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April 3, 1975     The Malakoff News
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April 3, 1975

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= + . Page 2 - MALAKOFF NEWS. April 3, 1975 I IIII I i i l Publisher Donna Scheibe Editor &amp; General Manager Tom Herline Production Beverly Ends, Lois Williams, Sharon Carroll Advertising Barbara McKee Entered in the Post Office at Malakoff, Texas 75148, as second class matter. Published by Territory Times Publishing Company, Incorporated, Malakoff, Texas. One year subscription: $4,50 in Kaufmtm County sad adjoining counties. Elsewhere in Texas, $5.50. Outside Texas, $6.50. III I II IIIIIII II III I lll l ad lib by donna scheibe Bev Eads, who sets type for the Territroy Times news- papers, and I noticed months ago that we had a mutual problem. We weren't the only ones who noticed. Others kept commenting on it also. A fringe benefit of working for a newspaper is that one's horizons are broadened. Other things become broadened, too-especially for those of us who sit at a typewriter, or typesetting machine, for long hours every day, Our horizon- tals were broadening consid- erably, particularly our lower horizontals. Bey and I were painfully aware of our problem, an awareness increased by the helpful remarks of our kids. There's nothing like, "Gee, Mum, you're getting fat!" to increase one's awareness. Both of us fought our problem spasmodically. Be- tween us, I'm sure we experi- mented with every new diet that came along. We've tried instant breakfast three times a day and it worked fine during the day, hut sent us scavenging through the- refrigerator late at night. We tried low carbohydrate, high carbohydrate, no carbohy- drate diets, swore off starches and sugars, became experts on polyunsaturated fats, and continued broadening our horizontals. We even went through the eight glasses of waver a day scheme which did give us a lot of needed exercise, and healthier kidneys, but had little results where we needed it most. We ate grapefruit, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, and yoghurt, tried the wine and cheese diet which was inter- esting and sometimes exhilar- ating, and we even struggled valliantly with the "think and grow thin" philosophy. We thought so hard it made us hungry and we grew fatter. Finally we tried our own version of the Weight-Watch- ers program. We challenged each other to a weight losing contest. Every Monday morn- ing we had weigh-in at the office and the one who lost the least amount of weight that week had to pay the other person a dollar. Our Battle of the Bulgers attracted keen interest from the news staff, and every Monday morning Bey and I would arrive at the office to find the scales in the middle of the floor and the office staff waiting with pencil and paper to record our progress. I'm not sure which inspired us the most: competition, the loss of a dollar, or the witnesses who gleefully totaled our assorted poun- dage, but it worked! Only it worked for Bev better than it did for me. Three weeks in a row I paid her a dollar. The next two weeks she gave me a dollar, and between the two of us we lost almost 40 pounds. Then we bought three more newspapers and in the con- fusion of reorganization and the added work, we declared a temporary armistice in the Battle of the Bulgers. In the past seven weeks we've learned that publishing four newspapers has broad- ened our horizons even more and the 14 to 16 hour a day work load has taken care of our horizontal problem. Unfortunately we've been much too busy to enjoy our triumph...but one of these days, when things calm down, we're going to celebrate with a victory dinner. Hmmmm...I | Myway Upholstery | ! Free Estimates I Pick Up & Delivery[ I iudlty Workmanshil I think I'll have steak and baked potatoes oozing with butter and sour cream, and garlic bread, and apple pie a la mode_.One thing for sure it won't be grapefruit, cottage cheese or hard boiled eggs. to the editor To the Editor: A big thank you to the folks in the Malakoff area for your support and attendance at the recent Clark and Waiters Circus. An especial word of appreciation to Mr. Finis Hardy, Mr. Howard ttard+ and [lardy's Pharmacy fl>r making possible the location for this circus. V(e are grati- fied for their kind help and assistance in this special event. The proceeds from this event will be used