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April 8, 1976     The Malakoff News
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April 8, 1976

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iii, / Page 4-MALAKOFF NEWS-April 8, 1976 0flnt See 'n' Tell erest To Women by Lois Williams Exciting New Addition Each Week To Thb Newspaper For Your happy, not to mention being a substitute mother to small menagerie. Seems like the whole world is in the process of house cleaning, building, re- modeling and generally just improving itself. Just up the road a bit, another neighbor has completed her spring cleaning, remodeled and opened a new shop. She is Helen Slaughter. She and her husband, Charlie, are the owners of "The Village Rancho" in Tool. Located just about a block off Highway 274 on Will White Road, it's a large two-storied red brick building that houses The Strout Realty offices, a small  grocery- fishing supply-self service gasoline station and Helen's bright new shop. The Slaughters have renamed their business location "Phase III Square" and new signs will soon be installed to designate their location. Helen is stocking her new shop with a variety of lovely gift items. Some of them are imported beauties like hand cut lead crystal pieces from West Germany and Delft- Blue porcelain from Holland. You can choose a lovely martini pitcher with match- ing stem glasses of polish glass or a wine decanter with matching glasses from Czechoslovakia. The products of native artists are represented too. There are Jamie Winters ceramic items. {Jamie is a well known Kansas City artist.) Heritage candles, made in Merlin, Texas, and permanent center piece ar- rangements, produced by E&A Designs, Inc. of Wichita Falls, keep beautiful company on the display shelves. The walls display some We have one set of neighbors who takes us back in time to the early years of our marriage when our house bulged at the seams with two young boys, their pets, friends and attendant dis- order. Now the house stays reasonably neat and too quiet a lot of the time since our two sons have grown up and gone in search of their own destinies. But just next door, the home of Art and ( Kay Markham, their three young sons, four dogs, a Mynah bird and a tank of tropical fish vibrate with the love of living and for- tunately, some of it occasion- ally spreads out to include US. : or instance, Kay lets me cuddle their new puppy for. : satisfying bits of time. Their pair of pedigreed Chinese Pugs produced this tiny bit of life recenltly and since the mama dog couldn't nurse it, Kay has been it's proxy mother, patiently feeding the tiny creature with an eye dropper until it could manage to drink a vet- prescribed formula from a doll bottle. Now it's grown to be a one-handful sized, healthy bundle of energy, gobbling puppy chow and ; scampering around the place in search of someone to love : him-- and to give love in return. Isn't it a wonder how : puppies, kittens, wobble- kneed calves, new-born foals, indeed, almost any young thing, can warm the heart :and put a smile in the day. Kay confided that she had started her spring house cleaning and needlessly apologized for the mild disor- der but I think this slim young woman is a marvel to hold down a full time job and : keep her husband and three boys well fed, clean, and original landscape paintings by Corsicana artist Ralph Baker andQalso some by European artists who dis- play ,their work in Mr. Baker s studio. Local sports- men will love some out- standing prints of wood ducks, quail and wild tur- keys. In addition, Helen is also stocking brand name sum- mer sandals, Philippine straw handbags with pretty embroideried decorations and cool summer blouses that feature lace insets or pieced work trims. Many more beautiful things are on order and Helen hopes that delivery is speedy. If you have a need for a gift, a lovely addition for your home, a cool summer blouse or sandals, Helen's new shop may have what you are looking for. Take Advantage Of Low Beef Prices Housewives are encour- aged to take advantage of current low beef prices be- cause the situation will change soon. Current low prices are due to increased cattle and calf slaughter and a decline in consumer de- mand brought on by lack of funds as a result of late Christmas bills. The retail price of Choice beef has dropped from $1.50 per pound to $1.42, but this decline is about to level off as fewer fed cattle as well as cows and calves move to market in the coming months, points out a live- stock marketing specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Is there a calorie counter in your family? Most of have at least one.., and if you're that calorie counter, you know how desperate you get for something sweet. Cot- tage cheese, grapefruit and hardboiled eggs may be nutritious, full of protein, and appetite appeasing, but they don't satisfy that craving for sweets. How about a luscious fruit salad put together with whipped cream? Sounds good, doesn't it? And it can be made with a limited amount of calories. Just cut up any combination of fresh fruit-- apples, grapefruit, tangerines, bananas, papayas, or what have you; add a can of diet packed pineapple or pears. Mix with a little of the juice from the can of fruit and two table- spoons of yoghurt. Then stir the whole thing up with the non dairy whipped topping you'll find in the super- market. It's low calorie, only 16 to a tablespoon. De- licious! And not too fatten- ing. the yoghurt gives it tartness and the topping gives it texture and sweet- ness. It's good as a salad or dessert. Other slimming tips from a long-time