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March 7, 1969     The Malakoff News
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March 7, 1969

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and not more than one hun. dred ($100.00) dollars each and every day or a fraction there- of during which this ordinance is violated in declaring each such day to be a separate of- ~rhe lense. : Give thanks in all circum- For Sale -- 14 foot double bet- stances.--(I Thess. 5:18). VERY SPECIAL tom, fiberglass boat. Running NO~[~ Problems of inharmony can lights, 18 horsepower Johnson be solved by a thankful, appre- Mar. 3 thru Mar. 29 motor. SeaKing tilt trailer. The Malakoff Independent ciative attitude. A ready word Silver Company is of- Spare tire and wheel. UsedSchool District is now accept- of gratitude always brings a a 25 .:" cent discount very little. For quick sale ing bids on approximately 1 response 4.11 of us like to be FRI'SAT pattern only- $475.00. Hall's Gulf Station, acres wooded land in Cedarappreciated. We all know howMAR. 7-8 your Chantilly and call 226 Hwy. East. Phone 489-3751. Creek Lake area. Bids will be we react to appreciation; weDOUBLE HORROR! orders in to Sth'man opened April 14. For more in- know how it makes us feel ap- Store. This Pattern For Sale -- All sizes of used formation contact Gordon proved of and desirous of be- ~ introduced to the public tires. Tire renair. Hall's Gulf Stogner, School tax office. Ph. ing more helpful. Let us let~ 8~IROUD" Station, 226 Hwy. East. Phone 489-6711 or write P. O. Box 448, "thank you" be our quick re- Jewelry Store 489-3751. Malakoff, Texas 75148. Rights sponse to every good that ap- are reserved to accept or re- pears. Athens, Texas For Sale -- 1968 Mustang, six ject bids. [W 'D AI I Sq. Pho. OR5-4181 cylinder, standard, air con- ~~ ditionedl lime gold. Excellent R~egist~pP-a~S'~l~n ISH | Rl~lt condition. Take up payments, service. Fee $25.00 E. F. Car-[ THA r ~7.:~ t '.rent -- Gulf Service~- 1959 Chevrolet, six cylinder, ter. 489-6222. SU N= M0 N-TUE standard, air conditioned, very I I~.~I m Malakoff. Contact Gulf clean, excellent motor, $325, ~. ~ MAR. 9-I I Office, West Corsicana, call 489.3481. 233 meets every Tuesday 7:30 TREVOR HOWARD -- OR5-2702. p.m. Lodge hall on Terry St " OF THE For Sale -- 1967 four door Noble Grand, J. D. Cason, Success ,o w~o CHARGE lille Caprice Chev. All power. Air Vice Grand, B. L. Echols, sac- hustles while he waits.-- SALg--SATURDAY conditioned, new tires. Call retary, Andrew Jackson. George J. Melvin, The Clays-LIGHT BRIGADE" Bargains galore -- 778-2415 or 778-2734, Weldon ville (Penna.) Record. and miscellaneous Corbell. Cal~ O| ThRl~ TECHNICOLOR 716 Martin St. -- Ed Reduced for quick sate. Three We want to take this opport. "See A Movie To-Nite" bedroom brick house. Fenced unity to express our thanks to SALE INSIDE -- yard. $8,750. HU 9-5711. all our friends and neighbors Cross Roads Drive. Re- -For your Mr. K. and Maryfor the many kindnesses I, clothing, odds and ends. shown to us during the loss of Ything cheap. Friday and K. Beauty Aids Call HU 9-2986 uay. or come by 610 Pine St Mal- our loved one. May God bless each of you. "Money doesn't buy happi- . ~ akoff, Joyce Hoskins. The family of Mrs. W. W. ness, but it pays for the IIOINA'rINI Have houses and lots or sale. Phillips. illusion." See RED WALLER -- Help Wanted Female PUBLIC NOTICE ~- - ~ An ordinance providing that no place of business open to PUBLIC NOTICE L'~ANGE l~" Rrr'rl~G in with elderly lady and do the public where beer or other SINCE 187"/ light housekeeping. Private alcoholic beverages are =old An ocdinancu levying an oc- ~arently the long ball hit- room and bath. Call 489-4821 shall permit donoing: making cuiNdion tax on liquor =tore= s getting better in the Na- [ League ~r the pitching after 6 p.m, for more informa- it a misdemeanor to dance at and retail establishments hay. r The National League tion. any place where beer or other ing a license to sell beer; pro, .