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May 3, 1935     The Malakoff News
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May 3, 1935

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PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Entered at the Postoflice at Malakoff second class matter. L. J. CHOLL EDITOR bscriution Price $1.00 a Year. Solutions and Cards of Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. , r f lad,aver. No house divlde~ against i B ca. s .d. we .,lyfll L.'i in our grade school readers that seven sticks bound together could not easily be broken, but when separated, the I by L. L. STEVENSON contrary was true. The chord which ~ _ ~__.~_.| ~ ~__. hinds together human effort in its struggle to arrive at efficiency is hearty Curious things happen in the City co-operation. No person should as- ~of the Seven Million. For instance: Advertising Rates on request sums an attitude of inferiority either Ira Wolfert, dramatic critic of the reward himself or his task. Every 1~orth American Newspaper Alliance, bolt in an automobile is lmportanr or with his wife was .twaiting the open- In case of error in advertisement this paper will not be re- sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisement, el The annual Rexall One Cent it would not be placed there. The man who feels his task of driving that bolt is of no consequence, may through his inefficient labor be the direct cause of a serlous accident. lag curtain of "The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles," wlmn a friend touched Mrs. Wolfert on the slmulder and' asked her if she had lost ller 'lmrse. Hasty investigation showed that Sale is now under way at Weir's Pharmacy here. You can buy item at its regular price and penny, you can get another just like it .... The T. E. L. class of the Baptist church motored over to Mabank Sunday morning for a Sunday school vis- it with the Baptist Ladies' Class in that city ..... Bob Anderson has been named captain and Roy Weir Jr., Manager of the Bap. tint men's soft hall team ..... The S. P. Variety Store, which has been operated here by S. F. Shaf- er has been re-moved to a new location in the city of Texarkana ...... Gordon DuBois and his col. ored helper, Dennis Williams, left Sunday morning for Canadi- an, Texas, where they will be en- gaged in training bird dogs for the next seven weeks ..... Agent J. D, Evans and family are now the comforts and pleas- ure8 of S new Chevrolet sedan_.. Dr. P.T. Kilman does not like the bright red wheels which adorn his new coupe .... The new "soft ball" court is being financed by Sunday School classes of the two churches and one must be a reg- play on the team, so they say. _._[ I I I "IN THE LIGNITE CITY" H P. Barton, making t h e rounds of his pastures this week, found that 7 head of his cattle had drowned in the recent over- f~0W, The new bungalow for Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Frizzell, which is be- ing constructed by contractor, W. T. Reynolds, is rapidly near- ing completion. C. W. Long, special postoflice inspector with residence in Dallas was here several days last week investigating the source of an anonymous and obscene written some time ago. Some persons with an inferiority complex feel that their work is not worthwhile and thus they lose all in. itlative and self-confidence. Others with a superiority complex want to direct the entire enterprise when abil- ity compels an assignment to a place" farther down the line Both of these complexes are wrong, and make for unhappiness, lnefficlency, and in unany eases failure Permanent advancement In life tomes not through a piece of work she had. Tim friend explained that she had boarded an Eighth avenue subway train and happened to see the parse under the seat. Opening it, she found Mrs. Wolfert's name. Knowing where her friends wouh~ be, she followed them to the Guild thea- ter and made restoration---and saw the play with the Wolferts. Incidentally, the purse contained all the current ~funds of the family. After all this time, I've found an outgrowing you, but you outgrowing it. ~. W~tern Newspaper Union. 9 HA VEN HAD A GOLD IN FIVE YEARS" .ally In the crusade against red finger- ~nalls. tie is William H. Allen, secre- tary of the municipal clvll service coin- mission. He holds that red fingernails remind him of the "blood of a dead horse." He has issued no orders against such feminine adornments in his department but refuses to give dic- tation to the five or six stenographers who serve him. If their fingernails are 'that deep red. Also he regards fresh air and exercise as better than make *'In the old days I uHd to dread the vominl ot Winter. ! wu always flahttn8 up. His attitude has caused quite a ~ldJP--teellns about halt aUv~--tryln$ tO lot of talk among the girls in his de- work with my body aching and every narve ca ~e. partment. But there is