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March 31, 1977     The Malakoff News
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March 31, 1977

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Page 2 :::::: P.O.Sox 5o9 M00akoff, Texas 75m ::::i Telephone 214/489-0531 Published Continuously Since 1913 DONNA SCHEIBE ALEXANDER Publisher Editor & General manager ......... Tom I lertine Advertising .......................... Barbara McKee Office Manager ................ Teresa Taylor Production Manager ......... Edna Williams Subs(ption RateR: $4.54) per year in llenderson and adjoining'counties, $5.50 per year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year outside Texas Entered in the Post Office at Malakoff, Texas 75148 as a nd class matter, Published by Territory Times :!: :i: !:i ii!: :+ ii? k:' N :!:! !i::i ii: i:. :: Publishing Co, Malakoff Texas. i:i :::)::+:.:+:+:+:+::.:.r_ TEXAS PRESS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: '," 1977 ASSOCIATIC'I Virtually no publicity was given to the recent over- whelming approval of Senate Bill 400 although the bill will have a major impact on the economy of this state if it becomes law. SB 40C, approved by a vote to 28 to 3 and sent to the House, opposes the Israeli boycott by Arab countries and would prohibit Texas firms from doing business with any "Arab country invoking the boycott. A great deal of Texas wealth comes from oil and gas technology know-bow badly needed by the Arabs. They also need contractors to build the major cities they are planning, their new roads, and. hnicians to help develop their industrial economies. They are spending an. unprecedented amount o money to modernize and industrialize their countries and they are willing to spend it with Americans. Because the American way of life is the one they admire most and hope to emulate. SB 400 is treading on   because 'it will strengthen opposition in Congress to the boycott and may ulltmately result in legislation that will severly curtail trade with the Arabs. Such legislation would be discriminatory against Americans and all the lucra- tive construction and purchasing contracts will go to other countries. The United States boycot- ted Cuba and participated in the boycott against Rhodesia. Why is it morally uplifting for us to impose sanctions against Cuba and Rhodesia. while it is reprehensive for the Arabs to boycott Israel? Actually our participation in the Rhodesian affair had far less justification than the Arab boycott. Texas legislators should be aware that a class action suit has been filed in California against the state for ap- proving a similar bill. The suit alleges that if the sanctions against doing business with the Arab countries are upheld, t * Califorma will be deprived of enormous nts of tax revenue and sources of crude oil." So, too. will Texas. Furthermore, the suit says, "The Arab nations are in a state of war againstlsrael for many reasons including the fact that Israel illegally occupies Arab lands. The Arab economic boycott against Israel is a legite exercise of the sovereign rights of the Arab nations and is based on the intionally recognized principle that a nation cannot be compelled to trade with its enemy. The Carter administration has threatened to shelve the Trinity River and other national water projects because of the cost benefit ration. Perhaps we should take a careful look at the cost benefit ratio of another major U.S. project. FrQm 1946 to 1976 the United States has given Israel $7,457,172,000 in foreign aid. In addition an unknown number of dollars {estimated to be in the billions also} has gone to Israel from Americans in contributiens, sale of Israel bonds, and other sources. During the same period our total aid to Arab countries (Algeria, lahrain,:. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, ]eibya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi lrabia Syria, and Yemen! was $5,833,483,000. Israel with 3-million people received ahnost $2-billion more than all the Arab countries with their popul- ations of more than 22 million. Applying the cost benefit ration formula, which seens to be so popular in Washington right now, our investment in Israel is a real loser. Yet we are considering legislation to ban trade with the Arab countries at a time when we cduld realize s return on our 20-year investment. It's either bad business judgement, bad politics, or both. Cartlidge To Become Full-Time Bro. Steve Cartdge has accepted the full-time post of Minister of Music and Youth at First Baptist Church effective July I, it was announced today by Rev. James Cheatham, pasr. Bro. Cartlidge has been part-time Minister of Music at the church for the past two years while attending South- western Baptist Seminary at Fort Worth. He will receive his master of music degree at the end of the spring semester. He holds a bachelor's from Howard Payne University. His wife, Linda, is church pianist. They will be moving to s permanent home in Malakoff after school is out. Cross RoadsSets Kindergarten Registration Pre-kindergarten registra- tion for Cross Roads Indepen- dent School District will be Friday, April l at 1 p.m, Pre-kindergarten children are invited to an Easter egg hunt with the kindergarten class from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. on April I. Children are asked to bring six dyed hardboiled eggs or six wrapped candy eggs. Refreshments will served. BLY OF GOD DAY CARE CENTER OPENING APRIL 4, 1977 be For Information Call 4894}188 489-0338 Taking Applications Now LIMITED ENROLLMENT I Ill Ill I MALAKOFF NEWS theeditr iiii Malakoff News ilii! In the name of "sport" and :i:i " :::: "entertainment", a bloody spectacle has continued for years in Texas. In enclosed fields, greyhounds and other racing dogs are encouraged to run by being given a live animal to chase-- usually a terrified rabbit. Since the rabbit cannot escape from the fenced field, the "sport" consists in seeing which dog will maul and rip the rabbit first. If two. dogs reach a rabbit at the same time. they literally tear it apart. The rabbit begins to scream before the dogs reach it; it senses its coming death. Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? It sounds somewhat like a human baby. This "sport" is called "coursing". Some people think it's great fun on a fine Sunday morning to bring their children to watch the dogs run and the rabbits die. Last Sunday, I went to a coursing meet near Fort Worth to see whether it was as cruel as I had heard. It was worse. I will never forget a tsen-aged girl who was screaming at her dog: "Kill that rabbit! Kill that rabbit!" Her dog had brought to her the bleeding and still-living rabbit. The rabbit was making a pitiable bleating sound. It was slow to die. Nearby, spectators munched hamburgers and drank beer. Sintilar places are in Waco, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock. and other Texas cities. That is "coursing". Another method of training dogs to run is to take a fully conscious rabbit (chickens and kittens have also been used) and hang it upside down on a mechanical arm that is driven around a track. When the dogs reach the dangling rabbit, they bite it and tear it. The kill it by stages: it does not die quickly. A rabbit may survive a race. If it does, it is used- maimed and bleeding- in another race. Some humane- minded trainers use artificial and mechanical lures to teach dogs to run. As a matter of fact, the National Greyhound Coursing Associaiton sells such a mechanical lure (the Jack-a-!ttte), Even so, most people cling to the old way and argue that the dog must taste blood. The people who cling to the old way come to equate cruelty with "sport"; even worse, they regard, with indifference, the suffering of a living creature that can feel pain and terror. Some may even regard the rabbit's suffering with pleasure. Such cruelty has no place in a civilized society. Help stop this cruelty! A bill now in the Texas legisla- ture would make illegal the use of live animals as "bait" in the racing and coursing of dogs. It is House Bill 887. Write to your State Repre- sentative and to your State Senator and tell them how you feel about this cruelty. Write also to Representative Chris Samos, Chairman of the House Committee on Busi- ness and Industry, P.O, Box 2910, Austin, Texas 78769. Urge them to support the bill actively. Ask other people to do the same. Two years ago this bill died in committee because too few people cared. Surely we have reached a point in our human develop- ment where we do not have to find our pleasure in the sufferings and terrified deaths of other creatures. Sincerely, Maloa McRay Tarrant County Humane Society 1840 E. Lancaster Fort Worth, Texas 76103 .to the editor To The Editor: We would like to thank everyone who helped us make }this year's junior-senior prom a SUCCESS. We would like to five special thanks" to Mrs. Charlene Cross, Mrs. Peggy Estes. Mrs. Rosemary McMullen, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McSweeney, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Everitt, Johnny Julian, Johnny Moore and Ken Hayes. Malakoff Junior Class and Sponsors .'.:. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Byars celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary Sunday with their children Maynard and wife Joyce and son Thomas of Killleen, Bob and wife Neva of Waco, daughter Peggy and husband Gerald Byford of Maiakoff on hand. Some of the grandchildren were unable to attend, but all called. keeping the couple on the phone the better part of the day, as the house was crowded by visitors during Sunday's rainy day. Arthur Stewart called from Cah- fornia. Granddaughters from Corpus Christi and Austin. Bobby Augua, who lived with his grandparents several years, was sick but called in to wish them many happy returns. Granddaughter Cheryl Curtin called from New York. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Whitehead and son Mark of Houston also visited for a few hours. Mrs. Frank McGary, former resident of Malakoff, Lisa Hughes-Star Of Tournament Lisa Hughes Is Hero In National Tourney Freshman Lisa tIughes of Malakoff was a big factor earlier this month as Panola Junior College Fillies took the National Junior College Athletic Association's championship by defeating defending champion Seminole Oklahoma, 69-68. Lisa, who is attending Panola on a scholarship, scored 22 points in the Panola victory. The game was won with two-seconds left when another Henderson County student, Lolita Ross of Brownsboro. grabbed a missed shot by Lisa and rammed it home. Lisa had one dismaying experience during the tourna- ment. Just before leaving for the tournament. Her shoes had been stolen. With an exceptionally small foot (2/) she had to hunt veral stores before finding basketball shoes to fit. Then she added a lucky penny. They must have worked Choirs from First United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and First Assembly of God are joining in an Easter cantata