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April 24, 1936     The Malakoff News
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April 24, 1936

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~" =4 ~ . ~: ..... ~ ~ ,: :," :i "-?% : ~ --" act of the SEC Is subject t ,urv~. t orporauons ,n o,,r ord n.ry coo.s No sons iif. [ Mar lwwr a. Is threatened- no man's liberty is In l .--''-'~'~d,~,V,L ~- Twr7 1 LL-.--,. O1"11 reded; only' questionab e practices Insuranco AcJency . 14 II/.-.-..I .4 I .... , ........... 1' t;dl- I/1.X Dill need fear anything, from SF,(" the Pride Of the Oar- .l~VqE:llL~ tllC VV OI-IU UVCI THIb WEEK q'he ~,,inorlt~ ~m, inds ~tl, e" rest oft GENERAL INSURANCE IlalSO the pride OrlovelyWnateverap~ ~ ........ Their Cries Brln. the court of the sli,,k tricks of th: ] Dan Royall H C Riddlesperg ,t ,o stock salesmen of the past speakin ....... . _ . ,~ ~-umn~.~, j,,uu~ auk [ *~ ~"~ "" 1 t.J bl Infly ~ "- haet a~* I,,,nn~arl~:hod In Oiilce at rlrst ~ationai 15an~ ~11 find It fun to do, making the Illinois Primary Results Interesting and Significant--New [ I% Perfect Crime I Tears to Eves of ,ester:' "on "":d~m'ge;s'~'i':~'u~n'tr'i, th~ ~owers ~ w,r,~ as tn~ scraps Tax Bill D ape" ~' i" - ~ ,. r, [ A Heavenly 400 I v "/ . ~ and half-trutlm when certificates mas- r t o---rres (lent no evelt ravers [ Fighting Over Rivers I LawmaKers; Another querading as securities pass current Flood Control Projects. / Decision Criticized EAT [ ~K ~lffl \~/ ~ 13 ~ D W~ ...... [ ~dod:n~ssing) 2o,oo~ / that wa.~ :utraged and the minority BUTTER-KIST Y . I"IUKAI D [~,~ . a g ..lemocrats [ By EARL GODWIN calls attention to tiffs In sharp words. V~ ~) Western .~ewspaper Umon :~i~i or gammore an(l ...... B V~ ~"~/~'~'~ " ~/ the nation on the [ "~ X TASItIN(,'ION.--Conzre.~s is This is iml+ortant because It Is an ex- READ ~,~7 ~'~l TLLINOIS' primary held the center Mr Roosevelt said the Passama I ~m radio .... X A/working on the admluistra- ample of the tendency of the court to .......... /~, ~/] | of peiltleal Interest for it not on,y [ quoddy project In Maine and Florida I ~i that yout~Ugsgl::~ V V tlon's tax hill to provide use precedent rather than the plain .aae m uen,emon ~oun,, .q~~i~alt"~~ provided lively state battles hut also I ship canal were eliminated because of ~~ berth wo-k-t =, money for the bonns and the words of the Constitution. This Is 3."ql~" ~ "x'q~" ~ wasof considerable moment nationally, l the recent refusal Of cow, r. ess to ma..~t'o t ~[[[~[~l~ ~-u""-~ ~-~- '-'~'~'~-"-'~anu ' ot AAA payments, now that the Supreme dangerous because you can find two -- u age . F'~/" ~l~ ~/" l~ .............. Col. Frank Knox, pub-[appropriations for continuance of the ~ ate ...... t~ ~ ~,, c~,urt has declared pt.cessmg taxes lines of precedent; one pointing in [/,~\.~/"~..~ llsher of the Chieaz,, [work. lte said he did not contemplate ~iil fly: ........... " ll!ega.1. I. have never heard such one direction ti, e other pointing in 1~Alk 1'--I. .... s ~'~"~/~'~~,~'~l ~i.~ Daily News, and Sen- ldollng oat relief funds for the pro[ II~lll~ Y'outh should pma(lings oy corpnrate wealth in all snottier direction. No matter which JJN~P Jft,~lrll,][l,~(~l,][l, r/\"x'~q~~'~l~ ~ ator Borah of Idaho [ectaand that there would be nofund; ~ ,._ ........ my years here at tile capital. You wavtllecourt feels like declding there ~l'~u - e~, ~, __ who was horn in nli'/tor the projects unless congress re- ~ yaares, 'at 1:::: f'o~ would think that the government h'td is precedent for various kinds of con- I'-Ie~ll'lc ;dace anop Pattsr~ Ills ~,~~*~~ not-~, were the contest." //versed its r-re usm." - - -- - exercise" sty"", offered to go In and wrench' money flitting opinion. .., ~~ ants for the Repub- / On tile same day the United States ~ happiness 'Slxt"2'from some of these corpora- Tills Is looked upon by llherals as a :xpert ~d, but keeping leaves and ~ lican Pres|deatlal pref- |Chamber of Commorce issued a warn. ~~~ fiv,~ ,~,,~ ~,~ ~ tlons by methods which made the tendency which is bulhling np a Judi- Shoe-and Harness Repair ' - - ' " , .* ,ss~?b~ tt~ ct , . u~iforzn. A very inexpensive ~~ erential vote, and tho |ing against encroachment of the fed .... n .... ,~ ~ ....Sonth Sea p~rat(s so greatly feared, elal oligarchy from which there is no tO make, it' you can afford ~ former ease out with |eral government on flood control proJ- Arthur rill,ban. ~ull routinev wor~!,nrtnea e,~Weekorthelr cries brougl, te, er tearSeouv appeal. . .' . Satisfaction Guaranteed An African' savage v all h to I)rtt~ "neartx, / [ ,u~axL~z-xx~v , x~',zxz'xo n prise-to-do '~'ne tulips can 31 delegates agamst 2(1 ects which are the rim . ' , ~ | p art reaponsibll, for wages, but ao man would want to. "" "" "' " " be used on scarfs and pillows to for Borah. The sen- |lty of the states, ston real work until ,~osth ,,~,~,~nt ~h,* m congress: and so effective were THE TOWNSEND PLAN ....... your bedroom linens match ~a~,~ ator's friends were / The committee also oble,,*,,a ,-- --^ six- A.,qv" ._ -~[[, --~--~-. ~-,-~v- ~..,~. these wails that tile Old Guard came Congress believes it has ~,iven the ttern 1118 comes to you wltk ] Prank Knox elated because, with-[New Deal policy of exp;nd;ngtlar;; of ;h;Ug;a;: =~;h:r~naa:::l:t~olee ('lose to wlnning a trick by transferring Townsend old age pension plan so badi ~ ........ ~, r,.. I ile~e, simple instructions for cut- out organization, he carried a large [sums for dams to develon h~are,-o~-~- Goethe o~or,.a ~, ..... " tile tax from the down-trodden cor- a black e~e that the $00a month for I ~~Fune.rall3~l - a-- .*--~.....,o,,..u =,,~ aecontl part or ' " - " .... - r s~wtng and finishing, together ] part of the state outside of Chicago. |trio power and declared that the ad- "Faust" when he was nest seventy- I,orate treasuries to the sturdy hack.of ohlsters will not greatly bother any] mgns,. Bri.'de quets, or[ yardage chart, diagram of quilt t This preferential vote Is purely ad- [ministration should follow a well-baN two; and one of th,~ ~e,~ w,,~,,:hthe or(hn'wy American trying to hve eongressinnal candidate during the [ anything in Flowers. Call 175[ ~lp arrange the blocks for single visory and neither man has a slate of lanced program having as its foromos* writers startln,, a n~''~~~o''~'~:z~" on $1,500 to $2,000 a year. coming campaign. Just what the sev- I o J___ ~-~ __ -! I dl0nble bed size, and a diagram delegates to tile national convention. [purpose the control of floods. " wrote nothing until a"t" ei~g'ht~-slx~he You can slip a tax on to the great oral million Townsendites scattered a l c[ers floral cma I The result make 1" r " "h " Knox = ~ ~ llla~ of leo le without an "one stand throu h ack which serves as a guide for I s t ce tam t at l wrote the Lifo of St Loul= at the r~ ''" 1 r P " Y - g the 7,000 local.organlzations J E~rQ'r~rl I ~gthe patches and suggests con- Iwill make a respectable showing on |lily A vote of 153 to 137 the house ouest of the kln~,'~ ~ld,~ ~ W~'~h~'~ ing np and protesting; but if you try tlnnk about that remains to be seen. [ .... " ........ ,r------,, I ;rig materials. [ the first rot!. call, It..also adds to | LP rejected a resolutloa to permit half a century 25 years havo been add- .~;on~:~,ke,,?,ic:;).~mfeof tl, ts :,lind-fall At any. rate, a. congress,onal lnvestl-I Athens, Tex~ I ~d 15 :cents in coins or stamps I ~oran's prestige an(l alas aim In the [Senator Black's lobby committee to ed to the avera,,e lives of old men- '." " t le t~ processors, for garmn nea~etl ny Representative Bell l =" r coming Ohio rimer ~" , inslanee, ~ot by refusing to return the of Missouri has certainl i S prefer ed) to The Sewing Clr- [ P Y. [pay $10,0(X) to special counsel In In- nobody wouhl want those years wasted . . .... y g yen official [ .~ Needtecraft Dept., 82 Eighth~ ~. G.ov. Henry Horner, s.eeklng rends- |Junction litigation started by William - !):ocessmg .tax !o tne p~olue, yon .willi Washington the idea that the Town- ~ --d ~ew_ ,~Vovk_ , -..~/ -.v t inauon, was victorious In tae bitter /Randolnh._ Hearst .of a.r....~..~n ata~t hlml.~.~ ~v.,~-*m'~ ..v" ..,~*h ........ .uu.u~-a"r -.."e -..~nn .=.v.~=.,~"'~"'* .... *~ no. oealene(1 oy the, outcmes of the taw- senu movement Is out of politics ; and [ fight with the.regularDemoera.tlc or- [grams from the probers. Tills action, young woman New York detectives ._x'.e_ars and lobbyists, who arose thick that's all official ~Vashingt0u cares ] anlzatlon anu me l~ell l~asn ma - , " ' ~,ronn(i tile (~oors or congress that tner at)out the matter. W~ ar~ 1~ a @- /g ~ n Y- " [which followed a bitter debate, doesnt ~ think they see, at last "the perfect ]lteralt- block the ~xa~ of con-r-s~ ] '~ ........... .~.. ~. ~0 ~.~ tl~Hl[~ "1"~1~| II~ ~ [ ch e i .Chicago, .which had thrown [halt the work of the committee, which ] crime," one in which the perpetrator " ~'. ~ ,, "' . . ~ ~~" ] . .,,c. ,.v .... ~.:: ........ s disclosed the I ...... --~ men t)'ylng to get in anu vote on a tact mat the ~imes nickels and uar SI[ZO~ tO tU~ Sill mm overhears and supporteu ~unae has its ow . , q g ~J~rf ~11~ IqUFLL[F ~ | .... ~ " | n funds, but it prevents the I cannot be Identified. measure " s .... - " " - ?- " [ ,,,ffiffio ~,ffi,,,-- ......... ~.] I sen ~or governor. The J~emocrats el-[payment of more than $3600 a ~'ear [ Fortunatel- there is no '~r^~ " ]ter. contrmute~ rowaru me support [ ~l~'~| I~U~~ / most nnanimonsly voted for the re- [In accordance with .... ral ~,~ ~? [ ....... Jr" ............. .,v~ .~ No President wants to impose a tax ] of the Townsend plan have amounted '.[-' 81~eouldhav,~h,~__f~ |nomination of Senator James Hamll- [Crampton Harrls of B~'rm~'ngham/~Ua: ] ~;"*~crim~a~'~:; the d%~g't~::':to; ~eert,,inly no congress wants, to vote[to more than $.900,000, but that It Is [ Job Pr nt n I~ fit~~t~n~y==hi~. "allin' ~ | ton Lewis, and the Republicans named ]former law -ar'ner -f .......... :" [ ........... f( r one, trot- this hard-boiled I resident I hnpossible to audit most of thts ac- ~' 18. But Wisel~ 81~ taw i~ i~ p ~ o ~nmrman J~IacK. write.P, neeause criminals are (lUll, can- , [t ormer Senator Oils Glenn to oppose / The lobb- committee t,~ a r .... , o~-- ] no" I, .... ~' ......... ~ ......... ,,, I ,,arned congress that any time It spent I count: and that comparatively large ~i ~ . . vwg I him in November. talon brou-ht out the fac" th " I ~o ............. ] e on ~y it u(uld haxe to find that [salaries were paid to some of the or- P r o ~ ~ t ~ t~ d =~ume ~ r, er~t a~a wM~L g ~ a~ some n as~ ann the electric chair gets ~nemale e~ s " ~P C~mtip~tionl T1~ a [ Republican leaders In Washington [wealth,, men who are ha-~-,,ro ,." *~-.