n noticeable "Than a friend told me about McOoy's paleness of both fingernails and faces. Opal Liver Oil Tablets with their marvqdotw vitamins A and D. l started to take them . * ~lOl~t~t aSOtimeend I haven't had cold ~n the opinion of William P. Mul- "MeOoy's tablets put new llfe in folkJ; ,rooney0 who hasJust completed two letter bu~d up relistance so anyone can laush at ~ears as head ofthe state liquor con- ~}old lerml. They make weak, skinnyjTeopll .trol board, New York has the most llh- sttoz~$,~srtull,,ateady-norved and vlsorouJ. TIWT"N 'eral and the best enforced liquor law (llt the Seam.e MeOoy's Cod Mver 011 Deputy Sheriff J. L. White was in Trinidad on official hueS- ness Friday. W. C. Smith shipped a large number of sheep to San Angelo County Treasurer Henry A. MeRae, who passed away at the Bax- bur- led at Black Jack Sunday after- He had served as County this week. CO.OPERATION By LEONARD A. BARRETT The inhabitants of a small village in Germany have a unique custom of dis- covering whether or not two people are suited for marriage. They are escorted to a wood, given a lares buck maw, with which they must cut In two the trunk of a tree. If one pglls with all possible strength and the otlier takes it easy, the proph- ecy Is that one will so dominate as to make life very un- happy. If both pull with a ~rt of laissez-faire attitude nothing will be accomplished, because there is a lack of co-operation. Hap pin.as and prosperity is predicted for the engaged couple if they both bear aud forbear with one another, each do- ing an equal share in the task. This German custom is highly Img- gestlve of reasons why some persons fail In life and others succeed. Co- operation is basle to all progress in any organized work. The first sug- gestion made to a new employee In a large department store Is the neces- Sity of being loyal to the purpose nnd methods of the organization and to co- operate wit~ all other~ In this same ................. I ~sblets ~rom your drui~ist today. Don't of any state in the Union. There are Jm~mca~Toaimtt~ttoas..~klorM~'a defects, of course, he admits, holding ithat perfection in handling liquor will never be reached. Incidentally, Chair- man Mnlrooney is a teetotaller and al- ways has been. That, after 37 years in the police department, he should be in the liquor business is a constant surprise to him. In the last two years, THE GREATER the state has collected $43,000,000 In liquor licenses. Not so long ago, /he news broke tlmt an Investigation had disclosed that a downtown financial club had run afoul of the liquor laws because the stuff that went Into the highballs and was Athens, Texas I, TODAY! '*It's a Small with --Spencer Tracy - Wendy Barrie -Raymond Walburn Admission 10c and 25c Saturday, May 4th Tom Tyler in "Tracy Rides" Saturday Night 10:45 Show and Sunday Matinee William Powell . Ginger Rogers served straight, lacked authority. There was no prosecution, however, Chairman Mulrooney explained why. The guilt was not on the house com- mittee or those connected with the bar. It seems th~ the night watch- man and porters liked their liquor, and to conceal their takings, had added water to the bottled goods. $ a * An announcement by William Fel- lewes Morgan, Jr., commissioner of markets, Indlcates that a colorful blt of metropolltan llfe is to come to au "One's closest friend Is the most difficult to touch." Demonstrate Your Thrift'. end at last. The announcement con- cerns push-carts of which there are Cotton Dresses The backbone of a smart woman's wardrobe. Printed Voile-- Handkerchief Lawn-- Printed Batiste-- Piques-- Seersuckers-- Flockdot Swiss Cotton Frocks.. Useful and Inexpensive Charming little frocks of fast color prints in checks, plaids, stripes and floral patterns. They are simple, easily washed and just right to wear around the house and neighborhood. Keep Cool and Smart in Instead of allowing them to continue Cotton Blouses to park in the streets, Commlssioner Morgan Is planning on putting the merchants under cover and thus mak- ing small shopkeepers of them. , , , Variety enough to please The start, according to present plans, ~ everyone, choose from sol- IS to be made on Park avenue, between ~ ida in brighter pastel shades. One Hundred Eleventh and One Hun- :dred Fifteenth streets, about June 1. Also prints in plaids, stripes The New York Central railroad runs and other fashion.rlght de. above ground there and the railroad signs. elevated structure will serve as a roof ,~or 467 stalls, each 7 by 8 feet. The 1~ cost Will be $200,000 and In return the 85 x 105 Colonial city will receive $3.50 a week rental f~m each merchant. Bed Spreads ~, Bell Syndleate--WNU Service. "Star of :Yachtsmen Warned of . ] lidnllht Alcatraz Prison Peril ! San Francisco, Calif,--Yachtsmen A g o o d heavy weight " who do not want to have their saUs ~ spread with ground colors Mend a a Y and Tuesd ,or