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March 5, 1981     The Malakoff News
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March 5, 1981

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The Malakoff News, Thursday, March 5, INI--ISA 1u . " " ] Cross Roads School menu J MARCH 9-13 BREAKFAST ' Monday: Cereal, juice, milk. Tuesday: Sweet rolls, juice, mili~. ago Tuesday in April. "boot" training in the Marine Corps. United States Army. They are Wesley, Wednesday: Pancakes, juice, milk. Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Black of Trinidad Clenton and Darwin. Thursday: Toast, sausage, juice, milk. A new beauty shop, to be owned and have just received word that their son, "Wayside Pat" owned by Jett Friday: Donuts, juice, milk. ~arlHighDaVidschool youth,Lcke'andfrmerson of operated by Mrs. Juanita Christopher, George Lawrence Jr., who is attending Crawford of this city has been entered " LUNCH Davis Locke of this city, veteran beauty operatm: here, is to be Arlington State College has been in the National Field Trials at Grand Monday: Chicken fried steak and gravy, whipped potatoes, green beaus, hot an operator's position opened soon in the Mrs. Vivian Hum- promoted to Second Lieutenant in the Junction, Tenn. rolls, syrup, milk. new beauty parlor, which is phries building at the corner of Terry Cadet Corp. Tuesday: Chicken and dumplings, sweet I~as, corn, crackers, cake, milk. here next week by Mrs. and East Mitcham Streets. John Bankston, Malakoff car 50years ago Wednesday: Chili beans, macaroni and'cheese, spinach, cornbread, cookies, Chamber of Commerce 30years ago salesman, has been appointed to serve milk. as this city's community chairman for The annual school trustee election Thursday: Sliced turkey and gravy, potato salad, lima beans, cornbread, seeking the establishment the East Texas Chamber of Commerce. will be held on April 3rd. Members brownies, milk. two major utilities A number of Malakoff retail concerns whose terms expire at that time are Friday: Sloppy iDes, french fries, pickles, cheese squares, fruit, milk. city, the Texas during past weeks have entered upon a 40years ago H.L Flagg, W.E. Phillips, J.E. Kilgore Company and the Lone new merchandising plan of giving and L.J. Scholl. ~. trading stamps on each 10 cents in cash Trinidad School menu advised this week thatpurchases and on charge accounts that Raymond Owens, Ford Dodson, A piece of rook containing an exact Royall Derden, L.J. Thomas and LeRoy mold of a redbud leaf, was brought to MARCH 9-13 of George Riddlesperger, are paid in full when due. Phillips enrolled in schools teaching town Monday by T.C. Stacy. The piece Monday: Barbecued beef on bun, potato tots, pinto beans, fruit, milk. .he Malakoff Radio & Pfc. Presl~,y Paul Powers Jr., son of Aviation Construction work in Dallas, of rock was found in the rock deposits Tuesday: Hot dogs with buns, salad, baked beans, buttered corn, pudding, has been regularly Mr. and Mrs. Paul Powers of Port last week. on the TP&L Company property atmilk. offices aspirants Neches and former Malakoff boy, Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Trinidad. Wednesday: Chicken spaghetti, buttered peas, hot rolls and butter, cake, milk. Thursday: Vegetable soup and crackers, sandwiches, cookies, milk, sliced ing election the first recently completed three months of Haynes of this city are now in the 60 years ago chee= Friday: Hamburgers, salad, french fries, baked beans, fruit jello, milk. In a business trade last week, Maurice Tanner became the owner of r ---------------=~_~_._____,___~:===== the tailor ~hop that had been operated here for sort/e time by Ray Vandagriff. =he long and active period of of adults in the U. S. is obesity, says a other serious or chronic illness, a very The Vandagriff family will move to i people experiment with pamphlet from the America Medical unusual diet, or inadequate income. Dallas where Ray has purchased Association. Another common problem Some people have the conviction that anotherplant. FEED. SEED. SUPPLIES is no single right way of is iron deficiency in women of child, their health depends on an array of Miss Ida Mae Grey discontinued'her FARMERS& RANCHERS SUPPLY foods selected should addup bearing age. Protein and vitamin supplements - vitamins, minerals, music classes here last week andretur- provides all the nutrients deficiencies are uncommon; when they protein, lecithin, and so on. With the ned to her home in San Saha. KENNETH LEWIS CALL COLLECT 214/396.Z881 OR health, occur, they are usually secondary to thousands of supplements on the Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Truelove are 0WNER WESTHWY. 