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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
March 29, 1935     The Malakoff News
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March 29, 1935

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" By Dr. Pe R( Qualitiy Groceries '" Free Delivery ;1 Telephone No. 32 Malakoff, Texas ' come~1];master.ill s-'-cted first . Vice Presi "I board is to be held on Aprtl litheng,sprv, o.oM.andson, t ln. the enthusiastic, ..... /THE tN01&tig DECt0ED Wb 't "to DoM..WL Rh; Mr ana,urs gardeners6thliI!] rd ! of Life I ) 2ndPlace Place--Bethel. LaRue [["I[='!!1| LI Whipping and__1"_._Novelty __,all llAR:.D Cream ( lll$.__ ift ,S ST[Y and "P, " NIGHT ~I:TER THE RAtD "I'HE. , t r "~ IN "f; ~- i~EANTIPIE. TltE INDIAbIS TI~ INOl&tl~ ~ILLI~{) T~ A NO W~UI~IOF.D F~ENCI~HEB L~I~I4ED AT THE EASE wn'H ,: - ............................. K~ i~ = ~]{ICtlTH~ STOLE FROI~I "I1.16 I,~4OIAH~ HELD A I~I~'W - WOW [ ~Wu= Ullt.ur/Nl~ln LR ~l.t..~ i~t,l~L ...___ _ .. I. I, . , ' .... il LEAGUE NEET I (Jo.,o, TO (IU R ? .J 4111 ;A l If- + ill T ,,IA,I Ne vs II (Continued from first page) I ,ne G,o.+--+""+ I/ = I I "''" II ISampson--Holland Warren. + II =l,k/..~ rf+{nl III By Special Correspondent II Declamation I L+aRue--Jack Clayton. Wradingat our storeunder this prom" p l" y " Mr. and Mrs, Bill McClure ofl/ tU[V U/IU I[ .......... - il High School Division I Choral Singing result in a part ofyour money being returnedto b Zez wneD na sng ~ne help o[ F t -- you. On each purchase of 25c or more yOUANl)get a t " *ne new acloltlon to the scnoo r hDo ?o P nerS 3d::t:erL;? :;;1/ ] heatre I1,o,, io+ is just about completed] (Senior Boys) IAtth::: W:a-d2: 7 i, ool premium coupon. All you do is ask for your con- .'; ' ' 1/ ............... II__there is still some finishingl Athens--George TruettBate-l ..... . " Dons when making purchases, or when paying ac- mrs tl rectlgrew KEREN5 'rmmaa . . re ugrew. I/ , I1 workon the inside and the an- I man. I " counts--save them and when you collect the re- + y:CEi :%iInCeE:' tLset ::have[/ always A Good Show l1 t :t l:d:d--Ja IesFA2:h::rt' ! High : ::ll :lvisin quired amount.of your choice Absolutelybring them to us andFREE! get the gift Liberal measure and oo.,++oo;ll II+++ finished .... Several o,I (S+=,or Oirls) 1st Place--Athens. ervice WHITEHEAD II IIthepeople here were Ft Worth i Athens--Mary Will Stone. I 2nd Place--Trinidad. In this collection there are gifts of l/ Monday Night ltvisitrs last week end and whileI Brownsboro--Effie Slaughter. 3rd Place-Bethel and Malakoff Silverware, Chinaware, Aluminum ............ tn Ittbere attended the Fat Stockl Malakoff--WinifredWeir. I Grammar School Division I~, rl, Jt-'ICZel, dr., receives n]Sll ~:n l~_~n II.~. " t'ose ttendin i i Glassware, Oven Glassware + nn,aintm+ ntthis wee r -. 9.all tl now.... + mong n a gl (Junior Boys) I lstPlace--AlamoWard. serv Corp of the United Statesll wednesday, rhursday--I[+s+.o,o,+~.o~.+;:c~l +"+'~""+e'"'~i"' [ a3rd Plea:: wA3he n s Grammar Visit our store and get one of our Premium Lists. - / I[ ' " ' [ Malakoff--Vfayman Johnson. " ::am ed :h: r dCmY :lYr e s :n: i / Double Featurel Y:d mB 31; d J :chkl'd r dn;s' L? :bt ; M alako l u Dl::i: chell l and see many illustrations of the useful gifts you Hedgepeth and Miss Thelma -- " " . -- . get from these coupons. Little Billy Doctorman, son o, ll Mystery ll+... These-eonle all re,,ort.l +,i.id,d-Ulara Corde, 1 2nd Pl+ce-Pme Grove Mr. and Mrs. V. C. D,,+torma. ll I!e+'d an'in'teresting t me and" +o-I +,o.= "o"t ,: +'" I IS taking the rabies treatment~at il iUlltll ~ Athens Martha Pace tled for lracK AnD rleiu " _ " II I Iclared the Stock Showone of the I , " l + fellowthis time.was bitcenLaSt weekby a thedog littleand |I ALSO--" I II best they have ever seen there _-,I third place. I Class A High School " PAUL' : .... +i liThe Trinidad Band netted a veryl Grammer School Division I let Place--Malakoff (by de as ne parents COUla never he ! ....... II WA]~TER OI~[D |1 ,n, ice sum off the receip,s of thel (Junior Boys) / fault). ++ S PLACE qulle sure 3use wnac cog ll; was, ' O" 4. party Saturday evening Class B High School was conmdered best that n l/ I Walter Denton Tr was winnerI ..... I _ .