to carryout several local community pro- jects sponsored hy the Malakoff Rotary Club. Again, our thanks to all who enabled this circus to be a real success. David A. Hutchins President Malakoff Rotary Club to the editor To the Editor: On behalf of the Bicenten- nial Committees, l am ex- pressing out" appreciation for the superb coverage and promotion of the Bicentennial plans. Despite all of our work, planning, and consummation of bottles of aspirin, we would fall flat without your pub- licity. Thank you. Carva Beidler Malakoff, Tx. it was once believed that a lion-skin cap would cure men- tal disorders. HERB'S BARBER SHOP 111 Mitehum 8:00 to 5:30 Editorial " Did You Vote? "What's the matter with them city councilmen-thinking of raising taxes when we can't hardly pay the ones we got now?" griped the elderly man to his crony, as they' sat on the stroet corner watching the traffic pass. Sir, did you vote in the last election? "We've got to do something about our school system," fussed the irate young mother to her best friend over the telephone. "Do you know they sent Charlie home the other day because they said his hair was too king? That hair and dress ide is absolutely ridiculous! Don't they know that what they put in a kids head at school is more important than what he's got on it?" Mother, did you wte in the last election? "Our roads are terrible!" complained the subdivision houseowner. "I pay my taxes to the county and I'm entitled to decent roads and better services flom the county commissioners." Mister. did you vote in the last election? "1 sure don't like what they're doing down in Austin." protested the businessman. "Seems that the legislators don't care about anything but spending our money and raising their salaries all the time." Citizen, did you vote in the last election? "Prices are terrible!" moaned the housewife in the supermarket. "We can't afford to eat meat an)' more. It takes everything we make just to keep food on the table." Lady did you vote in the last election? Americans enjoy one of the rarest privileges enjoyed b v citizens of an)' country in the world. Our constitution guarantees us the right to choose the people to run am government on all levels -city, county, state, and national-school boards, and other taxing districts. Our votes put people in office, give them a chance to continue doing a good job for us, or remove them if the)' are unsatisfactory. Yet less than 15 percent of the qualified voters in this area take the few minutes necessary to g(; to the polls to vote in any election. Eight)" five percent of us consistently h>se our only opportunity to do something positive about policies and people who affect our standard of IMng. the wellare of our children, and the future of our conmmnitv. Much is written these days ab<mt the "silent majority" which is most of us average citizens who are tqng discriminated against by the ve|'7 vocal minority groups. Ahv should an)' groul) of Americans t)e silent when we have the most potent means of comrnurdcation available to anyone in thc world? The righl to vote. Actually there is no silent majority. People who are discontented rarely keep their mouths shut and suffer in silence. We complain, protest, and express our satisfaction <m the street corners, over the telephone, in the grocery store, a home-anywhere we can find a listentin: ,,:*r. 'iimn. <m election (lay. we sit at home with t,ur complaints and let the other guy go to the pCIs. Friend, there are important decisions lo be made on  ............ ooo.oo ..... ..oooo,.o,oo ooo.o,ooooo Police Report iil On March 25th, an auto driven by Thomas Washing- ton of Malakoff was backing out of a parking area on Main Street and backed into an auto driven by William Bro/n of Dallas. A small amount of damage was sustained by the two vehicles. Chief Richard Wilson investigated. On March 27, a pickup truck driven by Huey Richardson of Corsicana was pulling a travel trailer and cut a corner too close on Main Street and hit some trees in a yard. The travel trailer sus- tained major damage. On Friday, March 28, Officer Marion Marshall, on routine patrol, took two Malakoff men into custody for drunk in public, took two drivers into custody for driving without a license. On Saturday, March 29, Tentative Bicentennial Dates Set Carva Beidler, festival chairman of the Malakoff Bicentennial Committee, today released a series of tentaive dates for various