31,1(ERENS 395-22|2 common nutrition problem other problems, such as alcoholism, market today, however, it is far more rejoicing over the arrival of twin boys difficult to make safe and rational at theirhomeMarchTth. L .................................................... decisions about supplements than it is ..................................................... to plan an adequate diet from ordinary foods. . individua,s who wan* to lose weight, the diet should be as nor- mal as possible. Foods should be chosen from each of the four food groups, but ::::::: at Tarleton State Univer- be has received favorable comments the choices can be modified somewhat ::::::: are now using innovative from his technique of allowing studens to reduce total calories. This means :::':': (;all 489.0S3 I new techniques to reach to pick which problems they will work using low-fat or non-fat dairy products for the semester. ~ instead of whole milk; leaner cuts and Zelman, assistant The problems are weighed for credit smaller servings of meats; theNotice and personal I For Sale Miscellaneous 9 Services 16" Services 16 of social science, has each in terms of their relative difficulty, but minimum number of recommended ..... write and present a playstudents are not aware what rating any servings of breads and cereals; and LOSE WEIGHT AFELYt Take "$hur- ~-------~-'-~-'---~-'---'*-~-~-'-~-~"~ YOUR TELEPHONE ~--CRETARYt O:00 with students per- one problem has. fruits and vegetables without syrups Thin" di~ pldn and Aqu~ "w~,r Used BEDROOM SUITE to 5:00, Monday through Frklay. characters set in ac- and sauces. It does not mean pill=." Available o~ MALAKOFF PRE- Complete. $299.95 Pro~kmol An,wertng Service. Call Methods used by Tarleton facultyeliminating any of these important SCRIPTIONSHOPPE. * WE FINANCE * 675.9269. assistant professor of surfaced recently in a report to a foods. FURNrrURECENTER has students bring a "quality in teaching" conference held The four food groups are: Milk Card of Thanks 3 220 EAST HWY. 31 to class and write aat Texas A&M University. Tarleton is group; Meat group; Vegetable-fruit MALAKOFF 409-0510 object, part of the Texas A&M University group; Bread-Cerealgroup. The family of Roy nnding wishes to ................... Available take ,his monna of thanking each and VVE- -B~JY-~-seH -new-'-~r~-~ Dr. Timothy Flinn said System. Adults in their twenties should take a ev,~/one for the many cord,, soddl, and rock. Cust~ '.flw'r Billie Taaffe realistic look at their diet and exercise flowers, food and words of comfort work by order. Donnie Husteod. patterns. After high school or college shown during our recen! sorrow. C, od Custom Leather Work &Soddle years are over, there may be fewer Bless eoch of you. HILDA JO AND Repolr, 3~ ,=, Available athletic activities, dances and other ac- CHILDREN. 1824. tivities to justify a high calorie intake. W, would 'tke to express our deepest Dora Peebl. There is no diet that can bring about grotifude to our many friend, for the Malakoff kindness shown us during the los, of courses will be offered March 17 from 7 - 9 p.m. in Room 115, physical fitness in a person who is not our beloved son and husband. Words the Continuing Education Liberal Arts Building. Instructor: physically active. For good health cannot describe the feeling and love ' Pets and Kennels lit County Junior Raylene Bell. throughout adulthood, the best ap- we feel. THE FAMItV OF KEtLY J .... Dietetic Service Supervisor Course preach is through weight control, an WHITEHEAD. Trinidad ~o, y O11 Painting Fee $125. Class meets weekly onadequate diet and regular exercise. WE WISH TO EXPRESS our thanks to the o~, 778-2096. Fee: $25. Classes meetWednesdays, March 11 - June 3 from people of Malak0ff for the flowers, food and GUN SALES end Repair, Block March 5- April 16 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Room 3 AD, Ad- prayers during the illness and death of Kelly Po~der guns and k~. Gonsmlth on p.m. in the Malakoff m/nistratioa Building, HCJC campus. Cross Roads Whitehead, May the Lord bless each and (~5' Blue /vkdlard Gun Shop, 489. 3afeteria. Instructor: Carl Instructor: Jane Minder. School calendar everme Lowell, Arlene Rogers ~f~t IFee: $20. (Food Workshop for R.N.s & L.V.N.s "Use Sunday, March 8,: The Henderson,~ and children ,izesondrnodetzlnstolk. OneOliver will be determined by the of Effective Commupication Skills in County Fire Chief s Association ~is" ........... F. Wir~mtor, ~ la=t one. U=,d re- frigeratort fom $139, umd go= Classes meet weekly Interpersonal Relationships." W1tl be sponsoring "Thank You For Saving My Real Estate For Sale4 range, used dryer, etc. Phillips Appfl. March 9 - April 20 from held on Friday, March20from9a.m.