-.. Next to Jackson's Garage " " o in --- Malakoff-- Wlllard Anderson ......... I/ __ __ I1 , o . I Athens Grammar mcnooI-Jonnl let Place--Cross t oaas. chances De cakes In one matter * v ll hae rho.o Pa lellof the five dol!ars gi en aw.aYlIra Robbins. I 2rid Place--Trinidad. We always carry a complete line of Cold Drinks, Candies, - vu.~,~+, st.~JttQato alatta~ during the evening The Plo er d r ns II' il ..... "l Brownsboro--W. G. S]aught I 3rd Place-Poyner an 13 ow Pies, Cakes, Sandwiches, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos. ARE You going to have tea forl/ a,lm in. & 25c lineer Club sponsored an open I ....... I,....^ dinner? Get your ice from--t I_ .......... L I!meeting Monday night at the[ tJumor tJlrls/ I uu~" B Ju i r ~'" I ~ h " Paul's is the only place in town where you can get a MRS. WHITEHEAD. " Meth^distu church and much in- I Eust ce--Willie. Jack.+ Monroei n I umss n o rttg col I was taken by the -ubncl Trinidad--Ellen B om~;. 1 1st Place--MalakofL Genuine "Calf" Sandwich v 1 Athens--Mary Hey Owen 2nd Place--Athens Miss Lorena Truelove was ablel Miss Vaudie Mac Everett of I in this meeting a's it w=s lug I ' I . We also handle several flavors of-- d hcrc w+< h t -e subject of "The Texas (Sub Junior Boys) 3rd Place Tan[dad to return to school at Denton I Brown spent the week-on I ,, I " I -- ' " Velvet Ice,Cream Sunday after an illness of several lwith Mrs Pete Dodson. I Oentennial .... L~wrey Martin I Malakoff--Sobbie Orrick. I Class B Ward School a s with the Flu, I :. - of Corsicana was the speaker for Athens--Billy Hart Dorbandt let Place--Cross Roads --and serve thelargest helpings" in town. d y , " ' = .., . ++ __ I WE Guarantee to deliveryour evening, and a very inspiringl Bethel--Gone Hall. I 2nd Place--Athens, ]Spring or SummerSuit in not ltam of interest to all citizens ofI (Sub-Junior Girls) l 3rd Place--Malakoff, " --' #'14.+...1. /1 ..... I more than l0 days, Order from[ourgreat State was presentedI Athens--PeggieDorbandt. I Rural o,oo, ad the Advertisement,s. t~liUit~ii UI ~ll/lbt lll~Wb!US --CITY CLEANERS |by him ....... The County Meet I D ..... ~h.;o,o,,o D.t.,~,+t,~ I 1at. Plm,~+~--Pnvner + +~ +' " ' ~was made more interesting thist ""~""'-- .................. I ........ -New Yo~k a n d I - / . I LaRue--Bobby Dingier. I 2nd Place-- " ' - m, mtMl .-- 0 p each Lords Day +cnilaren are visiting remtives in ixrayetmg along tne tl=gnway we I ....... I 3rd Place--Independence. ..Yf. :'T' . . I Jacksonville this week /see some distance off "Red-bud' | t enlor t ms/ [ our tllDle cnoo! orgamzeu. - " and other shrubs blooming and Pine Grove--Nedra Jane Wof- Please nextSunday and gett I If I The Young Men s B ble Class Why can ~ we ~ransplant some ot o your literature for the nextluar-I Mrs. Roy Ginn, who underwent/ ..... I p ' or B u R Ta lor Iof the Baptist Church will meet ter. we az~ttu~p~ ut~ t~ttvtttig ~tl J P I .......... i ..... ,, . + , ,. tin cnelr class rooms tonlgnc zo~ , along tneeage 0 ~ne nlgnway ~ew xorK-~usle JaCK ~vlorrow . GROCERY , large school real soon. IHospItal recently has returnedl . ...... I . I their regular monthly socml tha~ leans ln~oour town? Senior Be s ()ur meeting begins the lstlhome and is able to be up. [... _ _?_ . ? .... :/ ( " Y) Imeeting. g, md-v in July to continue over l - Itiave you nears ~ne orc,es~ra as/ WalnutCreek--Pershing Hug-I. ! On the Highway "~ T2" "" " the Baptist Church? We think ins the2nd Sunday Wehavesecur-[ R. C Orr]ck returned Sunday] /g . I .