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March 5, 1965     The Malakoff News
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March 5, 1965

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,-i!i f A group of young ladies froml A A - - . THE ]~JLT.A]~t'~]g~"~ l~lg~Jufq ~~%~2~~~f//2W~lthe Methodist Home m Waco! mLLJh-~'d~ A .~ . i " . ' Malakoff, Texas Friday, March 5, 1965 Page Seven I :!~: Kno~,nl as,tne %,oou ,~ln ~m-i ~vaAr,v,t q iwn riu~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ " [] I/I/"~'~J George C. ttardy Sunday ~b]~ ~ l I [] J~/~"~ ,~t~.~,~ f~ :~:~; at the First Methodist Church ==~ " !1 J.B. WILLINGHAM I "~f#'~/~.W~,~,~)~ '~W~,( '~" ;:~ ~n a program of excellent mus~- - !] | :~ cal entertainment. ~ By--VEBN S~'VrORD Tax Consultant [ i~ At the Alfred Patrick homei . . . t 1 FTLOM THE FILES OF THE MALAKOFF NEWS ~:~or~ -da.- sixt, ~ AUSTIN*, Tex -- Gov. John ployees working in tie same I I ~!were served at the birthday din-iConnally served notice on the faci!!ty the average earnlngSt[ "A COMPLETE TAX SERVICE" [ , '~ner given W. H. Reese of AlbaiU. S Labor Department ne ox ~nelr own parents, an| tie I Lmns Club, was in Daha~icasn and cnecKs, were mKeniin celebration of hid ~oth ~.~;, !doesn't like its directives that|wages he himself might reason- ] ] YEARS AGO Saturday completing the pur- Wednesday night,in the sec-~dav ~ lunskilled high school studentslably expect to earn in the days [t.omman mug. w atnens, Texas [ 1 ~ 9, ~ ~ . Ichase of a new public addresslond robbery at Phillips FoodsI Mrs Eber Ro~.ers, who un-!in War on Poverty programsl~mmedl.ately fol~wmg, school: I[ Office Res ] ~ ~eal was closed herelsystem, which the new civictStore here. [~ :,~ ~'~.~ ~ ~ ~.^~ i jobs must be paid more thanl ~.urmermore, t~onnal~y novea,ii : I ~mm week whereby Joe B.[organization is presenting to[ The condition of Miss Oral'~?:'~'~'."" ~"r~ ' " ~'w~ ~ ?."~.~'[some of their parents make la dzr~tly parallel program furl] OlfD-b3Z8 O1{5-3785 | ~ .t~ame the sole owner oflthe high school auditorium. {Williams, who is convaleseinglPlo~m~ ~mh~m;a~urd~=as~ aura tol Connall~, needled by an un-lpotentml dropouts .among col-I| | ~e.~amkoff Market and Feed The Malakoff High School from injuries sustained in a! "~:-:'" "~"~ - ~-'.--~" named Labor Department offie~l lege smaents aamm~s~erea DYll = I ~ Senior Class attended the an-fall is reported to be consider- M ms ~arver r.ooertson, whoiial' indignantly denied he is|Department of Health, Educa-I~-.---- -ainuYar m ~ls a~enamg scnom a~ ~enton, I Nel hborhood tmn and Welfare pays 75 cents t~- borough, selected nual Care er Conference at ably improved, at her ho e .scuttling the new "g ] " I~ :~e~entative of the Malakoff/ETSTC in Commerce. |here in the residence of herIreturned .home Tuesday on ac-!Yo.uth Corps job project. But he|an hour upward. I| Jl~ . Pfe Lloyd B Nall son of Mr.