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Malakoff, Texas
March 26, 1931     The Malakoff News
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March 26, 1931

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, i m INSURANCE AGENCY O.L m GENERAL INSURANCI , i{ [ i e s k n''[Theatre[garet Rose. daughter of M r and I Medicine and Surgery ! Royall H.C. Riddlesperger | Office Phone 81Residence Phone 78 | "rhe Voice of The Lignite City" ' JME 19 MALAKOFF: HENDERSON COUNTY, TEXAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1931 NUMBER 31 - I Illlllllllllllll II Ill II , * " JAustell s Shoe Shop [6reenvfile Physmmn[This County Included . lelemrDl'rle Changes Ownership] Opens Offices Here[ in Drought Relief Loan I VETERANS--Wewil! ladlyassistyouin preparing '[J t tl n rumple ceremony at the home oI [ yourlll][l]i[llll .ltlllltllllll applications loan on your service certificate. Illlll rcucnalE :..I , --- J -- I I II lIm lsl AustellssheandharnessshPl Dr. P TKilman ofGreenvillel Atelegramrecelved here by i "-" - I! vV LL.3 ": -" ..... Y Y ' " . ln |mg for some time, Although the]can ]this section may be secured Zx 44 orderTurkish.Towels: ....... | [dealhad been closed almost a] Dr Kilman comes here with]through the Fort Worth office. I week the new proprietor did not TADI ' __ " " Ithevery best of references andl I II [t:ell!k n:L brands uaranteed b il r f [tak.e poss?smn of the business[is highly recommended by theJConley Bros Show To [ Irr&' l lIllillll lV J II , g o p oo ......... UV'.+.=/unm las l nursaay sue to noticelman whose place he m to take I ...... .. r. I {lliHII JIH)' !1 : |necessary in severing his con I He is said to be skilled in both] EXI]IDI[ nerelwo rays j IL Ik I_lllllllllitTL I! |BR01DERY THREAD n /nection with the Hawn Lumber I medicine and surgery and accord-] "----- [ Jl Silkene Embroidery Thread ....... for $ ]Company, in whose employ Mr. I ing, to Dr. Duncan, is just thel The Conley Bros. Vaudeville [ llllililll !i LOO ERS [ friends pae him a visit in his new ] from their city " This show according J ancyBloomersandStep.ins, nonrun, only ...... !surroundings. [ Dr Duncan will denart at an]t advance advertising, claims t [ CLIMBING the ladder f success lane eas,, il .... e " be the greatest show of its kind " " . DIIU'~ arlydate for New York lty ......... task. But he who SAVES" as he earns budds t ..... 1 @-LA [Funeral Services For [where he put the.finish-[nntt e:t::es toeao:Yist:n: rtwalire I up "strength" to take him up to the Better Op. I! wine, new patterns ann more arr ving ...... ,, - ,, ,- . ling oucnes to ms stuoy in sur. . . . _ -ml in]ant nela unoaylgery. He and his fine wife have ]walkers. trapeze artists, acrobats I portumty rungs m that ladder, il VERALLS " i made many friends since coming /and musical cmedy clowns. ,, [ ................. ., IIr n ............. I Ill Funeral services for little Roy-Ito Malako a few months a ,o to| Conley Bros uses Quality I II- II! / NIA/lllXIll 114[lXtll !1 re01S Interurban ~pealal, were ~[ "ID, ~OW ~lI ~l~ -=-~. I ...... ~,. I ..... ~ | ....... " . I sIII~I/ I l/-~l/I~l 1/-ItI.. tl/-~il lit ll .... c-ti II l;an jea in 1;Be ira wll;n ueorge u t rlen " " " t .... -~ fall uwen t yers. nree year om Imake their home who will feel as mo m aria tnelr snow I ' II II S [ IDT on of Mr and Mrs. Arthur By- Ikeen regret in their departure clean, moral and refined in every l Member Federal Reserve System IIU-- t ers of this city, who passed away I ........ .Y_ ..... ,i,1... xt_.._ -^:_. respect and caters to ladies, geE-" Pool s Color-Test dress Shzrts, new one ff fades_ O , , ]at the family home here at 9:35tthom in wishing for hese fine tlemen and children They do . Saturday morning, were held [people the tm t of success, not boast about the size of their. , ,, , ,,, _ "-= - lfrom the Baptist Church at 2[ --------- tent, but they uaran ee the big- l w 'c ark'o c[ate " n 'ermentl/Tlrs. Laura verKms ]traveling orfran]'za io'n showin " Member Federated Home Owned Stores It'ook'place immediateiyfollo vingI Slightly InjuredAs l anywhere through the country: r _ _d " , _ ' [in the Malakoff Cemetery. I . . Entertainment features toPeE r " m.o ..,. ..i Au[o over(urns from the Keith Vaudeville Cir [j( I t.,,u.Tu. OOO ml~I~|~|~|I~uI~I~|~|u|I~I[~|II|n|~|II~I|~|I~|~I|||~I~I~[~II|I~||~I|I~|n|I||||I/~|II||~|| ~||]~ I J. aJ~ Itl#L,l~:; UIlIl~l IIO$~ tJU~tl tit IuII -- -- ~ ~ iil =- several months with Tumor of -- cmtgoes to make up tEe Tour- : f t' DD f Tf XT I ........ :_ .L_ .t. ..... .--,-- I the brain and his condition be I Mrs. Laura Perkins of the Oak- teen big acts of their evening's .- -., - - rur was maue m nrev I ,Jst- " " " - Iland communit'" was sli-htl'" in -erformance a o rn.aqo we make upon our. -- ]ednotices, but the error has al-lcamesermusaoou slxwee sag[ .... Y - Y- " p " _ , last week's issue of thelready been corrected, iOnMonday M rch ?h .e * ....... selves when wc clean, press and it ope pneumoma ann ms cona " was stated that the an rustee election of the Mal'[ i tion remained critical until thet wasriding with Mr. and Mrs. U lSS Margaret Rose repmr your clothes.Over par- I Independent Schools wouldlm:::%dl::e C ynC;:;' awl hat egh[endcameS"turday" IV Thdm Snnb: d w hatFrd Marries Malakoff Mau titular in other words in knowing on Saturday April 5th. . ' " ' Orrectdate of this electionIttaled 90,576,000 bushels givm l., , . , , ICorsicanaat the intersection of that your clolhes wdl be return. )ethe4thda., of April in lit rank of sixth among the corn-lr epnew ot naJaKoH I the new highway with the main Gainsville, March 23 --M iss Mar- "r " ' " " ' "W of the 5th The same er'Iprducmgstates" t Peonle Drowns In Istreet. The car, aft r trii g . . 1o you Iusl as you wanx lllem. " "' ' - _ I r . Ithe other vehicle turned over on R.S. Rose of, . _ I Lake At Greenvfilelit side and pinned Mrs. Perkins exchangedmaritalvowaSaturda~ ~ IIItImI m am Ii~ilill iill~ ~! I to the ,,round She was taken afternoon at 5:30oclock with Mr IWI I I'U II[W 91 -- .... [ .........." Wv an Crawler of Malakoff "in a OlIVIHII vlllISnI-l / t!i ! News was receives nere vmn- 1 lmmemately to n .m _ . I III &lIl if" Iday by Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kirby]cans office for medical at en "o . ' , MALAKOFF, (Telephone 84) TEXAS -J that o the bride s aunt, Mrs Young in tIstating that their nephew,[Examination revealed n ...... ';... " I II IVll I Charles Langford of Greenville lbones were broken and that her ~ugnlana rarg, l)st].as. . . pj !!t~&~lp~t~i~j~ll!l~,J~lt~l~,j.~l!H~!l~!l~,~ll~j.~2~j.~H~ll~ I K ilk" .......... I:_-..- ......... sq"ht The l~ev., assistant - I ~rwasarownea In me Dlg lake OTltUJu~|~a w~t= u.,~ ~ ~ . . ........... ~ = , , , pastor ot r lgntan rar vresoy- , , | I the city water works system In [ ............... .... a day of this week owing to severe I days session was as follows. t t it arl Monda mornin ,l Ine oallot.s Ior l nlS erection tartan u.. ..... v ..... ' .... D b --:- -- |:" - :- -- - I ha e y e y , y "' | ............... r -- im-rovised al weather conditions 1 e ate--Boys " 1 IMr and Mrs Kirb- de-arted forlWm ne prmtea three oars t)e ore service peru e an p - ' , ' st h s - --- - --- : -:-- " " " ................. r arran'-ed with an abundance The Literary events car-/ 1 -At en , Herbert Lewis . J ]th cIST o dd' g:: =spriqg lossomsandgreenery. ried out according to, scheduleta .d ld tDc :' ,ahamand c - ......... o n-InmustbesubmittedttheSec" The bride was attired in a mod- and the winners o] the vari_ us}.. , -- , " on a nsnm eighty u g g P Y events were announced Saturday " I men and he and Gu 'lretarr of the Board before that ish crepe ensemble, m two shades . ..... . ":. 