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April 28, 1932     The Malakoff News
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April 28, 1932

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PUOLISlIF.D EYERY THURSDAY i the lal econd class matter h. L SCROLL, EmVO Price $1 00 a year. Advertising Rates on request. nd Ca: ks must be paid for at regular rate. error in advertisement this paper will not be re- than the cost of the advertis ment. Grand opening of the New here Friday evening cess and was at- by a large gathering of ,ff and adjoin- The ion was at its and w i t h this spirit success could come oeeasion Iris this spirit Current Comment From Washington The Senate has before it a resolution to create a committee to confer with similar commit- tees from the House and the White House, in an effort to draft of the pep a bill which will result lessen- progress. Tholing the expenditures of the fed during the past fewl oral government. Several state ; rapidly governors urge a tariff on cop- reason that the members in possession of drit Competi- of our city joined to- extending congratula- tthe Kirby's for their new They have shown that have a progres. if it can be shown in the Kir- , we may well expect : an'ides of progress in the that are to come. The g their store rn that will doubt- by other bust- concerns of our city within It is to be hoped coml3etition in t h e of our town will banished and that all henceforth co. wholeheartedly with each the common good of the community. Evening is th e set for the p I a y entitled, "Poor uch is to be presented rot-Teacher's Associa- high school auditori. It is another one of those is being given for benefit of the whole commu- with the entire cast of and the play's spon- working without thought of If these people free of charge for Mal. . then surely it behooves us, ;itizens, to turn out in burs and with o u r admission help to make a big success occasion, Don't for- Friday evening, at the High School m. --t-. the contract for the road through Mala- let and the actual it is learned will begin im The new road will whereas the first the county were only Good things come to wait, and by waitiny Malakoff gets the road. per. Relief for southern wind- storm sufferers get, attention Treaties with Poland and Nor- way, of minor importance, are improved. A Senator brings to notice the curious fact that in a town in the state of Wast)ington, business is being carried on by means of wooden money, the banks having closed. The ap- propriation bill for the Depart. ment of the Interior, with a ten per cent cut, has been reported from committee. It is protested on the floor that the tax bill should not be complicated by tariff provisions. Those who write to their Senators about the tax bill. and get a printed reply, should not feel hurt: a Senator says that he has received so so many such chmmunications that he cannot answer them. and it is proposed to relieve the perspiring stenographers by 1 Phassing a resolution to the effect I at the Senate will endeavor to I pass a tax bill which will be fair l m everyone. The House. after careful con- sideration, accepts a Democratic member whose seat was contest- ed. Thewrestle with appropria. tion measures continues. The annually d indling Civil War pension meauure has been pass. ed. The nine hundred an d eighty-five thousand dollar bill for the support of the independ. ent offices, such as veteran's affairs, the Interstate Commerce Commission. etc., t oes through. Higher Things Than Money Money is Only l)ar~ of our compen. satlon for life's labor. True, money is necessary for one's physical exist- ence. But it never has and never will buy the finer things of life. Do some thing well, and you will find Joy in the heart as well as in the pay en- velope.--Grit. When you take Bayer Asplda you are sure of two things. It's sure relief, and it's harnfless. Those tablets with the Bayer cross do not hurt the heart. Take them when- ever you s~r from Hendachea Neuritk Colds Neuralgia Sore Throat Lumbago l~heumatiam Toothache Headache in Five Minutes Formula End~ Aches and Pains Almost Like Magl~. Better and Safer of men and women now stopping throbbing, sick, headaches, as well excruciating pains of thou- neuritis, toothache, etc., a marvelous new formula that be far superior to any- heretofore used. acetanilid. and is absolutely safe and This remarkable for- called A-VOI~ is being pr~ thousands of doctors, welfare nurses b~- of the quick, efficient way it all types of aches and depressing the heart, any other harmful ere ~lUickly stol~s the most the patient re- feeling fine. Especially 's Imrlod step Pnto your THE MALAKOFF NEWS -=*=---~. Balanced Farming Would Help Farmers, Says Chmago Banker "--"-- cent there is not a hog, and on approxi- " Melvin A. Traylor Would Make mately 90 per cent not a sl~eep; when ^.,~__ ~_._ Mor, we know further, th~: on many farms ~,.. ~. . . in our large agricultural states, no ;3ett.