April 9 and 10. The combined choir will present the work, "A Miracle of Love" by Joe E. Parks in two performances. The first performance will be at First Methodist at 7:30 p.m. April and the second performance will be ate5:30 p.m. April 10, Easter Sunday, at First Baptist Church. The public is invited to attend. :..:. died in Terrell Saturday. Funeral services were held in Terrell Monday, with burial at Mankin Cemetery. She is survived by two daughters and two sons. Mrs. McGary was the aunt of John, Olan and Lewis Dukes of Malakoff as well as Jean Ewing of Malakoff. Ricky Baker recently enlist. ed in the Air Force in Dallas. He departed March 25, en- route to Lackland AFB, San Antonio. Tex.. where he will attend a six week Basic Mihtary Training Course. Airman Baker, a 1975 graudate of Malakoff High School. selected the Aircraft Maintance area for job train- ing according to Sergent Sgt. Bailey, the Air Force Recruter in Tyler. Richard Huffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. William R., Huffman. recently enlisted in the Air Force also. He depart- ed March 25 for Lackland AFB for Basic Military Train- ing. Huffman, a 1975 graduate of Malakoff High School. also selected the Aircraft Maintenance area for job training according to Sergeant Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Dee Scott went to Tyler Saturday to visit their son, Doyle and his family. They went to Corsi, cana Sunday to "visit Mrs. Scott's aunt. Mrs. Robert Garrett and the J.B. Scott family. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Robertson visited Mrs. Roxie Robertson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Vieregge and Kathy visited Carolyn Vieregge at Liberty on the weekend, and then went on to visit Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hilton at Port Neches. No(teen Morrison and Jean Owens went to Garland on business Tuesday. It's A B0y! April 1 thru April 9 Mr. and Mrs. James Jones of Clearwater Bay announce the birth of a son, James Plans Progress William Jones Jr.. born magic, for she scored 22 March 7. The new arrival points irtbe finals, which is weighed in at 8 pounds 13 20% a--Par -,,- ,,nntarv h nu, according to ounces, and measured 21 " Panola activities director Jim inches Maternal gran- -66r" Hunt Smith. parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lisa was coached by Coach John Ray Jr. of Athens. Plans are progressing for Gary Ashlock while starring Paternal grandparents are the Malakoff Rotary Club's on the Malakoff Tiger teams Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones of annual Easter Egg Hunt. to here. Star Harbor. be held in conjunction with Malakoff Elementary Friday,SChool'SAprilEaster8. party on Homer Ray Trimble Food Fare has donated 1,200 eggs to be used in the For School Trustee annual hunt, which was combined with the school program this year m order to eliminate a duplication of efforts. Malakoff merchants are being contacted this week for contributions to be used as prizes in the annual event. Pre-school age children are invited to participate, according to Lionel Duncan, principal, and Jerry Hinkle, Rotary chairman of the event. The pre-school portion of the hunt will take place at approximately 12:30 p.m. next Friday. The Kindergarten through Third Grade hunt will take place beginning around noon. according to Hinkle and Duncan. kind.--. Suits Malakoff Rotary Club Homer Ray Trimble has I am president of Dad's members will assist with renounced his candidacy for Club. president of Antioch organizing and administering trustee of the Malakoff and Steen Cemetery Asso- the hunt. Independent School District ciation, director of United in the April 2 election. His Fund, and deacon and Vahes to q30 Joint Easter statement follows: financial secretary of My name is Homer Ray Antioch Baptist Church. Trimble and I am a candi- I believe God made us all Cantata Set date for Malakoff Indepen-and he wants us to live dent School District Board together on earth in peace By 3 Churches ofT rustess, i would like to and harmony with each ask for your vote on April 2. other. I would like to have My qualifications: I am a the chance the help make former board member, some of the decisions that having served on the will affect the lives Of future Malakoff ISD board for six America. years. I worked to bring a There are many issues I better relationship between could point out concerning the community and school the school program because personnel. I served on the school board I am 35 years old and I for six years. I think my was barn in Malakoff. I am board record speaks for me. I married to Rosie Marie promise you, the people of [Robinson] Trimble. We Malakoff ISD, I will face have five children, Timmy, whatever the future may llth grade; Meta, 10th hold and I will give you my grade: June, 9th grade; best. Angels, 7th grade; and Eric, Homer Ray Trimble Vote For Homer Ray Trimble For Trustee Malakoff School District April 2 Pol. Adv. Pd. for by Homer Ray Trimble, Malakoff / I ESAA Meeting Scheduled April 6 March Library, Main topic on the agenda: Changes to be made in the 1977-1978 Proposal. All members are urged to attend. The Emergency School Aid Act Adult Advisory Comm- ittse will meet for their regular meeting on April 6, 1977 at 3:45 p.m. in the Malakoff Elementary Seool Entire Stock of Leisure Su Entire Stock of Suits & Sport Coats off One Large Grou of Suits Values to $150 One Selection Of srowe's Open 6 Days 9-6 North Side of Square \\; II, 1977 Crusad house (