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March 17, 1932     The Malakoff News
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March 17, 1932

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T ' HE , ,I I L MILITARY PRISON I ' NEEDS PSI SONERS. , r] l , Lghts of in riv suffered an -- NEW YORKTRUMB L " ,f appendicitis about Program of Model Institu :, A Wonderful Formula Ends day night was car. tion Handicapped. VOL. I Trinidad, Henderson County, Texas, Thursday, March 17, 1932 No. 9 It was at the Coffee tI(use club that and Pains Almost Like M Ernest Poole, the novelist, told me Something Better and Safer NPmP[ tills story, lte said it was true and areThusandSnow stoppingf meflthrobbing,and wozs eNavarro Clinic atCor. San l~'ranciseo.--Wanted, 2|2 prls- ~V we agree, in transl )rming o ~ ~ ~ ago, but that I mtght tell it again,as the excruciating pains of rl )rtly afternoon Tuesdayoners. That's what Col. George McD. that he had written it about ten years dizzy, splitting headaches, as I operation. Weeks mlgilt advertise about hlsmodel t reforming the caus, thereby[ A p[ Perhaps you never read it or heard matlsm, neuritis, toothache,, ~, ~ prison out in San Fran~qsco hay. lie [lqW individually, and coil ctively b, hasn't enough prisoners. W. Ballot of Athens paid For Alca[raz. army disciplinary imr- ~ "%%"%%'~%~P [ helpful iu bringing , b o u t ~ i~ ~ ~ ~ wasit. Itoldneverto himhad'hy Mrs.Mr" Hoover,Ple saideitherlt within salda marvelousto be farneWsuperiorfrmulato at last week for the News an- racks out on an island witidn the city Th, y aany things]changed condition. [ We c ~rtai ;cia eduring or Just after tile war. At any thing heretofore used. er year, , limits of San Franci.~co. is unhlue for rate, tlmre was a ~'oung fellow from It contains no aspirin, acetanl many reasons: (lut of its :Lq8 i)ris- that. Yes; tkere] Wishing that we n ~y all d( [the ego[ ts ot to s Texas whose father had known Bur-etc., and is absolutely safe I harmless. This remarkable : driers, only one is there for life, only are n~i ~t I should ]the thing that we knc : to be oul ]helping n at t h e fain Bill. From hearing of the let- mule, called" A-VOL, la being I Me,our Radio Tubes tested due prisoner Ires ever made a really k n0w' [now, Teen[individual good or t tterment [church vith ,rie ,. ter's tours and exploits, the young fel- mcrlbed by thousands of doctq low got an idea that Europe might dentists and welfare nurses successful getaway, and every nmn :Pherd, t, if I did ]thereby contributing 3 a cause IThe S~ ads3 mm s still be fertile ground for some sort cause of the quick, efficient Wal EE. WEIR. works eight hours a day and four hours on Saturday. knott ress it h~ re, [that will bring about ~ desirec [Mission ,rY ~ aE :] of wild west show. He had made a relieves all types of aches ! [arvsyMartin, who has been It's a place where there Is running some t ieve it ~md [change in conditions. World {: lob, 1 tic ~ hit of money in the cattle country, ~pains without depressing the hol Ort ae past two weeks was hot water and h|valory in every cell, some i , might p~'of- [ R.E. BEAIR! , Pastor [purpose for ' 'd t probably $2.'500 ov so, and decided or causing any other harmful steam heat, shower baths, library, pie- itbyv it learn f] om [ . - - . :,~ [into bet Lg. ver p,werethat,His firstlf thingSmove severefeCts" A-VOlpain, quicklYleaving stoPsthe patientthe m $ tO be Tuesday prisoners.ture show, and every facility for the I~e, The great majority would [ , ,, .. good attendance and interest" in was to round up some Indians. Hefreshedeffectiveandin women'sfeeling fine.periodESpeciapal Roy I; Weir, Jr. is leaving this Under new arfily regnlations a post not believe what I might claim [ eers0nal le.II00 all the meetings of the different picked Carlisle graduates; educated @To quickly prove to yourself t] Indians who knew their way about tats is truly a remarkablo forint commander nmy keel, at his post eek for Midland where he has guardhouse any pri.