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Malakoff, Texas
March 29, 1935     The Malakoff News
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March 29, 1935

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,..== =,, "~' 'CMel~ry W'dow" .Colltlpo,r ~'--Ir--'lr----'~m~l~d~----I~- As'tli~f, were seven WE W0U LD N EVER JohIIson s .[ Buys Hungarian Barony ! ( j rL_E__y I ,o--.. ,o,'oro QI-Tft]2 ~I-ld'tP [' Vienna, Austrla.--Frenz Lehar, world i ~ l ~ his restoration. .......... ~" .......... [ famous musical comedy composer, 1. Christ's prayer for Peter (Luke Ex eft I whose works include The Merry Wld- i:-" Shoe and Harness Repair I sult of the newly .established friend- 62). , [ship netween AUstrm and Hungary. q D':[ ~ ea est , Cllrlst's message through the Satisfaction Guaranteed [, In accordance with the request ofi [women (Mark :UR' rlp'i n 'fo]'prompt and =-: t tile ,oat,an government .ungar, R' h'i r Value! , A personalinterviewwlththeris. ' ....... j ~ { will create Lehar Baron Komarom, Ko- en Lord (Luke 24:34). marom being tbe town In Czeehoslo- :~ ~ f-- --------- _ ~. 5. Peter's ()pen confession of love ratio Flla/~,|/~[ ~i];.~nff vakla where the composer was born. I /~'~ Streamline | ,,o..0 ,,.,,~, -'--~,~*aa~,ut vv lllil~ At that time It was in Ihmgary. tIls work glven back (John 21:17, efficient service in cleaning, press- - The strange request can|e abot|t tl|ls ii ty ! ing and repairing clothes is unex- 'orelectrical wiring, call me. way: The Karszag music publlsldng 18~. Willingness to suffer for Christ celled. P a maable rates on all work house and the Theater an der Wlen, Beau * * (John 21:18, 19). where The Merry Widow" was first ~ IDRV presented thirty years ago, were taken i ~ V. Pet.r at Pent~cost (A~,Is 2:1-42). T' -- ........ over by the Credit Anstalt, banking In- .. and Everything ~ Peter, with the rest of the dlsclples, Give us a trial and you'll surely find lines Herald Circulator stltutlon hero, whrch is state con. i iI i came lnt a new experience at PoRte" that your clothes will look better, trolled. YOU Could Desire! cost.Ti,ey came to know tile outpour- tng of the Holy Spirit as the fulfillment set better and wear longer. "~ Lehar, .it is now revealed, had a of Joel's prophecy (Joel 2:28-32). ':*-. ....... claim of one million sehlUlngs (the a II uW I e d ~mii~ ~~agil raS o~la)A mlv ~!e~t/~q~;!~b~l~ei/~ oSm~ li!!i Ivie The ConversIon of CornelIus The way we eleau your garments ( ,ets renews the cloth as it is strictly l Willie Peter had the definite expe- rience of Pentecost, he had not yet sanitary. compromise with tl|e Credit Anstalt to l~ea~e~ come to know the real meaning of the DE B. WILLIAMS accept a baronetcy ,. re,inqu,shmcnt church. Hewas Ignorant of that which Malakoff Dry Cleaners : In Malakoff Every Monday of his claim. And, since titles may not A new Crosley Shelvador and Tri-Shelvador Electric Re- God revealed through Paul (Eph. 3:1-5). lie knew that a tremendous At Main Hotel be granted In Austria, the Vlemm guy- frigerators have everything! Beauty--utmost convenience change had come. He saw the old or- -~b~i&lldren'eeye, exemlnedfreea,,a ernment asked Its Budapest frleud to --highest quality--dependability--the world's most out. der passing. It required the visitation N.C. VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor ~ted et a pries you can afford to pay make Lehar, who has retained his Hungarian citizenship, a baron, standing features-sensational value--these are reasons of God to him by means of the sheet let down from heaven to show that the ...... ' for their tremendous popularity. They provide everything middle wall of partition had now been "- -EAT King Peter Is Youngest you could ask for and more. broken down and that Gentiles who ac- cepted the finished work of Jesus Ill I II Ill I lll BUTTER Ruler in World Today There is a Crosley within Christ were accepted on high the same -KIST Belgrade, ugoslav,a.--E,even-year- Only old King Peter, a gentle child with a ~ reachof every pocketbook as the Jew. BREAD ~ronbied and Inquiring look on his face Seareheth O.t Perfection nowadays, Is by many years the young. I' and terms if you desire, has the Surely there Is a vein for the silver, MODERN n Henderson County est monarcb in the world. But there See the models now and a place for the gold where they Is one llvlng ruler who ascended the S~l~elvador fine It. Iron Is taken out of the earth, throne at an earlier age. Queen Wll- on display and brass Is molten cut of the atone. helmlna of the Netherlands was only I ' He setteth an end to darkness, and FORCut Flowers, FuneralDe- ten when she acceded In 1890. g searcheth out all perfection: the Next In youthful accesshm came i i BEAUTY silt.S, Bride's Boquet., or any three Oriental rulers. The sultan of arm a ,,ooe, of darkness, and tile shadow of thing in Plowers. Call 178. d ath.