(.]ontalnea gardens are kept and ahnost every article of food is purchased at the o " " Ex -" lice store, we are forced to the conclusion Dpeags prom ~wn peme that the farmer, by and large, is not farming as he ~hould. I know-that Speaking before the International there are sections where some, Chamber of Commerce at Washing- or all, of these .means of i,~creasing ton, MelVin A. Traylor, President of the First National Bank of Chicago, ~aid in part: Like all of us, in every line of ac- tivity, the farmer wa~ deceived by high values in the time of his prosper- ity. In a well-inten- tioned, but what now seems at least an unfortunate ven- ture, the Govern- ment provided abundant credit fa. cilities f o r t he farmer's use.These facilities were sup- plemented by other large and liberal lending agencies Melvin Traylor ~V h i c h, likewise were misled by land values. The re, suit was that millions of farmers as. sumed obligations out of all propor- tion to any possible normal farm in- conic. All of us interested in farm activity and farm financq~ must assume our sharp of responsibility for this situa- tion. We are learning our lesson and will have to tak~ our medicine with the farmer himself. For this mistake time and hard work seem to be the only remedy. Certainly, more credit will not solve the problem. Agricultural Industry Relief I wish l possessed soule prophetic vision that I might suggest an easy way by which the aga'icultural industry could be relieved of its distress and started on a course of well.beint~ and profit. God has not given me that power, but I think there Is at least a partial remedy which the farmer him- self can apply. That remedy will start him on the only course which, experi- ence and observation convince me, any of us can hopefully anticipate: the malfi;~g of a comfortable livelihood. V~'nen we find that on ap,,woximately 20 l~er coat of the farm~ In the UnRed St,~ie,,~ thor(', is not a milch cow nor a chicken. ~rnd that on more than 30 per I iiii Cobalt From Outer Realm (2obalt is une metal never found in the pure state among earthly things. The only source of pure cobalt in the" ~att~ral state is the outer spaces be- yond the earth, for it is only in meteorites thai it has been discovered. The metal is very tenacious, but has no eomnmrcial use, except In certain brilliant paint% such as cobalt blue and cobalt green. It is used in the form of chloride, also In the prepara. tion of so-called disappearing inks, When at all moist, ink based on co- balt chloride is invisible, but when dried out before a fire, it will come out in a brilliant blue. Amerlean Military Genius It is curious' to observe, since the war of 1914-1918. the enormous and ever-growing prestige of the American generals of our Civil war. If we may judge by expert foreign military opln. ion, five Americans In one local war --Lee, Jackson, Grant, Sherman, Sher- Idan---stand higher In militar~ annals thao any general from any country In ~l~e war between nations. I know noth- "~g hi)out this myself; I am merely recording the opinions of experts.-- William l,yon Phelps In Scrlbner's Mqgazine. farm income cannot be applied, bu~, so far as possible, every farmer should produce his own nfl}k and dairy prod- ucts, his own meat, and his own poultry, raise his own ~arden truck, and can the fruit and vegetables he requires for winter nee. Pigs and Chickens Help Until he obtains from his farm every item for personal consumption which it is humanly possible for him to pro- duce, he has not done his job properly. Pigs and chickens and cows are worth more to the individ,al farmer than all the government relief programs that may possibly be conceived. Once the farmer lives at home, then I believe that whatever kind of money crop he may produce, whether it be l~rge or small, the price high or low, his major diilieulty will bo solved and his .margin of income for the necessi- ties a~rd luxuries he no .much deserveh will be greatly increased. There is no romance- about farming. If it is successfully dour. I know it means hard work day in t~nd day out. But so does any other business suc- cessfully p~rformed, l know the priva- tions of farm life. They are much less now than t~hey were thirty years ago. 1 abound like to see every farm home equipped with the mc~lern conveni- ences of urban life, I sould like to see every farmer with an automobile, a radio, and all other modern inventions which have contributed so much to social welfare. No one is more entitled to these ad. vantages thau the farmer; but the farmer, like everyone else, should have then~ only when he can pay for them;~-~he income for such pnrpo~es will be largely determiued by the ex- tent to which the farmer exhausts every possible means of supplying his necessities from the farm itself. hTe way out for the farmer is not n easy one. Neither is the course smooth for industry, finance or gov- ernment, and the l~roblem in one zphere is little less difficult than in any ct'ht, r. Read the AdverUse menta. i Athens, Texas II I 10 Friday-Saturday, Apr. 29-30 Terror Everywhere! 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