|sister, Mrs. J. A. Fowler. Ic unt of illness. ~ lmade clear he won't approvet House of Representatives ap-~ .t~a"l~~~") ~ d. I i 'and 5'irs T M Nall Trinidad t The c~vil suit of Glenn Mc-i t~.~ |applications of some 23 locallplauded Connally's stand butii ~" /~--~ ~'1~ ff.N~.~'~ ~a~ i ~-. "~ ~:;~" tra-::ferred' to goreaIDonald, et al, Texas Clay Pro-! YOlf'l'l ~52klL~ A~ isclaool districts for participa-lspecified it did not intend to,~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ | " atre Perfect ifrom='Japan ~th the 24th In- ducts Company of Malakoff has:~ ~o~. " w-~.~ ~. ~.~!tion in the program until he is/criticize the President on his'I ~ & ~~ Ir~ I I I i, r~; ~o~^~ ibeen settled in district courti "~"~" "'~Y ~ :'.~ ~ sure they know what they arelWar on Poverty program ~ - ld]~~ ~a~l~,~ ~ | ~ ' I " a cement Crawford of this city won first : - i tl~] APnuLiinAmnm,H^~^rd Hard~ member ofby a compromise gr getting into. / MEDICAL AID PLANNED,~L~LI~q~L.~L~.-,~L.--~ v ,~,~.r y. [t | i ~ "a I " . . ,pmce m ~ne Deroy a~ blessing' i "=~ IV %bUUlit~ !the local Boy Scout Troop and! .M~s.SammleD ds n f~Mal-Texas Tuesday i NFC offers part-time jobst Strategy des,gned to qmck i] ~~k~7.r~e~l[~~ m ~ ~aKoti oau hter oi :~lr anct ~rs ~u]~l["I~V|~d~]]--- !an Eagle Scout, spent Saturdayi.~ .=.' ~g ~ " : -"'~ Eus~e defeated Kerens in al (10-15 hours a week) around !y pass a med!cal assistancei| "~l~t~l~V ~ "- ~r( ~ ] 1 i iin Austin attending the annual ~" ~." l)o~.son, was um~a m fast game on the local court i schools and public agencms to|Din as soon as ~ngress passesi| ~ ~~=" "",:i tScout meeting which was heldlmarrmge m:lT~r n.~amruay last Friday afternoon, ivoungsters 16-20 who are o~l!ts expectea new legismtion has!| t~- Don't let high winds blow m I ~ ~o+ h~ ~ ~,~ ~.n{+.~ evening xo ~lr. Preci ~lcDurney, the ver~e of becoming hignloeen announced by .~" - / i The .Ialakof3 f Volunteer Fire:Jr'' . f Athens ,: FIFTY YEARS AGO- isehool dropouts because of fro- Charles. Wilson of Lufkm. He away your mvestment m your farml i'~ ~ - Nxim ~vepar~men~ an~ ~ne mam~oZZ, er Malakoff T~" er xootban" - "" -I -- " ' " I' ~ "'-~'~J~l ilnsurance Agency were ad~dsedlea~f ~no lea meg lWV algers'~ Miss Ruth Finney, daughteriernment pays 90 per cent.of thettend" Kerr-Mills paymen~ to l / ~~%~%"~i !tsh~r:~:ekr ~i: l~vePer=nttheltgr a district championship, hasi:~ ~hrs :~td M:: uW.teH inF,nn:y :~t l~dpelr~lentPa~Pa:'eng!;~:s~TnsPers ns no~ on om age] / been drafted to la profes, ~~~ "Nt/$ [City of Malakoff I P Y -iriage to Doc Faton of Trini- year the cost will be shared Wilson asked a House corn-t| ~ Nature on a rampage can I ~k~~--~--~'--~l I ~ " [sional football for the Los An-ldad, last Saturday 15050 Imittee to report out his billll --- i i ~ ~ - ~ IWO MalaKolI retail Dusln~S ~-- "~ f the NationaP " " !, ,~ t . In [-- ld~ W~,~ ~l*~U~ U~a~ Ut* genes ~n~ o ' " ~ e out a ainst quic~y so 1~ coma ~e passea on} - "- " l establi ~ents the Elmer Rob t ~e thieves who broke ,n~, ~nnally spok g J ,| ~~~S. vnu~- ~m rn-ew~-tv-~r~ | ~ ~ ~,S .' .t . ]~'ooxoall League. I ~, .r ,=-1 .