious history than the people of Texas. The fight for Texas Independence was not a struggle with the Mexican people. It was a fight the poor with education, train- ing and job opportunities. The impact ef "Hope for the future" has already been felt in Texas. For instance last month, a loan to an elderly low income farmer in Long Branch first dose, it was repeated immediately as often as against a cruel tyrant. The Mexican people suffered saved his farm from foreclos- necessary until you could hold one down. This got re- more at the hands of Santa Anna than did the people ure. living north of the Rio Grande. Many men of Mexican t Under the Job Corps pro- sults too. If nothing else it would make a fellow fight birth died in the Alamo and fought at San Jacinto. gram, young people who are like he had a tiger in his tank just keep from having Texas Independence was won by a handful of the largely unemployable because to take the treatment again. lghest, most determined human beings who ever they lack education and job I skills are given training and Teenagers get the blame for a lot of things but g:; together, basic work experience so that} The story of the Alamo is almost incredible. One they are able to get a job. there is one thing in our town that they cannot be red and eighty-seven men under command of Wil- The Gary Center in San Mar- blamed with and that is the complete disregard on Barrett Travis held off more than 5000 of Santa cos, has been authorized more the part of some who carry their trash to the city troops for two weeks, inflicting thousands of Some few historians second-guessing Trav- have argued that the defense of the Alamo was un- and served no useful purpose. How wrong are: Tactically it may have been an error to than one and one-half million dollars for the operation of such a Job Corps Center. More than $780,000 worth of excess equipment and supplies have been acquired from federal sur- pluses for the preparation of this center. By March 1, over 300 youths will begin training, and in a year the number should reach 2,000. the Alamo, but the death of the defenders the Texans as nothing else could have. Fur- 'e, the time gained by the defense was prob- indispensable to success of the subsequent mil- command of Gen. Sam Houston. No man who died at the Alamo died in vain. All Still in the planning stage is a proposal for a 100-man Job Corps Conservation Center at I!;~g Bend National Park. This was proposed by the National Park Service and would include development of water facilities for wildlife; trail and road con- struction and marking boun- daries; forestation, and other conservation projects. Another facet of the program provides employment and in- us must die eventually. We could only hope that when our time comes we could be privileged to leave is earth in the company of men like Travis, Bon- tin, Crockett, de la Garza and all the rest. How bet- r to live one day as a man than a thousand years as a lamb. The Alamo is the shrine of Texas liberty. Every who loves liberty should make a pilgrimage Antonio once a year to be reminded that he is free by accident- -that his freedom was bought vestment incentives through a t the blood of brave and honorable men. If the relaxation of credit criteria by d of Crockett and Houston still flows in our veins the Small Business Adminis- let us stand tall and proud. No one is asking us tration. During last December alone, this agency approved [e today for liberty. But let us honor our heritage loans for'75 Texas corn- nies ,emg honorable men and good citizens of our corn- mountin . ira , ty, ever aware that the freedom which came[aad one hgl; illmi r:ant~a~ffe te hard could be lost so easily. It can be lost by neg- ing more than 600 employees. t of the simple duties of citizenship --- voting, jurY]A Under other programs of the ty, keeping ourselves informed, tolerence of our fel-] ct, exas has been appropriat- rman, respect for everyone's religion, etc In fact]ed $1,411,483 for basic Adult might remind ourselves that if we love our state]Educati n'. In . addition, the ~orpus ~ n r i s ~ i Independen~ should not only honor its traditions, but keep it School District has been given auti !ul. Did it ever occur to you that when you a grant of $135,000 for a throw litter out of the car window you are defiling neighborhood Youth Corps. grave of Col. Travis. One of the most important tion in the City of Trinidad Texas; and the mayor shall ap. point one presiding judge and two assistant judges to con- duct and manage the election. Section 3. Said election shall be held under the provisions of the general election laws of the State of Texas, and all per- sons qualified to vote in said[ City under the laws of this ELECTION ORDINANCE "An ordinance ordering an election to be held in the City Trinidad, Texas, on the 6th April A. D. 1965, for the electing a Mayor and Aldermen to serve the provided by law desig- the place of said elec- appointing the presiding thereof and providing of said election." WHEREAS, the term of two and Mayor of the of Trinidad, Texas will on the first Tuesday in 1965. BE IT OR-and directed to give notice of BY THE C I T Y the time anti place of said elec- COUNCIL OF T R I N I D A D tion by causing a true copy of t~EXAS AS FOLLOWS: this ordinance to be published Section 1. That there be an(once a week for four weeks there is hereby ordered held in prior to said election in some the City of Trinidad, Texas on newspaper of general circuta- ~)i~. the %th day of April A. D. 1965,] tion in this City; the first pub- ~:)! an election for the purpose of lication shall not be less than