~oner within cer- or what I might express as a~ [~'NMV' "- - - departments of thechurch. L3y- and would understand the scheme and Just step into your nearest ell pted a position as pharmacist fain bounds, and therefore only tim tual knowledge. Comparatively I M rs Cowan of Arlington, is ally and earnestness on the part TexanS intohadlt One ashowPercentagecowt)oybaSiS.suit, wltiiThe storefor a fewand cents.get a packageTake a Ofeoupl#A-V~ ith the Red Cross Pharmacy. worst cases are sent totAIcatraz. I,ast speaking, We human beings be-/visiting her daughter, Mrs. C, C of leaders and teachers in all de- silver buttons on the chaps and all tablets right there. If your l~ afore departing he ordered theyear the barracks retuPhed 12 men to lieve very little and know a great Hudspeth, this week, enjoying partments, the trimmings, and each Indian got is not gone in five minutom, 4 duty after accomldisldng with these News sent to his new address, prl~ners the aim of their Imprison. deal less. Some how we aJ~e the sea breez on the lake front. Will you think with me for a hold of a war bonnet and otimr things alerk ~rlll return your money. ment, discipline. Drone to disbelieve, to doubt, to .......... an Indian might be expected to wear ........................ ' Mrs. baby of Water Hauisd by Baroe. - mument: want would be the So away they went. The ish, ndishandZcappedinaZlits discredit. Uuless wehappento Mrs..,.C. McCollum enter-conditioninour to,n if these * * Want hd., ere Malakoff visitors activitieSfresh water,bY t heand faCtall waterthat itmusthas nObe stumble upon theknowledge of tained with a delicious dinner loyal ones were to quit~ Are When they got to Europe there m .!;~ ,. hauled hy barges from San Francisco. a thing for ourselves, we seldom last Wriday evening in honor of they any more responsible for was enough money left to feed them d Mrs. W. A. Shoemake The island uses 125,000 gallons a day. accept it as knowledge the other her husband's birthday. It was building up good society, pro-- and buy a few ponies. They gave obtal~,ng the water from two supply fellow has obtained or stumbled his--bi, rth day, but he's still ducing good condition , shows and began to do preity well. FOR SALE--Baby Chicks U ....... "~'As fast as they accumulated any sur- hens have been culled for ont stein the city this ships, pon. Very very few are ever ,handsome and a good fellow educationally, spiritually, and plus they put it into more ponies, and An old Spanish fort, the original week visiting her aunt, Mrs. Y. fortification protecting San Francisco, credited with the discovery of The guests on this occasion were socially, than any other citizen of began to collect other animals. Final- very best layers and the chi E, Crawley. Alcatraz, which became a military the knowledge of a thing. We Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gould and our community Are you rmr ly, they secured a couple of gentle are of the very best grade, i .... ~" ,~ ,__ -old lions. Customers over there didn't baby chicks at 8c each and prison in 1858, has on duty under arms very nearly alwaysdiscredlt or: i,*!o~dren, Mrs. Ward; Mr. and fectlv contented, perfectly wil- appear to know that African lions do Mrs Green of Athens pent only two men at a time, although not roam the American Indian coun- White Leghorns at7c ach. within three minutes 180 persons can whoclaims that the knowledge Mrs. John Stacy, andMr. and ling, for your friends and neigh try. ' he show was becoming quite eral orders were received by brother,the week.endG. C. Brownlowhere withwhoh hase r considerationbeBankingarmedtOhlghdealof lntheWlthiml) theinkindanY of kn0wWea arethingwhat sometimesriginatedt h ~- brught with~them.~o M-rs,~ Joe Morrison:: eninmand~daughter .whilebrs . tOyou_ do dothisnot fOrlendyOU.. ~, at~d yourSoelp reacneu-''~" "anenterprise.menna..~t,By., the: atimebig theYtent ~,~to0 late~Fl~lastt,~at seaSOny_0ur andordevWe tl been real sick. . ~...~ ,~o ..,o,..o.0.o, o,.~-~ and small tents and all sorts of ..... ' . o . ' -noble work? Don't things. It looked as if they were go- placed as early as possi[ ~"~~ flakes and milk, nows, if the other fellow can Uhrich and Mrs. W. P. Crews you think they would appreciate tag to clean up. l~ut it happened to MRS. ALBERT FOSTER, C fried breakfast bacon, hot cakes, sirup, produce the how, when, and entertained the members of the your presence, moral support, be late In July, 1914. bread, coffee, and hatter for break, where, he come to know. The cast of the, "Red Headed Step and influence? You could make * * * ,littteson, of Trinidad were Male- fast; rice tomato SOUl) and creek- No sooner had they pitched their WANTED--Hogs a n d k0ff visitors Sunday. era, fried beefsteak, fried onions fact of the ma~ter is, we~ay Child," and their friends with a them very happy by a word by tents and made ready for the perform- See me at Geo Robertson's mashed potatoes, hrown gravy, let- k n o w a thing for darNel et, delightful par y at the home of your presence and social contact, ance tha~ they thought they heard a tuce salad, french dressing, pickled matters not how we come o Mr. and Mrs. Crews. It was a Some of these loyal-ones, ii great cFhwd approaching. It looked Store, Malakoff. or write Bo: G. C(Browniow who has been beets, raisin padding, bread and coffee. ill for the past few weeks wasfor dinnor; Imkeil macaron! add know it, if what we know hinders very enjoyable occasion to every not all of them, feel some era- butaSifthetheapproacllingShOw was golngthrongtO sellturnedOUt. 