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Malakoff, Texas
March 24, 1932     The Malakoff News
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March 24, 1932

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Malakoff Lodge, No 759, A & A. M. meets the 2rid. lrsday night in each month. members welcome. J. C. Patterson, W. M. J. E. Morrison, Secy. Malakoff Lodge, 885, I. O. O. F. meets every night in Odd Fellow's W. O. W. building. Visiting al ways welcome. L. S Auste]], N. G. I. W. Nolen, Sec'y. Lodge, No. 300 meets Monday night at I. O. O. F 1. Visitors welcome era Williams, N. G. Arzella Vandagriff, Secy. B. OWEN, M. D. IICIAN and SURGEON with Flags Drug Co, MALAKOFF -- HOTEL-;- Ou I flLAN NEw-- FIREPROOF M. Hallaman, Mgr. RATES ;1.50 to $3.00 per day room with circulating ice bath or shower. "ITS IN DALLAS" THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR Spring, Spring. Beautiful Sbri'g I rtRsx 5 On50' NW CUE -'M>I~INGI.-~ ~ tJffaHT / u ------ ? ./ 0 Uncover "Main Street" of Ancient Olynthua Main street, Olynthus, Greece. which has lain in ruins ever since 348 B. C., ]ms been excavated by a Johns Hop- kins university e~pedition, led by I)4". David M. Robinson, professor of arclm- elegy. An entire city block, with 27 houses, was uncovered by the expedition, and the fine street running north was giv- en the name "Main street." "In the houses we found tloors of beautiflfl pebble mosaics, in red. pur- ple, blue and white," said Doctor Rob- Insert,describing the discoveries. These are the oldest mosaic floors known. Some have famous myths beautifully pictured In the pel)bles. One floor shows Belleropho~ and his winged horse encountering the mythi- cal beast, the Chimera, which lind a lion's head, goat's middle and the tail of a snake. In his previotm expedition of 1928. In which the ruins of Olynthus were Political Announ(:omants Democratic primary July 23.1932 For Representative, 54th District J. ft. Towery, ire-election] Per County Judge: John W. Ballow For Sheriff: Joel Baker (re-election) Je.,s Sweeten For County Clerk: Melvin Traylor Asks Curb on Mounting Cost of Government Naturally, those responsible for ~aieago Banker Shows Need o~ government desire to give their con. Caution in Spending Tax- } stituency the finest educatlonaJ faeilt- i tles, the best roads, street~, publir payers' Money ~ parks, playgrounds, and other facili- ties obtainable, but, after all, there ~is Would Reform Tax Methods the denying the fact that expenditur~:~ for such purposes bear a very close relation to the individual, because Speaking before the Internationalthey mortgage ht.~ future earnings for Chamber ef Commercc at Washington, consumable and rapidly deteriorating Melvin A. Traylor, PreMdent of the goods. First National Bank of Chicago, said Every bond issue for the public we] in p~rt: faro is an installment debt on the Another field in which those respon- earning capacity of every indlvldua! sible for leadership must do someand enterprise in the community af hard, sound think- footed. Not only does it involve in lug if we are to stallment mnertization of the debt it avcld disaster is self, but a constantly increasing that of public ex. charge for maintenance and npkceD i~ penditurcs, the improvcraent is to be preserved. In this country, agatnst early detertoratlon and quick rein COLDS AND NEURITIS, HEADACHES SORE THR NEURALGIA Don't be a chronic sufferer from neuritis: rheumatism. Bayer A~ headaches, or any other pain. There ~s still the sensible thing to take. We'll Call first found and Identified, Doctor Ib~b- government is sup- ruin. is hardly an ache or pain Bayer Just be certain ~t's Bayer you're inson was unable to locate the come- D0lph B.'Tillison (re-election) ~tosed toabldewttll Most of the taxing machine::y of th(Aspirin tablets can't relieve; they taking; ~t does not l~urt the t~e poopm, ann yet country was crea:cd at a time when are a great comfort to women who Get the genmne tablets, m th~ tory. This time he found two ceme- For District Clerk: tortes, we know tlmt in the present volume of public debt was suffer periodically. They are always tamiliar package for the pocket, Jesse's Care ~,o houses that have been un- ~rs. Ann Alford Payfle pc .ether field does not thought po:.:sible; and it is, there, to be relied on for breaking up coida. ~-- ' covered date from about 400 B.C., m~uorship.exert so fore, inadequately and inequitably ad ~~ Doctor Robinson toncludes. Olynthus O~or County Treasurer: ~rcat an ,nfluence justed to meet the c,rcr~c.