- I .i ....................... = n .'..~.nd congress Is now paying ] g.anlzers. There seems to be nO sug- Carehd Attp.~tln~ ~ ,. ,-~,~ ,~ u= ~,~,.~,v, tuey Jump W~u a .auk ~a m~t~ the li )el The ex er Iooke( ov -------" ............... were encouraged to belleve the in- I i . p ts 1 er the gestion of crookedness, but the con- D,~ ~~(Na- ~l [ ......... ]American Liberty league also have con- [ en the shoulder; that helps detectives, [ ~eeno and sa~ eornore,e ~-~,~ ~s~- [ ..... ;~o~ ~ ..... ~.~,~ ~ ......... ture s Remedy), ~ / ternecme warfare In me uemocrauc i tributea ,., ,~,~ ~,,..,~.~... r~^..-.,++^.. ,_ t ...., _.,...,...., ........... ; ~ ....... " ,. .. v ............. s t ~" ............. v ..... ~ ........ w ,,, ~u,,~, uhe ~d ~L~W u .., ,,,,~ c~...,~,u ~,mm,c~ tu =.u ~..m,ua~ are oetraye~ ny zettow like floodsAnd o ~- lille ..vt~~L -~ /ranks would help the Republlcaas to IU he[" "h ........... [ . . ..... y u may remember |the country that the head men In the |elt /K hims~| p u t e ,.;onsutuuon. mougn wnat caramels. " -~.~~ [car~y the state. The Democratic sages, l h,s has to do with lobb,,In ....... [ I tlu, t small group of food processors ]o,'ganlzatlon have been thrlv,ng on ~:,~lMX---.t~~ /an the other hand, llked the showing I= ................ ~ * ~'~_.."v" [ ...... ~ ..... ] who grabbed several hundred mllllon |good sahlries and expense accounts Individuality ~rl yOUr |at =~no~ ~aa. ~. ~,~.,='~, ~1~.. ~ [qmte clear, xae ~ou~aern committee, [ ~mnop ~tewart, l~plseOpallan, 0 I doll'lrs and kent ,hem whm, tl~ oO--,'t [ WhHa the r,I .... ~oo~ t~-- ~ , ~.~-- u, ....~...... -.,.,.~ .j ~....=., .~...,~ .,o w i 1 , . ............ . ....- ...~ ~,.,..o~,. ,,as no enance ot ~*~m~'~~ / ............. .- _ I' h ch s headed by Sohn Henry Kirby /Chicago, thinks Immortality may be [declared the -)rocessin- taxes '11 ..... |-n .... * letterheads and other tm uneral /OIIOWIUg mlgnt swltcn tO . ' ' ! . g " ... i egat. =s cccs~. tRoosevel, tu .-o ,, o Iof Houston, Tox,S, Is opposed to somo [limited. Only those who have a deft- ! The .ubllc had contribute~ the tax / Tll0re ha~ h~,~. ,., .... , ,.t~,. ........ ,4...,t --....... :.. k-I-- ~-L~.--~ ~'~ar~'r~illi~l~ll/ .................... I Ot the New Deal aolngs nlte ,',doHo-sh~p to God through the ~ " u - / ........................ s -, ~- ............. ~.. ,~ ,,~,rr- ~_:-- |puts Up a conservative candidate. I" " " snlri~fj."~..~'" " _ ....... ] Some of the food manufacturers [the Townsend organization. One of .-- - . , , p [UH[I lll-e may ne ell IDle [or lm ,, IULI tO your business ~.-~tTa ~l~[|l~l[s][~,][[#][~lil~ | In Nebraska s prin~ary only Borah s [ "~'~'DDEN =e-'~ ............. .... g . " [ blamed a rattier huge increase In costs |the co-fonnders, 1{. E. Clements, who itl~t.25g ~,t_,~-. ,.-.-- / .......... ,..,^.~ ^- .~^ i) .... ~;t [ I1~o u at , uue to a coronal~ mortauty, and diner soum cease to ex- of llvln', on the tax an.~ the- refusen ~wa~ the ........ ~, .. _ ~t~ , . ,., /,~-,--,~v-u~u uu ~-~ ~,e~,u,,.- I t.1 -~--m ..... .,o...A .,. ..---- -o -- - ..,....