3-17Malakff --FELIX DeLaFO ab|e to sit up some Tuesday, cheese, dill pickles, doughnuts, hrea{~ or blocks our way to a selected one present, barrassmeut and timidity in so- out to be soldiers, marching In mill- and coffee for supper, goal or in an aimless destiny, .... ' - - ' liciting you to join them in this tary formation, rank on rank. They Now this lnenu does not cost Uncle ::~ Not lnfallibl~ $ig~. Sam 34 cents a meal, but 34 cents: a we will argue or debate with our Mrs. A. Pulley entertained most necessary work; I to, feel keptWent goingby' andby. Byfr thisdayStime,Sldiersttle Malakoff.FOR RENT--ThreeTwo 4-roomhUS{and A ~ * r day! selves about the thing we know, with a part)' at the h o m e of the same, when I go out to, per- cowboy and Indians had discovered ~;lSWallow~ flying kw, acco dins to /~th#or of the present, are a sign And recently they had turkey for until vhat we know is dislodged grandmother on Tuesday after- sonally and individually, urge that a war was in progress. Nobody 5-room Rent cheap Imm{ ::}~ coming rain. But it is possible to tlwlr Sunday meal at Alcatraz. ~$tax~d on tile soutll shore of Long Tile island has an auxiliary garden and replaced with doubt and noon. AU present were high}y our people to attend the preach- came to the show but the anhnalskept possession. See--ROB'T. ( on eating. Ti~ey tried to present the FIN, City. ~lstand, for instance, and see these over on Angel island where fresh Yeas- oonfusiDu, entertained and enjoyed the oc- ingservices, when I am to do lions to the zoo, but the zoo declined. ~blrds fly as low as one's bead, this tables are raised. Keeping men busy For the above reasons, I am caNton ery much.,. the preaching. Hence, I am Finally, they fed the ponies to the ,ocem'ren~e to be followed by a week is the spech|lty of Colonel Weeks, who 'Of mmshine. Oddly enough, the perl- attended school In San Francisco, not stating my belief, much less taking the liberty to speak for tents,lins translatedand themselveSinto food.livedTileff timetlle dredFOR SALE--Threebusheis of heavyr fOUry ~ mysterious disappearance of the served here with a company fromwhat I know, If I know anything The Dorcas Class held their those who need your help i~l car- came when they bad nothing left ex- ~|lOws was responsible for tile o~d- Vancouver Barracks, Wash., during tim about the following vital ques- March party a t t h e church ryingon this essential work, el- cept their costumes. With these aml Dent Corn. Three or four time theory that these i)Irds hiber- fire of 1906, and was aft'ached to fl~e hated in ttte water la mud. Presidio during the exposition of 1915. finns, Merely asking these ques Thursday afternoon, The St so, for myself. I am here to madethe helPtheirOfwaya friendlYtoward aCnSUl'port, whicl~they dredFRANKbaleSDENToN,Of good3 miles hay. fur than usual on animaIs But he needs 212 more prisoners to do lions that you may be reminded, Patrick motif was brought out help in every way I can. Not was the first step in the direction of as bears and beavers is held home, of Trinidad, Texas. forecast a cold winter, but nat- theory.--New York The Ritz Theatre Malakoff, .:- Texas I t z Theatre presents all the work he'd like to have done. Colonel Weeks and his adjutant, MaJ. James E. Slack. find that t~e morale of the men is file better, as well as thelr~ appetites, for eighl hours' work. The colonel thinks Alcatraz may be l)eauttfied by growing of grass on the hitherto brown slopes and cliffs. The men in the prison agree with him and have worked heartily i'd curry out his ideas. Uniform of Black. The prisoners are dressed in black as you travel toward eternity and in the games played during the here to be ministered to, but to through conditions which are afternoon Refreshments were minister to the whole people. not altogether pleasing, to ask served to twenty five ladies. Some of my closest f r i e n d s, yourself about what you know some with whom I have been concerning them. Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock most closely associated, some Do you know there is aGod to the Womans Missionary Society with whom I have had business In Hoboken. N. J.. ti~ere lived s Rus- sian family. The boy of twelve had been born In the United States and in 1914 It was decided It was time he went to see his grandmother In Russia. His tieket was purchased whomallmen are accountable? of the Methodist Church started dealings are yet standing aloof and he was shipped over plainly Do you know that God? the new study course, "The Don't be unfair to yourself by marked for his destination, and with $50, in dollar bills, sewn in his Is that God concernedabouthand of Dawn--Korea -- " with a trying to console and comfort clothes In case of accident, Shipped the temporalwelfare of humanity Korean ten'at the home of %lrs yourself by trying to convince vn" with Richard At- uniforms and black sailor caps made Sh nnon and Charles war O. D. material dyed black.Does that God put the tempo- G. G. Hudspeth. Korean tea and yourself that it does not matter, 'All American football prisoners bave a complete tailor ral welfare above the eternal cookies were served to nineteen for it does matter. shop where their clothes are repaired welfare of humanity? woolen who sat upon pillows in Can't you give one or two hours ' rouehdown"is full of and pressed, a shoe shop, plumhlng romance, and some real shop, printing shop, typewriter repair ~ Will that God let the genera- true Korean fashion. Mrs. W. each week to meet with your shop and furniture shops, they also tion carry on in a way that will p. Crews and Mrs. W. E. Faulk, neighbors in worship, assume "'Touchdown" was ac- have a laundry which serves all the bring wreck and ruin to t h e dressed as women from Korea, your part of the responsibility eritics as one of the posts around the bay.~ next? , tures ever produced, Pride of tl e island ls the flirniture gave a short talk on conditions for the moral and religious ai- d Saturday with mat- delmrtment, where skilled men repair Did that God have anything to prevailing in Korea. Mrs. W, mosphere in which you and yours antiques and huild reproductions of do with bringing a:bout the condi- W. Daniels told of an interesting as well as the rest of us are to tturday from 2 to the hes of tIepplewhlte, Duncan finns prevailing throughout the acquaintance from Korea. Next live? SundayMonday and Tuesday, Phyfe, Sl~eraton and other types. Beginning with matinee on The prisoners are allowed to sell earth today? meeting will be with Mrs. Fran- You are cordially invited and their product's to army and navy offi- If He did, why did He? cis aer, urged to worship with us and 2to5:30 P. M. and sets. and have all the orders they Did the human family have lend your support and influence and Tues-can fill. " s ' to the church in doing its work Theatre will pre Jhe.e in productive capacities are anhthing to do with bringing Every one who can is urged to in the community. Come with Woman" with Gary allowed $2 a month for their work. about these conditions? meet in choir practice Friday The balance of what their industry If SO, did you, individually, evening 7:30. you can help in us where youwill find a welcome nd Claudet Colbert, His br~gs in goes Into a general welfare ' is astory of a sea cap- fund. A recent purchase of $3,500 contribute to the cause of the this partof the church services, and a helping hand, worth of alklng picture projection ms- conditions, either by omission why not along and prac- Yours cordially [a tarnished laJy, Gary cidnery was made from this fund. Or commission? tics wlth the others. Help us to R. E, BEAIRD, Pastor Claudet Colbert giv. Among the features of the prlson Is greatest eharacterization its lighthouse, towering 214 feet above What is the remedy for the have the best choir in this part ' Methodist Church career~ A great picture nauticalSea level.miles.The Thlsllght lightsiS vlslhlegfves 21a cure of the present condition? of the country, No reason why The boys girls,, World great cast. Attend ,our Sunday flaal for .5 of a second, and Is off for If you, individually, by orals- we should riot have, atlases .from 2 to 5:30 P.M.4.5 seconds. It Is of 80,000 candle sion or commissioh, colbtributed Club, met at the Methodist power, tothe cause that brought about Theplay, ,"The Red Headed Church Sunday evening with Ritz Pric s 10 and 25c Asslgnment to Alcatraz is consid- fourteen present. Very inter. ered one of theto be had in the the present conditions, can you, Step Child,' put on in the in esting programs were given iu army hy its officers and men, accord- by the same method, contribute terest of the Womans Missions. both divisiolm, w i t h Charlie ' Charhe' Sa~'~ lngAstOforMaJorth~SlaCk.prlsoners, well, there's something to another~cause that ry Society and by their friends Quinn and Laurice McCollum as tile words of the only lifer on the will bring about a better con- was exceptionally good. Con- leaders. The leaders for next lshmd, Joseph Soliwode, "Since I have dillon? sidering t h e extremely cold Sunday are Hay Hosk,in and to spend my life somewhere, thls is Would you omit some of the night, the attendance was spten WrethaStandfleld. The Watch- about as good as any prison I'd ever care t:o be in." thihgs you are now doing and do did. T h e school auditorinm, word" for our club is "Grow". i Youthful Peers Await Maturity to Take Seats I,ondon.