1 ' ...... -- a onlzln acces mornlng winners in the va l eoa[e L irls Iv-as were runnin a trot line]time' As yet no additions to the of blue with harm " " g - ", [ . ' -n _ _. "1 ...... o---Trus'ees whose sories, Her corsa' e was fash rious literary events of the first (Continued on last page) | ,when th.etr boat turned over:It:m=:=p eatrtime has been toned of valley lilt= and sweet I ~ ~ ~IIl Ii " I ITnelr companions on snore nearo/ ' - tI" . Ithem scream for helpand rowedlmade, peas. w i I lr.l llr.O ' Jodt, but the had disa eared ...... ..... ........ She was attended by Miss | I ..... Y , .. pp ,, ] .. - ._--'" : " Helen Blake who wore an after- - t t Beneath wazers De ore zney noon frock of green crepe The JUST call us up and tell us what you want-your order I could reach the point from which1 _ ' ' .... " O' will be on its way practically at once, We'll make se- | ]the screams Came. 1 groom s aG a:n le?Tro t? :lections justas carefullY aa you would, andthe prices /Searchershavebeendraggingthe!" llg. . mnec ?r, S , " " WHEN YOU BUY Will be fight - [lake continuously since the ac- II lint= ,a ot o "" and ..... ..... -- " . , m I ii l~'OllOWing tl~e wanning r. ~ . .. ...... / Imdent.. The body of young Lang. . . .... PO 'I'A( E here are some otour specta . / I . . . m ~ .. immi illl . mrs ennett annoway enter- - " " ' I Ilora was recoverea uesuay aT er TUI -ITHL tained at their home in Dall s Plate Rib Roast, pound ....... .15c ,noon the other is still missing. In =a I d nuer in honor o f Mr, the value is constant. When you buy anything else " Chuck Roast, imu.d ..... 20C / IBeth men were said to be excel- '^LAK FF " =:MrsI r w'ley whether it be stocks, bonds, wheat, clothes, anauto _ '- ...... /lent swimmers and friends are ,: " " " " , ..... e " s ome oneac . Steak, per pound .. ........ Zh: ]unable to understand t h e i r -. . .. - .- . Mrs. Crawley is a graduate of or a, :ameswt.. chang umes s . .- , " P0rk Sausage, pet pofllid .... 25{: ]drowning unless, it was pointed, March, helGT'n:: l:::'egnhd:dh:: o a : c:pt i :es :Pe:tS,m,l y of keep, rig proper vame ,n n,,ov -'---I- "--lid .... | out. they became cramped in th e . ,, ...... i" r .... u Y " . ru,, tmu . , ptm " [ .ms n, o, IT|EI Ul t k . LL kLoilywooa, to ms, at er n - a ..... value can he mada ' -- " ' " ........ t line . ....... ishing her courses here. She is . , . g constant and increasing, too, ff you will keep lt ln r _rIt O Vacuum II ' popular among a of - " ...... r iiiilrli ,'1 Packed . -. Also Comedy. friends good repair. Why lose both the value and your in- i II IIIil V vv ,=.=====.i-=.=. " - " " " 0 " _._ . ,, .t Trustee Electton 1o Mr. Orawley is a native .of Mal vestment and maxnnum servtce by all wine: I'Z pounG can . @a. _ " ...................... _. | akoff, and is engaged ia business things to run down. Look over your home and see I pound can .......... , ...... . ............ sac f what can be done to increase its value and make it a We serve Folger's Coffee in our Cafe because, we think is the best that money buy. HOME BAKED-Cinuam0n Rolls, Cup Cakes, and Dough Nuts-.fresh from the oven every da.v. - Grocery Be Held On April 4th.1 Monday-Tuesday, Mar.,80-31 " LOIS MORAN in that city, where t h e young A date that should be of inter- ; in " couple will make their home. in the city oft . ' ...... - est to every citi .en ~THE OAL~LEK Athletic Events in Co. Malakoff is that of Saturday," April 4th, when the annual Trus- tee Election of the Malakoff In- dependent Scl)ools will take place The election will he'held in the First State Bank building be- tween the hours of 8 e'clock a. m 7 o'clock p m, with Mr. S. A Modern maids in a maze of modern morals. COMING! "MADAM SATAN" leet To Be Held Sat. The Athletic Events of the County Interscholas- tic League Meet which was held at Athens last Friday and Satur, better place in which to live. Malakoff Lumber Company Malakoff, Texas