~ 1 . ~ n^.~ment rulin~jme iloor |no sent to ~ne ~en-m ~~ *---.-, ~,-,M,--*#, -t,~ m er~s generat store in me aDo, m- me w. ~. r~; o~-~ ~v ~'~ me l~aoor,-,=~,~-~ - . . . We f l I Twenty-four tract prospectsI -:-eSutural|- mor- n - must be uaid $1 25!ate" A Senate bill will not betl out the savings of a life. -~ v ~7.n,~l,~r own section an| me MalaxoLt t E B oa, - ,- e, a~ J turnedouttogree Coach, "l r,~ owa, before h ' t.^.~, the federal minimum] considered untll the federal leg-]| Tl~~~ f,rn, P~-~d-,~ ~(~i -~"--I mg obtained anything of val wage I~. IStreet, have undergone attrac-IDovle Scott, Howard Hardy, I -[ " lthis way, the Senate versiontl ~ this financial loss.| t~ best available !rive ,improvements in recentlDoyle McKinney Bill)- Cope, ue I The 23 districts, .oelore rul:[can be worked out to the satis-~| ~~~ .'~ttttd ~aays oy way ox new xronz cotorlAlbert Dosser Eddie Nokes, I Mr. anct ~rs. rrea wnite-~ing was ammuncea, pr p sea[faction of Hous ~o-o ,-/ ~t~r paXL~ go . ~ ~,~.~.~ ,t r~ ~k -II~Dt~'rV sots we SOl~ [schemes" IEarl Ray Andrews, Kenneth head who have been hvmg inlto pay rates ranging from 601conference committee ~i ~'~J~'~L~:~ | i~ %,t, . " ] Residents of the Cros~[r ~^~ ~.~ ~o1'1 ~oo*~ r~;.~.;~ Richiand have moved here and cents to $120 an nour. orig~n-F ",la :~m~l~'~ n tt$ ~'~ ~ ' i ~ " uia-age pensioners aireauy - - -~ ~ n~. tot ~uaran- !Roads Community will meet at~n~a~. ~o~ ~ al~n~will make their home on the,all-, Labor Department had[ [i ".-"-~ ,raw~ / "~ * V " ,~,~,~, .~ -- --~ - . are eilglole Ior help on their repaxra, the School Auditorium Marchi~tr~.~ ti* allen Tony Tom Ifarm with her father, H B notified the districts wages ]| T=rrTl~F1Dg~ll~Tl~ r~trn~er tarry I . i,~, ~ ~ -~ -~ " " meul~l Dills ~l'ougn Cne iea-m ~-~ a. ~dt~ atuv~,~ ~,~tVa,~ nv,i=~.~v,~ l~ ~ - I10 to organize a ~ommumty' ~t. ~es C^~e William Giles[Lanev, west ot town. I"should be a nt~Je oeiow me . ~ g muakoff R=m !Night" i~.~. :,- / ~yv - . -- ~'! " --revailin" entry rates for in- erat-sm~e program, l| Mrs. Vivian C. Humphries Pho. HU 9-4511 i . ,~-~ " " ll~iu ~mi~n, uon laenaerson .~eo~ ~ lv *' . . ~ LInTTnR D~f'T~:~ n ,I r m ]~]ec~i IwoTh~,R::niT nLSi~:~mri ~ ~:iWilliams, Jerry Miller, Carroll THE CHURCHMOUSE !e, xpe~=tio~ r,Kers ]n sire,- "~HEARI'N'*GS"S~~''~ [ ~ 2. ~ - Baker, Allen' Poindexter, Mar-{ Were you in church Sunday~iliar ~I~.~ ~" - " i Horse racing and "small bot~- ~ce [uen~ a~ tie ~ouuiWe~mrn pap-lion Washam and Don Jordan ~ ~ I. [ lie $1.z0 oroer came ou~ ai-i l~ li ~m ,~a i ' " " * i I JJlU yOU ~Yt~g II ~c~ ~UIZ 1 ~:~UI 1~ v*~ aa~v~ o r~ t~Aljt~t~ tt~Lg tlst Theological Seminary, s; Percy Airheart, son of Mr! ter applications were filed. " . I~IDDLESPEBGEB the newl, called "~astor of the . = isay, Im not going to that ,~.