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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
April 23, 1931     The Malakoff News
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April 23, 1931

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS THE MALAKCFF NEWS ? PUBLISHED EVERY [HURSDAY Entered at the Postoffice at Malakoff as second (;lass matter. L J. SCttOLL, EDITOR J Subscription Price $1.00 a Year AJvertismg [gates on request. Resolutions and Cards of Thanks mus be paid lor at regular rate. In case of error in advertisement this paoer will not be re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertis meng. That's Different MR R. T, STUART, chairman of the state-wide bond issue advises that Henderson County would receive in tax relief an amount above $514 000, in the event the issue is carried. Other figures show that this amount would cover all of Henderson County's bonds now out standing, with the exception of tllat portion which was placed on lateral roads, and at the same time return to the county approxi- mately $300, 000. This amount would place the county on a sound financialbasis, This kind of talk places the proposition in a rather different light and if these figures are not found wanting when weighed in the balance, it will behoove us tax-payers of Henderson unty to lend Mr. Sterling a helping hand in putting over his pet issue, At this particular time Two Hundred Million Dollars seems like an awful lot of money, but "self preservation is the first law THE famous GoodyearAIL Weather Tread is supe- riot in traction. Note how the deep-cut, tlght.gripping blocks are placed in the center of the tread, where they belong. Press the palm of your hand upon this tread and feel how the blocks grip and pinch the flesh. .. This illustrates the All. Weather Tread's holdfost THE patented Goodyear ist Cord Carcass is superior in vitality and long life. Under continued flexing or sudden road-shock, where ordinary cords fatigue or snap, the extra-elastic 5upertwist cords ~tretch and re- cover, like rubber bands. Ask us to show you on our cord-testing machine the extra stretch--char- Millions more people ride Gocdyear Tires . . . Goodyear builds millions more tires than any other company. Value brings volume . . . and volume further increases value. You save when you buy THE leading make, backed by our friendly, interested service. ALL SIZES, TYPES AND PRICES action on pavement or road. mously greater-- of Supertwist Guaranteed Tire Repairing cord over the best standard cord. Reliable Used Tires In serviceable condition. We "scrap" old tires that are unfit, cut them up so they cannot be resold... Beware of ridiculously low prices on used tires--usually such tires are already "used up," Malakoff, Texas of nature", and if its passing will lift Henderson County out of the rut and place it on a sound financial basis we don't see hardly how ' can oppose it, but wilt it?J 1, JL I. HERS ," by KF. " ] : Where Do We Come In? 7/',4 i i " . LIQUID or TABLE:ST ) ,, , Ca re Colds. Headaches. ever THE EDITORIAL Column of thel STRAN(iE BUT TRUE f 66SSALVa Athens Review of its Saturday[ ] WJ' CURES BABY'S COLD issue carried an item concerningr The total number of Christians IllI If o FLAGG DRUG COMPANY. a complete highwa thru the in the worle is 682,000,000 The. Y ' " , i L)hE-FOL 12LAYE Of= , !lRead the &dverUsem_nta. -- .n.... .... ?ay. 7otisl, lG7, 00,000 Nil I was, ior paving of the strip .--o--- /]m[ II between Murchlsn and Brwm'" Young ' are carried ! R , I LEGAL .. boro, would be called for at the in the mother's pouch 70 days ) [ May term of the highway com- after they are born, before they I ' NA ONAL. LeA(aUg!, '. mission It also mentioned an are able to get about for them. I Ag( bl I0 0 t '" orderfor "Graveling and Top-salve,. ,, Jl ' -z -- Wenowhave instockthe following Legalblanks and , ----O---- ping' the strip between Browns- ...... 1 ....... , J X boro and the river. This term which contains alloys to make it , j anything in this line, I ALLTIMT: Pr OP-. 0 doesn't sound very much like a white. White gold contains the I I AOt)E&'E(O D 20 foot concrete road to this col same amonnt of fine gold and l i I O Ns Tr --Notes With Vendor's Lien, Single umn. and we are just wondering baser metals as any ether 10, 14 ; I xt --Transfers of Vendor's Lien Notes and 20 carrat gold t whether the funds are runnin ' " ,qf' fI --Release of Vendor's Llen gO that the commission is be **** // t I --Chattel Mortgages lng zoree,, to resort to cheaper .. vl l*' m D Jtl lv tr r'*'' lr lfllU' " .... l If ] " --Chattel and Crop Mortgages coastructmn, In that event the * ~ , ], !' 1 (~W/:~).~~/~ ~-~ECk:3"~ IN "l~l~ .,' ~ ~ --Warranty Deeds By THOMAS ARKLE ~.