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April 17, 1936     The Malakoff News
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April 17, 1936

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Y i i~ i/iii You H E DR. JAMES W. BARTON =lk= About 0 The Weight Reducing Drug ~k~o7"HEN a drug will reduce weight without the individ- ual having to cut down on lris food or increase his exercise, nat- urally it is going to hecome very popular. The fact that skin erup- tions, digestive disturbances and even death tn a few eases has occurred from its use has apparently not less- ened the demand for the drug. Dr. W. W. Boardman, San Francisco, In the Journal of the American Medi- cal Association states, "I h~tve used the drug with success In a num- ber of cases. At the present tlme diuitrO- ~ ~:~ phenol is quite gener- ~~l ally accepted as an ~~i adjunct or help In the ~~i41 treatment of over- ~l~i~ weight, although among the more con- servative physicians it ~'~ Is used cautiously anti Dr Barton with a certain degree " - of fear. I myself used It in several cases with satisfactory results. However, in the last two weeks I have seen two cases of rapidly developing cataract in relatively young women and have had reports of four similar eases." Doctor Boardman then records thes~ cases : The first case used dinitruphenol for 20 montl~s, redncing her weight from 237 to 161 pounds. Within one week after the dimness oe. the eyes appeared only light and dark couhl be distin- guished. The second case used dinttrophenol for eight months, reducing her weight from 217 pounds to 165. Dinitrophe- nol was discontinued for eight monti~s anti the weight went up to 1!)8 pounds. The drug was given again for two months, when an eye examination showed beginning cataracts. Vision failed rapidly so that within a mouth there was ahuost complete loss of vision in the right eye. Other Cases Similar. The third case used dinitropt~enol from time t8 time for eight months with a satisfactory loss of weight. However her vision became dim an't wltidn -30 days had progressed to al- most complete blindness and with fully developed cataracts. The fourth case had been taking dlnltrophenol without a physician's supervision, for several months. She also has shown rapidly developing cataracts. Doctor Boardman comments as fol- lows : at As the occurrence of cataract a. this age is extremely rare and the one common factor In all four eases has been the use of dlnitrophenol, it would certainly seem that until the question of the relationship between the dlnltrophenol and the raphlly devel- oping cataracts In young women Is settled, the drug st|paid not be nsed." In the same issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Drs. Warren D. Hornet, Richard Barr Jones, and W. W. Boardman, San Francisco, report three cases of catar- acts following the nse of. dinitrophenoL Tim case were women aged. fifty, thirty-seven, and forty respectively. They report that the age of the patients attd the absence of any other cause suggest dinltrophenol as the eanse of the formation of the cataracts a~d loss of vision. However Just how dlnitrophenoi causes the "drying" proc- ess In the lens of ~e eye Is not definitely known but Is being investi- PIERCED SKULLS OF DEAD PUZZLE Why certain Indians of bored neat tmles in the skull i leg bones of some of their a problem still without a good to the answer, Dr. W. D. Hfn: 3h|se~m of Anthropology. tohi Michigan Academy of Science, an,i Letters. He reported on se such skeletons found near Fiat and Farmlngton. The leg bones from near It ington are the first to be. f showing this peculiarity havlng~ holes bored near the Joints. gives some plausibility to the tt tl~at skeletons of the dead strut~g together like Jointed and used in some.ceremonial fW at feasts of the dead. Some t~ especially the Hurons, are kl to have held sncn religious or leal ceremonies, Doctor HIa~ states. The skull holes, which have found from time to time, were piously bored after death. The he erage about a half inch at i av surface and usually taper neatly ward. Apparently they were drll with a atone Instrument similar an arrow head. They occur laI skulls of men, women and ehlldr Doctor Hinsdale reports. nether sl~,ll openings were deflnlt t t ep things, which