functions planned this year. The schedule follows: May 1-Coke party for Host and Hostess partici- pants. May 3-Trailride, supper and pagent. IMeal, $1.25 includes everythingd June 5--Trades Day with booths. ,July 3--Heritage Parade and old fashioned box supper. July ll-13--Water Ski and Boat Show at Lee Park. August 2--Arts and Craft Show and bicycle derby. Sept. 6-White Elephant Officer Marshall stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and took the driver from Tennessee Colony into custody for no drivers license. The passenger in the car was taken into custody for public intoxication. Later that night, took two Malakoff men into custody for driving while intoxicated. On Sunday, Officer Marshall answered a distur- bance call on Highway 31. After arriving on the scene, he called for assistance an8 other local officers assisted after a lengthy foot chase took a man into custody who was threat- ening some people with a brick. Charges are pending. Chief Wilson answered one disturbance call on Highway 31 on Saturday. No charges were filed. On Thursday the Chief took a Corsicana man and woman into custody on a charge of drunk in public, tte also took another Corsicana man into custody for leaving the scene of an accident and being drunk in public. On Saturday night, stopped a suspicious vehicle on 90 South and charged the driver with drunk in vehicle and his passenger with drunk in public. THIS GAME IS UP If you've ever wanted to have fun, a fortune or a bdtter town to live in, a new game in town might interest you and teach you too. Designed as an academic aid, this game called New Town by Harwell Associates, plans a whole new town. You win by getting rich, the town wins by being well planned can receive a first and perhaps, if people learn $75 a second prize to build for beauty as well or seven other prizes as profit, the whole country New Town for 810 in the can win. Harwell is sponsor- ing an essay competition to $16 for the ten- stimulate students of all ages and S28 for the to think about the type of kit. For more community the)' want to on how you can live in in the year 2000. game, write to A 100 to 500 word essay soeiates, Box 95, received by April 15, 1975 Station, New Oerse See .... Sue Barnett For: HOME COMMERCIAL AU INSURANCE Representing: Employers Casualty, Employers National, Motors Insurance Ro:yall Insurance Ph. 489-0520 510 W. Royall Jap Lucas Hardware 215 North Prairieville Street ATHENS, TEXAS 675.3191 An Athens troditio, ..... , r vtn R the good people ,f Henderson County for over 30 )'ears Come In And See Our Garden TiID:00 3 & 5 H.P. Models Now In Stock ; Also A Complete Line ,,' of Lawn Mowers Saturday at the polls. Vill you vote in this election? Sale and tour of homes, t4 t* :L-- PHiLLiPS Oct. l 1 -Square Dance and "'-U: Harvest Festival. . ' 1: 5r-:= Oct. 13 and 27-Flag dis- l.J'., : From Page! he roundworkwas play in downtov,'n and- ia!ii e)f,(2 dr 5ii) ii!!!i i l(i)iiii ii)t ii ik i ke\\; I i i: i!i residential areas, i : ," '. " i:. ,"" ". Nov. 15--Tasting bee and , ,' : i : " cook book sale. L.LI development, city improve- Dec, 13--Antique Show +..%,./'q.r-- ments and growth potential," and Rock*-a-thon, , the resolution said. "tie will tinued. "tie was credited with having fed many of the poor in the community, often without hope of payment: and addition...Mr. Philhps found time to participate in community affairs, tte was mayor of Malakoff for 16 years, finishing his last term only two years ago. "Under his wise leadership, I "11 II ALL WORK GUARANTEED be long remembered for his many contributions to the economic growth Of Malakoff. The resolution mentioned numerous other services and accomplishments by Phillips and also extended sympathy to the members of his familv. I Transmissions Rebuilt or Exchanged BRYANT'S TRANSMISSION wY 3i RT t 489-1317 RODNEY BRYANT 24 hours oen or W00cKs Located on Hwy. 85 3/4 Mile West of Hwy. 90 Gun Barrel City Ph. 887-8083 Now Open Rexall Famous 1 Sale Begins April 1st OPEN MON.THRU SAT. CLOSED SUNDAYS Look For Our Bargain Table Flea Market All individuals that wish to clear out their garage or closets of all unused items and sell them may bring them to HARDY'S PHARMACY ON April 4th and 5th for a large community garage sale. - NO COMMERCIAL DEALERS ALLOWED- For further information contact Howard Hardy, Hardy Pharmacy - 489-1800. NO BOOTH CHARGE PHARMACY Oi{t Wrapping Service COME BROWSE