--aob 2S. 1-a. Happiness Sanders Floral and Evergreen Company Athens, :-: Texas FOWLER, M. De PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Offica in Skiles Building MALAKOFF, TEXAS DR. C. H. NASH DENTIST Ill Office Kilman Hospital Buildlng T~eslay, Wednesday, Thursday EACH WEEK E.O. DODSON, Transter and all kinds of hauling lt~mpt and Satisfactory Service GUARANTEED! i B. O Ms D. Office in McDonald Bldg. MALAKOFF, TEXAS CAUSE 0 F causes of premature gray- and ultimate baldntnm ia ia the ~p~ sad bring an abundant to nourish the hair roots, at night with Japanese Oil, eauater-irritant. ~n and women report amaZ. failing hair. grow- and ia eliadaat- O~ e~ts but 60c at any $1. FREE "The Td;u~ N Dept. 36. A~IONAL RI~M~DY CO " ~ ~.mt ~k atree~. N.w ~ork With Drink and Dessert Guaranteed to be good Good Prices on all Fresh Meats Nalakoff, -:- Texas Morocco was only sixteen whea he came to the throne In 1927; the king "Your Druggist for 30 Years" of Afghanistan was nineteen, and the ~ ~ Let mebut have time to my thoughts., king of Iraq twenty-one when they ~_~'.~lr~Y~r~im~~~'.~W.~.Va~'.~ff~ but leisure to think of heaven and became kings last year. grace to my leisure; and I can be hap. The temporary King Michael of Ru- mania was only seven on his accession. Meet kh Honest Man ., py In spite of the world.---Joseph Hall. King Peter has a tradition of hard IMPR OVED and long working hours before him one day if he IS to follow In tbe foot- UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL steps of hls late father. It was pus- UNDAY slble to have audience of tile scholarly THE GREATER King Alexander In the palace at 8 In CHOOL the morning, by which time he had mo- "tored down from the little palace he (]By ]R~V. P. B. FITZWATER, D. V,. Member of l,~aeultY, Moody Bible had built ~ few years ago outshle the Institute of Chicago.) capital. The air there was considered @. Western Newspaper Union. better for tbe health of his children thau that of the city. Lesson for March 31 Inventor Says His Auto REVIEW Athens, Texas Runs by Compressed Lessons From the Life_and Letters of Amsterdam.--Jan Wardenier, twen- Peter. , (y-two, of Wolvega, tbe Netherlands, ___ asserted that he had Invented a power- LESSON TEX'~-~"Pe,~:- 6:6-11: II TODAY! ful automobile motor whicll needed only Peter 3:14-18. compressed air to make It work aml GOLDEN TEXT----But grow In grace, ~tt~d and In the knowledge of our Lord and Saturday, March 30-~ WOtlld cost but $16 a 3,ear to operate. Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory Motor expe/'ts reported that a 13,000,- both now and for ever. II Peter S:lS. 000 builder ($8,789,000) consortium was PRIMARY TOPIC--When Peter Was being formed to establlsh two fac- Old. JUNIOR TOPiC--Learning With Peter. torles at which the motor would be INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOP- manufactured. IC--How Peter Became a Great Leader. With Jean Parker and i YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC Russell Hardie The ear, it was sald, has one cylln- The long sought honest man that ---What Peter Did to Spread Christian- der, two by eight inches, and does not Diogenes was looklhg for with Iris 'lty. use gasoline or water, lantern has made his presence known Dallas critics acclaim this In Chicago. John Turclch Is his name The method of review Is always de- picture one of the years best and wllen he was out of work, drew termlned by the grade and capacity of Columbus Brought a total of $55.94 from the unemploy- the class and the genius of the teacher. Admission 10c and 25c Oranges to America men~ relief money. Ile was recalled The suggestions made largely apply to to work by Vgestern Electric company the senior and adult classes. A good , New York.--Chrlstopher Cohlm- and saved every penny above living method of review will be to cast up to Saturday Night 10:45 Show bus, It has Just been discovered, was expenses, paying the above total to the view the following great experiences the hitherto unknown planter whorelief agency, in Peter's life: and Sunday Matinee first brought orange seeds to , I. Peter's First Msetlno With Christ ,too.,. tJ HAVEN'T HAD .oho ~:40.42). Clark Gable and According to rese~rches made in This Involves his conversion and the course of a food survey carried call. As a result of the Baptist's testl- Constance Bennett out by the New York city depart..' COLD |111~ mony two of John's disciples left him meat of markets, Columbus Import- and followed ~lesus. Andrew, one of