~--Brltain has 32 peers who cannot take their seats in the house of lords because they are not of age. Many bearers of old titles are still playing with their blocks, among them being Lord Wraxhall, three, and Lord Montagu of Beaulie, five. Lord (~ainsborough is eigllt. Lord Haig, son of the late Brlttsh army commander, is thirteen. Th@ earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot. who is pre- sbme of the things you are now where the play was put on, was Let's live up to it. Let every omitting, thereby contributing your part in hanging the cause for the present condition to a cause that would produce better conditions? What I believe0r know about tbe above questions, or how I only answers for me, What you believe or know about them, and the ruler earl in the peerages of both :Eng- way you treat them, answers land and Scotland, is seventeen, as Is for you, individually, We are I,ord (~orman~ton, premier viscount of individually responsible, but we very comfortably heated, making it very pleasant for every one who attended and everyone en- the play very much. In ~very way it was quite a success Do it again. The League had very good at- tendance last Sunday evening and a splendid program was ren- dered. Please let every member be .present next Sunday evening with a new member it possible. member be present next Sunday and briu a new member if pos- sible. Some improvement in the at- tendance at both, morning and evening services at the Metho- dis church last Sunday. It is to be hoped that it will continue to improve until all available s~ace is ocoupied with attenta- tire listeners, May we see-your smiling face in our congregation from point to point, he came witbln sight of Russian territory Just two hours after the border had been closed. Frightened, he protested In English and the little Russian be had learned from his parents. A kindly old Russian soldier, who was on guard beyond the barricade, told him that things were unsettled la that part of the country; that he would not be allowed to cross the border: that the best thing he could do was to make his way to Hamburg and get on a boat for home. $ $ $ He was a smart child and nmnaged to get to Hamburg, but there he was told that the navy had taken over all the ships and none were returning to the United States. Then, he did not know what to do. He had to spend his dollar bills, one by one, for food. but he slept in the park. There came a rainy, misty morning when he woke on his park bench thoroughly discour- aged, lonely and hopeless. It was pretty tough for a friendless little boy In a foreign land, with a .war go- ln~ on and too occupied~ to pay any attention to him. Suddenly. out of the fog across the square, he saw stalking toward him an American cowboy in a wide-brimmed hat. fol- lowed by ten Indians in war bonnets. The little boy gave a Joyous, thfink. ful cry. He had been taken to cir- cuses and wild west shows and he knew that here were friends from home. His troubles were over. (~), 1,32. Bell Syndlcate.)--WNU Service. ~~::-~~e~ Eagle Drops Calf on Roof of Auto Colorado Springs, Colo.--Ray- mond Harvey had a narrow es- ; cape from death when a 7,5- pound "calf crashed out of the sky thro,~gh the top of a tour- Ins car in which be and three other rabbit hunters were rid- ins. The calf had been dropped by an eagle which the hunters titan shot. The bird~ was over 7 feet from wing tip to tip. Harvey was slightly dazed for i a time after the calf hit him. FOR SALE--Ribbons for ington portable THE NEWS. We have some Special in RADIOS you cannot hiss.--ROY WEIR. RENT-After April large housekeeping furnished or unfurnished. conveniences, lights, gas bath.--MRS. M. S. E. O. DO D: TRANSFER and all kinds of hauling Prompt and vice guaranteed. 666 LIQUID - TABLETS - 666 Liquid or Tablets used and 666 Salve externally, make s plete and effective treatment for Most Speedy Refnedies DR J. H. DENTIST X.RAY DIAGNOSIS" New Spencer-Carroll Athens, Texas J. A. FOWLER,/Vl. PHYSICIAN an4 SUi Office with Weir's Drug MAI AKOFF, TEXAS' .t ATEN C.A.SNow 8: Successful Pracdc Over 25,000 for inventors in of country. let telling how to a patent, wirah, list our V*