calorie watcher: Use bouillion cubes to sea- son your vegetables; chicken bouillion on peas, asparagus, and corn, and beef on green beans and other greens. Won't replace that buttery taste, you say? Try it, you'll be surprised. Use the granulated flour that doesn't have to be sifted for making saucesand thick- ening gravies. It contains far less calories than the regular brands. Also make gravies out of equal parts of canned consomme and wine, bring it to a boil and let it cook for at least five minutes to burn off the alcohol and most of the calories. Low calorie dips can be made of a combination of yoghurt, cottage cheese, and skimmed milk, mixed in a blender. The Cooking Corner A request from a reader who obviously doesn't have to watch her calories. Does anyone have a good recipe for carrot cake, the kind with pineapple in it? And an old flour, and broth. Remove fashioned raisin pie recipe? from heat, add half and half, From Frances Cook of cheese, salt and pepper. Beat Wilmington, N.C., comes the eggs lightly and fold into the jeweler's wife By Martha Williams Last week, we discussed diamond proportions as re- lated to prices. This week we are discussing imperfections as related to diamond prices. Mother nature produces many rare and beautiful things but mother nature is seldom perfect. Diamond inclusions {or imperfections} fall into two categories: Internal {or inside the stone} or external (on the surface.) Surface imperfections can be natural or caused by man. Imperfections are not con- sidered undesirable unless .they are noticeable, impede e passage of light in the stone or in some way render a stone undurable. Diamonds in the highest imperfection grade are con- sidered 'flawless' by FTC standards. This means there are no visable flaws or imperfections when viewed under a magnification of ten times. Higher magnification might reveal a flaw but it will still be considered 'flaw- less' by these standards. As with proportion grading, imperfection grading has its own stan- dard. Starting from 'flaw- less', a jeweler takes the delivered from the center of the earth as a flawless diamond, it is seldom some type of imperfection will not arise through normal wear or in the cutting process. Cut- ting imperfections are actually called 'finish' imper- fections but lower the cate- gory in which a diamond could otherwise be placed. A cutter can add on an extra facet if the rough stone does not lend itself to proper faceting. If he is not careful in the round up process, the girdle of the stone can be too rough. I'I he fails to add the pavillion facet at the base of the stone, this also ranks as a reduction of value. Polish- ing marks carelessly left on the surface lower the value of a stone also, Deductions based on finish are not usually severe, but can definitely lower the classifi- cation if imperfection grade making the diamond worth less money. There is no reason to insist on a flawless diamond when considering a purchase. Minute inclusion can bring the price within reach of most prospective buyers without imparing the beauty percentage deduction for or durability of the stone. rre casmr--Y--'-- each inclusion. This deduc- Besides this, small imperfec- tion is then subtracted from tions can permanently serve the base price of a flawless as an absolute identification Clearance stone. (Keeping in mind mark no matter where a other factors of grading person goes or how many also.) The diamond is then times he remounts her stone. For The Best Clothes In Town assigned an imperfection Within the lastfewyearsa grade, and priced accord- method of drilling out unde- ingly, sirable imperfections by ! It's The Add lemon juice. following casserole recipe sauce. which would satisfy dieters and those fortunate souls who don't. Chicken and Broccoli Casserole 4 whole chicken breasts [cook in water and save broth] 1/2 c. flour 2 C. chicken broth V2 c. half and half [con- densed skim milk for dieters] 2 T. Parmesan Cheese 4 Egg yolks or 3 whole eggs 2 t. lemon juice 2 pkgs. frozen broccoli cooked Salt and pepper to taste Cook chicken for broth until tender. Take meat off bones and place in buttered 8X12X2 casserole. Make a white sauce of margarine, Arrange broccoli chicken. Cover sprinkle with cheese. Cover wi bake at for 20 Country Square Side chairs, arm chairs and 42" rectangular table, 2--12" leaves, to 78". With plastic table top. finish. Buffet and hutch with glass Table, Buffet, 2 Arm & 4 Side 214-42 I'O00'ITEBBY 51".. I00ALCtKOFF 48(1 EY, PEKT IlliSTALLAItOIV ! FREE E00TIt00 Leisure COME BY AND OUR N Suits Come On Down! Imperfection grading of a means of a laser beam has diamond can be quite diffi- been perfected. Large stones Denim ( ( .................................................  cult because light strikes the with noticeable inclusions off ' :'.i to the eye. To see inside of when imperfections are re- ShilitS SP the stone, a jeweler must moved by this method, retard the light by the use of although the imperfections t/S a special instrument which are removed by this method, Values Up allows m to inspect the although the imperfection w , M,KO TEXAS stone internally, grade remains the same as Was While Even if a diamond is before. To I90 _ They s5 00 Last Leisure Dress Shirts Suits, Slacks, and etc. Bridge Private Parties To 30 Special Menu or Was ql" P.]. Parties Clubs,,% We Accept Reservations From Our Buffet opt: f 3b 10 Welkdap 432-2606 0000nndiab|e tanran* , 3 to II 5L & Sat l, L tidliw d Tyler, ] Hwy. 85 ,  11 i I1 Sundays Owner . / at Knob Hill Road  Sunday Buffet General ..W_er  . 11 b 3 s47s 887-9864 Gun Barrel Plaza PANT INC. Gun Barrel City,