*~A ~ tturn out some of the blggestt| ~A~J v ana .~rs w. W. Alrnear~ anal, 'l]llS ~[1oI1, y ~v - . [ ]~Udgtm 9-~81 !First Baptist Church here. {w,~,-~ ~'.~t f Mr -n~:,church aslongas l.o.~ "would nlace local schoollcr wds at legn~lahve hearmgsl| l~O nt~lg. ~ ~" his is aoout --'~, '- " -- v ~ [ An estimated $2,000.00 in|Mrs" Jim Gaston, were first g e:'t exc~se there is A--t~eldistricts in the awkward andJth~il~n nth=. II r : ~. . . ~mm s ppa - ition of a "n ~ oy r~ep. ~oaurme wpKm : ~ "~I|~IIN WILLIAMS --. -- -- ,~ mm--,m m' Iplace :qnners. ~n t,he Hender-lently your 'so-and-so' does go[Unreal~.etinCceTsehoo1 --ep ~;~glof Brownsville to legalize par-tl b--- " TI IIllrTll son ~oun~y 4-ri ~rmre ~ne ~hurch which makes him orlmexpenen ~g " im, .~] t.~,: t.^ ~ ~. ~.11 ! F[I IIIDI ' ~,r~Al~l" IHiflP/V [F~n contest at HCJC Satur-~ ~ a better nerson than ,ouldents of underp leged fam-]win ~ h.~.a t ~ a ti WE SPECIALIZE IN: u~r- ~'k~r| nuin~mm lday mght. I~.o This excuse won't hold]lhes a rate o p y casual .f.~: ~~ ]| - ! ~ ' - "~-" in man l a ~,~ vo[mnt~ ~n marcmm O U~UI~' ]I.flDA~NI~ UI~| npA ~I water When you ~oined the[ cnores um~ y cases[ 29 Fi JL~.'tT.tvlz.:~ ql NU'b e nefllRl [ TWENTY YEARS AGO lchurc~ did you make any suchlWould exceed that of adult era-l /I . uoatwi~ these high- rm,umnm.u ~ Jack B (Bill) McClurelreservati n- z aon~ trunk you] Ito permit sale of two-ounce bot-tl vinis nes. Complete i was killed in an automobile ac- did. You |Dine| ,~ne church be-] NOTI~ ]snere~yg~ven~nat tles of liquor by restaurantsl| FArM LU~ANI$ uine --- engine. S [ " " at El'cause you Iel~ ~ne neea of a/thetA~x vr ~,*~-~,r~',]wi " -- on HERWIN-WILLIAM$ czdentSunday morning ' LA OF T II get hearings before Senate tmttomandtop, tplace to worship. Over the ages~BOX Q. MA K F. EXASd:uris " SUBURBAN PROPERTY LOANS .~ . t'aso . . . j pruuence c o m m 1 ~ ~ee on snde enamel$.~ lllli~ t T n q'h f Mrs|people have al~.ays felt this, has filed an apphcatmn w~thIM~reh 1~ [| stams, andspar --~ l~na Thomas recentb, receiv !need. The Indmns zrt this coun-lthe Texas Water Pollutmn Con-[ San Antoni^ o^ ~r ~ l| " llnl ' " - t u . o. rnlsh. ~ " t' try before the white man came, trol Board, 1100 W e s t 49th " II m ~ ~i.vI ratin~, in the Army Air Force the Oraentals m the Far East, Street, Austin, e as, p ua |nror~sed cons~,e ; a ~n $110. W. I~4~ ~L'lrestll~'~, II1~,ed a promotmn to a Sargean s " T x urs nt (Red) Berry has introduced a - d ~ i ~ w ~: Jones -f Pontiac ;s,the Bushman of Austraha, the|to the State Water Polutlon[m~.~ .f h;o ~ ^ Vo l; li ,I 1:-C I !the new owner the Victorv:Jun le Tr,bes Africa, yes, aUlcont l Act Art ele Oqhorse ra in o- 209 F rst Natmnal Bank Bldg. Athens, Texas . Theatre ~maakmd has felt the need for Vernon s Civil Statute ) for a b is in n r ~ li "~~ l Malakoff has been allotted[W rshipmg a higher being. Nolp e rnut .