~cies of the was a large city, having a population D.R. Carflidge npgn the thought present burden. "" ~ " " It may be only a simple head- EveryDay of some 65.000. judging from its ruins. ~elv|n traylor and action of theThe consequences fs that in ahnost, ache, or it may tm neuralgia or /~ -.~ [ ~ ~ ~l~ ~ "~ It was destroyed suddenly and violent- J.A. Murchis0fl :GULAR DINNEJ . Decpm as in the every major peli:Acal ~ubdivlsion oi l~ol~t)f~loSPl:le:V;; In, ~e; the country certain classes of wealth rt Orders a Specmlty of Alexander the Grout, in 348 B. C..Justice of the Peace, Precinct 8 income w~s~ ~ ~'" L~:'' ?'""" .... "."escape taxation, or pay little, while , R.'A. ~cLain (re-election) ... ]s=~,~a~ea .to. nave. m- other types of property are charged creases from about o~/2 bllllOn (~onars with an unbearable obV~,-*;^-- "~ to 81 billion dollars annually or 135 The dut of leadershi"~"~:'~"" - Child of Earlier Days IF or Constable, Precinct 8: . ' y . p, tneremre D E ~vf A R E O ( : " = " Shielded From Sun A.W. Leopard (re election) Perd]tunrtesinoftha lSgm( erPnrnmdt:hd ev " o;VOJlol Ttgr I M I T A T I 0 N S ~! slons in the United States have in - . . : g WHEN IN ATHENS - G orge Washington no doubt would Hug Pickle , 'greo o1" caution mus ae exercised it, look with greatastonishment at the creased from a litt,e less than three the ........... ' ~.H;~ .'l,.S'i .... ~/ I. ~ ureaLion o~ government ODllg~ Eat at system of raising children of tals gen- For C, mmissioner, Precinct 2: .... ion ~,v, ars [o more than i~-/s uq .... oration of Americans. He took a keen " ' t~ons" an~, second an immediate re Murrell's interest in the health and health- R, N. (BoD) Johflsofl lion dollars, or approximately 300 per ~orm'in taxin- --f-' .... g macmnery must co nn - . .............. ~ .... cent "e " " _ _- .~._~_, ~'*~~~ ~,~ ~ It is perfectly true, of course, that .... _ . -:, =~ ,~ ,~ 4, ~~ training of his stepchildren and step- D.B. (Boone) Reynolds u rtaRon, ~-neczs of "~eaeralt Aidn ......... ~* Cafe Irandchlldren,whlch are part ofyetthethedatlySUnregtmebathSof M.C. Andrews Insofar as the Federal Government is concerned, the nmJor part of the in- In conneeton with the creation vi ] C~)tt0n Belt Schedule On Highway No. 31 a well brought-up child of teddy, crease In that direction Is accounted indebtedness, it is high tlme thai VOTE FOR Just Off Square. whether of the family of the laborer 0, A. Truelove ' d those responsible for State a or the millionaire, would have caused For Public Weigher: for by our participation in the Worl dmtnL I NORTH BOUND.~ War; but It Is Interestng to observe tratton consider the pernicious am ]R.k' I"h~ ~ ['rain No. 104.......... 12.2! A. M - - ~ eyes,the Fatherno doubt.f His Country to blink his Thad tinny that for the fiscal year ending in 1928, seductive influence of so-called Fed ] Federal expenditures were only 31~ oral aid for public improvements. ]Y~ IJIJllllO ll Prain No. 102 .............. 9:80A, M ~~Or o ooo O "oho oto co 'or o one ht El'eat interest in his little stepdaugh- all political administration tn the public expenditure approaches clo~e ] . tee, ordered for "Miss Custis," slx I Jack Perry United States. ly to political bribery and in almost I LUNCHESI year~ old, from abroad, a supply of every case, lends Itself to polltlcai ] train No. I01 ............ 1:35P. M children's masks in order to preserve I i g" g, o ur ender of state soy I * ~ P " her complexion from the rays of the ........ ram No. 103 .............8:20 A.M, ~gures are not available for theiereignty, and a gradual tmpo erlshI COlllml$ lOlit l- , : I Soviet Ex S ammeters year~ following 1928, except for the] ment of fiscal units. Moreover, we , rn'sFamous I ~un. DoUyMadlson, wlfeofPresldent . Speak at Convent~o::- ?=rlalncrG::::: g.7t._:hosewexpendl-ihavesald nothlngofthepropo,al ant I Preeinet2-Henderson County J, A. FOWLER, M, D, Dolly Payne, had a faithful mother I Moscow.---A conference of el-stare r lm ce ~ mr me retool! tlfSandwiches .... IUC I Madison, as the little Quaker girl, .......... I P on of undertakings which i~ / ~t Dog..---"........ IOc I with enough of the world's vahity In [merers took place here in whk'h ev ZtlinYe::3:nil:gmal; b:Z:ssa:de:t~:~ ~h:nYec~:~t;7;t:=ltnuottloJ:Sotl~ed by I Subject to the Action of PllYSICIAN and tUR{iEON her Quaker mind to sew a sunbonnet I cry delegate proved his right to at like increases have occurred In other utilization of the facilities co - tr Delicious let.. I on the tiny girl's head every morning, ] tend by making a speech. Address , r ay th< I the Democratic Primary Office with Weir's Drug Stets' I ntem I un Sandwiehes...lUtL I put long gloves on her arms and hands lingthe conference of former stamrrmr political subdivision, of the eountry, iplated" Let thor, bone mistake t~ I July 23, i932 tm and Egg 1 I and make her wear a mask to keep i ere, Prnfessor Vsevelod Kostcl~enko For the year ending tn 192g, the cost ] this respect. I every ray of sunlight from her face. I said that there are 2,0(O,000 persons of administration of State Govern- [ Let us face the facts. Unless thor( I - -- I order ............ ~t~[~,~ [ How the mothers of today, with their ] with speech defects in the country and monte amounted to 14 per cent of Its a return to ~antty In the matter o" [ i suntan Ideas would be horrified, it i that practically all are curable. 'Trac- the total: of tho remainder, over 54 lPublle expenditures, default and re I " ' ] ish ............. 15c to perform this d.lly beauty ,tor..and .platlletka,. (five year plan) percentwent,tosu~atnloealgovern, limdtatlon ofpubHcoM!gat!on, c.anno' [ Ii ltATE NTS n MatakoffWedneadayandThul~~DENTIST .hey Isla.d .......... ~c ! rite for their young ones.--Washing-[stammerers to pronounce. I _~.~_~..~.-'--=_._ :~:_ ............ , [ - --- w ton Post. I ar~ among the most difficult words for meats, " ~ be much longer avoided. I ~~ T~D~,,MA~K~ Office in FLAGG BUILDING axwell House ~' | ...... -- ..... day of each eek. :~ )flee, percup:. ..... I Color ......... -' -'"" " L,': .... " :1lIC.A.SNOW&CO, From a scientific or technical stand- .,~,~.,~.~.~-~-..~..~.'w'-",~.~ [ aui's Place I 0o, o, absence of all col- Success'u, Practices,nce ~875. , ,,,,,i or, while white is not a color but the Over 25,000 patents obtained _t. A. BALLARn . at Sam's old stand [ combinationthe spectrnm.fTheallcolorsf theare colorSproducedOf for inventors in every section v aJ , by the difference In the length of ofcountrf. Write for bo~k UNDERTAKER light waves, those that produce red let telling how to obtain Embalmin-- Caskets H ~~ " being about twice as long as those a patent, with list of clients , : ~-'. =--. ~"== that produce violet; white paper has in your State. sno AmDulance ~ervlL'~ I no color because it reflects all wave- _ Day Phone 100 Nite Phone2~ lengths equally. Of course, from a ,~IO ~ St,, Washingtons D. C, - \ ,, T I S E AS Y popular standpoint and for all prac- T? tical purposes, both black and white are considered as colors. . [ LEGAl F( RMS.. REACH US ~..,.~ Cur. 'or Witch.. Flsherfolk of the little village of Burg- .~ head, on Moray Firth, Scotland, have "---~-'-- again held the ceremony of "burning , _-y.=~ the claire." a holdover from medieval 'hen You Want While some continue the old Scottish ~ustom in a spirit nf merry- We now have in stock the following Legal blanks and Your Clothes superstitiousmaldng' the nmjorlrYand heIievef thethatPeoptewitchesare would be pleased to have you call us when in need of will refrain from sne'ddng down their . aned, Pressed ehlmneysforawboleyeariftl,e,atr [ WHEN BABIES anything in this line. Is hurned. This ceremony ts the pear- I lira I~ Imsls THERE are ~ --Notes With Vendor's Lien, Single or Repaired. ,ng of casks of tar ,m the ruins ot a ] r K ,= 1 when a baby is too Rmuan altar setting fire to It, then a I fretful or feveriah to --Transfers of Vendor's Lien Notes dance by the villagers around the roar- | be aong to sleep. There are some Just Call 84 flnmes. | p aamotheecanaotpataway.But --Release of Vendor's Lien I there's quick comfort in Castorial -- Chattel Mortgages and Piano. o. The;r H~ade i For diarrhea, and other infantih security. Planes and slmllar articles are lll~ glve this pure vegetable prepara- --Chattel and Crop Mortgages lion. Whenever coated tongue~ tell --Warranty Deeds moved in the city of l'ernambuco by a sextette of trained men who are all of the same height aud powerfully bnllt. They will lift a gr'md plane on their heads and then march along with n soldter-llke l)reclsIon, A role- step on the [)art of one would mean dlsaster. As they pass along the szreet they are preceded by their vhief who clears the way for them and g~ve$ of constipation; whenever there's any fign of sluggishness. Castoria has a good ta~; children love to take it. Buy the Renuine---with Chas. H. Fletcher's signature on wrspper. Member Federal Re..serve System --Promissory Notes, Etc. koff N Commercial Printing