their persons shot full of holes must in rose, blue, and gold. The Y eral prison penitentiary on the bay. IS patterns are May 6th-7th keep away from Alcatraz island f - interesting and : Warden James B. Johnston posted /~ conservative, goes well with The Stars that belong orders that any yacht or power cruiser i.._~., any room. Together wlthln 300 yards of "Devil's isle," will I~ ' ' Janet Gaynor get a bullet chucked across his bow. I~ 81 X 105 Crinkle The government is taking no chances, I Warner Baxter that friends of AI Capone, or any of Ir ] Bed Spreads Its other prize prisoners might use a I~l~J in regatta race as an excuse to come close up to the island and pick up an extra deck hand t 'i I Owns Valuable Testament ~ i THERE is a secret longing in each hear for Newport, Ark.--A New Testament something that it better, higher, nobler, finer '" printed in 1812, the flrs Cooperstowni than what we have -- and when possessed Wednesday, May 8th Jacksoneditin' lScountyOWnedfarmer.bY MarvinTheReynoles, edition should make us better, higher, nobler, finer. adno Murder prlntlngsCmpares ofWrdtoday,fr readersWrd withobserved. ~the: The only difference is In the printing SLAVING without Saving will never bring us Case" where the old German's" is used in~ to our Heart s Desire--never get us anywhere Paul Lukas, Alison Skip- the 1812 edition. worth, Donald Cook, Rosa- lind Russell, Arthur Byron, Ted Healy, Eric Biers. Deer With a Memory Chues Man Up Tree Eastham. Mass.--Henry Howland was "treed" by a buck deer---one he believed didn't forget a past ex- perience. Howland, working in" his back yard, saw several deer crossing a field, when suddenly one-espied him, chased and forced him atop a hen- hous~ During the half-hour imprison- ment he noticed s scar on the an- imal's fore leg, the place where he wounded s deer three year ago. The buck apparently recognized him, he thought. at all. For present conten tment and for fu. ture satisfaction there is nothing that will come up to a tidy sum of money tucked away in an account here. A full size spread with crinkle stripes in blue, gold, rose, green and orchid. They are finished with scal- loped edges. Inexpensive enough to please the thrif t- l lest women. o Turhsh Towels.. 18 x 36-in double thread cannon ' 122 C Towels East Side of Square Come at 9:30 each Saturday night and see two shows for one admission. Malakoff, Texas Each Wednesday is 10c day. J I I I Each Monday and Tuesday an outstanding picture at its Those CENTER diamonds di~ In, hold, stop your car quickl (Tests show other new tireS skid 14~ to 19~ farther.) And thla "Goodyear Margin of Safety" now lasts 43~ longer. With blow- out protection in EVERY piy---a guarantee against road hazards and defects---all at NO extra cost, no wonder more people buy "G-3's" than any other tire. See it! MALAKOFF Prove Your Smartness.' COOL, SHEER FABRICS Your Salvation for Summer Smartness and Comfort! White Sheers 39 inches wide, all white w i t h shadow checks, stripes and plaids. Splen- did for blouses and trimmin:s_ Noussehne deSoie One of the finest of sheer fabrics. 45 inches wide in white and' pastel colors___ Print Flaxon Light and dark grounds with medium and small patterns featuring stripes plaids and checks ........ 25c Print Batiste 39 inches wide, stripes, plaids and checks pre- dominate i n medium, light and dark color effects___ 25c Printed Voile Cool, sheer, interesting fabrics in light medium and dark effects with the newest stripe plaid and check patterns ...... 4o-lnch Voile Lovely solid color materi- al that suggests the cool- est of summer apparel. Choose from white and pastel colors ........ Printed Dimity There are plenty of in- teresting small designs suitable for making chil- dren's wear in this group ..... Flockdot Organdy 39 in. wide, the grounds are white and light color- es, with dot patterns in pastel shades ........ Chiffon Voile A fine, soft, sheer fabric with real chiffon patterns in two and three color ef- fects. All Pastels ...... Londerry Lawn One of the heavier sheers has a handkerchief linen finish. Comes i n light and dark colors in bright and pastel shades ........ MEN'. Get Into COTTONS For Comfort Special Purchase Salel Nen's Dress Shirts Regular 1.50 q ality Nen's Pajamas 1.49 1.98 New styles in men s pa. jamas. A wide selection of bright colors for spring. All sizes. "Dixie King" Ove] 'alls High or low .if back a.o.nm, v Sanforized Shirts and Pants. Shirts Pants $1.29 $1.49 Men's Sanforized Seersucker Pants Made of Pepperell fabrics pro.shrunk and of fast col- ors. These trousers are de- signed to fit. They have wide waist bands and full cut legs. Slack style. Boy's Slacks Good looking trousers for boys from 8 to 17. Made of light weight cotton suiting In stripes, small checks and mixtures in shades of tan a n d grey. Slack Styles carefully finished. Pair ............. Men's Twill Pants Athens, Texas