^.. a^.... I ~ , -- u . . u / ~ .,anager and organizing, cnle/'- ~e are ready at mi . f UU'O OOm~ *.a.,u,~ ~., #ame~ ~t..lffd~K ,or uwa ueutl~, to han the taxes ba k to h 1 b 1 in lean pre erentlal ballot but about one- ['_ ~._ 1 .................... d ,. c t ep~ 1 c, [ta , had been on the outs with Doctor .- ..... .... |sixth of the voters wrote In the ] l~f~TmZSAe?r~ea%Waaonlanngt~h~e ~na ~U le~t~al~ ,ggestko.u era ee-/ Also, many of them stored themoney |Townsend for some time past, and on ames to g~ve you me . W~- B~ Loa~,ome? taame of Gov. All Landon of Kanss~ ]t _ '.t" ........... elm se ~_ fir .nunarea wm. appeal to away In that pool of nndlvlded and |the eve of the Investigation Manager benefit o our - Y. . . | IPa~. tha Y'~oma~,~,~tta n~aaronoo ~a~. [ Ot tms punl~C sp~nte~ _ . many that might not care to meet, In nndistrlbutea nroflts which ha= n~x, ar ,o/era,mid .,~o,~,~a ,~h,. ,.~a ..... ~._ [ e ~ravets fastest wad travels lident ............... ~" .............. [e citizen and eminent ~ heaven the eave man with low fore-o -- ,- .............. ~ ........... u .,s~ wnu ex rJence. " but his traveling becomes a Roosevelt was nnopposed In both ! _...her,... "n ..... "-- ........ Y .... t been taxed by the government. /Is Incorporated as a non-profit affalr--- pe t ~ry Of m~eed ~cau-- he " |Illinois and Nebraska. ! ~o, '~..',c~^..m~ ~~ neau, protruulng 3aw me nusnman Business profits bare risen about 40 [but the non-profit angle Is a confusing I~t =I0,~. p ~et In ~ d=th ~~J lsns a 1 have begun. This Is theThe country has before It again a permisshm, if they tire of thelr schea, e, Send us the [ "/'he New Deal has plenty of money~ng .o,,~., :o.~ .. il~~ P gas age. Supreme court deeislon whlch the lib. to dissolve the corporation and divide of a year~s sub- | ~'~~:Tt~l~l~ ItO pay for a primary in Georgia and ,o, ............ 4, M, B~k ............. orals declare Is another exnosltlon of the a. sets. Tbe non-profit clause SIT- ~rlpttion U you ".~.'-'~ ----- ---- . ,,--~, = s,=~ ,,,N. ~wers nave playea an Important ..... ~ l ov -- - ]I am tn favor of letting, them do It, Its,- uo,,t, ..... . ..., .......................... the fact that the Constitution is not P y pr Ides that the organlzatton may are" ea ~.We |~ald Will Mana, close personal and ,^~'_'^~,'_.~_~_",~ ."_~.~#_ ."*f'~ .me p ar~ rome. worla.-s_alstoryana m wars. what the foundin~ fathers thmwht' it not engage In any business which _reTort ears. --, ~ ~=e,~ ~auae n x, * um~- ~m=mu=~ ,=w.vvrs vx america uut for".cue "la rls ann r~u nrat r ~ . uccu u~c m~u~r. ' : t~ tammdteu~=m=lm~ ata. [political friend of Gov. Eugene Tal- _ ...................... ~ . p es, c eating was but what the courts say it i~ I would result In a profit to the army of .~ ~~h~he ,~euro~.,~ [ ~...a-.. ~,,Iml~l~,nH,~n m.4tl,~ mor~ man farce oecaaes was a pnnHeIertlle Mesopotamia, and the anelent ". ' . . . - -' ...~.~^--~ I ' ====%7: =an of distinction, holdlug aumerotm Nlle, with its rieh valley, regularly refer to .the opinion m the case which "'~'"~=~" ......... ' ~, I whether he would oppose Preslde~ ~laflt~pl:cte T~thhl~oun'n~a~ ~ Ineflul~~" cC?v~tled .with Nile mud, made the first :nnla:~olSef~,:ille::~;~TnE;xch:fige f:ml; In;ot'ho e~'~;'Ys :f'~wPo~;7 | ~: R vel "in the rime e. c I lgatlm~ pe881ole, dred thousand remain n o ease P p ry. _ ~nubliean natty Born In pm~a~,,h, ..... a stock promoter after he had with- , a d n account- I ~..~'~ ]'~t~ T~~I'[ ~'I don't know," he answered. "I ;- ,o,,, ~_'~-- ....... """"'-~'~.?'