electing two aldermen and a130 days prior to the date of [~ mayor for the term provided by/said election; and one copy of hW: [this ordinance shall be posted Section 2. That said election at the City Hall and two pub- : shall be held at the Fire Sta-lic places within the City for N. TERRY ST. MALAKOFF, TEXAS Phone HU 9-4966 GenUe as a breeze. F.xc uslve Fk)whlg Heat drks fluffy soft. * No-#oop lint rmeen right on the door. Enam ,dnsm won't sna delicate fat.tcs. * No-Heat setting fltdfs pillows, dusts drapes. Perfect companion for an)' washer ! Model DDAG-65 dump pile. There have been and are times when it is impossible to drive your car around the dumping grounds because others ahead of you would not take the time to empty theirs in the place alloted for that purpose. They simply dump it in the middle of the road. Also one match is not so heavy that it cannot be carried along to set fire to objects that will burn. A certain area has been set aside as a dumping ground but this does not mean the entire acreage from the last house on the west aide of town to the Trinity River. Perhaps if when w.e have occasion to visit the dump yard, we would consider the person who follows us, we might take a little more pains to see that we i toss our refuse in the proper place. ] The residence of the presi-led the White House in 1811, but name on stationaD- in (tent of the U. S. was first call-!Theodoe Rooseveh put the and made it official. parts of the Act is the "Com- munity A c t i o n Program," where projects proposed by a rural or urban community that will help the needy obtain jobs or improve their education and living conditions are supported. So far, Texas has received a technical assistance grant of $70,000, and another grant of $295,000 has been given to the Community Committee of Youth Education and Job Opportunity in Corpus Christi. In San Antonio there are Now you can do your banking business without ever leaving your car! What could possibly be more convenient than our Drive-In Bank- Since we first started writing this article, there ing Service? No more parking problems for you. Just drive right is one cardinal rule we have learned and that is not to call or visit most folks in our town between 12:30 up to our drive-in teller's window and make deposits or with- and one p. m. Seemingly at that time a sort of magic spell is cast over the lady of the house as she watchesdrawals (cash checks, too) directly from your car seat. Best way intently the 'q'urning World' on television. She is yet to save youurself time and tr ble! quite frank to admit that she does not wish to be dis- ou turbed at that hour but once the program is over, she . -- is her sweet normal self again and is most coopera- This is just one of the many serx ices now availble at your full rive. As of this writing, Mrs. Dora Wilbanks, city secretary, reports that so far no one has filed to run for mayor of the town or as alderman other than the C St [' incumbents and the same holds true for the three ]t] 1S C te : places on the board of trustees according to the super- intendent of the school, Win. F. Story. From this re- MALAKOFF, TEXAS port we naturally assume the qualified voters are sat- isfied with their present form of city government and the members of the board of trustees meets with their Member F.D.I.C. approval. Let Royall-Waller Take Of That Worry With A Special This Week Only including plugs points & condense@ 1958 V-8 Chevrolet Bel Aiz 4Door Power Gluide Radio Heater EDITOR February 15, 1965 Dear Bocells: Our sincerest congratulations on your February 12 editorial entitled, "The Dallas Morning News.". In this one editorial you have done more for Texas journalism than the Dallas News has in its entire 100-odd twelve volunteers who will work year history. under the supervision of Ac- Your newspaper is one of the tion for Community Develop- finest examples of weekly jour- ment. Under this program, nalistic endeavors we have called VISTA, these volunteers seen, and we are proud to be as- are used in projects in further-[sociat,ed in this field with you ance of state and local pro- Lets keep working on hu'" grams combating poverty, man rights, democracy, and the freedom of the American press. 30 days prior to the date of the[ ~espee~uuy, election. J T!laine-& J'IR"he (Frederck Freeman PASSED A N D APPROVED[ " ) armer & Miner THIS THE 2nd DAY OF FEB-I RUARY, A. D. 1965. [ Munford Texas H. F. WARREN, Mayor MRS DORA WILBANKS ]~h February 27, 1965 City "Clerk e Malakoff News Malakoff, Texas Dear Mr. Becell, Publisher and Charlsie Bocell, Editor: Congratulations to YOu your Editorial, "The Dallas News" -- printed on Lincoln's birthday. This is a revelation and an inspiration that counfl~ citi- zens will be happy to read. I've sent my copy to Im F~li- tor friend, hoping that he will use it. i Power to you great leaders. Lilllan Collier Chairman Teza Democratic Wolaen's State Commdt m P. S. Please send me a of your paper. Many March 1,~9~ Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bocell Malakoff News Malakoff, Texas Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bocell: We have taken note of your editorial which appeared in THE MALAKOFF NEWS on Friday, February 12. We are pleased to see there are still free in America. Your criticism the Dallas Morning News certainly justified and it through loud and clear in the editorial. We are glad to know in the State recognize responsibilities t h o u g h Dallas News is not one of them --- CHEVROLET COMPANY -- Please enter my subscription and bill me at this address. oorah and bully for you! MALAKOFF, TEXAS ~lent~ANK BROWN Care $ O0