~, | @ / well to even get a gravel road , Dean of Men, University of ~ / l -" - ..... section ............ * Illiaoi. ' ( ,' - "'/ '"~""'~"~" oo~ da;. i Is Deginning to look like some * " . I 1 1 ~ eWS I 0T/eII vi.~n ulat I were glng, anyway, as the two strips; be- And then I could do anything." .... ,, - - - , It is A A Mil- t ween Maiakort and Athens, ano ne's ilttle Chris , ~ Co--meroialPrintin, between Malakoff and Trinidad, topher Robin who have never even been mentioned makes the sta,e- Texas produce8 one.third of' i eheMai e- always meat and who be- the American cottan crop, but e S includes two Indians. in so far as paving is concerned By the time the balance of the county is paved, the funds, will have played out completely, and all Malakoff will get out of their 7 tolvote for the bond issue, w!llbe a cut up town and a wider dusty road. And, in that ease,' Mr: Sterling had better take the stump" in person in this community. " Competitors Pay (A worthwhile editorial select. edby the National Editorial As so|gtion. ) cease to exist, is another ',h does a very profita- When talking with of this store, he "The weakest argument I is for some merchant to )le that he doesn't cal e it costs him too , I spend $180 a advertising, But I don't teat it comes out of my dra#er. I think it is paid who do not I am getting new cus. along through my and some of them l ing to me from stores of here that brag l they don't need to llew~s as do many little b o y s, and hlg ones. too, no doubt, that posi- tions of distinc- tion h ri n g one freedom from re- sponsibility a n d t h e conventions w h i c h ordinary people must re- spect. If little Christopher Robin ~ere king, as he so much desires, he woul,1 most Hkvly find that instead of not being required to brush his hair, he would have to keep it in the most perfect order so as to set a good ex. ample to his subjects. Being king in whatever kingdom one finds Mmself does not often give one much more lib. arty than does being a slave. It Is not an easy Job. and it is not one which allows one a great deal of freedom, this being a kit~g. I have seen the king of England few thnes, and once In Europe I ran onto another king, hedged in, sur rounded by soldiery, doing the most conventional ttflngs In a deadly Con. venti0nal way. Timy had no freedom no chance to do as they pleased. Conway is the head and chief own- er of a great Industry which does an- nually a business worth a good many millions of dollars. In theory he can colno and go as lie pleases. He nee(I hold himself to no regular office hours : if a man in his employ does not please him Conway can fire him and hire him over again if lie wishes. He can go oil: on s vacation whenever lie plusses and charge the cost of it to expenses. lie is king. It looks to a cursory ob- se~wer that if Conway wants to take his hut off in the rain or leave his hair vnbrushed, there is no one to say him nay. But these things are only seeming. Conuay is really a greater slave than the man who works fo~" him by the hour. It Is a mistake that too many In- experienced men make that the boss or the president, or the manager or the dean, or whoever in the domain in which you work is king, can do a~ he pleases. No one can do so less. Little ~hristopher Robin was wrong. A klng ts very m}leh restricted in his activities, no matter where his king- ~|||m| mm m| | nm|mm m||mm|w has only 280,800 spindles fpr ..................... spinning that product. North "- Carolina, leading Southern Tex- tile state, has 6,236,320 spindles. ................................ When you take Bayer you are ' ' ~. sure of two things. It's sure relief, and ~'~o 1 .~1 1 1 ,, it's harmless. Those tablets with the ~It~N~IL[ t Bayer cross do not hurt the heart. Tak --goes where it is" invited and stays ~61LL ~J~l~ll, UUj It-hero wheneveryousta~erf.,r~,. where it is well treated, I 11 @-- @ [ Colds Neuralg~ / Sore Throat Lumbago Audlt0rlum, 0',0 us your Banking Business. We will show you by J When your head aches--from any [" the way we take care of it how much we appreciate'~t I~A~AV~'~" ~v~ / cause---when a cold has settled in your svaauaa-~vrr, a~..~t~o . . I joints, or you feel those deep-down pains Athens, Texas _ ] of rheumatism, sciatica, or lumbago, ~]'~,~,o#'~Iv ~TI~]I~@ / take Bayer Aspirin and get real relief. ' .i. IIUI~UqI~,~ ill IlL If S | the package says Bayer, its genuine. Friday-Saturday, April 24-25th. Fkst State B Of v' l |AndgenulneBayerAsplrlaiss e."WOMAN tlUNfiRY" .a,l~x~A , [ Aspirin is the trade-mark of Baye~ I manufacture of monoacetlcacldes~er d --with Lila Lee. Malakoff, Texas [ salicylicacld. I BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Sunday &Monday, April26-27 "LITTLE CAESAR" Pastor of the Fundamentalist CI --with Edw. G. 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