? ~en fought through the ages about dr~w~ hl......... # tO ~.11 * oaetainlag Is required under the law This Is ] ,,.~v.~.v,~v~,~ ~,u~v-,| m .,~.q u. ut'nr net omCS as unitedtho .......... " ............... ~ ....... , " ---------~-- ......... . am pretty busy with state affslrs right States at'orn ............. se two rivers, and today rivers still stock the sort o~ tllln~ which congress be- ~d ~11 ld~t~ at h..l;~a, J t ey =or rue eastern amtr~c cause war In E r " li ~ e s .......... " "~"~'~ now It depends on how thinp shape of n"-n-'v-- .......... U 0pc the Rhine her- The Securities Exchange commiss~lon e' s has .quelched the Townsend J J> A i~l ~ ..|.| ~.~[AVING discarded the President's eral by President McI~lnley. In 192~ .)lop-_ eke Tans, .breeds_ b!tter stock and bond selling game and make TALKING OF P01~ITICS I 1 rL ]r a ~q~ I r~ ,L aL snggestm.n ot temporary process. Mr. Harding appointed him solicitorna~re~ netween ~ngland ann Italy. it more dlfllcult for crooked stock sales- Polltieal Chins. Wisconsin well "-'~" |ng taxes, Cnmrman ~am HI Is - general, an office which he filled with .... . --'-" men to devastate the conntry wtth their spring of nrogresslve nollties Is aTM ~" Souse subcommittee completed Its draft distinction He than ~e,.vad .h.~.~ # .... u aries Lamb tells of a Chinese gen- wort less securities It Is a commission ...... ~ .... , .......... I ! ........ ,, ~.,~o tle ....... v,,-,--~,~ ,~,te Willing [O VOt0 tor lloose- ~ll~l~J//~.j~ of the new tax bilL .......... .- in congress, where he was one of the .man whose house buru ed.and.of a whicb meets the conlmendatlon of avelt, Tile figures of the bal]otlng tn [P. T. KILMAN, M.D'[ It calls for a now be~ debater~ and retire" 1 -"~'- pig so marvelonmy roasted that there- ~,reat bed of honest financiers and in. ~lllr~t ~Jl}V~I, . _ . ~ , U n lv:~4, after 1 s wer "o ..... " y tt e primary which gave Senator Borah i ....... I ' _ type et eorporauon ~~ Richard ~ates. former governor of - P.g e ~ cgea m houses, thevestment bankers. Everyone km)ws the Republ can delegation to the Clove- i Medicine and [Sul"gery | ~ Icy , ran n from 1 11 o houses burned for the sake of the roast ~,~.......~ o~.. .... ~t,..~1~. ~~ ges man dled .... n tl n a so s owed a sur y gi g I1 n la and former con r s that billions of dollars have been stolen land co yen o l h for blessed, quick re- per ceu~ to ~.t per ~~ in :~prlngt]eld at the age of seventy-five ~" ~:. . . from truslirg Americans by slick stock of strength for Roosevelt--sufficient to I ........ " ........... ' "-'- i e or co rations , That IS recalled by a lady under salesmen who eo 1 ~neere tributei c !n~ f . rpo ~ years. The son of the Civil war g~v- . . . _. n d have heen pr~ carry the LaFollette state for the New I Telephones 81, 78 and ~1 J arrest In l'ensacola lcla h ~ed to show mysel~ with net income up to ~~ ernor of the state, Mr Yates was for .... '. S eriff Gan vented from their tricks had the SEC Deal 'rhl is k t men thgt th~ = " " cna . _ s ta en _o ___n .......... ~h the xt~ly pimples I$10,000, and from 4 to ~ many years a picturesque fl~nre in Illl ay rges sne tr~ed twice to wreckbeen In existence a few years ago L-Full~t-~ ..... h .... ~w .... - .... ~'e eal~ed by some sur- 42~A per cent for col'- ~J~ nols polltlcs and aa influenth,! rnam. p ssenger train to kill her husband, To make It brief" The court tslx~,n ~ *,~.~ ...... .,.