is a surgl process ordinarily performed pal Ing persons and involving tile Sl lng out of a circle or "button~ bone, either for medical reasons to secure a magical am:,let Tt hinlng was done by the "India however and Doctor H nsdaleI one ~'uch sknll which shows t~ beallng arid progressed after the eration. theories have been vented to explain the strange s/~ borings. One is that the holes ~: lntend~,l for strings or tl|rongS, which the si:ull could be cart about, hut notre of the openings signs of wear to sUj)port I the holes are often in in, places for such a purpose. Onion Sold as a Lily Leoally ,; in New York An onion Is a lily, not only tanically hut legally. A seed merchant tells that a time ago a bright young man loi a pushcart with crimson bt wheeled them to a New York f station, and did a lively oust selling "'allium cepa lilies" to h~ going commuters, relates the waukee Jornal. Somebody had him arrested; he was peddling ordinary red oni He admitted that, but the Judge cimrged him. An alIlum cepa declared the court, Is an onion. Week's Supply of Poatum 1~! Read the offer made by the Po~ Company in another part of .th, L$1 per. They will send a full week s $~ ply of health giving Posture free anyone who writes for it.--Adv. Rearmamenti Nowadays most nations arm .~ order to prevent fights, not Just t make them. gated by these physicians. The over- An and Shut Cue By O. JACOBSSON heating of all the body tisslleS, loss .f , water In the tissues, the lack of some ......... food in the patient's diet, are all an- l~! ~/~,~~ "Under the circumstances, further , use of dlnitrophenol shouhl be dis- ' '~kf'~/"~2~'~' i effects npon the hody, aside from the reducing of weight." Now, tl~e above information and comments do nat mean that dlnltro- phenol passes out of the picture as weight reducer. As the Journal quite I ~ properly states that as dinltr,,phenol T~; r~~;:~e~i i has not been standardized son|e of it NI" may contain Impurities. Also the ' "~olp " ~ cataracts may have resulted from an when the tO less. br co~liaau~! N~w. I~eat~,) grea tly. 1 t food intake is reduced ,,foods I Im~ J lily III I I I I II Modern Thus It has not been established the~..pz~ ton '"" ""' I"0 I~ Redhead WatNo Fill, i~hu~?:~ !!~ed~!!~r~:~c~t~'lC:i~ur:b:edca::: [ serviceWZZa'~an' I~.Gt.O~/~ W1/z_.JAM~ She was red-headed, an the traffic I. ~ak th , top's remonstrance was coucht~d |~ll The point then Is that dinltropheno! a~regularuntreatedg '0' ' ~, " dulcet tones after he untangled the as at present manufactured and used'I'he only stove with genuizz '~~I "] ~'?l"{ __ ~.)11 tramcsnar!, n|ust be considered a "dangerous" a-Blu Burners wkichgiye! , , ~uai;!:tiY/~,,!;!el:e~:[:e:e? ~:n:O~ drug.. . . . Dependable,ckin' performanceandsimp]e, safeSa'a~ ~__ll __.,~ 7~.- X-R., S'owI Up ,pp~nd,g l~m]eal ~ pera'te" ~~i ~ '1 should say nell snorted the fiery Patients may somethues wonder FR~E Storm ~Cim~at t *one. "Some of those loafers wouldwhy their physician recommends an of ColemalzDealernearyou. $~qD POSTCARD thing I was waving at them and trying X-ray exert, ins,ion of the stonmch and 1141 ~OMi:MAN IL~MP & ST "Old Mugg Is telling people that to ,flirt. Is that all'/" Intestine wizen the trouble is likely z~t.$, ~m, mm~.~ ne owes me a grudge." 'Yes, ma'am," said the cop meekly,to be In Just one or the other and ~=,z=~. "'Don't let that worry you. He's not in both. They feel that the physl- ~v~m=t= o=m~m ~w~ ~t,~_ . clan should be able to locate the trou- the slowest ~~Vt, ~ Wef 1~~" ]Bad News hie exactly and not put them to the pay In town." On one of his many prison visit, expense nf the X-ray examination, the chaplain had found one of the reasonable though It may be. prisoners who was undergoing a sen- As a matter of fact, when there Is ,once for burglary, very upset, trouble in the abdomen, Ill addition "What la the matter, my maul" he to the X-ray of the stomach and Intes. Inquired. tlne, a~z X-ray examination of the gall ~l've got bad news from 'pine, atr." bladder by means era dye and the "I'm very sorzT to hear that; what X-r~ is really what the physician is It1" would like to have done tO enable I B~. "My brother, Sh%" rsplled the ~ to ~ra more a~to ~ ~e "e's Into the WOrk- BgI~ImZNTATI~ L~berai contremt for contractx oa Indtviduldi or from