~ Run Champion in 1877 inloxicafing beverages areviding that such occupation -,e~rgc Shaffer of Louisville =old, providing penalties for tax shall be based upon the a grand total of three home the violation of this ordinam=e inventory of beer and wine L Paul Hines of Providence in any sum not lau than t~t maintained by liquor =tore= )nly slightly better the next Legal Notice a:~ he led the League with dollars ($10.00) and not more and ~ablishm~Xh~ having li- -orne runs. - than one hundred dollar= ~m= to =eli beer; providing number of home runs each CITATION by PUBLICATION ($100.00), and Providing that a tax of five cunts (5c) per gradually until 1930 THE STATE OF TEXAS each and every day or a frac- case of beer and fifty cenfs Wilson of Chicago tion thereof during which this ($0 ) per case of liquor; pro. all:time National League TO: Emil F, Baumgartner 56 home runs Three GREETING: ordinance is violated is a ~ viding the cellecfion of Players in recent history ~You are commanded to ap- arato offense, occupation tax monthly. the 50 mark for the pear by filing a written answer Pasr, ed and approved this 3rd Passed and approved this 3rd Ralph Kiner of Pitts- to the plaintiff's petition at or day of March, 1969, A.D. day of March, 1969, A.D. 51 in 1947 and 54 in before 10 o'clock A.M. of the Travis Maflbews, Mayor Travis Matthews, Mayor Mize of New York first Monday after the expira- t 51 in 1947. Willie Mays York hit 51 homers in tion of 42 davs from the date AfrO: Rachel H. Ri~, Afft~: Rachel H. Richard~n, came back 10 years of issuance of this Citation~ the City Secretary. City Socratary. 52 for San Francisco. same being Monday the 7th ~ Kiner is the all-time day of April, A.D 1969, at or PUBLIC NOTICE champion of the Na- before 10 o'clock A.M before He won the title the Honorable District Court An ordinance establishing tied for it in 1947 andof Henderson County, at the maximum rat~ of speed on and came Lack as the lot? "An ordinance ordering an certain portions of certain run hitter in 1949, 1950, Court House in Athens, Texas. election to be held in the City ~hrl~hl and avenue= and Said plaintiff's petition was of Malakoff, Texam, on the .Wh lic places in the City of Caney place of business we filed on the 4th day of Febru- day of April, A.D 1969, for City, repealing ordinances that we have made ary, 1969. the purpose of ~ a may- and parts of ordinances in con- t" with all our cust~m-The file number of said suit or and two aldermen to lerve flier herewith, fixing penalties and ~rvice are our being No. 69-22. the terms Provided by law, for violation, and declaring Let us serve you. The names of the parties ind~ign~'ing the place of Midemergent. r said suit are: el~i~, appointing the presicl- Millie Faye Baumgartner as i~ offl~ws thereof and pro-Pammd and al~reved this 3rd plaintiff, and Emil F. Baum- viding for the notice of Mid day of March, 1969, A.D. & MEN'S WEAR gartner as Defendant. election." Travis Matthews, Mayor The nature of said suit being WHEREAS, the term of of- After: Rachel H. Richardson, PHONE 41~.9"~I substantially as follows, to wit: Plaintiff sues for divorce; for rice of a Mayor and two Aider- City ,~a'~ary. MALAKOFF, TEXAS custody of their minor chil- men of the City of Malakoff, dren, Edward Allen Baumgart- Texas, will expire on the first DeGnath ner and Lynn Dee Baumgart- Saturday of April, 1969; PUBLIC NOTICE THEREFORE: OPTOMrrRIeT ner, with defendant