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April 5, 1935     The Malakoff News
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April 5, 1935

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f TH :.D INTERNATIONAL '~ ~ R]~V. p. B. FITZWATER D. D. : ~ber of Faculty Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.) ~- ~ Western Newsl}aDer Union. Le.on for April 7 THE HEAVENLY FATHER TEXT---John 14:8-24. TEXT---Like as a father children, so the Lord pitleth that fear him. Psalm 103:13. TOPIC--The Heavenly Fa- 5: Hd cai:es for-hl~ childr6-fi (Matt. 6:11, 25). The child of God who has come to know his heavenly Father as the almlghty Creator and Preserver, whose very essential being is love, will trust the Father for daily bread with- out anxiety or fear. ill. The Heavenly Father Revealed In Jesus Christ (John 14:8, 9). The supreme purpose of the coming of the Son of God was to reveal God (John 1:8). Only a being of God's es- sential nature conhl reveal him. Jesus Christ became man In order that he might reveal God to man. Only tim one who knows Jesus Cl)rlst knows God. IV. How Men Come to Know God as the Father (John 3:3-6). It Is through regeneration. Tile new thJ~N1Olt TOPIC--The Heavenly Fa- birth Is absolutely essential to a , yr. knowledge of God as the Father. We AND SENIOR TOP- are children of God by faith In Jesus We Call God Father, Christ (Gal. 3:26). PEOPLE ANr" ADULT TOPIC V. Our Responsibility to the Heav. therhood of .od. only Father (Matt. 6:24-34). Breakm Own-Speed Ree. rd aim in the lessons of this quar- The true child wtm has come to to Place before the pupils of the know his Father Y School some of the great dec- 1. Will give him undivided affection of the Christian faith, as set (v. 24). The child of God makes tim In God's Word, with tlleir prac- unequivocal choice between the heap- Wild Bill Cummings flashes his application to the common rela- enly Father and the world, tory smile after driving his special of life. r 2. He will not be anxious about food racer at an average speed of 137.195 I. Who Is the Heavenly rathe and clothing, as stated above, miles an hour at Daytona Beach, Fla., ({1~1, 1:1). r d 3. He will diligently seek the king- He Is the almighty God who c eate dos of God and his righteousness (vv. to break his previous record of 1,33.02 the llnlverse (Ps 90:2). Ite was be- 33, 34). He will subordinate temporal .miles per hour for I)Iesel-engIned.____cars. omall things. ( od ls tbe Infinite and things to the things of the Sph'it. This i ;OTPouRR [tel*feet Spirit in whom we live and is not a warning ;tgainst legitimate 2~and have our being. He is ore- forethought but against anxious worry. I ,~t, omniscient and omnipresent. ~e Wall not only before all things, but Fight Your Habits [ U. $. National Capitals The most truly r~ ttglous thing that ~tnse of all things. ~l'~hat the Heavenly Father Does. S man can do Is [o fight his way 1 Tile capital of tile United St:ates l.~g~ created the universe (Gen. through habits and deficiencies, and |has been located in nine differenti ~cr. vv. 26, 27). The universe came back to pure, manlike elements in his |eltles. lhe ntost frequent moves being by the will and act of the nature, which are the ineffaceable| were made, for safety purposes, lh~'Sottal Being called God Man him- traces of tim Divine workmanship, anti |during the course of the Revolu- | tionary war. The order of the vari- ~lf IS a creation of God. alone really worth fighting for.--Welss. | ous locations is: l, hlladelphla, I } He has provided salvation for Le~n (I John 4:9). He gave his Immortality /Baltimore, l,hlladelphia, Lancaster, ., , that whosoever belleveth in When, by nobler culture, by purer [ Pa., York, Pa., l'ldladelpbla, Prince- ~6)~aight live througll him (John experience, by bre. lflng the all" of a [ ton, N. J., Annapolis, Md., Trenton, higher duty, vitality at lengttt creeps ] N. J., New York, Philadelphia, and &Ite preserves us (Ps. 103:1-14). into the soul, the instincts nf lmmor- l Washington. I ~d). Western Newspaper Union. ~reservlng ~ercy of God era- tality will wake within us. . the followhm gracious bene- ae~lt acts: ...... It. He forgives all our Iniquities (v. [ ~O~OH ~ttJ$~ OF he ,s ablo to do becau of I B A L D N E SS righteous provision he nmde for .. m the atonement wrought out byI One of the chief cause, of prcmatu+e gray- THE GREATER I hess, falling hair and ultimate baldnes~ hl Jt~Qa Christ. v | lack of circulation in the scalp. b. lie heals all our diseases ( . 3).I To overcome thls and brlng an abundant 'l~la heallng refers to the body and | supply of blood to nourish the ~hmr roO~, tl~ SOuL He first renovates man's | massage scalp at night with Jal~nese ~-'~ moral nature and then his physleal ha- | the antiseptic counter-irritant. ink results in stopping falling hair, grow- Thousands of men and women report amaZ. ,[te redeems the llfe from destruc- ] hag new hair on bald areas and in eliminat- bag dandruff and itching scalp. tlon (v. 4). Redemption Implies the )'apanese Oil costs bat 60c at any drag- Of all demands against the gist. Economy size, $I. FREE "The Truth H ir." Write 3, Athens, Texas He satisfies the mouth (v. 5). satisfies all le,Atimate desires, so is renewed like tile eagle's. redemption man's original capac- are restored to their native vigor. " e. He executes righteousness and uJudgment (vv 6-12) The wrongs of ~i~ .are righted and man Is thus re- ~ea of the burdens which they en- tail 4 He pities his children (vv. 13, 1 ). pit}, of an earthly father is but a of the sympathetic of the heavenly Father. chastens" his children (Hob. ~Vae fact (vv. 5, 6). Every one is God's spiritual child experl- chastening, an unmistakable eel- of soashlp, vv low It should be received ( . ~. It is.the token of his love (v. 6). e. '/'he purpose of (vv. 9-11). I: :: +tO bring the child into subJectlo ~duee reverence (v. 9). It Is to pro- i~t holiness (v. 10). It is ra develop ut of righteousness ty., 11). DR. C. H. NASH DENTIST |a Office Kilman Hospital Buildlng T~mday Wednesday, Thursday Bob Johnson's E j rRtC SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe and Harness Repair ~atiafaction Guaranty si R Cut Flowers, Funeral De- Bride's Boquets, or any : -+-+ Company " , Athens, :.: Texas EAT BUTTER-KIST ' BREAD ltenderson County i ectrical Wiring wiring, call me. rates on all work. .C.E. IRBY Herald Circulator NATIONAL nEMEDY CO. West 45th Street. New York U. $. Pot N~ LII41o950 BRASSIERES by Athens, Texas A double bill--see two feature pictures With Gloria Stuart and Ross Alexander Also-- +'TAXI" OVER OCEAN! 18-HOUR SERVICE New York to London Round Trip Flights Planned. New York.--An eighteen-hour "per- sonal" express service between New York and l,ondon may be lnaugurnted wlthla a short thne if George lhllcllln- son, head of tim famous family of "Fly- ing Hutchlnsons," is successful it] dem- onstrations I~e Is planning. Hutchinson two years ago had the entire world worried nboat his wife and two little girls, who were with him In a plane lost somewhere in Greenland. Now he declares his in- tention of beating two great com- panies, with nnllmited resources, wlllch plan to establish transatlantic lines next summer. llutchlnson hhnself has no capital hacking, but if his tirst round-trip flights to London, now being arranged, are successful, he h,)pes to add three more ships to his new low-winged monoplane with a 7()0-horsepower Cy- clone I~lotor. Declaring that with a two-stage snperclmrger thls ship will approach 300 miles per hour In the stratosphere, Hutchinson said : "If Los Angeles Is only twelve lmurs from New York. why is London more than eighteen hours from this city?" With two companions, a radio man and a navigator, Hutchinson call carry 6~0 12.o_un.d~ of D.a.v load ~ Cropland. At Romantic Ensemble The romantic ensemble Is made with a long and flowing cape. The ostrich feathers that trim It at tim neck add to its charm. Shirrings at the waist of tim gown give it a slender look. It Is of dark green chiffon. 88 cents" an cringe, he figure he can make $10,000 a trip. lie plans on regular landings at liar- boy Grace. Newfoumll:md and at Gal- way, h'e]and, With Drink and Dessert Guaranteed fo be good II 600d Prices 0n all Fresh Nleats I Nalakoff, -:- Texas @ III I Yiilii -; :i} ::: .: f :,:: .: @ MY DEAR! VOU LOOK YE ARS "V'OU N G E R-- WHAT HAVE VOU B EEN DOING "? ! :i!i, With Buck Jones Also selected short subjects. + To see both pictures Friday night, you must be in thea. tre bv 8:30, * \ ..... Admission 10c and 25e ,::+:+: j Saturday Night 10:45 Show and Sunday Matinee BARBARA STANWYCK in Warner Byes' HIS NEW DAY came as a gift to Texas Ladies... a The gift of leisure ... a release from drudgery. It came with trans- mission line electric service which blazed the way to freedom Secret Bride ,,on ancient household tasks. It erased the lines of toil andcare This chart shows that elcetrichy is cheaper to With Warren William and from faces that, all too soon, were showing the ravages of unkind our custom2rs today . . i# spite el tb act tbal cost of living is vising sbmpl . This Lom- Glenda Farrell years, lrany will make it still cheaper . '. ~olt~larit? , Come at 9:30 each Saturday" It transformed homes. It gave them light and color and charm, just as rapidly as good business .will permit night and see two shows for It made them new. It made them modern. St) that visitors who further reductions. + one admission, had seen them in their years of indifference exclaimed at their Lt t 'L| r. '" '1 beauty andfimess. So that families enjoycd life in tlaena as they [ !t t 15 1 ' had not known it before. Monday andTuesdaYin I '"0+ m'", l April 8-9 -- ' Transmission line electric service..., produced and distributed , . . created this New Day for Texas Ladies of more than 300 Will Rogers by the Texas Power & Light Company for the first time in Texas Texas communities. One hundred and ninety-seven of these eom" I '. [,i 11/ munities had no electric service until this Company extended its The County transmission lines to serve them. Chairman .CiRRi+ of the initiative of this Company this New Deal was brought years ago when it was needed most . . . and to those whom it would serve best: And as an indication of its desire and Each Monday and Tuesday abilify properly to serve the people, this ComI,any has voluntarily an.0utstanding picture reduced its lighting rates more than 359'0 during the past 10 years, l ) , . . ] - Noothercommodityservestb, peoplesoweli. Noothercostof I+ i living has shown a like reduction during this same period. A New / Wednesday, Apr. 10-- ..,,. J Look for a Day for Texas Ladies... at lower cost. / Real Surprise Cartoon Comedy and Other Shorts Each Wednesday is 10e day. o