in ed orange seeds on his second roy- FIVEILINiltjV~A~q'~' these, whenhelrnewCbrist because of age In 1493, and planted America's having abode with hlm,'brought his ~ first orange orchard at Isabella, on "~n the old days I u~ed to dread the brother Peter to Jesus. Andrew de- what is now the Island of Haiti, eomln~ of winter. I was always flghtin| sired that Peter should have a knowl- San Domlngo. old~--fe~Ims about half alive--trying to work with my body aching end every nerve edge of Jesus, not merely through his on ~se. testimony, but through personal expe- "Then a friend told me about McOoy's l~.ence. Andrew did a great piece of - dud Mver OH Tablets with their mervelou$ vii(miss 2, and D. I started to take them work, for Peter became one of the Oil. M-G-M Picture firs years ago and I haven't had a ~old lays of tile church. Later Peter was since that time. "MeOoy's tablets put new life In tollts; called with Andrew to become fishers Collie at 9:30 each Saturday iJ build up reslstanoe ao anyone ea~ laugh at ~old g~s. They make weak, skinny people Of men (Mark 1:16-18). The first call night and see two shows for ~trons, 8~ady-nerved and vigorous. ~'~tey*l~ Of Jesus was for salvation. Because .o d.r nl, ' one admission. (:~t the genuine McCoy's Cod Llver O11 he heeded the call to salvation, he now Tabl~ from your druggist today. Don't IS called to definite service, , , ,, Irl~t~ money on Imitations. Ask for MOor'a Jl. Peter's Great Confession (Matt. ,, 16fla-2s). Monday and Tuesday The disciples had been with the Lord March 31-Apr. 1- for several years. They had heard hls wonderful words and witnessed his mighty works. And ,lnce Jesus was Katherine Henhurn soon to go to the cross, it was neces. 11~ ~ f~Y sary for the dlsclples to have a true conception of hlm. In order to helpin ~ ~ them Into the right conception, Christ Hers Is the soundest advice an~u:me provoked this confession from Peter as ca~ We on the sul~.~ct of .l~v~s. the spokesman for the group of dis- It is based on memcal up'mien.. We clples. Peter confessed Chrlst's moB- want you to have the be~t of this slahshtp and deltyshlp. Tbe burnlng information no matter what laxative question then, as well as for the ores- you may buy: ent hour, Is, "What think ye of Christ?" Each Monday and Tuesday The seeret of reat relief from eonsti- II1. Peter's Denial (Mark 14:'.)7-72). patios is reduced dosage. You can't A better statement would be "Peter's an outstanding picture regulate the bowels ~ you ca~ Downfall." Peter's confession showed re~4~date the help yougive them. That is why doctors use a~//qub/laxat~; him to occupy a high posltlon.~ From ,,,,, -- tl~ dose ear be ~ to a drop. that lofty eminence to the depth of Wednesday, Apr. 2-. Avoid laxatives that you can't cut emphasizing a lie by m~ans of foul down in dos~e; especially tho~ that oaths Is a long way. The steps are to ~ larger do~s than clear and should constitute a solemn Gilbert Roland when you begen the~ use. warning to all today : Under the doctor's care, you usuld- L Over-weenlng self-confidence (vv, in .a liquid laxative, right 2 32). II_ql/~ia laxauve gives me right kind 2. Sleeping at the post of duty (vv. of help. and the right amount of help, Smaller and smaller doses-- 32-37). 8. Neglect of prayer (v. 38~. tmU! you don't need any. 4. Service In the energy of tbe flesh The liquid l a~,_five ~nerally used is Dr. C_.aldwell s Syrup Pepsin. It (v. 47). contains senna and cascara---Return/ 5. Followlng Jesus afar off (v. 54). laxatives that form no habiL 6. Seeking comfort among the Lord's Also Selected Short enemies (v. 67). Subjects 7. Open denial (vv. 68-72). Peter's trouble really began when he Each Wednesday is 10c day. SYRUP PEPSIN shrank from the way of the cross. IV Peter's Restoration (John 20:1-10; 21:11-19). .. I ] I Sweeps the |935 Gas l|efrigerator away @ut in Front! From its glistening white exterior to its well- arranged interior, the 1935 Electrolux is the modern wonmn's refrigerator. It has a distinctive beauty which she helped design. It has operating advantages which no other refrigerator can give her. It has a remarkahly low operating c st that provides savings en(mgh to pay for her enjoyment of automatic refrigeration. See this advanced refrigerator today Learn the ,story of the amazingly simple method of gas refrigeration which does away with noisy, trou- blesome machinery and brings refrigeration costs down to about 25c a week. Compare its conven- iences, its great advantages, its operating eosL Then you'll discover why the 1935 gas refriger- ator is the best buy of them all for safe, eonom- ical food protection. "4. NaturalGasC , Commum I i i i% i ~ iI, i~ ! ~i,~i~i!i 'i /