given rea- An ordln~r~ for the i=su- E~ Side Square sonable visitation rights; that BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE ance of building permit= I= o, OR 5-,1238 defendant be required to pay CITY OF MALAKOFF, TEX- scribing regulation= concor~ child support for minor chil- ing the ~ of cemmordal TEXAS dren until they reach eighteen AS, AS FOLLOWS: years of age in a reasonable Section 1. That there be and improvement= from highway amount; and for costs of suit. there is hereby ordered held rlght-of-way defining commer- PRESTON,S MILK If this Citation is not served in the City of Malakoff, Texas, ial ProF~ty, Providing that within 90 days after the date on the 5th day of April, A.D no ~ may be ~ a aal ctn 6c issuance, it shall be re- 1969, an election for the put'- buildlngparmHforast~ " turned unserved, pose of electing a Mayor and to be used for a I~r or padk- gal dn 89c ,~u~ this the 19th day of two Aidermenforthetwoyear age m uni,s ~ term provided by law. =hall have been a resido~ of ,February A.D 1969. open Given under my hand and Section 2. That said election C,m~ff City for at least one (1) 7 a.m. 'til 10 p.m. seal of said Court, at office in shall he held in the City Hall year prior to filing such app. Athens, Texas, this the 19thof the City of Malakoff, Texas; lication; providing that no per- Allied day of February AD 1969. and the Mayor shall appoint =on .l, engage in the retail LeUa May Kelly, Clerk one presiding officer or judge liquor buttes unle~ said and ~o assistant judges toperson ~11 bean a resident of Service Station Court Henderson County, conduct and manage said etec- Canoy City for at lea~ one (1) liw-y 31 4) Malakoff Texas tion. year; Establishing fees for By J. Rogers, Deputy Section 3. Said election shall building permits and providing be held under the provisions Pamdfi~ for the violation of of the General Election Laws this ordinance in any sum not of the State of Texas, and all le~ that ter~ ($10.00) dollars persons qualified to vote in said City under the laws of this State regulating general Passed and approved this 3rd day of March, 1969, A.D. Travis Maffhews, Mayor Attest: Rachel H. Richardo~, City Socratary. :-q FRI SAT;SUN [ RAQUEL" WELCH "ONE MILLI ON YEARS B.C." -- PLUS -- ELIZABETH TAYLOR "REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE" Both Shows in Color WINTER POLICY OPEN ONLY FRI-SAT-SUN eee oo e e a aeae 0* ee| THE MALAKOFF NEWS Malakoff, Texas Friday, March 7, 1969 Page Three Quarters getting cramped? ?) MONEY! ADD A SOOM . . . remodel an attic make any home improvement you like! See us first for a low cost loan. Then go to it! HENDERSON COUNTY SAVINGS % LOAN ASSOCIATION A//d we elections shall be allowed to vote. il Section 4. A copy of this or- dina nce shall be sufficient no- DIAG 172 sq in Otcture rice of said election, the May- or is hereby ordered and di- i rected to give notice of the >) time and place of said election by causing a true copy of this ordinance to be published once Th:CASCA?E:f,OllCponabIc a light- i West side tg oR. each week for four weeks prior Gracefully slim TV in to said election in some news. paper of general circulation in wcigh~, molded cabinet. Charcoal color ~ 2[//2 Iq~" Of this City; the first publication and Off-White color. DCIoxc Video }],~] shall be not less than thirty Range Tuning System. 20,000 Volts of l Picture Po~cr. Monopotc Anlcnna. ' days prior to date of said elec- Cabinet size: 167/a" tion; and one copy of this ill high, 22 wide, ::: | I Sch0 , the City Hall and two public ~'~ places within the City for i~: y City of election PHILLIPS APPLIANCE HcCal,~ THIS THE 4th DAY OF FEB- 219 Terry J. E. Bi~ City Secretary Complete with Stand Package Store