* *~ ...... ~ an dwere very_larg~_ poraUons with net tm ~ bet of the Republican party." ......the engineer. It Is alleged that themembers oilt of nlnei mad~ It out tha'~ ~"Go~,ernor'*L'and~on:.q'~ro"~.~'~tren~h 1'% 1~ /'~IH[/"t'~lkT lkA' T~l ) ~ ,~1~ l~g~ come over $10,000, de- ~.~ plot failed because the wrong Spikesthe SEC was conducting a star ChaT-lndioates th~ l~emlhHean -~anv~nt?~ JL~e ~e ~ ~1~ l~l~# IIVieJJe " ~'~%'~ = r'=~'~4 ~ ~ were ............. ~................... pending on the amount ~~ ~.4[USSOLINI'S armies In Ethtonta -- _ l~ul!ed from. the rails. Sheriff bet proceeding entirely out of llnexv 11 be a "ston I andon" -flair Every, D~:rv~T/'~TA'h,T a.~.~ OT'tDt~'~t"~ lee ta nple of Oatl- of earalngs" that areS==m m 14|li 11 occupied Dessye, an important ,^.. ~,Y ....... uy anted to col ~ith the good ohl Const)tutlon, bat other candhlate will comhlne to kill off ........... - not tilstrtnute(i k'r ~ - ... aeu~ ~,~ ~n ale Insurance ntme~. A fe~ ply- . e - -" military base, and captured vast stores the majority fails to months whlchthe Kansan . . . Just as the field of UII1ce in ~tc~onala ~lflg. and I bought some erential tax treatment Is givento of war materials. Marshal Badogllo .... "---'-- section of the Constitution has been Democrats stopped Smith in 1924 "ILTATAT2"~I~I~ rl~'vv" A.O only banks and Insurance companies,to at once started an expe01tionarv force .... g outraged. It refers to a great many iust as they tried to Side Roosevelt - ivory tusks for a gun was found later low conrt~ state co s debt-ridden companles, to companies in along the excellent road from~ there er ' , and ~ n. titutions, last time. The Republicans will have -" in the bush, on his knees,, praying to but nowi~ere does it tell Just what to exert all their skill to stop this receivership, and a new system of tax. to AddJs Ababn, and it was hollered the gun not to shoot him. He did not part of the federal Constitution was man if he continues at his present rate. to "Oltl. 17---36 lag nomresident aliens 18 created. Railroads will continue to have the right to file consolidated returns but the committee refused to accept the petttlon of It. V. Fletcher, general counsel for the Association of Amerl- can Railroads, that railroads as a segregated group of Industry, be given a variety of special deductions In corn- put[rig taxable net income. the capital city would be captured with- in a few days. Stiffened by mLlltarT saccesses In Africa, the Italian delegation went to Geneva for peace conversations, pre- pared to demand a peace, on Italy's t,~rms, Including virtual Italian con. trol of the entire empire of Halle SO- lassie. Settlement of the matter wfth. in the framework of the League of Nations seemed remote If not Impos- slble. department building In Washington I~ILANS for mutual defense in case was ]aid, the President handling the IF Germany attacks France or BeN trowel. The structure, thesecond larg. glum were ~tudted by the general staffs eat government ofl~ce building there, Is to be completed In December. It covers ~pace. It will cost $12,000,t~, about $5,000,000 less than the trowel used by Mr. was the one employed by George Wash. ington In laying the cornerstone of the Capitol ia 1793. of Great Brttain. France lind Belgium at a Itleetln~ In l,omion. High officers of the armies, navies aml air forces were present, with experts to assist them. It was nnderstood that a major fee. ture of the plan would be to reply to any German attack with a terrific aerial bombardment by massed fleets on German industrial cbnters, railways, army headquarters, airdromes and ~aea- port& con- not glve a know how to use IL This country Is equally Ignorant about using youth and tt~ enthusiasm. A Frenchman says truly "American digestion would Improve if America4~s made more and better sauces." Voltaire, another Frenchman, said the same thing of England long ago. He found timt England had many re- 1[glens and only one sauce, whereas France had many sauces and only one religion, and he preferred France. The new Zeppelin, In spite of en- gSnes ,st of order on her return from Brazil to G~rmany. kept on her way at ,~) miles an hour, fighting winds over the Medlterraneen. That is one advantage of a dirigible--she stays ~p. The heavier-than.air plane with en. gine trouble comes down. Russis has a genuine "youth mow meat," with one-third of all workers under twenty-three years of age, 43 per cent of them girls. Russia has 178,000,000 population, nearly half of It born since the Bolshevist revolution. Popelatlons and history change rap. Extreme youth might control outraged wlmn tim government sought to tim] oat nil about this stock selling scheme. Then the minority of three members. Justices Cardozo. Brandeis and Stone, r'ar up and slaiI hack at the majority. 11 was a goud show! The majority of the court slammed head on into the New Deal, aml tim miuorlty nndertook not only to defend the New Deal. but used'~ lot of fighting words against the other six mo~nhers of the court. The six Inferred that there's too mueb of this gum-shoe stuff in the govern- Tent anyhow, and If we keep on the way we are headed this so-called free people will be all cluttered up with so many governmental keyhole peepers that man's life will not be~ his own. I imagine that the minority of three wanted to find a nice, Judlctal way of calling this sectlon of the majority "a lot of bunk," bat being Supreme court Judges they had to content themselves with something Just as expressive but not quite so slangy. When the Securities Exchange com- mission, says the minority of the court, "is likened, with denunciatory fervor, to the star chamber of the Stnarts. . . . historians may find hyperbole in simile." The Democrats here believe he will be the candidate opposing Roosevelt, and think he will be ~to easy to beat that It Is dangerous. In other words there Is a feeling that Landon can be licked without exerting every effort. Republicans are beginning to talk about VIce Presidential candidates. Governor Merri,m of California is be- ing mentioned : also Governor Fitz- gerald of Michigan. Thelatter would Interfere with the aspirations of Sena- tor Vandenberg of that same state, who Is a sort of official dark horse in the Republican field. Senator Stelwer of Oregon is a strong possiblllty; also the never-say-die Representative James Wadsworth of New York. Landon and Wadsworth would make a sort of dry- wet comhination, as the Kansas man ties been an arid W. C. T. U. model until it became a political embarrass. Tent, while Wadsworth is one of the undorpinings of the late AssoclaUon Against the Prohibition Amendment. In fact, Wadsworth's strategy in the beginning was to remove the form element from government, kill off the rural progressive and liberal thought, and then elect a gOOd old Wall Street wet; but instead, he elect- J DR. J. W. McKAY DENTIST 208 Landman Building Phone 611 ATHENS, J with your merchant They help taxes, keep