---,. ...... edthe services of that noblelnight from Tyler where he at-Iit is fine and the.sin~ng is much/ Pine Grove--Verner Matthewsl K(~%noo~3L%~us~lp2, prince Dr. Ass H. Spoor of Cor-ltended the Christian Endeavor[ . ' . . / New York--Wilson ores or. 1 irkeD., " " " he convention thevarious ins rumenCs carry- Sleep, p+ q.m, ] I_" .j___ pusChrlst,. He has the shrewd-lConventlon. Att 'I ......... I (Junior Girls) I ll+.a -.+ + . ............... ,inga,tpar+s '+'alga~out~ De-, ,--ougha~mon.,e, s eaUe. mmte. +m lh nose ann uratory oi Wlii~amden. pe w. ere - - ~. - .... , - ltinlZs Bryan, the earnestness ofldent of the East Texas District.]~ng born lu,cky--w?ve always/ New York .,Adel.aideJ, ackson.[ B [lr-Jr ~ P~ p .... arc it was hotter De born uyner--muarea wttcnens. - - i --u Paul, angles" wl h" a deep love .......... ne / -- ] I WEIR of Chri.t, sweeping his audiencet Eighty-five people were enter-I~eli:v~h::a:b:'c~ ~kal:h:'t/ P,ne Grove--Juan,ta Deupree. l into a spiritual realm, that isltained at the Methodist churchl ......... I~ - , -- " " "m ressive and con . . . iss pine uamme receives fascmatmg, p , -ITuesday mght m an alphabetmal[ ......... ,...^ = ./I ..in.. Don't forget the date. I supper. An excellent rogramI t: a'il .............................. -+- was arranged for the evening ~ .... - * , ,,[w,thRev. R.E Connell, Athens[ ....... Ii 1he Better lhm(]s ! You can depend on the groceries . We are proud Alpine was the .. ,uo.y ode ' ne e,ec,ion o, " [ you buy at our store for they are Ilpastor as the prmmpal speaker. I.. - ur s h _ _ ._ $ . cnree rus e s o c DO R H P ckel, Jr served as toast OXFORD I q.ality groceries thru and thru and ., It _ I.o ,, ,+ ,, 11 L= Lilt m. ,,,- II ..... .- . ] duty of every citlzen to do so .... li [ they are new and fresh. We do not ",taro --ram .row I Mrs. t~owen welDorn a n (] I .. " ............... "_ _~ Li_ I1 Ii~Jll !1 daughter Mary Charles visited I urzez ivlc.t Innm has op~neu n s I I OntheMmn Street II .... me ""illiams in AthensI stre and ~t is very neat and at-[] [ buy inlarge q,antities, but do buy Near the Hsghway i~rs.tto r w , I tractive..Muriels store is a cashII THERE is a secret longing in each heart for -:: ....... II unaaY" --- Igrcery and hepricesto be rlghtguaranteeSThe rainhistl something that it better, higher, nobler, finer i often and tight. You can buy here. .__ i,, ..... il w C Payne was a business[ .... --'" .., II than what we have-- and when possessed we en3oyea rl'uesoay was said Dy , ilvisitor in Dallas Wednesday. fall toll hould make us better, hlgher, nobler, fine , i as cheaply or cheaper than other Doube "p |I .............: ... , I " " ;.'. .... II SLAVING withoutSavingwillneverbringus stores. . 1 D1 be deal for rsnglng up the seed IltiAI ~'Ul~ ~AblS--L~ooa ~erm~-ljust sown and heJplng tne om-ll .... ' " " w'-ere I .==_ n~daHa riced at 40c and 50c~ ...... e e al II coourrlearcsuestre--neverge~usany n I1 Y, P lers ~O grow Ias~r tnatl W r "11 .w er Bale See JOHN JACKSON at all For present contentment and for fu lip .- /ready up .... Everyone seems toll " Many Flavors IIMalakoff, Texas. /be trying to raise a garden this]] ture satisfaction there is nothing that will -] ]year and it is a good idea we{i come up to a tidy sum of money tucked away We Specialize in [I CARD OF THANKS [think, as fresh vegetables are]] in an account here. ] We also handle Plate Lunebes I1 -- considered vere healthy as well II It .... .'ot- h'--Ias tempting for the table II ] Sweet Nilk, Butter FIilk, Eve Da-, To our many zr{ena n w tr+e { ,, ,, - ...... A "': l{and colored, we take this method [sSpr nng Ise le::d ::II and ee s g s e y of expressing our appreciation, I /! ' are beginning to feel like we're Sllo t Orders i for the kind and consohng words]. '-i .... i- fe-er II i 8--+.=11 = I ,I and the floral offering which we] ' Ii ]1: I Itul]nlu I Derden's Fresh --$ |'+received in the sad hour of the/" ' ' -- II I ~lorll tl tgllle i death of our husbandand father.[SPRING is here. A cool drink[| Malakoff Texas , E. G, Oxford Owner i! Mrs. S. A. Payne [refreshes. MRS. WHITEHEAD[[ ' - .....|t and family, lhas the Ice you will need. /I , t I'1 [ I _