-3 Life," a program on fire safety at the once, 2~Hwy. 31,Malakoff. P.m. in B,Room of HCJCp.m. in Ballroom .of Student Union Henderson County Junior College I IP m m u m mm m mm n m m m m m m m m m mmmm Building, HCJC campus. Instructor: auditorium. All parents and children Cooking II Fee: $20. NevaSpencer, R.N. are urged to attend. FORRENT o..,~o...o=, Enl0w' Mid City Salva surrE, sofa, chair, 3 tables, m will be determined by Tap and Jazz Dancing Fee: $20. Wednesday, March 11: Some Cross IN MALAKOFF 21amp,-sz~.~ m WE FINANCE enrolled.) Classes meet Classes will meet weekly on Thursdays, Roads band members will be par- 4 BR., 3 B. Brick. FURNITURE CENTER 240LII. ROORNG,$ECOND$ ............................. $17.M&UP m March 9 - April 20 March 5 - March 26 from S - 6:30 p.m. in ticipating in the U.I.L. concert and 240 UI. METRIC ROOFING, $ECOND$ ........ $15.~ P.m. in B-Room of HCJC the HCJC center. Instructor: Renee sight reading at Nacogdoches. 2 BR., 1 B. Frame. 220 EAST I-NVY. 31 ................... =.l. ........................................... .o,. m for both classes: Davis. Thursday, March 12: A ventriloquist FOR SALE: :-=------------------------------== m ,,.,..... ....................................... ,,.. m HAR011OHO SIOINS, 4' X I' I'RIUEIIED .......................... $11.115 m Defensive Driving Fee: $12. Classes assembly will be held in the school: 3 dR., 2 B. in Bel Air with Help Wanted 12 m .,..=,.... ............................. =.= 'elopment Workshop meet on Monday & Tuesday, March 9 & auditorium at 8:45 a.m. for grades K-8. "& Speech 10 from 6- 10 p.m. in Room 23 of Liberal Saturday, March 14: The high school [00d assgmpti011. NEED A JOBF Need on q~rnployee? m PLW#000......... 3/r'...$L~; 1/~"....$7.~, 5/|"...$10.00; 3/4"....$1~,~ l Pre-school Children." Arts Building, HCJC campus. In- girls track meet will be held at Cross Wehavemeralgoedbu~in FintEmpk~ymentAgenw, m 1 MILES EAST OF SEVEN ,m be 'held on Tuesday, structor: Ron Holder. Roads. PlOw,on, Athens. 675.9269. mobile homes and lots. ' POINTS ON HIGHWAY 85 ' HELP WANTED Experienced cleaner & pms~'. Holiday Cleaners, 416-A S. Pate, fine. 675-7022. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BIG FACTORY ALLOWANCES 3 HOUSES IN STAR HARBOR Big jv~c 2000 Scales 24-special transmbg~on $ BR.-I bath frame, on-the-9o (optiC) 3 BR.-I bath. CH&A. , Long-lie Perkins diesel 3 BR.-2 bath, all the extra~, eng~~ Command module comfort & vtsibity Trinidad. 10o and 120 FrO hp HAVE LARGE ACREAGE for sale models some with minerals, a 14o, 160 & 190 Fro Geo. Quinn o. ,o Realty NIGH Golden-Langford convenience of checkingReal Estate For Rent 5 Get a fresh start on sp_ri_n__g with a MY tractor. and the earnings of savings... F--N with Continental's Check Plus. I! T0wnview --r'-AIB~" I Power up for the busy spring work season with forage equipment and implements.,, plus/~F a new/v~as..%=y.Ferguson, tractor . , . sized just .500 and 700 ,Series combines . , . so you can ~et While you write checks on your Check Plus account, your I Mallkoff Ann l ikq, mF., I nght for your operation, There never was a better a great bargain on just about everything you've balance earns 5V4% interest compounded daily. Call d~q ~' ni t I ~me, because the factory has given us some been needing in the way el new farm equipment. extra-special allowances, so we can make you a But dont wait, the earlier you act, the better the Check into Check Plus today, one more plus from the, ] Unfumidwd. I real deal! deaJ we can maker ~j ~. ~ =.- j a~,.~.'d..*. J..,. ~ We're dealing with facton/allowances, too, on Sele~ons will be people who offer you the most. r~ Rent, 1,800 ~l. h. building. In most new Massey ti~ tools, planters, hay & better, too. . Malokoff. For ,'Wall business. Cell 489-2643. M=mv r- r u v FOR L~: Cleon, caq:~eted, thme- room office building on N. Tern/. Coil 489.0~(~ al~ 5 p.m. ] 502 E. Royall Blvd., Malakoff Mobile 6 103 NORTH 7th ST. / Member FSLIC Home Office- Freeport, Texas ,ov . us, (A,) vmm vw.m.m o,,tom spon and l'rmkb TEXAS 75110 Iks: (|14)ir14J4i41 also 1973 Ford LTD, $8600 foe oil, 675. 57~4, osk for Ltndo. I I I II I ,........ ..................... . ....................... , .... . ................................. ..........,.....,...., .............;. ;.:........... ; .............o.o, ,'. ......'. :.: ." .: ." ." .:.:. :.:. 1,:.: .: .:.: .:.:. :...:.: 4. :.:, :.: .:.:.: .: .:.:.1. :. :.:.:. :.: .:. :.:. :* :4 ':'.': ":" :" :" :44. :4" :" :': ": ":" :' :.:" ":':" :':" :.:' "4 ":' :': ,:" :': ":' .':' :":-:" :" :" :':': ":':" :':':'.':' .'.'~:.'.: 44 .:. :.~:.::.:~: :':':' :':' .',';','