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Malakoff, Texas
May 3, 1935     The Malakoff News
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May 3, 1935

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UXIFORM SmERN^T:O t Notables Judge Crop Contest IN TUNE ! :| I17. ( UNDAY | / the new VITALIT.Y sho es t r" . , CHOOL .ess°no, o.. ,/ - o. on afternoon wear at prices that "I new styles for street, sport, and ! Lesson for May 5 / mark an outstanding value,' When Fire drops in to pay you a visit it usu- ! 8IN, REPENTANCE, AND FAITH [ ~-~ j~b",~ ally destroys your property and treasures in a very short while. To protect yourself you carry LESSON TEXT--Luke 15:11-2t. | Fire Insurance Protection on your valuable prop- GOLDEN TF-,XT--If we confess our| ~~ t\~!~\ ~" trEy and gladly pay the premium cost every u, our sins, and to cleanse us from all| year, PRIMARY TOPIC---When a Boy WalJ Sorry. / JUNIOR TOPIC---Jesus' Story of thai There Are Other Destroyers | INTEItMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOP-[ IC--When We Do Wrong. | : YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOP-[ Millions of dollars worth of fine property is It--The F°rgivenesa °f Sin"/ lit ~ ~~;yA=~: destroyed every year by rot, rust, corrosion, de- ! I. The Origin of Sin (Gen. 3:1-24):/ • car and depreciation. • Man was placad on probation, in the I Garden of Eden. ']_'he means used In I Fire may never visit you but these destroy- the testing of man were most simple. I Vlvlcllfl SIZES 2 to 11 ers are at work every hour of'the day and night, God issued Just one prohibition, and] alongside of the tree of knowledge of WIDTHS AAAA to EEE eating away at your property. Are you protect- ed against them? The finest protection in the world against these destroyers is a coat of high quality ,paint regularly applied--and it costs so little for what it saves. SEE US TODAY ABOUT. good and evil was placed the tree of life. To this tree man had access. Satan, a personal being, appeared ~n the guise of a serpent. He Induced Eve to doubt both the Word of God and the love of God and then ap- pealed to innocent appetite. She gazed upon and lusted after that which God !had forbidden. Following her yleldlug to the suggestion of Satan, she tnduced Adam to disobey God. We see from this that so far as the human race is con- cerned sin originated In the free choice ment. The most widely known of the three eminent Judges is Sena- tor Ellison D. Smith of South Caro- lina, Chairman of the Senate Com- mittee on Agriculture. The Honor- lable Allen J. Ellender, Speaker of the Louisiana IIouse. is also promi- nent as a farmer and ts himself a user of American nitrate of soda. South's outstanding agricultural leaders. The aontost manager has pointed out that tamers entering thts great contest, with a first prize of $1,000, should mail their entry cards when they buy their "soda," as the closing date .is ap- proaching. • t AMAZE A M IN UTE 'of the head of the race and through SCIENTIFAC.TS "~ BY ARNOLD INDULITE Double Body Paste Paint White the law of heredity passed upon all : ~ --" ~ _ INDURO Rapid Drying General Purpose Enamels mankind. ~1" ~."~. CORAL*S SLOW GROWTH - INDURALL Preservative Shingle Stains II. The Universality of Sin (Item. ~~)~ IT TAKES ~BOUT Log0 yEARS INDURALL Barn and Roof Paints s:10-1s). . West Side of Square Athens, Texas By the use of many quotations ¢ v ]7 I I OR A CORAL I EEF TO GROW from the Scriptures, Paul proves that lililll~i~ ~ ~~~'*~. ~~ Andab°utall°therPaintsandVarnlshes everymember° theracelsgullty°t 'l --laI¢-ffo L °:"l°'" T. o Johnson's t Elecmcal' --'W:rmg'" a umber CO" stroyWasMan'sf°ll°wedtherebelll°USracebYfromhlsdiS°bedtenCeres°luti°nthe face tOoftO GOdthede. ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP For electrical wiring, call me. 'through the Savior who was provided Malakoff, Texas escapetheearth" God's holy nature Is such thatsinnerfrommUstthebe punished.wrath of TheGodonlYls '\\\ H/A~i' ¢¢ "~" -- [( k~'~ ~f~~~~ ,~ I~L~ ShOesatisfaction Guaranteedand ExpeltHarness, Repair [ Times Herald Circula r Reasonable rates on aU work.c E. IRBY ~------- by God in the'person of his Son. j ' STOP TIIAT ITCIIING _- . IV. The Divine Remedy for Sin ~,~~~ _ ............................................... II-I / If You are bothered hy the itching of Ath [ She Was Born a extuplet (John 3 ; Isa. 53:4-9). The sinless Son of God took the "~ -- Foot, Eczema, Itch or Ringworm-- ~.I i "--~. ~:~~':'"~ place of the sinner by becoming in- Care laA~'NE's DRUG STORE will sell you a i t~i-t~tmmmm~::iiiiiiii:::: :::ii!::i!i!!i!~ corporated with the race through the Jarof BlackUawk Ointment on aguar-] | t!:;ii~ ::~:i:i;i~J~!incarnation. As a human being he ant~ to kill the itch. Price 50c and $1. | ~i~iii~!!i rendered perfect obedience to the law ..~ • " " on the cross of Calvary made a'vlcari- COM~ON- ! II! ! ous atonement for sin. Just as the Reg ! ate Lu h J ~s ~SSUED tN T~e U.S. /W ---~!~,~'~"--'-~- II DR. J( E B WILLIAMS Israelites who were bitten by the FOR EVERY ~.770 OF:| ATC,Hc22,L~/ ~2 ~'/ i| venomous serpent were healed by look- ITS POPULATION, | BEETLES/ ],"/.'7 P-'-- Jl " " Ing to the brazen serpent lifted upon I[ ~ / ~.c. o~ m,-.I ular nc i defects of visionII~ ! ~ I sin by looking to the one *ho was J~k~f ¢~ I With Drink ,ndDessert • i ! with glasses It: made a curse for stain his sacrifice on F:v s st vl \ "JC • Calvary (II Cor. 5:21). Ilk lil\ 1:: ! Every Monday II : : V. Repentance Nece.ar¥ (Acts II \I'I I, I L \oo .Y ! . :,I ! [[': - " " sage and receives the crucified Savior II ;LI lt~ ,;llR~, lCA~er :-~k Y~./' t) I II turns from sin to God and thus re- Chicken Fried Steak EAT ; penis. On the Day of Pentecost Pe- | BREAD II ,n tim Lordship and 8avlorhood of :. ttecametohtmse;f (v. 17). h. lte J . . ' Guaranteed to lmllood ! ~.,..wo,~ .w. 25c ..... J Jesus Christ, convicted the people of made a resolution (v. 18). c.tie , , ~a :.i~i~i!~~ i~i~!~iiiii:ili:~!iiii~iiii~:i their sins. The evidence of thelr faith made a confession (vv 18, 19) d He Cambridge, Mass.--Ahhn It. But- It JJ in Christ was manifested in their con- acted (v 20) e Iieceptlon by hlsJtrick's will WaS the smallest ever tiled d~ ill [~i,-d-{.rso-fl~ COHflty.: vlctlon of sin and their penitence was father (vv. 20-24,. - I ; " ' • . [ j shown In their confession of Christ In , , seven word will, written on paper five • baptism. The father had not forgotten hlsl . n x w h by thr, e Inches In s,ze read "Eva i all Fre ats " I .:~;~ii~. ~i~i!i::ii~iill so. So an lous as e for him that ' ' "" " : ' --~? ,~ iFORCut Flowers, FuneralDe-Jl ~ Vl. The Forgiving God (Luke .he ran to meet him and fell upon his J Buttrlck to have all I possess." ^r'd , J hu s, Bride's Boquets, or any il The Dionne quintuplets are quite fa- 15:11-24). neck and kissed him. J'~ G r ces 0n sh Me The center of things In thls parable VII. Justification the Issue of Faith [ ] I mR in Flowers. Call 178. i m,,,s now---so you can imagine what is neither the prodlgM son nor his is_ . I asensation was caused by sextuplets, brother, but the "certain man who (Rom. 5:1-11). I I Hunters "Get Best" -I S MARKET ] I sanders Floral and Evergreen I, .born to Jennie.