(orto am.end permit l as, Hidalgo, Harris, Galveston," !th~ total of ~175000 ~uota inilife has completeness without~No. . }I~I~KMIT tO aiscnarge~ : v,q [ . " " J~Ulumna, zarral~r~an(l weD| OIL-BASE tthe .current drive for the ~ WOrship of God. Every church|MUNICIPAL waste from aJ~,ties rT--r-v--~---~--~ Ilt~ [American Red Cross. imembyr in this great " her p, rai s CLOSV. re Yotn il--~ I The Methodist Church raised[Snoula,~e proua ox hi.~ ne.r~age, l~xr~b ~mwm~ x~xmr~x~x truet more mail to lawmakers ~ 1589900 in the Crusade forthe right to worsh|p ]n the|PLANT located APPROXI-than-arimutuel wa~,~,~n, ,a Excell [Chrmt Camvai~n church of hm choice. If you are[MATELY L5 MILES SOUTH-l;,n ~.h~-tha.d~-ink 1~ad~,l~ ;,~n Yes. we are now servm~ from our -, I not happy in your church, there|WEST OF CITY HALL ON ~;s ~oor tho~o'o o~ h~ht n~ hnvn~ nn W Corslca~ 01LBASt ,~ THIRTY YEARS AGO are other churches in this cure-|THE PETER TUMLINSON ,~'~ o'~ we'l~a-~*'~-''s y ~e- ~-e ~ A~,'A,'~" ~^,~, o~ ^m. ~ munlty, wny not cnoose one ~ur.vr~x, A ~o. ~, muto both nro,~sitions ~ : ~^.^.: - t.:~t. ^~# 1 Bethel Dean, who has been you can be happy in and attend waste to be discharged into AN! ~p~tcauu~ u~w a~luu, wu-~,~ u~= ~Jl confined to his bed since last it's services You n e e d the UNNAMED ERANCH W HCH more room xor parts, repmr Friday with the Flu, developed church. O. K. ? FLOWS INTO CEDAR C| IEEK and equipment -- pneumonia Thuesday morning Sincerely, THENCE INTO TRINITY RIV- We h~ve,~ood *e)e~tton oe .ew ~ u,ee LATEX FIAT and is very sick at this time The CHURCHMOUSE ER. tr=eto ~ai. o. ~. m~ke porches, and floors JAMS & FLOOR LATEX W4LL PAINT HARDWAP & LUMBER PR 8-2527 . TRINIDAD, TEXAS I I i t i : r~! i : i', ~i) relax! That's the new Ford give you big-truck tough- ne~ on the job, smooth riding tough truck oetore. That s why, on the job or off on a family out- 11~ 'TT i comfort all the time. Each front . ~ , wheel is suspended indel~n- in~. Ford'sTwin-I-Beam. ~,p~- ----lIP denfly on a forged l-heam a~le, don pickup L~ be*t for you. Come in and test the ride that's tailored fo'~[~lX:~~ WEST HIGHWAY 31.- M LKKOFF. TEX&S the POWELL TRACTOR CO. 1101 W. Corsicana St. FARM--INDUSTRIAL P. O. Box 591 OR5-2688 Knows the,;tlue of that [ 'Clean Cut look.' [: !i!ii' !' is an ind v dua ' ' ' Has an open mind toward [: changes, toward improv- ment I: Likely he will enjoy / a good barber who under- / stands what an individual [ hair cut mea.s to a man--i/ ]l 406 E. Hwy. 31 MALAKOFF, TEXAS [: ~'n)ers & Ranchers Supp 1 AND Si 299 Nestern Wear Store P. O. BOX 96 -:- KERENS, TEXAS te( le s EXport 6-2881-- CALL COLLECT i Grain, Feed, Fertilizer, Wire, Steel Posts, < S hoe S to, e aurdm bw:r a dAd l"hesy, dM o'l awAk t a" Your Family Shoe Store Remmington Ammunition Athens. Texas ALSO COMPLETE LINE OF WESTERN APPAREL