~ A. Bushnell and herI had two sons." He who falls to see is TimdeclaredOne WhOrighteous.receivesillsJeSUSguiltChristls re- II O[ ...... Mountain Lions Ji l r....... I, ,husband, J. I~. Bushnell In Chlcago, I the heart of our Father God will miss moved; he has peace with God. J Sacramento, Calif.---Predator.~ an-J J| ;SSE~ -- J J imal hunters are "getting the best"I Ordeals [ J of mollntain lions in California. J The hardest of all ordeals for an hen- [| Only 215 llon Sc'tll)s were turned [ bar of his own conscience, lie knows } i wlth an average-of 270 for the pa~t J ~mmmmJmJ ~vUillJJ¢llly , tlons will be In tlm rite of iris own ~r on t) I~ w i At Jj .on September 15, ]SC~]. Yellowed clip- the purpose of thls parable. i hens, :.: Texas ]I pings still tell abrupt It. ] I. The son's insubordination (v. 12). 7 . I • Of these sextuplets, three are still JThe son's desire for freedom moved ~.. I living. All reached maturity. AboveI him wllfully to choose to leave home. est man Is to stand arraigned a~ the [~ In for bounty last year, compared] i ,. i i Is Mrs. Allnca F. M. Parker, one of[ 2. Tim son's departure (v. 13). Hay- ~ i 4s As FOWLER. ~. I). II the living ones. She lives at Sliver[ lng made the fatal decision, he went: more than the keenest, the most vtn. ]l several 3ears. [ posthaste to the enjoyment of his '~ ~ ~ ~ , • , • |~.- *_~, • ~t~ vv ~L,m~ ~v~ us [[ Lake, N. Y. Her husband died tw0[ J PHYSiCiAN and SURGEON J] years ago and she now lives alone, J cherished pur_,pose, dlctlve enemy could urge for a verdict J Instead of believing Imnlers wore l [ flm ................ - Jl working daily at the Perry Knitting 8. The sons degeneration (vv. 13, of guilty. Ji.lostngthelrahn, oflicl'fls of the state [ J i fish and game division said here i J ALAKOFF, TEXAS II Her mother was born In France, butI house to destitution In a far country ' - .......... ' ...... . ] came to the United States at an early was a short Journey. The sinner real- A man's charity to those who differ I J that In fiearly all parts of the lhm J , ~, ;~,,,,,~ ' age. She married at thirteen and was lzes his destitution when the very pew- from hhn upon great, and. dtiticult ques- J Ji In"""athe'V lhrmfm~g att e'~"'"to rid"qm'h'the rat,,es~ II t I i l the mother of 17 children Including the i ers which minister tn his pleasures are knowledge of them, tim more knowl-, [ I or the stock klilers I ed e, the more charity Norman Me' ,,, i[ B [~ fl~l/[~l~T ~ I[~ [[ sextuplets. At their birth she did not J burned out. g --- " J J l'he best evhlence is the in. J ! * V, U YY ~llt /Th I/, Jl lose consciousness, and laughingly re- 4. The son's degradation (vv. 15, Leod. J creasedpercentageof females i ['~[yt~ ................ i[ called later how Doctor Edwards said, I 16). When h ls money was exhausted, x IAN ann , n moze?' ~hen he ! ! r ~= IJ 'My God; how may . , , [ he was driven to hire out to a citizen , 11 turned In for bounty'," one official I ! Um~ in McDonald Bldg. i i laid out the. s!x little mites. ] to feed swine. It Is ever so, timt those :til;l,;tedI5~Stpyea:eftm~lttlleO~lleon 1 who will not serve God are made "J~F slaves to the devil (Rein. 6:16). :1 u r:^ ow. II = [ And What A ~" J " / 5. The son's restoration (vv. 17-24). ~AS HISTORY MOVIES "When He Came Back to the Fort, LaSalle Confessed His Mistake" By Dr. Pepper TttR leH "r E 1419 'gtPP - I 001 T KHOW WHERE TH[ MI glg IPPl Ig. OOLONI@'I'@ CONVENED LA C3ALLE gE" FRENCH gETTLERg When you look at last year's suit and won. der how in the world you're going to make it serviceable this SpHng..-and you send it to the Malakoff Dry Cleaners .... and it comes back spic and span-.-incredibly new--oh, boy ,.-"Ain't it a g.r-r.r-and and glo.r.rious feel- ing?" Malakoff Dry Cleaners N. C, VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor @